Thunder Martial Chapter 81 - Extreme Speed

By the time it took to decipher the ancient characters, he had read many ancient books. Although there were no cultivation techniques among them, there were many useful information, such as environment, spirit medicines, fierce beasts, and other things. Zi Chen had even seen records of Yuan Formations.

A few days later, Zi Chen successfully deciphered all of the characters he could understand and deeply engraved them in his mind. It was also on this day that the ancient book finally turned back into its original form and flew away, before completely dissipating.

In more than ten days of time, Zi Chen had studied the ancient characters during the day and calmly cultivated at night to stabilize his realm. His previously unstable tenth layer of True Qi realm had also completely stabilized during these ten days of peaceful cultivation and in these ten days of time, Zi Chen had refined even more True Qi Pills.

Zi Chen's time was extremely packed but he had to take it easy.

As a core disciple, he could order many True Qi Pill's and his cultivation would also slowly increase. However, if he wanted to break through to the Xiantian Realm, it would take a very long time.

The Nine Thunder Pass has several thousand characters which were extremely difficult to understand. Furthermore, they were all ancient characters and after Zi Chen memorized each character, he would go through several other ancient books to understand their meaning in order to understand its true essence.


One day.... two days... and soon, several days passed.

Someone from the Zhan Wu Sect came again and asked when they would return the bet, saying that the Black Tortoise Sect had urged them to do so.

The Third Elder was not in charge and was somewhat anxious. At this moment, the Grand Elder appeared.

Tell them to wait a little longer, something happened in our Ling Wu Sect that needs to be dealt with. At the same time, tell them that we are willing to take out two Zhen Yuan Martial Techniques as compensation. With that, the Grand Elder left.

After an entire half a month, Zi Chen's still hadn't yet to reach the entrance of understanding the Nine Thunder Pass's true essence. He was a little dejected, aside from sensing the Lightning Space every day, he didn't see any trace of the lightning boy.

Zi Chen was a little anxious, he had wasted a lot of time here but he was unwilling to give up and continued to comprehend the true essence of The Nine Thunder Pass.

After another few days, the Lightning Space, which had been calm for a long while started to surge again. It was as if a huge black hole had appeared and all of the lightning energy was converging towards one place.

This is? Zi Chen's eyes lit up.

He had seen this kind of scene many times before and after the lightning surged, a lightning boy would appear. Zi Chen had never realized that he had such expectations for this lightning boy.

The lightning dissipated and a lightning boy appeared in front of him. The boy had the same appearance as Zi Chen but his body was surrounded by tens of thousands of lightning bolts. At this moment, he appeared, and his entire body was filled with a mysterious aura.

The lightning boy appeared and shot Zi Chen a cold glance. Then, with a flash of silver light, he transformed into a bolt of lightning.

This bolt of lightning, was entirely silvery-white and was dazzling to the eye. It is so bright that Zi Chen was unable to open his eyes and in the blink of an eye, the lightning boy disappeared without a trace.

The thunder and lightning had disappeared but at this moment, the lightning boy was showing its first move. He was like a flash of lightning with extreme speed. In the blink of an eye, he was already far away.

Zi Chen sat cross-legged and quietly tried to comprehend what he just saw.

The lightning boy turned into lightning and every step he took seemed to shrink the earth into an inch. With a single step, he covered several hundred meters. His speed was as fast as lightning.

Zi Chen tried to calm his mind and comprehend the situation, trying to recall the scene.

Although coming back and forth was just a single step, the speed is so fast, far surpassing his misty step. Once he comprehended its true essence, Zi Chen guessed that even an existence at the Xiantian Realm would be left in the dust by him.

There was only one step, back and forth, the lightning boy practiced it dozens of times, then with another step forward, the lightning boy's body disappeared, turning into a bolt of lightning, dissipating from the Lightning Space, this time, truly dissipating.

What's going on? Zi Chen who was in the midst of comprehending opened eyes. In the past, as long as he was not struck by the lightning boy's attack and as long as he did not want to leave, the lightning boy would always be here. He would not be tired and practice his martial techniques for him and would never disappear for no reason.

The lightning boy is in the Lightning Space. It was useless to continue staying here so Zi Chen could only withdraw from his thoughts.

When Zi Chen opened his eyes, he felt a wave of hunger as if he hadn't eaten in ten days or half a month. This hunger was not in his stomach, but in his own heart.

It was as if there was a hungry life there.

Could it be that the lightning boy is consuming too much energy? Zi Chen frowned, then swallowed an entire bottle of True Qi Pills.

His heart trembled and a huge suction force came from it, directly swallowing up the entire bottle of True Qi Pill's energy. Only then did Zi Chen's feeling of hunger gradually disappear.

This is too scary, isn't it? It's just practicing a movement technique, could it be that every time I practice it, I need to use up a bottle of True Qi Pill? Zi Chen was speechless at this huge consumption of energy.

Even if it was a core disciple who could use True Qi Pills as he wished, it would attract a lot of attention. There were even some elders who had asked Zi Chen if he could use it all and they had clearly told Zi Chen that the True Qi Pill's could not be used for trade.

Zi Chen laughed bitterly and could only nod his head to tell the elder that he can really use it all. Furthermore, in order for the elder to believe him, he had eaten a whole bottle of True Qi Pills like candy, with no reaction at all.

After today's matter, Zi Chen needed even more True Qi Pills.

From then on, Zi Chen's food became True Qi Pills.

In the Lightning Space, the lightning boy repeated the first move of the Nine Thunder Pass as Zi Chen sat down cross-legged, quietly comprehending it.


After dozens of practice sessions, the lightning boy had consumed too much energy so he disappeared again.

This thing is indeed extraordinary. If I were to learn this movement technique, who would be able to stop me? Zi Chen opened his eyes and left the Lightning Space.

In the past few days, he had entered the Lightning Space at least three times a day and carefully comprehended the Nine Thunder Pass every day.

Zi Chen had immersed himself in the deep level of comprehension dozens of times. To others, each time was a fortuitous encounter but to Zi Chen, it was just eating and drinking; it was too common.


Finally, after a hundred tries of enlightenment, he had finally gained a basic understanding of the Nine Thunder Pass.

In the middle of Lightning Space, Zi Chen took a step forward, transforming into a bolt of lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye, his speed was extremely fast, with a flash of silver light, he was already several hundred meters away.

I've finally succeeded. Zi Chen sighed, then laughed bitterly, I spent close to a hundred bottles of True Qi Pills and gained close to a hundred deep levels of comprehension before finally being able to reach this level. If I was still an inner sect disciple, I probably wouldn't have been able to learn this movement technique for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I have become a core disciple with the care of the Grand Elder and can use a steady stream of True Qi Pills. Otherwise, it would have been useless.

While lamenting, Zi Chen was also rejoicing, for this breakthrough, he had to show off.

With that thought, Zi Chen appeared in the middle of the room that was filled with lightning. In the next moment, the room glowed with a bright silver light, as though there was a bolt of lightning running erratically around the room. But because his speed was too fast and the room was too small, most of the jade equipment in the room to crumble burst of gales, followed by a burst of crackling sounds.

Zi Chen stopped, his eyes filled with joy.

This Nine Thunder Pass is really terrifying. I've only just entered the sect yet my speed has already become so fast. Ordinary movement techniques simply cannot catch up to me. Zi Chen was extremely excited.

However, there are pros and cons to this. In the future, I need to prepare some Qi Restoration Pills. In just a short period of time, half of my True Qi has already been consumed.

Since his speed is so fast, Zi Chen had already expected that the consumption would be large but he didn't expect that the consumption rate would not within his Zi Chen's range of control so in order for him to be able to use the Nine Thunder Pass, he would need to have some Qi Restoration Pills with him.


Just as he walked out of his room, Zi Chen saw the Grand Elder standing outside the door smiling at him.

Elder Zi Chen bowed respectfully.

I heard the crackling sounds in your room just now. Did your cultivation make a breakthrough? The Grand Elder asked, his eyes filled with joy.

En! Zi Chen nodded, and was extremely excited, After nearly two months of cultivation, I am finally half a step of reaching the true essence of the Nine Thunder Pass

The Grand Elders mouth twitched, he had used the Nine Thunder Pass for more than a dozen years and yet, he had not even reached half a step of understanding the true essence and it has only been two months for Zi Chen and yet he said that it seemed like a long time had passed.

However, the old man didn't care either. Zi Chen was originally a special person and some of the things he used were normal too. Even though he felt uncomfortable in his heart, it didn't stop him from admiring Zi Chen.

Really? Show me. The Grand Elder could not wait any longer. He took a step forward, and without any reaction from Zi Chen, he grabbed clothes and in a flash, rushed out of Ling Wu Sect.

Zi Chen could only hear the whooshing sound of the wind beside his ears and could no longer sense anything else. Under such extreme speed, he couldn't even open his eyes and was completely unable to see his surroundings.

The excitement from breaking through to the Ninth Lightning Pass instantly died down. There was always someone stronger than him and there is always a sky above a sky. At this moment, compared to the Grand Elder, his speed is completely inferior.

When the Grand Elder finally put down Zi Chen, he realized that he was already several tens of kilometers away from the sect and had already arrived in an open area.

This... Zi Chen's face was filled with shock. In just a few breaths, he was already several tens of kilometers away.

Come, let me see your Nine Thunder Pass. The old man said expectantly.

It's better not to look. Elder, your speed is much faster than mine. My speed is not fast enough at all. Zi Chen said dejectedly.

Heh, you little guy, can you compare to me? How old am I and how many years have I trained? The old man scolded.

Zi Chen reacted, a look of gratitude appeared in his eyes, and then, in front of the old man, he used Nine Thunder Pass.


Like a bolt of lightning, Zi Chen's body was covered in an endless amount of silver light. With a single step, he had already disappeared from his original position.

Zi Chen moved between the trees continuously, his was too fast. From afar, it looked like there was a bolt of lightning, with a long tail, flashing around in the forest.

This... the Nine Thunder Pass is indeed extraordinary. It is known to be as fast the speed of Heaven and Earth, it is not excessive at all. Just a mere tenth layer of True Qi cultivator has actually displayed such speed. The old man's eyes lit up. He was very satisfied with the speed of the Nine Thunder Pass.

After he moved about several dozen times, Zi Chen suddenly stopped as the silver light around him dissipated and he walked towards the old man.