Thunder Martial Chapter 83 - Roc

The sky suddenly darkened as a hurricane appeared out of thin air. The trees below swayed as a huge shadow was cast down from the sky.


The screeching sound was exceptionally ear-piercing, causing the three's eardrums to hurt. Immediately after, the sound of wings flapping sounded and a colossal monster appeared above their heads.

This is a Roc!

The Second Elder raised his head and cried out in alarm when he saw the huge monster.

It was a giant bird with black feathers all over its body. It was as black as ink and emitted an ice-cold feeling under the rays of the sun. Its beak was like an eagle's beak, sharp and deadly.

Two wings that were more than twenty meters long covered the sky. They continuously flapped, creating gusts of wind as they flew over their heads.

Heavens. It really is a Roc. Why would a Roc appear here? Luo Ben was also extremely shocked.

The Roc was a spirit beast that was very rare, possessing very high intelligence and is hard to tame. It was said that there was the bloodline of the Golden Roc in it and occasionally, a golden crown would appear on the top of the Roc King's head. The Roc's speed was extremely fast and it was said that it could travel thousands of miles in a day.

The powerful cultivators would usually take in a Roc as a mount. The Roc is a popular mount in the Sky Marital Continent. It is also said that in the outside world, there are people who specialize in selling these things.

Zi Chen's gaze subconsciously looked towards the back of the Roc. From afar, he saw a figure proudly standing on the Roc's back, exuding a sharp aura that shot into the sky.

There really are people there. Zi Chen's heart trembled. The aura this Roc gave off was definitely not weaker than that of Xiantian, which meant that it already had the strength of a Demon Beast. In order to tame this kind of Roc, one must at least be at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

This person is at least a Zhen Yuan Realm expert. It's just that I don't know where he's heading to. Wait... that direction is where our Ling Wu Sect is at The second elder said in a low voice, his eyes full of envy.

Yeah, if I had a Roc like that, it would be too wonderful. Luo Ben said as he thought about it unrealistically.

Zi Chen curled his lips, he did not say a word. With just the two of them, they wouldn't even be able to break the Roc's teeth and yet they still want to tame it. Even if the two of them had Yuan Stones to buy it, they wouldn't be able to tame it.


Right at this moment, another cry sounded out, followed by an undulating sound. It was three or four Roc cries and the sound waves appeared in the air, causing one's eardrums to buzz.

Four Rocs flew over their heads, covering the sky like a black cloud. This time, other than the gale becoming even stronger and the forest below shaking on the impulse, there was also a killing intent that surged out from the Rocs body. The strong killing intent seemed to have solidified, causing the three of them to tremble.

What a dense killing intent. Who are they trying to kill? Zi Chen's mind was shaken. Looking from afar, he saw dozens of people riding on the backs of the four Roc;s, flying towards the distance.

What a grand show, sending out five Rocs. Such thick killing intent. I wonder which fellow is going to suffer, to actually provoke this group of existences. The Second Elder and Luo Ben were also amazed.

Zi Chen frowned and fell into deep thought.

Let's go. What are you looking at? Do trash like you even have any hopes for that kind of thing? Seeing that Zi Chen was still not leaving, Luo Ben loudly ridiculed him.

Zi Chen was awakened from his deep thoughts and followed the two people.

At this moment, the two of them were discussing the Roc's from before.

Within a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, there are only a handful of people who have the qualifications to deploy five Roc's. Aside from Cangli City, there is only the Wu Zong Sect. I'm guessing they must be from the Wu Zong Sect.

The Wu Zong Sect reigns over an area of hundreds of thousands of miles. In this region, their existence is unrivalled. To be able to cause them to dispatch five Roc's and bring along a large number of experts, their enemy is surely a formidable expert.

I wonder which expert offended the Wu Zong Sect to make them so cautious and send out so many people.

Didn't our Sect Master already go to the Wu Zong Sect? It's been several years and he hasn't returned. Could it be that he intends to stay in the Wu Zong Sect and not return?

The two chatted and laughed with faces full of envy.

Zi Chen stood at the back, frowning as he fell into deep thought. He didn't say a word, but suddenly, his eyes lit up as if there was a flash of lightning Not good, it's possible that they're going to the Ling Wu Sect.

Zi Chen's shouts had aroused dissatisfaction. The Second Elder ridiculed, You trash, you don't understand anything, the Ling Wu Sect is under the jurisdiction of the Wu Zong Sect. If we were to speak of it, we are the subordinates of the Wu Zong Sect.

Luo Ben also rolled his eyes. The Ling Wu Sect and the Wu Zong Sect had a close relationship, and could be considered to be from the same sect. He didn't believe that the Wu Zong Sect would deal with the Ling Wu Sect.

No, they are definitely going to the Ling Wu Sect to deal with the Grand Elder. Zi Chen cried out, and thought of the Grand Elder's tone of voice that day.

Idiot, the Wu Zong Sect had invited the Grand Elder to join the sect countless times but he rejected them so why would they want to kill him? Furthermore, there are many experts in the Wu Zong Sect so why not just send some experts to kill the Grand Elder? Why would they send some Xiantian Realm Experts? The Second Elder mocked.

It's possible that they wanted to massacre the Ling Wu Sect. Zi Chen felt that his mind was empty, he couldn't think of any problem.

Have you cultivated to the point of being a fool? To think that you could even think of such a hilarious reason.

Brat, are you talking nonsense? Are you retarded?

The two of them looked at Zi Chen and laughed.

No, I have to go back. Zi Chen's heart was filled with anxiety. Before this, he did not have any feelings for the Ling Wu Sect but during this period of time, the Ling Wu Sect had let him have a good time eating and drinking and he had used up quite a few pills. He even had friends in the Ling Wu Sect.



You can only dream of going back The two of them looked at each other, and in a flash, they had already caught Zi Chen between the two of them. The second elder said coldly, Brat, you are smart enough to find such an excuse but do you take us as fools?

It's too late to leave now. Luo Ben said coldly.

You can come back with me. Zi Chen's voice had already become cold. The people on the Roc were powerful and had many experts. If they really wanted to destroy the Ling Wu Sect, Lin Xue and the rest had no chance of survival.

Go back with you? Are you dreaming? Luo Ben sneered.

Trash, you have two paths you can walk now. One is to continue walking and the other is to stay here forever. The Xiantian Realm pressure surged and killing intent could be seen in the Second Elder's eyes.

Choose one of the two options Luo Ben's eyes also surged with killing intent, Originally, I wanted to let you live a little longer but I never thought you would actually play tricks. This is good as well, after easily getting rid of trash like you, we will go to Black Tortoise Sect ourselves.

I won't let you die so easily. I will break all the bones in your body and make you die from pain.

That's right, I want to use your useless head as a chamber pot to hold dirt everyday.

The killing intent from the two of them surged, their Qi locking tightly onto Zi Chen, obviously, there was no leeway for discussion.

However, Zi Chen's expression was extremely gloomy as he said furiously, Enough, if I were trash, then what about your nephew? Is he worse than trash?

After enduring for a long time and seeing that it finally broke out, Zi Chen was anxious and had to hurry back to the sect.

Brat, you're courting death. The Xiantian Qi erupted, the Second Elder's eyes flashed with a cold light, he pointed at Zi Chen, a sharp Sword Qi aimed straight at the center of Zi Chen's brows.

Go and die. You trash, let's see who will save you today. Luo Ben also used his strength, the two of them had fought fiercely against Zi Chen before and knew that they had to work together to fight him, if not, they would be unable to kill him in the near future.

Hah! Zi Chen roared out, his entire body emitting a brilliant silver light, like a Silver Armored War God. His eyes were cold and he punched forward, the silver light surging and tearing the air.


The silver fist contained an imposing manner that shot through the sky like a rainbow and its aura was surging like a large iron hammer whistling towards the sword qi. With a loud bang, the sword qi instantly shattered and vanished without a trace. Immediately after, Zi Chen stepped forward, his figure flashed to the side and the Nine Thunder Pass appeared, escaping the punch on his back.


The fist radiance flew past and shattered a mountain rock. Smoke and dust filled the air, creating explosive sounds.

Such powerful strength, no wonder he's so arrogant. The surprise on the Second Elder's face disappeared and in a flash, the Xiantian Qi on the surface of his body surged as he charged towards Zi Chen.

Take another punch of mine. Luo Ben also did not allow himself to be weak.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, his entire body shone with a silver light, occasionally, a bolt of lightning would surround his body, he waved his silver fist and smashed at the two.



Explosions rang out in the forest. Zi Chen's fist was powerful, he had shattered their fist aura and destroyed the Sword Qi, revealing his powerful physique.

You are clearly at the True Qi Realm, why is your physiques so strong?

The more the two fought, the more frightened they became. Zi Chen's strength isn't strong at all, he isn't even a Xiantian Realm expert but his physiques is terrifyingly strong. When a stream of Sword Qi landed on his body, it only left a white mark, unable to break through his skin.



The Sword Qi that appeared again and again shot out towards Zi Chen, but what welcomed the attack was Zi Chen's fist.

Silver light flashed on both of his fists as lightning snakes coiled around them. With a punch, the sword qi shattered and the fist aura dissipated.


The Second Elder was accidentally hit by Zi Chen's fist and his body trembled, his internal organs churning.

He is a monster, let's not get close.

The two retreated far away, using their condensed Xiantian Qi to attack.

Zi Chen calmly replied, he waved his fist and released one attack after another, the attacks of the two were completely useless against him.

Hurry and retreat, this kid is too weird. The more they fought, the more shocked they became. At this moment, they already had thoughts of retreating.

With just this bit of strength, you dare to threaten to kill me? You simply do not know your place. Zi Chen now had a certain understanding of his own strength. With his powerful physique, he could suppress Luo Ben who was only at the early stage of the Xiantian Realm.

Anxious for Lin Xue and the rest, Zi Chen did not waste any words, with a flash, lighting surrounded him and his body transformed into lightning as he rushed towards the Second Elder.

Die! In the next moment, a bright and short dagger appeared in the Second Elders hand. With a terrifying power, he rushed towards Zi Chen.

I don't believe that you can block the attacks of a Xiantian weapon. The Second Elder laughed sinisterly and his dagger pierced towards Zi Chen's chest.


However, at this moment, the silver fist descended once again.