Thunder Martial Chapter 85 - Sea of Fire

The middle-aged man dressed in black stood in the air. His expression was cold and his lips were very thin. He lifted his head and looked at the light barrier above his head, as a faint disdainful smile appeared on his face.

The pressure from the Yuan Formation was useless to him as his body was emitting a bright red light. It was like a flame that was burning fiercely.


He stood in the air with one hand holding the sky while the heaven and earth's Qi violently surged. His entire body was like a blazing fireball as his aura began surging. A huge red palm print, burning with raging flames, rushed towards the dark blue light barrier.


The light barrier was a dark blue color, just like the blue sky. It emitted a sparkling light and as the flaming palm struck the barrier, it instantly caused a loud explosion.

The dark blue light barrier trembled as even more blue lights appeared and extinguished the flames


The black clothed middle-aged man let out a cold snort. He raised his right hand and clenched it. The next moment, a violent aura appeared and the surrounding space began to distort, as if it was about to collapse.


The void trembled, and soon after, a fist aura appeared, emitting scarlet light. Wherever it passed, space distorted violently and it struck towards the dark blue light barrier.


The barrier rippled with blue light, like the waves of the sea. It slowly fell down, extinguishing the red light on the surface of the barrier and blocking all of the impacts.

The rumblings continuously came out, as if it were the heavens shaking. The sky trembled and the space distorted. The rumblings also caused the ground to shake, causing many buildings collapsing.

Below, in the middle of the dark blue light barrier, the black-clothed men who were under the immense pressure were being killed one by one, but more and more disciples of Ling Wu Sect were dying. These black-clothed men were very powerful and were also strong in the Wu Zong Sect.

After another series of exchanges, the dark blue barrier managed to block them one by one. The middle-aged man's eyes flashed with a cold light, as if he was a scorching sun emitting a terrifyingly high temperature. His entire body turned into a streak of fiery light as he charged towards the dark blue barrier.


Using his body as a weapon and his Qi to surround his body, he struck out with a formidable attack.

The dark blue light barrier radiated with even more resplendent rays of blue light, like sharp swords, as it pierced towards the black-clothed middle-aged man.

The black-clothed middle-aged man clearly went all out as the aura around his body intensified. The surrounding space started to twist violently as boundless flames scattered in all directions, instantly melting the blue light. Then, the black-clothed middle-aged man rushed towards the light barrier.


The light barrier trembled. The dark blue light dimmed and cracks appeared on top of the light barrier.

Let's see who can stop me. The black-clothed middle-aged man shouted. A powerful attack appeared once more and his entire body turned into a ball of fire as he charged towards the light barrier.


The dark blue light barrier trembled again and the light dimmed even more. The crack continued to spread until it was about to shatter.



Immediately after, there were two loud cracking sounds, and the cracks spread to every corner of the barrier. Then, with a 'peng' sound, it exploded, breaking the sect's protection Yuan Formation.

High up in the sky, the dark blue light disappeared. However, it was unknown when, but a figure appeared. He was standing in the air, wearing linen clothes, with a face full of wrinkles, white hair, and a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

You finally appeared. When the middle-aged man saw the Grand Elder, his eyes flashed with a cold light.

Yeah, you guys finally came. The Grand Elder sighed softly, his face was filled with desolation as well as endless grief.

You're quite patient. It's been almost twenty years but you're still so calm.

If you don't come, I'm also prepared to look for you. I've endured it for twenty years, and I've lived for twenty years. I know you're the ones who killed my son but I'm going to greet you with a smile.

It's been twenty years. I've decided not to put up with it any longer. If you didn't come, I'll come find you. The Grand Master sighed and his gaze turned cold, They are innocent, you can let them go. The Ling Wu Sect can be dissolved today.

Hmph, offending my Wu Zong Sect... the only path left for them is the path of destruction. Whether they can survive or not, it all depends on their luck. The black-clothed middle-aged man harrumphed coldly.

The slaughter continued below.

Ah... Hurry up and run

Quick, run. Help

In their horror, the sect's protection Yuan Formation was finally broken. All the Ling Wu Sect disciples started to frantically run, charging out of the Ling Wu Sect.

However, what awaited them was the charge of the five Roc's.

A series of shrill cries rang out and one disciple after another died in panic. Some of them fell from the mountain in fear, escaping the Roc's chase. However, whether they could survive or not still depended on luck.

The dark blue light disappeared and the battle prowess of the man in black reappeared. Under the blade of the butcher, the elders fell one by one.

This kind of charge made everyone tremble with fear. Some of the elders saw that the situation was not looking good and decided to escape. They slowly withdrew from the battlefield and fled towards the outside of the valley.

When there was a first, there would be a second. Even the elders were preparing to escape, let alone the others.

Some of the smarter disciples and elders had already ran into the sects treasury, taking the chance to plunder some pills and some martial techniques, including Xiantian techniques and Xiantian Pellet, they had become the target of many people.

This is just like when monkeys disperse when the tree fell, causing Ling Wu Sect to be thrown into complete chaos.

The disciples stepped on, killed, cursed and yelled at each other

Broken limbs flew everywhere as blood flowed like a river. It was simply a tragedy

The elders were escaping one after another, and only the elders of the Punishment Hall were still fighting. However, facing the more powerful black clothed man, the number of casualties continued to increase.

Hall Master Li's aura surged, he had killed countless people in his life. When he unleashed his powerful martial technique, he had instantly killed a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert, but in the next moment, two strong Zhen Yuan Realm Experts charged towards him.

Terrifying energy unceasingly surged as buildings collapsed one after another. Space trembled and the earth split open, revealing a scene of destruction.

Old thing, as long as you hand over that thing, I'll leave you an intact corpse. The middle-aged man stood in the air, his voice cold and indifferent.

I've felt guilty for twenty years and I've also let you roam free for twenty years. Today, life and death will be decided in this battle. As for what you're talking about, I don't know. The Grand Elder's tone was bleak, as if he was reminiscing the scene of his own children being killed more than twenty years ago.

Hmph, still trying to argue. Chen Yong has already told us everything. The middle-aged man harrumphed coldly.

Hehe, betraying our sect for his own personal gain, he will die miserably.

Is his death solely based on you? Shouldn't you be worried about yourself? The middle-aged man mocked.

There will always be retribution The Grand Elder's aura instantly changed. His posture became straight and tall, and his eyes flashed with a bright light. A surging aura appeared from within his body. At this moment, the Grand Elder was like a giant who is as tall as a mountain.


With a shout of 'kill', the skies trembled, space distorted, and the Grand Elder rushed towards the middle-aged man. His aura was resolute, like a star that was about to explode, releasing all of its energy.


The middle-aged man's expressions changed and he quickly retreated.


The world was filled with dazzling light. It was even more dazzling than the sun in the sky.


Zi Chen did not stop to rest the entire way, the bad thoughts in his mind grew stronger and stronger. Thunder and lightning appeared around him consecutively as he used the Nine Thunder Pass, and once the consumption of his true energy had been completed, he would swallow at least ten Qi Restoration Pills.

This was a huge consumption of energy, if not for the heart absorbing the energy and converting it into True Qi, Zi Chen's consumption of energy would not even be able to keep up.

I hope it's just my imagination.

Zi Chen's body turned into lightning, constantly shuttling through the forest, revealing his edge at an extremely fast speed.

Please don't let anything happen to them! Zi Chen was panicking in his heart. He couldn't wait for himself to learn the complete Nine Thunder Pass and display the true extreme speed which is comparable to the heaven and earth.

Bottles of Qi Restoring Pills were being consumed by Zi Chen as he flew through the air. Several hours later, he finally arrived at the Ling Wu Sect.

The moment he saw the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his body suddenly shook, and he almost fell to the ground.

The majestic Ling Wu Sect took up more than ten miles in area with many buildings and yet at this moment, they had already turned into a sea of fire. Occasionally, miserable screams would ring out as well, the flames soared to the sky and the smoke billowed.


Zi Chen let out a mournful roar, and rushed towards the Ling Wu Sect that had turned into a sea of fire. Smoke billowed, and the air was filled with a burnt smell, a thick smell of blood and broken limbs could be seen everywhere.

All Zi Chen could hear is the sound of the flames burning and the buildings being destroyed. Zi Chen gave way to the corpse, stepped on the fresh blood, and charged into the sea of fire.



Miao Kong!

Zi Chen cried out in alarm, Grand Elder, Hall Master Li!

Corpses and limbs were everywhere. The scene was extremely tragic. Many people had been burned beyond recognition.

There were corpses everywhere. Zi Chen did not see Lin Xue because the people who were lying down here were practically pitch black with incomplete limbs, making it impossible to identify them.

Xue'er. Zi Chen screamed crazily but no one paid attention to him

Mengyao. Zi Chen once again rushed to Su Mengyao's residence. The houses there had also collapsed, the fires burned, the courtyard was destroyed by the immense force, cracks appeared on the ground, and in the midst of the cracks, countless female cultivators' corpses were lying on the ground.

Zi Chen jumped in, his eyes red, in extreme pain, he turned over one corpse after another, looking for Su Mengyao.

After a moment, Zi Chen got up, Su Mengyao was not there. Suddenly, his pupils shrank, his body swayed, and he almost fell to the ground. At Su Mengyao's door, a white clothed female was quietly lying there.

Her life was gone. The fire had burned her face beyond recognition, but it was not hard to see that she was rushing out of the room.

Mengyao. Zi Chen's body swayed, he could not believe everything he had just witnessed. Half of her spotlessly white clothes had already been burnt to ashes.

Zi Chen rushed over, exterminating the fire, and hugged Su Mengyao's body, screaming again and again.

Miao Kong, Grand Elder, Hall Master Li. Zi Chen put the corpse down and turned to rush in another direction.

After a while, Zi Chen saw an old man. His hair was sparse, his bones were thin like firewood and his entire body was as black as ink.

Hall Master Li. Zi Chen exclaimed, and rushed forward.