Thunder Martial Chapter 82 - black disc


The old man's eyes were filled with praise, Although the consumption rate is great, this speed is incredible. It's a direct ratio to the consumption rate. It seems that you need to prepare more Qi Restoration Pills in the future.

The old man's eyes were blazing as he saw that Zi Chen had exhausted all his True Qi.

Hearing the old man's evaluation, Zi Chen's eyes lit up, and asked: Grand Elder, how is my speed compared to a Xiantian Realm's?

The old man smiled and said affirmatively, It's comparable to the speed of someone at the peak of the Xiantian realm.

What? Peak of Xiantian? Zi Chen was surprised, then his face was filled with ecstasy. His comprehension of the Nine Thunder Pass was only the entrance but he is already so fast. If he could comprehend the true essence, wouldn't he be able to compete in speed with Zhen Yuan Realm experts?

Seemingly having guessed Zi Chen's thoughts, the old man said: This Nine Thunder Pass is extraordinary. If you were to comprehend its true essence, your speed would be comparable to a Zhen Yuan Realm expert

Yay! Zi Chen formed a fist with his hand. Then, Zi Chen came from the bottom of his heart and respectfully said: Thank you elder for allowing me to learn this.

Haha, in my hands, this thing is just a piece of trash. It has even been eaten by insects, yet in your hands, it shines and heats up. All of this is because of you and it has nothing to do with an old man like me. The old man laughed loudly, his face flushed red like a blooming chrysanthemum, looking extremely brilliant.

You're extremely talented. If it wasn't for Yao`er's insistence, you would have been my disciple. But don't worry, even if you are not my disciple, to me, you are like my grandson. The old man looked at Zi Chen with eyes full of love, and said, This breakthrough of yours can be said to be a great fortune. I am here to give you a gift.

As he spoke, the old man took out an ancient looking object from his bosom. This object was not eaten by bugs but was completely black with many engravings on it. It looked like a scale armor but also like a tortoise shell.

The black disc was incomparably dark and shiny. Complex patterns covered its entire body, it was no ordinary item.

Elder, this is too precious, I can't accept it. This object was naturally abnormal, Zi Chen rejected it.

This armor is embedded with a defensive Yuan Formation. If it can save your life at a critical moment, it's not considered precious and consider this as a gift from me. As for you, you can call me grandpa from now on just like Yao'er. The old man smiled and said.

This... Zi Chen was still hesitating because this thing was too valuable.

Take it. It is best to keep it close to try to wear it all the time and remember, don't call me an elder anymore. The old man forcefully placed the black disc into Zi Chen's hands.

Thank you... Grandfather! Zi Chen took the black disc and a warm feeling surged in his heart.

The old man's eyes were full of love, as if he was very satisfied with his grandson.

After experiencing his speed, the two of them turned back.

Zi Chen, the growth of a genius will never be smooth sailing. A person who has grown up smoothly will never become a true powerhouse. On the way back, the Grand Elder said.

Grandfather, what do you mean? After saying it a few times, Zi Chen managed to say it comfortably.

What I mean is, you can go out and train as much as you want. The Sky Martial Continent is very broad. The Ling Wu Sect is too small and is unable to help you grow

Going out to gain experience? Now? Zi Chen asked.

No, I will arrange for you to go to Black Tortoise Sect first and give the things that Great Elder lost to you in the next few days. Afterwards, you can train for a while and prepare to break through the Xiantian Realm before rushing back. The sect does not have much resources but the Xiantian Pill can still be given to you. The Grand Elder said.

Alright then. Zi Chen nodded.

After returning, the moment Zi Chen returned to his house, the Grand Elder went to arrange everything.


Early in the morning on the second day, the GrandElder arrived at Zi Chen's door, indicating that Zi Chen could leave now.

So fast? Zi Chen was startled, he did not dare believe that he was leaving today.

That's right, we have already been dragging on for a long time. Others would say that our Ling Wu Sect's people have no good faith if we drag this on any longer. The Grand Elder laughed.

But grandpa, this is too fast. I haven't even bid farewell to Xue'er and the others Zi Chen said.

It's not like we won't meet again in the future. You should settle this quickly. At such a young age, increasing your strength is the most important. I really don't know what your brain is thinking all day. The old man lovingly rubbed Zi Chen's head.

Zi Chen's face instantly flushed red and he obediently left.

There are two elders waiting for you outside. This time, the three of you will go together and this bag will be given to you. In this bag, there are pills that you will need. Go out and experience the world and understand when to be benevolent or decisive.

After chatting for a while, the Grand Elder rubbed Zi Chen's head and said, Be careful along the way.

Zi Chen respectfully bowed to the old man, Grandfather, I'm leaving.

Zi Chen did not leave quickly and hoped to be able to see the people he wanted to see before he left. Lin Xue, Miao Kong, and even Su Mengyao, Zi Chen did not know why he wanted to see Su Mengyao again.

However, when he walked out of the mountain gate, he did not see the person he was waiting for.

Sigh, let's talk about it in the future, it's not like we won't meet again. Zi Chen, ah, Zi Chen, at such a young age, raising your strength is the most important. The moment he walked out of the sect gate, he immediately saw the two elders who were waiting for him.

Zi Chen's pupils instantly contracted as his eyes filled with disbelief.

How is this possible? Seeing the two, Zi Chen thought he was mistaken and thought that his eyes were blurry but after rubbing his eyes, the two of them were still the same, and there were no other Elders around. Furthermore, when the two of them saw Zi Chen, they also walked over with smiles.

Zi Chen, long time no see. We will be the ones escorting you to the Black Tortoise Sect this time, you should cooperate more along the way. The Elders eyes were sharp and even with his smile, he gave off a cold and gloomy feeling.

What's going on? Weren't you guys at the Punishment Hall? Why did you come out? Could it be that the sect head has already returned? Looking at the two of them, Zi Chen said in disbelief.

No, it's just that the Grand Elder thought that we had contributed greatly to the Ling Wu Sect and it was only a small mistake this time so he forgave us and allowed us to escort you to the Black Tortoise Sect. It could also be considered as a meritorious deed. The other elder was a middle-aged man, Oh, I almost forgot. The Grand Elder also said that while you are away training, we will also follow you and protect your safety.

Zi Chen felt bitter in his heart, he did not understand why the Grand Elder wanted Luo Ben and the Second Elder to escort him. The two of them had enmity with him and this escort mission was more like two wolves escorting a sheep.

Is grandpa trying to harm me? This is impossible. Zi Chen immediately gave up on that thought.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from afar. Zi Chen turned his head and saw two people that he did not wish to see.

Luo Men, Wu Sheng.

The two of them walked together side by side with no one being a step ahead or behind.

Second Uncle, you came out. When I heard this news, I couldn't believe it. Seeing Luo Ben, Luo Men was very excited, his backer had returned.

Grandfather. Wu Sheng's eyes were also completely red. Recently, he had almost collapsed and had to face some idle chatter everyday.

Grandfather, Second Uncle, what are you guys doing? When relatives met, the scene was very moving. Zi Chen did not say a word, nor did he urge them to.

The Second Elder looked at Zi Chen and said, We will Zi Chen to the Black Tortoise Sect and protect him for a period of time outside. After all, there are many dangers outside and a mere True Qi Realm is not enough to protect himself.

After Luo Men and Wu Sheng heard this, they smiled and turned to look at Zi Chen, their eyes cold as they said, Zi Chen, I will wait for you to come back, I hope you can survive

Haha, Zi Chen, outside, protecting your life is more important. Luo Men also laughed out loud.

Well, it's time for us to go. Zi Chen said with a calm face.

It is time to go. Go back, we'll be back very soon. The two elders emphasized the word 'very soon'.

Wu Sheng and Luo Men were laughing, they knew that their backers would be back very soon, but as for Zi Chen, it was hard to say, maybe he would never be able to come back.

The three of them went down the mountain. Within the range of Ling Wu Sect, the two elders were very polite to Zi Chen, talking and laughing as if they knew each other and their relationship with him was very good.

Zi Chen, you have to be careful. The road ahead is not easy.

Yeah, there are fierce beasts up ahead.

Although the two of them spoke some useless words, at the very least, they still had smiles on their faces but when they left the vicinity of Ling Wu Sect, the smiles on their faces immediately disappeared and they became very indifferent.

Here you go, take the items for this escort mission. Luo Ben threw a bag over to Zi Chen, inside it was the bet from last time, a Zhen Yuan Martial Technique and a Zhen Yuan Pill. Other than that, because of the delay, there is also an additional Zhen Yuan Martial Technique

Since these were good items, the two of them were naturally envious. However, they did not dare to take them for themselves.

You're really trash, can't you move faster?

Idiot, why are you walking so slowly? From now on, you will lead the way.

The further they walked, the more sinister the attitude of the two became. However, they did not make any moves.

I don't know the way.

Zi Chen kept quiet until the two of them asked him to lead the way.

Truly garbage. With trash like you, what qualifications do you have to be escorted by us? The two of them cursed but still obediently led the way. Other than their vicious words, there was nothing else they did.

Along the way, the two of them gave all their food to Zi Chen.

It's good that you're not afraid of me poisoning you. Zi Chen replied coldly. This is his second sentence after leaving the Ling Wu Sect and soon started a barbecue.

The Ling Wu Sect is very far from Black Tortoise Sect. There is a difference of more than a thousand miles. If the three of them were to travel using their Qi it would naturally be very fast but it seemed like they did it on purpose. The two elders chose to walk slowly, not in a hurry.

Therefore, after walking for a few days, he was only halfway there.

You piece of trash The Second Elder was still cursing. In this period of time, his mouth is full of sh*t.


However, at this moment, a shrill bird cry pierced through the air, interrupting the Second Elder's angry curses.

Soon after, a huge shadow descended from the sky, bringing with it a large amount of dark clouds.