Thunder Martial Chapter 84 - Risk of Annihilation


A silver fist, imposing and powerful, landed on the dagger. With a 'kacha' sound, the dagger broke into pieces.

Zi Chen smashed his fist into the Xiantian Weapon.

The Second Elder was overwhelmed with shock. His feet flickered and his Xiantian movement technique appeared. He was forced to retreat.

You can't leave. Zi Chen then transformed into lightning again, his figure flashed and appeared behind the second elder's back, his silver fist striking down once again.


Under the dull sound, the protective True Qi layer around the Second Elder instantly shattered. At the same time, a strong impact threw his body forward.

Blood streaked across the sky as the Second Elder is heavily injured half by Zi Chen's punch.

You... You are a monster. Luo Ben's face changed drastically. The second elder was injured in just one exchange, he shrieked, and had already chosen to escape, but in terms of speed, he was incomparable to Zi Chen. Zi Chen dodged, waved his fist, and Luo Ben was sent flying.


The clear sound of bones breaking resounded through the forest, and one sound after another rang out. Miserable cries rang out repeatedly.

Spare my life, Zi Chen, I was wrong, I was befuddled.

We were personally arranged by the Great Elder to protect you. You can't kill us.

The two of them had their bones broken as they begged for mercy. Two Xiantian Realm was stepped on by a True Qi Realm under his feet. No one would believe it even if it was told to others.

You have repeatedly harmed me. Today, I will not let you go but I can give you a quick death. Zi Chen once again stomped his foot down, breaking the Second Elder's bones on his thigh.

Didn't you want to break all the bones in my body? Now, I'll help you. A silver light rushed into the Second Elder's body. The bones in his body were completely shattered and the sound of bones being broken could be heard.

The Second Elder let out a scream like a pig being butchered. He was in so much pain that he almost fainted.

Didn't you want to use my head as a chamber pot? Today, I'll grant you that wish. Zi Chen's leg kicked at Luo Ben, and then, with a flick of his finger, a bolt of lightning appeared and exploded Luo Ben's body, leaving behind a black head.

I'll send you on your way now. A wisp of True Qi entered the Second Elder's body and his vitality instantly vanished.

Two Xiantian Realm experts died in Zi Chen's hands just like that.

The two of them died with nothing good on them, Zi Chen carried his backpack, used the Nine Thunder Pass and then quickly flew towards the Ling Wu Sect.


The Ling Wu Sect had already been in existence for a thousand years. There were many strong warriors, more than a hundred of them were Xiantian Realm Elders and there were more than ten of them with Zhen Yuan Realm. Among them, the Grand Elder was the strongest person in the Ling Wu Sect.

Looking down from high up in the sky, the Ling Wu Sect was in the midst of an examination and many disciples were undergoing their inner disciple selection. On the stage, many figures were flying about.

Below the platform, many disciples were cheering for their friends. The scene was very lively.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking battle cry came from high in the sky. The voice pierced through the clouds and landed in the Ling Wu Sect.

After that, the sky darkened and a large shadow appeared. When everyone raised their heads, they saw five colossal creatures appear in the sky, blocking out the sun.

This is a Roc, a spirit beast that is very hard to be tamed.

Heavens! I actually saw a Roc. This is unbelievable!

There are people on the Roc. These are tamed Rocs and every one of them is in the Xiantian Realm.

What a grand atmosphere, five Rocs actually appeared. Who are they?

Some of the elders had already felt something amiss and appeared in a flash but when they saw the five Roc's in the sky and the numerous experts on the Roc's back, their expressions instantly changed.


The shouts of battle resounded once again, resounding throughout the Ling Wu Sect. The killing intent covered the sky, the wings of the Rocs shook and a fierce wind whistled.

The Ling Wu Sect has violated the orders of the Wu Zong Sect and we have come here today to exterminate the sect. There was only a middle-aged man standing on top of the first Roc with an indifferent expression. His eyes were like torches and his lips were extremely thin as he spoke with an extremely icy cold voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, another shout that directly rushed into the sky sounded out, and following that, the Rocs shook its wings and brought along a gust of wind as it swooped down.


With lightning speed, the sharp claws grabbed onto the body of a disciple of the Ninth layer of True Qi and immediately after, the sharp claws were like cold iron blades as they cut that disciple apart. Fresh blood sprayed out. The sharp beak was like a divine weapon, directly pecking off the head of a disciple. In the blink of an eye, more than ten disciples had died.

The Rocs swooped down and was already on a killing spree. Its wings shook like a fierce wind as it swept up many disciples high into the sky and smashed them to death.

The great battle had yet to begin but the scene was already a bloody mess. The five Roc's continuously charged forward with ice-cold eyes that emitted a merciless intent.




Wearing black robes, their expressions were cold and indifferent, endless killing intent surged around them. Following the unsheathing of the blades and swords, cold light flashed, and the Xiantian Qi raged, causing many disciples to die.

Killing a mere True Qi Realm was like playing a game, it was as if cutting a melon and cutting grass, with a wave of a Xiantian Realms finger, a burst of Sword Qi appeared, piercing through several disciples' bodies.

They were all at the Xiantian Realm and higher, existences which could become like an elder in the Ling Wu Sect, yet at this moment, they were making their move against ordinary disciples.

The scene was a mess. Facing a one-sided battle, many disciples were scared and fled. Sword qi danced in the air as corpses could be seen everywhere.

This was simply a massacre, the future of Ling Wu Sect, all of them died miserable deaths, their blood flowing like rivers.

As for the outer court disciples, they'd long since noticed that something was wrong and fled in panic.

The five Rocs spread their wings and flew high up into the sky, occasionally diving down. Their sharp claws brought along two disciples as they flew up into the sky, then their sharp claws loosened and the disciple let out a shrill cry before descending. Killing the inner court disciples didn't seem to be enough. The Rocs spread its wings and flew towards the crowd of outer court disciples. It spread its wings and charged forward.




Many disciples had been cut in half at the waist, corpses were everywhere on the ground and the five Rocs were killing as hard as they could. It was as if no one was there to stop them.

This was a massacre.

You dare come to my Ling Wu Sect to behave so atrociously, you're courting death.

A shout came out, the elders of the Ling Wu Sect finally appeared, their Xiantian Qi surging, rushing towards the black clothed men.


However, these black-clothed men were extremely powerful. In a single exchange, they had instantly killed a red-clothed Elder. Blood sprayed out and the black-clothed man had already rushed to the front of the second Elder, raising his butcher's blade.

The scene was still one-sided.


A pitch-black blade light appeared in the air. It was dozens of meters long and it emanated an aura of destruction. The air distorted as the blade beam descended. It was pitch black and it's killing intent was boundless.




Wherever the blade's light passed by, the bodies of the three men in black split into two. Their life force vanished and they fell to the ground dead. Soon after, a skinny old man wearing black clothes with only a few strands of hair on his head appeared.

He was like a mountain, surrounded by black light. He looked like a terrifying ghost that had just walked out of the netherworld.

You dare to behave so atrociously in my Ling Wu Sect, even if it's the people from Wu Zong Sect, I won't show any mercy. Hall Master Li's expression turned cold, his finger pointed out and his spirit force surged, killing one black clothed man after another.

Behind him, dozens of chilling aura, rich in murderous intent, seemed to have solidified. Soon after, dozens of red-clothed elders of Punishment Hall appeared behind him.

These people were the true elites of the Ling Wu Sect and were managed by the Hall Master Li.

Whoever offends our Wu Zong Sect will die.

A cold voice came out, following that, a black clothed man appeared in front of Hall Master Li in a flash, his entire body emitting spirit energy.


An aura surged, the two of them were already engaged in battle, thousands of black lights surrounding Hall Master Li, like black poisonous snakes, they rushed towards the black clothed man.

A sword appeared in the black clothed man's hand. With a flash of sword light, a thick sword qi appeared and started killing the black snakes.

The Ling Wu Sect is only mediocre. A sword light repeatedly flashed as the black light dissipated.

Hall Master Li stretched out his big hand that looked like a ghost claw and suddenly pressed down towards the black clothed man.


The void shook as a thunderous sounds rang out. A terrifying palm imprint descended, carrying with it an aura of destruction.


Spitting out blood, the black-clothed man flew backward for more than ten meters. Following which, a sword light flashed once more as he charged forward.

Behind him, dozens of Ling Wu Sect's red-clothed elders had already started fighting with the black-clothed men. Blade light flashed, sword images flashed, and killing intent filled the air.

The battle below was extremely intense, the experts of the Ling Wu Sect's all rushed over, with a few of them possessing Zhen Yuan Realm, displaying their strong Zhen Yuan Martial Techniques.


The air suddenly trembled, following that, a dark blue light beam appeared in the sky, forming a semicircle as it descended. In that moment, a dark blue light barrier appeared, protecting the Ling Wu Sect.

At this moment, the Ling Wu Sect's sect protection array was activated.

With the appearance of the Yuan Formation, the surging pressure fell from the sky. In that instant, all the black-clothed people felt their bodies slow down as they were hindered by the great pressure.

As for the disciples and elders of the Ling Wu Sect, after the Yuan Formation appeared, their tokens emitted a faint light which enveloped them and prevented them from being affected by the Formation, allowing them to remain safe and sound.




Blood surged through the air. Many Ling Wu Sect Elders seized this opportunity to kill several black-clothed men. The Ling Wu Sect's side finally occupied the advantage.

With the appearance of the Formation, many of the fleeing disciples were blocked by the Formation and they all began to curse in fear.

Humph, a mere Yuan Formation dares to show off in front of me?

Right at this moment, a cold snort resounded out in the air. Many disciples raised their heads upon hearing this and realized that a black-clothed middle-aged man was actually floating in the air.

This... He can actually fly?

Even an expert at the Zhen Yuan Realm can't fly, just what kind of strength does this person have?

Heavens. Cultivators can actually fly. The legend seems to be true. When cultivators reach a certain level of cultivation, they can fly into the sky and descend into the earth

The crowd of terrified disciples cried out in alarm.