Thunder Martial Chapter 86 - Escape

Hall Master Li stood straight, his body not falling, his eyes calm, this was the first person Zi Chen saw standing, the surrounding flames were blazing, seemingly trying to avoid him.

Hall Master Li, it's great that you're fine. Zi Chen stepped forward, he was very excited, but very quickly he realized that something was amiss. Hall Master Li did not move at all, his entire body was devoid of life, as if he had truly become a ferocious ghost.

At his feet lied two men in black. Their faces were filled with fear, their eyes were wide open and they died with grievances.

Hall Master Li's life force had dissipated, he was already dead. There is a large hole in his chest. His life force was about to be extinguished but just that at the moment of his death, he had also dragged the two experts down with him.

Hall Master Li. Zi Chen was grieving in his heart and was about to bury Hall Master Li, but suddenly, his pupils shrank as he saw someone standing not far away from him.

It was a hempen-clothed old man, and in front of him stood a black-clothed middle-aged man.

Grand Elder! Zi Chen cried out in alarm, and flew forward.

Once he reached the front, he fell into despair. Although the Grand Elder was standing, he did not have any breath left in him. His eyes were wide open with a smile on his face. There were no wounds on his body but he was dead.

Beside him was a middle-aged man dressed in black with a thin red line running down his neck. His face was filled with fear and unwillingness.

No, how could this be?

The Grand Elder was dead as well. Zi Chen was filled with grief, all of them dead, not a single one alive. In the entire Ling Wu Sect, not a single person was left alive.

The fire burned and let out a crackling sound. Zi Chen was filled with grief as tears rolled down his cheeks.

The scenes from the past flashed through his mind. When he first met Lin Xue, she was heavily injured and he carried her on his back. He never thought that her identity would be so extraordinary.

The first time she met Su Mengyao, she was like a goddess. She came to that filthy place and helped him force Wang Xiong to retreat, saving his life.

He remembered the first time meeting Miao Kong, as well as the Grand Elder and Hall Master Li.

Scenes flashed through his mind, but they all became memories. Like passing clouds, they finally dissipated.

All the beautiful things had disappeared, leaving only eternal memories.

Grandfather, Xue'er, Mengyao, Miao Kong, Hall Master Li. I, Zi Chen, swear that I will definitely avenge you, and will definitely avenge the Ling Wu Sect. No matter who it is, the debt of blood must be paid with blood

Zi Chen clenched his teeth, his eyes turning red and his voice turning cold.

The debt of blood is repaid in blood? Revenge? Do you think that you, a small True Qi Realm can do it? Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind Zi Chen.

He did not know when but a black clothed man had already appeared behind him. Under the light of the fire, the black clothed man was like a ghost, his entire body was covered in blood, and it was unknown just how many Ling Wu Sect disciples he had killed.

Zi Chen turned and looked at him coldly.

It's just a Xiantian Realm expert. I can eliminate him. Zi Chen thought.

However, before he could make his move, ear-piercing sounds rang out beside his ears. The Peng circled in the air, flapping its wings. The flames below burned even more intensely and the popping sounds were even more hurried and hurried.

Haha, there's a little guy here who threatened to take revenge. Perhaps the thing is on him. The black clothed man laughed and said loudly.

Swoosh swoosh!

The sound of clothes flapping non-stop rang out as experts rushed over at high speed.

Brat, we are from the Wu Zong Sect. Today, let's see how you will kill us for revenge. The man in black sneered, his eyes filled with ridicule.

The sound of clothes flapping in the wind became even faster, and soon after, another few voices sounded, and experts had already arrived.

Let's go!

At this moment, Zi Chen was quite decisive. With a flash of light beneath his feet, he flew into the distance.

When that many experts, Zi Chen was unable to defeat them all. He could only preserve his life and with the wind under his feet, he instantly charged out of the sea of fire and ran in another direction.

Hehe, he actually ran away? The man in black chuckled, not caring at all.

With a flash of light, several men in black appeared in a flash.

Where is he? Someone asked in a low voice.

He just ran away. A kid at the Tenth Layer of True Qi is threatening to take revenge. I'll let him run a bit longer so that he won't be too dissatisfied. The man in black said.

Bastard, what happened today was too big. One Grand Elder and three elders died, many deacons died, and you still have the mood to play with him. Quickly chase after him and see if there's anything we can find. From afar, a black clothed man appeared in a flash, directly berating him.

Yes sir!

The black clothed man nodded and immediately chased after Zi Chen.

Hurry up, all of you get on the Roc, see if there are any suspicious people. This was an expert at the Zhen Yuan Realm. He held the position of an Elder in the Wu Zong Sect.

Yes sir!

The few of them soared into the air and descended onto the Roc's body. With a cry, the Roc spread its wings and flew high into the sky, continuing to search for life.

The five Roc's were all sent out.

Zi Chen had been running the entire time but did not use the Nine Thunder Pass. He was more familiar with the terrain of the place as he travelled through the sea of fire and after a while, he passed through it and entered a dense forest.

Kid, let's see where you can run to. The black clothed man behind him shouted in anger.

Zi Chen went deeper into the forest, and yet he still did not use the Nine Thunder Pass. The black-clothed men behind him gradually caught up and the distance between them grew closer and closer.

All the way to a hundred meters.

Kid, let's see where else you can run to. Just obediently die. The black-clothed man sneered. He didn't care one bit about a mere kid at the True Qi Realm.

He was faster and stronger than the other party so there was nothing to worry about. The distance between them got shorter and shorter until it was only fifty meters.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly, his killing intent exploded out as he shouted, Now!

Beneath his feet, a silver light flickered as he transformed into a bolt of lightning, returning to the black-robed man in an instant. His silver fist shot out toward the man in black, accompanied by the sound of exploding qi.

Such a fast speed! The man in black's expression changed. He instantly retreated but it was too late. A silver fist had already arrived.

In a hurry, he could only activate his Xiantian Qi to defend himself. His hands shone brilliantly as the protective True Qi emerged from the surface of his body.


The silver fist was like a heavy hammer, carrying with it the power of ten thousand kilograms, instantly dispersing the black clothed man's Xiantian Qi. The black-clothed man's center of gravity was unstable, his body was pushed back and his Qi and blood surged within his body.

Zi Chen pressed forward, thunder and lightning appearing everywhere, like a ghost or a bolt of lightning, constantly surrounding the black clothed man, the silver fists never stopped, like a pear blossom rain, they kept on releasing 'peng', 'peng' sounds.

The black clothed man's Xiantian Qi that had just been released was scattered by Zi Chen's fist. At the same time, he was also knocked down to the ground by Zi Chen's fist.

With a silver light flashing beneath his feet, Zi Chen suddenly stepped towards his opponent, causing his opponent's bones to fracture.


Killing intent flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, he was merciless. Strike after strike with each move being fatal, the fist on his left hand and the lightning on his right hand all released a loud explosion.

The black clothed man was powerful, killing many Xiantian Realm experts. In a direct confrontation, Zi Chen was definitely not a match for him but Zi Chen's sneak attack had stunned him. From the beginning to the end, he had not launched an effective defense.

Only when his bones shattered did he let out a miserable shriek.

Zi Chen ignored it, stepping on it again and again. Stomping down, the sound of bones breaking repeatedly resounded.


With a kick, he sent the black clothed man flying. Before he could even land on the ground, Zi Chen had already arrived in a flash. His speed was extremely fast, he raised his fist and punched towards the black clothed mans heart.


With the punch, the black clothed man's chest suddenly caved in and he started to cough out blood. When his body landed, Zi Chen swung his fist once again, which was like rain, releasing a crackling sound.

The bones of the man in black were completely broken, causing him to have trouble breathing. From the looks of it, he is not going to be able to live anymore.


Right at this moment, the Roc's cry rang out from above him. Zi Chen's expression changed but under this helplessness, he could only unleash his Thunderbolt Finger and flee.


When the lightning descended, it directly shook the black clothed man's body as though he had been struck by lightning but it did not explode because at the last moment a Xiantian Qi had appeared from within his body, blocking the lightning attack.

The Roc cried out and flapped its wings, creating strong gusts of wind. Several figures descended from the sky and arrived in front of the black-clothed man.

Junior brother, how are you?

Junior brother, junior brother, what happened?

How could this be? Aren't you chasing after a kid at the True Qi Realm?

All the men in black stepped forward. When they saw the miserable appearance of their junior brother on the ground, their faces changed.

The black clothed man's face was as swollen as a pig's head, even his bones were crushed by Zi Chen, his actions were extremely ruthless, although he had used the Xiantian Qi to protect his life but at the moment, his injuries were too severe. They made him swallow medicinal pills one by one but he had quickly vomited them out, his life was nearing its end.

Damn it, I must kill him! A black-clothed man roared.

Take revenge for junior apprentice brother. A person beside him also shouted in anger.

This... One... Small... Ancient... Strange The black-clothed man who had been beaten into a pig head slowly raised his head. He struggled to say a few words before his head tilted to the side, dead.

Ah... Little thing, I'm going to kill you. In the forest, a sorrowful cry rang out.

Let's go, get on the Roc's back. We'll chase after him. No matter how strange he is, it's impossible for him to escape the Roc's pursuit.

The other black-clothed individuals left behind the corpse of one of their junior brothers while the others flew onto the back of the Roc.


The Roc let out a sorrowful cry as it chased forward, its sharp eyes staring fixedly at the sparse forest below.

Zi Chen heard the cry of sorrow but did not mind it. In his heart, he felt much more bitter than those black-clothed men.

After sneaking an attack on a black-clothed man, Zi Chen realized how powerful the other party was. When Zi Chen killed the Second Elder and Luo Ben, he had only used one punch each and that was easy to deal with.

The difference between the two was too great.

Therefore, at this moment, Zi Chen could only run away and not think about any unrealistic things.

Right at this moment, the roc's cry rang out above him.

Not good, they're catching up. Zi Chen's face changed.