Thunder Martial Chapter 80 - Nine Thunder Pass

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What is the Grand Elder looking for me for?

I don't know. He only told me to go find you. Su Mengyao shook her head.

Zi Chen nodded and asked with concern, Have you guys recovered?

I recovered a long time ago. Lin Xue laughed, revealing two dimples, like a blooming jade lotus, elegant and refined.

Hurry up and go. Su Mengyao also laughed. When they met again, both of them were less distant and more harmonious. Unlike before, when they had status and strength that separated them like heaven and earth, there was a strange estrangement between them.

Where should I go?

Su Mengyao shook her head and said, I don't know either. Grandfather said you can find it.


An old man carrying a wine gourd on his back was drinking wine and fishing at the same mountain. Zi Chen walked over lightly, afraid to disturb the other party.

You're here. The Grand Elder replied without even turning his head.

Zi Chen greets the elder. Zi Chen bowed respectfully.

Alright, no need to be courteous. The Grand Elder waved his hand.

The surface of the lake was crystal clear, fishes swam around the hook in the water, the surroundings were filled with green grass, the vegetation was lush, hundreds of flowers bloomed and the fragrance assailed the nostrils. Zi Chen walked forward and sat beside the Grand Elder.

Haha, it took the bait. The Grand Master suddenly laughed and shook his fishing rod. A big fish finally got caught by the hook.

Here, have some. It's very fresh.

After untying the fish from the hook, the Grand Elder signaled Zi Chen to help him.

It was a big fish that was more than two kilograms. Zi Chen skillfully cut open its stomach to take out the scales on it. A moment later, a bonfire rose and the smell of the fish assaulted his nose.

Elder, Mengyao said you have urgent business with me? They had been here for at least two hours, yet the two of them actually spoke some nonsense. Now that they had finished roasting the fish, the old man did not bother to discuss any proper matters.

What do you think of Mengyao? The old man suddenly looked towards Zi Chen and asked instead of answering.

What do you mean? Zi Chen was startled and did not understand.

How do you feel about her?

Very good. Zi Chen said: She is beautiful, kind, upright and possesses high talent. She is simply a perfect goddess with no flaws that accidentally landed in the mortal world.

Zi Chen had a very high evaluation of Su Mengyao.

Sigh! The great elder sighed, But she is a woman without her parents. She grew up alone and was brought up by an old man like me. She did not enjoy the care of her parents. She seems to be carefree, but in fact, she is not happy at all.

The old man was Su Mengyao's grandfather and Su Mengyao's parents were his son and daughter-in-law. The old man could be considered a white haired man sending the black haired man away. At this moment, his tone was very bleak.

Zi Chen did not speak, and listened quietly.

The Great Elder chattered for a long time. Finally, he sighed and said, Sigh, I'm really old. Recently, I've been reminiscing about the past.

The reason why I called you here this time, is because I want to ask you to do something. The old man said solemnly.

Ask me? Zi Chen was startled, his face filled with suspicion, I am just a small True Qi Realm, what can I help you with?

I can tell that Yao'er treats you very well. She already guessed that the Great Elder wanted to deal with you and for your sake, she immediately came to beg me. That's why I was able to save you in time. You have to understand that this is the first time in her life that she has ever asked me for help. The Grand Elder sighed, That's why I have to ask you to take good care of Yao'er in the future. Don't let her be harmed.

This... Zi Chen was startled, he was not an idiot. He could hear another meaning from the Grand Elder's tone.

The Grand Elder's tone was exactly what he meant.

You don't want to?

No. Zi Chen shook his head and said: It's just that I'm just a mere True Qi Realm, I don't have the strength to let her be so carefree. Any random Xiantian Realm expert would be able to kill me.

After saying that, Zi Chen carefully looked at the old man.

Don't underestimate yourself. The Ling Wu Sect has been established for so many years and you are the only person I can't see through. Therefore, you are not a mediocre person but a rare genius. You also have a very good character. Although sometimes you are indecisive and a bit too kind for your own good, you will never hesitate in the face of the greater picture of right and wrong.

I have always been observing you and understood your personality, so I can't make a mistake in choosing you. Of course, this is only one point, and the most important one is that Yao'er has a good impression of you. The Grand Elder said.

But... Zi Chen was very hesitant, he did not know how to answer.

You're worried about that girl Xue'er, right? Don't worry, she'll agree. The Grand Elder smiled mysteriously.

You don't need to answer me right away. Go back and think about it carefully. There's no hurry.

Zi Chen nodded and prepared to leave.

Wait! The Grand Elder suddenly said. I saw that you have comprehended the thunderbolt finger, this thing was unintentionally obtained by me, it might be useful to you, it's only an incomplete piece and I don't know if you can successfully learn it.

The book was very old, and there were traces of it being destroyed by insects. This proved that over a long period of time, the paper seemed to be about to fall apart at any time and when the old man passed it over, one of the pages had already fallen and was caught by Zi Chen.

But because of his incredible power, one piece was instantly crushed into dust.

Even Zi Chen suspected that he might not be able to learn it but it was just this kind of thing, the old man seemed to be very solemn. When he passed it over, Zi Chen could see that his eyes were flickering with tears, as if this piece of trash had brought back his endless memories.

Zi Chen did not dare to be negligent, and carefully opened the book. Due to the book being eaten by insects over the years, he could barely make out the characters on it.

Nine Thunder Pass

It was a type of relatively ancient writing. Zi Chen had fortunately researched it before and being able to consider that one of the many bug-eaten parts could also be considered as a form of fate.

This is a type of extremely fast movement technique. Legend has it that when you use it to the extreme, it would be as heaven and earth. However, no one has successfully practice it and right now, it's even more incomplete, on the verge of rotting away. Now I'll give it to you and wish you luck. The old man was trembling and his emotions were unstable. His eyes were filled with endless grief.

Alright, thank you elder. Zi Chen carefully withdrew the ancient book and after giving the old man a respectful salute, he said gratefully.


The old man waved his hand and Zi Chen left.

Next to the clear lake waters, an old man was holding a wine gourd, drinking wine alone. His mind was filled with thoughts of ten years ago.

For a few useless things, they had risked their lives and offended the people of the Martial Ancestor Realm. A world-shaking battle had occurred. His son had died, his daughter-in-law had died, and his brothers had died.

He regretted, he had been feeling guilty for decades


Zi Chen returned to the sect. As a core disciple, he naturally would not stay in the residence of the inner sect disciples.

For Wu Sheng, the Second Elder who protected him was locked up in the Punishment Hall and he basically went from heaven to hell. He received a great shock and his entire body nearly collapsed.

In the past, he was a lofty core disciple, and everyone who saw him would call him senior brother. Everyone viewed him as a high mountain and worshipped him endlessly, expressing all their respect and humility. But today, when he fell from the high mountains, those who once admired him, those who praised him, those who smiled the humblest of smiles, would today speak a hundred times more vicious and sarcastic characters.

This was human nature.

As Zi Chen arrived, all of the disciples that were coldly speaking nodded their heads and greeted him as Senior Brother Zi Chen.

Don't call me senior brother. Perhaps one day, I will be like him. Zi Chen's expression was calm, after glancing at Wu Sheng, he left.

Hmph, it's all because of you. It's caused Senior Brother Zi Chen to be dissatisfied with us.

It was you who did not have any talent, stealing Senior Brother Zi Chen's position.

The fury of the masses did not dare scatter towards Zi Chen. Instead, it was transferred to Wu Sheng.

But as long as Second Elder did not completely fall down, he would endure for a while, and towards these people, Zi Chen would receive back the humiliation he had suffered today.

As long as Sect Master returns, everything will be better. This was the only thing that Wu Sheng persisted in believing in his heart.

Under the guidance of a disciple, Zi Chen entered his room. It was a two story pavilion with complete facilities. Other than a variety of furniture, there were also some jade artifacts placed inside the room.

Many of the dishes were actually made with spirit medicine and they were even given a list. There were many martial techniques and pills, allowing Zi Chen to choose among them, everything was free but with a limit. The Sect is afraid that the core disciples would bite off more than they can chew.

On the last page, Zi Chen even saw the Xiantian Pill that Xu Yan and the others dreamed of.

The treatment for core disciples is indeed different. Zi Chen exclaimed in his heart but he did not pick anything. The way of cultivation alternates between tension and relaxation. Previously, Zi Chen had been cultivating with all his might, and he has broken through, and now, it is time for him to relax.

If the string is stretched too tight for too long, it will break.

After ordering two dishes and finish eating, Zi Chen took out the Nine Thunder Pass to study it.

However, some parts of it had already been eaten by the insects. Zi Chen could only rely on guessing to identify the characters. On the first day, Zi Chen did not gain much and only recognized a total of less than a hundred ancient characters.

To the Nine Thunder Pass, which has thousands of characters, the difference was too great.

For the rest of the time, Zi Chen studied the Nine Thunder Pass while also looking for ancient books to reference. He slowly recognized the characters on the books and adding his own guesses, he used a kind of tortoise's speed to slowly restore Nine Thunder Pass. This is a movement technique that is said to be as fast as heaven and earth.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed and Zi Chen had only recognized a thousand characters. Within the Lightning Space, the lightning youth had not appeared for a long time.

On the eighth day, someone from the Zhan Wu Sect came to discuss on when to give out the gambling stake they lost. Without the presence of the Great Elder and Grand Elder, the one in charge of this would be the Third Elder and he cannot take responsibility so he can only drag it out.

On the ninth day, Zi Chen finally found an ancient book with many characters in it. Although it was difficult to understand, there were some annotations, and on this day, Zi Chen recognized a thousand more characters.