Thunder Martial Chapter 79 - Transformation

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The spread of news inside the Ling Wu Sect was extremely fast.

On the second day, news regarding Chen Feng spread throughout the sect.

Have you guys heard, Chen Feng is locked inside the Punishment Hall.

Impossible, Senior Brother Chen is the future Sect Leader, who would dare punish him?

It is said that he slandered Zi Chen and sent people to kill him and that the matter has been exposed.

Chen Feng, the number one of the Ling Wu Sect, the future Sect Leader, was definitely an existence that stood above the rest of the disciples and Zi Chen was just an ordinary disciple who had just entered the inner sect for a year.

However, Chen Feng was imprisoned in the Punishment Hall, this was outside of everyone's expectations.

On the third day, someone confirmed the news and everyone burst into an uproar.

On the fourth day, the matter of the three elders also being locked up in the Punishment Hall came to the ears of the disciples.

They were all guessing Zi Chen's identity, as well as the reason why he was able to make Chen Feng be punished and the reason why even the Great Clan Elder was thrown inside.

On the fifth day, Wu Sheng, who had been called a core disciple by the Second Elder came out dejectedly in front of 1000s of people. At the same time, the news of him being demoted to an inner sect disciple spread.

In the future, he would need to use contribution points to exchange for resources, he went from heaven to hell in a flash. The huge gap almost caused Wu Sheng to collapse and his only backer had also entered the Punishment Hall and it is unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Could it be, just because of a single Zi Chen?

Just where did this Zi Chen come from, to be able to topple Chen Feng, causing the elders to be punished, and now even a core disciples have been demoted?

On the sixth day, there was news of Zi Chen becoming a core disciple.

Zi Chen has become a core disciple. It's not time for the assessment yet, who made the arrangements?

It's said that the Punishment Hall Master's is the one who did it.

Hiss... It's actually him, that iron faced Demon King. This Zi Chen is really lucky to actually be able to have the Punishment Hall Master's support. Why don't I have such good luck?

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion.

Currently in the Ling Wu Sect, the person with the highest level of attention was Zi Chen and there were some people who had already seen through the current situation and made bold guesses, guessing that Zi Chen had the possibility to become the future Sect Leader.


As the person in question, Zi Chen was currently cultivating quietly in his room.

That day, he was severely injured but after just a day of recovering, his injuries had already completely healed. Zi Chen's heart was like a treasure trove of immense potential, unceasingly releasing his potential. After that, was just cultivation. He faced two Xiantian Realm experts in a row and Zi Chen was on the brink of death, making him know his own inadequacy.

Bottle after bottle of True Qi Pills disappeared from in front of Zi Chen's eyes and streams of silver energy surged throughout his body, like a huge wave crashing down, washing his body over and over again.

Three days later, all of the True Qi Pills had been refined by Zi Chen and his strength still did not break through, still being at the peak of the Ninth layer of True Qi.

Miao Kong did not send any more True Qi Pills over. Zi Chen had already refined all of the spirit medicines, leaving behind only the water spirit flower.

The flower had bloomed for a 1000 years. A year ago, when Zi Chen was harvesting the flower, the flower was already wilting; obviously, it had been nearly two 1000 years. This was Zi Chen's biggest harvest from the spirit medicine garden.

Right now, my strength has already reached a bottleneck. If I take another True Qi Pill, the effects won't be very great.

Zi Chen looked at the Water Spirit Flower in his hand and finally made up his mind. No matter how precious the thing was, if he put it aside, it would only serve as a decoration and since he plucked the flower, the Spirit Energy of the Water Spirit Flower is slowly flowing away. There is no jade box to store the Spirit Medicine inside so the longer the Water Spirit Flower is unused, the more spirit energy it would let out and the less effective it will be

On the fourth day, Zi Chen sat down quietly with the Water Spirit Flower in his hand, ready to swallow it.

A nearly two 1000 year old water spirit flowers, the amount of spirit energy contained inside it is too much for Zi Chen to swallow, he could only pluck one petal after another.

The Water Spirit Flower was bright and sparkling. As soon as Zi Chen plucked it, the petal turned into a crystal clear jade pearl. It was dazzling, brilliant, and filled with dense spirit energy.

Zi Chen swallowed it whole.

As if it was compressed by a 1000 times, the jade pearl entered Zi Chen's stomach and turned into a torrent of energy that rushed throughout Zi Chen's body.

Zi Chen remained calm and concentrated, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art started to circulate and absorb the energy.


A rumbling sound came from within his body, like the sound of thunder and lightning. Waves that overflowed the heavens surged violently. Pure energy gushed out of his heart like a flood and rushed throughout his body.

Among the energy that the 1000 year old Water Spirit Flower had transformed into, there is a unique characteristic that was similar to water. It could change Zi Chen's body more easily.

Zi Chen's body underwent another transformation. This transformation was a transformation from the moment he had survived a great calamity to the moment the Ice Ball had entered his body. This transformation was the second true transformation since the moment the Ice Ball had entered his body.

Great waves billowed, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Zi Chen's body seemed to contain a world and under the endless energy, the world was undergoing a fundamental change.

His blood, bones, skin, and even bone marrow were changing as an unending flow of energy nourished them. Zi Chen's transformation could be seen with the naked eye.

After giving two pieces to the Giant Snake, Zi Chen still had seven left. As time passed, the petals disappeared in front of Zi Chen one by one, and within Zi Chen's body, rumbling sounds continuously rang. The monstrous sound had gradually disappeared and is replaced by rolling thunder.

Zi Chen's entire body flickered with a silver light, he closed his eyes and revealed his might. A vast pressure emerged from his body, as if a thunder god had descended onto the mortal world, imposing and mighty.

Electric snakes circled around Zi Chen's body and his clothes instantly exploded and dissipated into fine powder. His entire body was naked, shining with a silver light, his skin was like jade and emitted a precious light, like the stars in the sky but also like a dormant silver lightning, filled with mystery.

Zi Chen entered the silver space once again and saw the lightning boy. At that moment, the boy was like a god, his pupils shining with a silver light. Lightning bolts flickering around his body and soon surged towards Zi Chen.

Like a heavenly brand, the lightning had entered Zi Chen's heart.




The remaining petals of the Water Spirit Flower in front of Zi Chen suddenly exploded, and following that, even the stem and leaves of the flower all exploded as well, transforming into a tiny current of water that flowed into Zi Chen's body.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared. In the pitch black room, the silver light radiated around Zi Chen as he sat upright in the middle of the room like a god.

On this night, many disciples felt a suppressive aura that directly suppressed them. It was like the might of the heavens, majestic and shaking their souls.

Many disciples whose cultivation was hindered got up and left their homes. There were no stars in the sky, no moon, and the sky was filled with a terrifying darkness. There was only silence, and a depressing atmosphere surrounded the area.

All the disciples wanted to find the location of this pressure but none of them were able to. Many disciples' spiritual senses seemed to be obstructed at this moment, as if a headless fly was bumping around.

The terrifying might of the heavens continued for an entire night. When the sky was about to brighten, the pressure finally disappeared.

The crowd of disciples heaved sighs of relief and all turned around to return.

Three days later, the door which had been closed for almost half a month finally opened and a black-robed Zi Chen walked out. His eyes were like stars, shining brightly with silver light, extremely bright and as he walked, his entire body emitted a mysterious pressure. This pressure was like the might of heaven, with a faint silver light emitting from the surface of his body.

With one step, the silver light in Zi Chen's eyes dimmed, and with two steps, the pressure around him dissipated. By the third step, Zi Chen was already able to adapt to the transformation this time and the silver light around him disappeared. Everything returned to silence.


Zi Chen stood outside the house and quietly felt the changes in his body. Several disciples appeared in the distance and when they saw the black-clothed Zi Chen, their expressions changed in an instant. When they looked over, they saw the pitch black badge on Zi Chen's waist and their eyes were filled with envy.

A few days ago, the news had already spread. Zi Chen did not need to take the examination to become a core disciple. The sect decided to give Wu Shengs spot as a core disciple to Zi Chen

Zi Chen opened his eyes with a calm expression.

Hello, Senior Brother Zi Chen!

Good morning, Senior Brother Zi Chen.

Senior Brother Zi Chen got up so early, you really are working hard.

The group of disciples all went up to greet him with the most good-natured and humble smiles on their faces.

Zi Chen smiled and nodded in response.

This was human nature. In the past, they had coldly snorted at Zi Chen when they saw him and when he was taken away by the people from the Punishment Hall that day, he had also heard many things that were detrimental to him from them.

But today, they welcomed him with smiles on their faces.

There were a lot of people who came to greet him. Today, Zi Chen had many more junior brothers and there were even many more who were on their way here.

Zi Chen, you're finally out. Miao Kong walked over from afar with a face full of joy, Congratulations, you've actually become a core disciple.

Zi Chen punched Miao Kong, and laughed, Even you are teasing me.

You are now famous, you have successfully entered the Core of the sect, and become a core disciple. So you can use any of the resources you want, right now, the entire sect is talking about you, saying that you are the other Chen Feng. Miao Kong joked.

Pei, don't compare me with that trash Chen Feng.

The two chatted as they walked, and soon, they disappeared into the crowd.

Oh yeah, Su Mengyao has been looking for you a few times, it seems like she has something urgent.

Has she recovered? Zi Chen asked.

Sh recovered a long time ago. Miao Kong sighed, I never thought that Su Mengyao's identity would be so special, she is the granddaughter of the Grand Elder, you brat, you are truly unique. Both Lin Xu and Su Mengyao likes you. I don't see what's so good about you, your looks are just average. Miao Kong said in an exasperated tone as he looked at Zi Chen

Don't spout nonsense. Su Mengyao is a girl with a noble identity. How could she fall for me?

By the time Zi Chen saw Su Mengyao, she was already with Lin Xue and her injuries had already healed. It was just that they had not seen each other for half a month, when Zi Chen looked at the two of them, he felt that there was something more on their bodies.

Zi Chen, grandpa is looking for you right now. There seems to be something important. Su Mengyao's white clothes fluttered, her waist was slender, her twin peaks were proud, and her face was extremely beautiful. She looked graceful as she dragged Lin Xue and slowly walked over.