Thunder Martial Chapter 8 - Executing Freely

Zi Chen was covered in fresh blood, looking very awkward, but he actually felt very vigorous, and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Besides the rapid recovery rate of his injuries, Zhao Can also felt that Zi Chen was somewhat different, there was an indescribable aura coming from him, this aura resembled the aura's of some of the powerful people.

Zi Chen, what do you want to do? Seeing Zi Chen advancing towards him, Zhao Can felt a chill run down his spine, he subconsciously stepped back, in a slightly frightened tone as he asked Zi Chen

What do you think I want to do? Zi Chen walked in the snow, staring at Zhao Can

We are brothers, do you want to make a move against your brother? Zhao Can looked at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen spoke with a hint of ridicule and said: Brothers are meant to be betrayed when there's benefit. These are your golden words of wisdom.

Zi Chen walks towards Zhao Can, step by step.

Zi Chen, what do you want, just give me a chance. Seeing Zi Chen walking towards him in an agonizingly slow pace, Zhao Can felt like an indomitable being was walking towards him. His heart actually gave rise to the thought that he didn't have any possibility of winning no matter what, his face constantly changing as thoughts rose in his head one by one

Zhao Can stopped, no longer retreating, but stared at Zi Chen.

From the moment you pierced my heart with your weapon, one of us is destined to die, either you or I perish. Zi Chen shook his head as he coldly said

You won't give me a chance?

It's the same as when you wanted to get rid of me, without any hesitation.Zi Chen indifferently But I can give you a chance to make the first move, whether you can grasp this chance or not, it's up to you.

Good, remember, these are your words. A cold light flashed in Zhao Can's eyes and slashed with the dagger in his hand

But at that moment, Zi Chen clenched his fist and his entire being seemed to have entered a mysterious state. At that moment, a majestic aura of the king of the mountains was being radiated from Zi Chen's body.

Zhao Can felt oppressed, Zi Chen's aura seemed to be as heavy as a mountain and it is suffocating Zhao Can

On Zi Chen's body, the majestic aura was still growing, Zhao Can felt the pressure increasing non-stop. However, that mountain like aura suddenly transformed into a fierce tiger, and Zhao Can at that moment actually felt that he became a prey in the eyes of the fierce tiger, and he was being pressured to flee.

Not good!, if this goes on, I won't even have the courage to make a move. Zhao Can bit the tip of his tongue, the smell of blood slightly spread from his mouth, the stabbing pain awoke Zhao Can's spirit, and he executed the rank three footwork, Flowing Cloud Step.

Holding the short dagger in his hand, he stared at the fierce tiger aura around Zi Chen's body, just like a poisonous snake, aiming for a vicious attack towards Zi Chen.

This time, Zhao Can attacked Zi Chen's eyes directly.

Rank three martial technique, Spirit Snake Swordsmanship

Under the tremendous pressure from Zi Chen, just when Zhao Can struck, he comprehended the true essence of the Spirit Snake Swordsmanship and the short dagger in his hand turned into a poisonous serpent, moving towards the vital part of the fierce tiger, attacking mercilessly.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly, just like the eyes of a tiger flashing coldly, Zhao Can's breakthrough surprised him, but in terms of comprehension of a martial technique's true essence, he far exceeded Zhao Can.

Both of his fists sent out the first move of Fierce Tiger Fist in a fierce and imposing manner, swiftly following that, Zi Chen sent out another move. The second move of the Fierce Tiger Fist, Fierce Tiger's roar which soon shook the mountains.

This was the second time Zi Chen sent out the strikes with the true essence of the moves, it was even more perfect, the third move released on it's own will instantly.

Fierce Tiger Pounces On Prey.

Under the wind of Zi Chen fist, Zhao Can seemed to see a fierce tiger, rushing toward him, the cold and sharp claws aiming at his chest, the big vicious mouth targeting his head.

A strike that contained true essence struck furiously, rushing directly towards the poisonous serpent shade that was condensed by Zhao Can. Instantly scattering the serpent, it lunged onwards to Zhao Can.

After that, Zhao Can saw countless silver light rays rushing rapidly towards himself, and wrapping him up instantaneously....

Zi Chen stood motionless in front of him. Zhao Can was also motionless, as if everything that happened earlier was an illusion.


In Zhao Can's hand, the rank three weapon broke into several fragments and fell down, at the same time, Zhao Can who stood motionless, suddenly had a large amount of blood flow from his seven orifices and his body soon fell backwards

Zhao Can had died.

Looking at the dead Zhao Can on the ground, Zi Chen's mood was very complex. In a few days time, so many things had happened, so many, that Zi Chen didn't have time to digest them all yet, but he didn't regret the fact that he killed Zhao Can.

Fortunately, all the bad things were over.

But was it really over? Of course not.

After Zi Chen took away Zhao Can's belongings, he started to backtrack, there was still some time before the start of the inner sect disciple assessment, during this time, Zi Chen actually had no intention to return yet.

Although he had killed Zhao Can and has a skill that is able to deal as much damage as those in the fifth layer of True Qi, but that is only related to his combat power. He was still unable to truly match the fifth layer of True Qi inner sect disciples, let alone Wang Xiong.

Wang Xiong had the strength of the eighth layer of True Qi and among the inner sect disciples, he was very famous. He also had a rank two martial technique, whether strength or cultivation technique, he currently surpassed Zi Chen.

If Zi Chen were to go back now, he was bound to be interrogated by Wang Xiong, and he would surely inquire about the whereabouts of that 500 years snow ginseng. If he couldn't answer, it was very likely that Wang Xiong would kill him.

Although the sect had long specified and forbade the disciples from any form of infighting, let alone the situation of killing each other, but Zi Chen believed that Wang Xiong killing him was insufficient to alarm the sect.

Besides Wang Xiong being stronger, it was also because Zi Chen didn't have any strong background, he was only a little guy who had no one to depend on.


Being sheltered from the wind by a pile of boulders, Zi Chen sat cross legged and cultivated silently, his consciousness entered the silver space once again.

In the silver space, the thunder boy appeared again, with his fists clenched, an invisible majestic aura appeared. In front of him, Zi Chen was also clenching his fists, the silver lights surged around his body, exuding a majestic aura.

As they faced each other, their clenched fists displayed the Fierce Tiger Fist. One move after another, being sent out like lightning, just like the passing clouds and flowing water, two roaring tigers appeared, rushing forth on both sides.


In the middle of the silver space, there was the sound of an explosion. Afterwards, the fierce tiger sent out by Zi Chen dissipated instantly, but the Fierce Tiger sent out by the thunder boy rushed towards Zi Chen, scattering Zi Chen's illusory body.

Zi Chen opened his eyes, there was a hint of joy in his eyes, although he still ended up in defeat today, but he still comprehended a lot of things.

It was already more than ten days since Zhao Can had died, during these ten days, besides eating and drinking daily, Zi Chen practiced the Fierce Tiger Fist as well as the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique.

He reached the peak of the second layer of True Qi during these days of cultivation .The distance to the third layer of True Qi was merely one step away.

This kind of cultivation speed was incomparable to his prior cultivation speed.

My Fierce Tiger Fist has reached the great completion, but it still hasn't reached the point where I can use it as freely as I want. However, after several more times, I should be able to break through surely, reaching the point where I can use it as freely as I want

Three days later, Zi Chen was still cultivating.

In the middle of silver space, two youths faced each other again.

This time, I will not be defeated Looking at the thunder boy who looked exactly the same as him, Zi Chen said confidently.

The thunder boy didn't speak, but he clenched his fists, the majestic aura surged, it was as if it had transformed into a fierce tiger in a split second.

If it was before, Zi Chen would certainly be startled; however, in more than ten days, they had fought for more than several hundred rounds against each other, Zi Chen was already used to it.

Because at the next moment, his majestic aura changed into a fierce tiger too.



Two Fierce Tiger Roars resounded, moving as per their heart's will. They haven't done anything yet, it was only the majestic aura and it had surpassed the first move of the Fierce Tiger Fist, invoking the roaring sound of the second move directly.

Their presence was surprisingly similar, as if they were the same person, they executed the attacks in no particular order, and two tigers rushed toward each other.

The fists' wind collided in the air, producing a dull exploding sound, the powerful impact made Zi Chen retreat for more than ten steps, his figure didn't dissipate though. Looking ahead, the thunder boy who had stood on the same spot for more than ten days was now forced to retreat back more than ten steps.

Ha ha!

Zi Chen laughed, his Fierce Tiger Fist, finally reached the point of moving at his will. Although it was only a rank three martial technique, but after comprehending the true essence perfectly, it was not weaker than a rank two martial technique.

The laughing Zi Chen, thought of something and withdrew from the silver space.

Outside, Zi Chen opened his eyes, there was a hint of joy in his eyes, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique operated on it's own, absorbing the heaven and earth's spirit qi......

Suddenly, the happy expression on Zi Chen's face turned wild with joy, seeing the heaven and earth spirit qi around suddenly surge and center around Zi Chen, gathering from all directions.

This is a breakthrough

The martial technique had just reached perfection, and his strength had a breakthrough once more.

Zi Chen was completely wild with joy. All of heaven and earth's spirit Qi in the area rushed into his body, and was being absorbed by his heart again. after being refined by the silver ball, it was sent out from his heart once more.

HIs body was once again starting to transform. Similarly, the silver True Qi in his dantian was changing too.

When the turbulent True Qi returned to normal once more, Zi Chen had broken through to the third layer of True Qi, his dantian was full of pure silver True Qi, and occasionally. there were also traces of lightning flickering.

He made a double breakthrough today, Zi Chen's mood was excellent. So he prepared to reward himself, but when he searched the bag, he suddenly discovered that there was no food anymore.

Food was the root of everything, without food, Zi Chen was unable to live.

But Zi Chen couldn't go back yet, therefore, he needed to find something to eat. As to what he should eat, Zi Chen had already thought of it a few days ago

Eat the ice bear, eat its paws and its meat.

With my strength now, I should be able to cope with the ice bear. Zi Chen thought.

He is in the third layer of True Qi and besides his formidable physique. His perfected Fierce Tiger Fist should be able to handle a rank five Ice Bear.