Thunder Martial Chapter 78 - Grand Elder

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Why are you guys still daydreaming for? Hurry up and make your move. I'll take responsibility if anything happens. The Great Elder's cold voice rang out. Clearly, he had already sensed what was happening within the Yuan Formation.

The two of them did not move, and Zi Chen did not move either. His heart was beating nonstop and streams of silver energy surged throughout his body, causing his injured body to quickly recover. At the same time, he could clearly feel that his broken bones were rapidly healing.

I've already said that I'll take responsibility if anything happens. What are you guys still daydreaming about about? Make your move! The Great Elder started to roar, followed by another miserable scream, as though he was unable to defeat the Hall Master Li.

They wanted to speak but they felt as if a poisonous snake was hidden in the void in front of them, staring coldly at them. If the two of them made any movement, the poisonous snake would instantly take their lives.

The two of them opened their mouths but did not dare to speak.

Attack! The outside world trembled and the Great Elder roared again. He had become somewhat hysterical, followed by a clear spitting of blood. The entire Yuan Formation was already unstable.

Trash. After finding these two trash, the Great Elder's heart is extremely miserable. Zi Chen was right in front of him, the two of them could kill him with a move of their fingers but they just stood there without moving. And yet, he was unable to defeat the Hall Master Li.

You guys are really disappointing! At this moment, a low sigh came out and a figure soundlessly appeared beside Zi Chen. It was an old man with a slightly bent waist, a white beard, and cloudy eyes.

He was wearing a sackcloth that was patched up in many places. After he appeared, he looked at the two elders as he shook his head with a disappointed expression on his face.

No one knew when he had appeared. It was only with a sigh that the two saw this ordinary yet extraordinary old man.

You... Who are you?

The two of them wanted to speak, but they forcefully put that question in their hearts because in an instant, the Yuan Formation exploded.


The two elders were struck by the Qi and is thrown backwards. At the same time, a ray of light surrounded Zi Chen and the other two, protecting them from the impact.

The Yuan Formation had already shattered, the stone path and the two green trees had all disappeared and this place returned to reality once more. The ground was now a mess and many trees had exploded, causing the stairs to collapse and the area within a few hundred meters of the area to become deathly silent.

The Great Elder stood at the side. There were traces of blood on his red clothes and blood is also flowing from the corner of his mouth. The Yuan Formation was broken and he even coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood as he stared in shock at the place where the Yuan Formation had been.

He could not imagine that the Yuan Formation he set up would be broken just like that. Moreover, it was broken by a large force. With just a glance, when he saw the old man, his gaze turned into horror.

Gr... Grand Elder!

The Great Elder's voice began to tremble, his eyes full of fear.

With just a glance, the Great Elder of the Zhen Yuan Realm was already this afraid. The identity of this old man was naturally extraordinary, and his strength is also extraordinary.

Hall Master Li was dressed in black, his entire being was like a gigantic black hole, his expression was extremely cold. After seeing the ordinary looking old man, his figure flashed, he had already arrived in front of the old man, and cupped his hands: Paying respect to Grand Elder.

What? Grand Elder, the strongest existence in the Ling Wu Sect? Didn't he disappear for many years? Why did he appear here today?

Grand Elder, the strongest warrior in Ling Wu Sect. It is said that he is stronger than even the sect master

Elder Chen and Elder Luo looked at the ordinary old man with their eyes wide open and tongue-tied. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

We pay our respects to the Grand Elder. But at this moment, the Great Elder already walked over obediently, like a docile little sheep bowing to the old man.

Seeing this, the two of them fearfully walked forward and bowed respectfully.

What's going on with the Ling Wu Sect? They're full of snakes and rats. The Grand Elder snorted coldly, his turbid gaze filled with dissatisfaction.

Grandfather, you finally came. I was scared me to death just now A beautiful voice rang out and a white shadow flashed. Su Mengyao had already stepped forward and grabbed the old man's arm, acting coquettish.

I came here a long time ago. It's just that I want to see how good Zi Chen's potential is. Not bad. The old man smiled with a look of love on his face.

At this time, Zi Chen was standing next to the old man with his mouth wide open.

Grand Elder... You are the Grand Elder? Even though everyone was bowing to the old man, Zi Chen still couldn't believe that the old man who was fishing, drinking, and chatting with him would actually be the strongest and most mysterious Elder in Ling Wu Sect.

Lil 'Bro, how have you been The Grand Elder turned his head and said something that almost caused everyone to vomit blood. The dignified Grand Elder actually called Zi Chen little brother.

Pfft! The Great elder instantly spurted out blood. It was unknown if it was due to his shock or because of the injury from before.

How is this possible? Zi Chen still didn't dare believe it. His eyes were as big as bells and his mouth was so wide open that someone could literally put an egg inside.

How is that impossible? Back then, Yao'er told me that a genius appeared in the sect and was treated unfairly. I was curious and wanted to take a look but I didn't expect that you would actually manage to cultivate the thunderbolt finger. It's truly extraordinary and I even heard about your matter.

Zi Chen scratched his head in embarrassment. At that time, he had thought that the old man was just an ordinary person, borrowing the alcohol to complain and express his dissatisfaction in his heart and had said everything he could say, including matter about the feces. He did not expect the ordinary old man to have such an identity.

The light movement caused him to grimace in pain, causing Lin Xue to hurriedly support him, just that Lin Xue's injuries were not light. She was not as powerful as Su Mengyao so when Luo Ben made his move, he used less force but she is still heavily injured.

The kind old man's gaze suddenly turned cold the moment it landed on Luo Ben and the others, and said,A dignified Ling Wu Sect, just because Sect Master is not here, has been made black and blue by you guys, how does this look like a sect, it's basically your own backyard, what do you guys want to do. A dignified elder is actually plotting against a disciple, you guys really disappoint me.

The three of them lowered their heads, completely unable to explain.

The Grand Elder was powerful and unfathomable, like a vast ocean in a deep abyss. The few of them did not even have the slightest thought of rebelling, the Grand Elder at this moment might seem kind but his strength had reached an unfathomable level. Which expert is not decisive in killing others?

The three of them had long since been drenched in cold sweat. They bowed their bodies and remained motionless, allowing the sweat droplets to flow down their foreheads.

With the absence of the sect master, you all have privately added a spot for core disciples and yet you guys are still talking nonsense with your eyes wide open and your mouths full of righteousness. To do such a shameless thing... You all... Really are the scum of the Ling Wu Sect The Grand Elder raised his hand but didn't land it.

The three of them were terrified as they lowered their heads without saying a word.

Sigh, being old is useless. I am too lazy to care about the matters of the Ling Wu Sect, you all should go to the Punishment Hall to face the wall. As for how to deal with you all, wait for the sect master to come back first. The Grand Master waved his hand, signaling the three of them to leave.

The three of them expressed their gratitude and quickly left.

Grandfather, there's also the matter with Wu Sheng. That Core Disciple spot originally belonged to Zi Chen. Su Mengyao shook the Grand Elder's arm and said coquettishly.

This matter will be arranged by the Hall Master Li and Wu Sheng will be stripped of his spot as a core disciple. The Grand Elder said.

Yes, Master. Hall Master Li said.

This form of address shocked Zi Chen. He never thought that this old fellow who looked like a ghost and was even older than the Grand Elder would actually be the Grand Elder's disciple.

The three Elders had already left, heading straight for the Punishment Hall. They had heard the Grand Elder's words but none of them were able to save him. If they couldn't even protect themselves, how could they protect others?

Then what about Zi Chen? Su Mengyao asked.

As for Zi Chen. The Great Elder turned his head, and looked at Zi Chen who was being supported by Lin Xue. His blurry eyes suddenly flickered with light, and his tone became extremely serious, and said, Zi Chen, are you willing to be my disciple?

What? Zi Chen was startled, and immediately felt like he was struck in the head by a giant pie that fell from the sky.

Becoming the disciple of a Grand Elder, how could anyone reject such a good thing?

You don't want to? The Grand Elder teased.

No, no, no. Zi Chen hurriedly shook his head. This was a good thing, a heavenly good thing. He shook his head and nodded, I...

He was interrupted before he could even open his mouth.

No, Zi Chen cannot acknowledge you as his master. The one who spoke was Su Mengyao. She spoke with a serious tone, her eyes were wide open, and she was very resolute.


Everyone was confused and looked at Su Mengyao.

Su Mengyao lowered her head, her beautiful face blushing red, looking extremely adorable. Only the mosquitoes could hear her, and she said, If Zi Chen becomes your disciple, wouldn't he become my martial uncle?

After she finished speaking, Su Mengyao's face had turned completely red, like a red cloud on the horizon.

Haha, so that's how it is.

The Great Elder looked at Zi Chen, then at Su Mengyao and after a moment, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Hall Master Li also laughed out loud, just that when he looked at Su Mengyao's loving gaze previously, he had also brought Zi Chen along.

Because of Su Mengyao's words, Zi Chen finally didn't become his disciple but he wasn't depressed at all because the Great Elder had said that even though he isn't his disciple, he could still pass down some things to him.

Furthermore, he had already officially acknowledged Zi Chen's status as a core disciple. From now on, the white-clothed Zi Chen would be dressed in black.

Come find me after you recover from your injuries.

The Grand Elder left with these words.

Zi Chen was supported back by Lin Xue, which immediately attracted the attention of many disciples and all the disciples revealed looks of shock.

How is Zi Chen still alive?

Didn't they say that he colluded with outside disciples to kill fellow disciples and is captured by the people of the Punishment Hall?

How could this be? He's still alive? Is his life really that great?

Many of them knew that Chen Feng was the one who arranged everything and Zi Chen was destined to die, but now, Zi Chen had returned.

You guys still don't know but the Punishment Hall Master has already given out punishments and for those people who had previously slandered Zi Chen, they have already been crippled and expelled

I also heard that Wang Meng was also expelled.

Also, Luo Men, his position in the Contribution Pavilion has already been revoked.

Everyone glanced at each other.

Why is it like this, does Senior Brother Chen not care?

What, why do you care? The Punishment Hall Master is just like the King of Hell, who can control him, maybe even Senior Brother Chen will be in trouble, it is said that someone slandered him, saying that he sent the ten seeds to kill Zi Chen