Thunder Martial Chapter 77 - Fiance

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On Zi Chen's body, his aura frantically surged and like a fierce beast, his vitality is exuberant. Silver light soon surrounded his body as the pressure of a Xiantian Realm expert soon vanished and he quickly ran away.

The Sword Qi streaked across, leaving a deep mark on the ground.


Su Mengyao shook her hand, and the Spirit Snake Whip had already escaped from her waist, and like a dancing snake, it flew towards Luo Ben.

Thousand Illusion Palm.

Lin Xue also let out a delicate shout, and a thousand palm prints appeared in the sky, covering the sky and covering the earth and pressed down towards Luo Ben.

Hmph, petty tricks. Luo Ben sneered, he clenched his fists and in that moment, a ray of light appeared. Using his strength to break the force, he punched out with his fists, causing the thousand palm prints to dissipate and at the same time, he struck at the Spirit Snake's head.

The spirit snake twisted in the air, and with an even stronger and fiercer momentum, it flew backwards.



The Spirit Snake carried the power of the aftershock and landed on Su Mengyao and Lin Xue's bodies. Both of them were struck flying backwards and on their white robes, bloodstains appeared.

Don't think I'm afraid to kill people. Luo Ben snorted, but right at that moment, a thick bolt of lightning, like a lightning dragon, released a heaven shaking roar and rushed towards Luo Ben.

An insignificant skill. Luo Ben clenched both his fists again and remained motionless. He punched twice and in the midst of the explosion, the lightning had already shattered, following that, Zi Chen's body flew backwards.

Right now, he is still very weak when fighting against Xiantian Realm experts.

Luo Ben, are you not afraid of alarming the Punishment Hall Master? Su Mengyao shouted coldly.

Punishment Hall Master, naturally there is someone to deal with him. My goal is to kill Zi Chen. Luo Ben's voice was cold as he rushed towards Zi Chen.




Light flickered under Zi Chen's feet as he pushed his speed to the limit. No longer fighting head on with force, he chose to dodge. At this moment, he had placed all his hopes on the Punishment Hall Master. It was all about preserving one's life so it didn't matter how long one stayed alive.

Zi Chen was like a fish in water, slippery and wriggly as he unleashed the Misty Steps to its limits. With the appearance of the true essence of Misty Steps, his entire body was like a wisp of green smoke, an illusion with no traces of life.

Luo Ben roared in anger but his flexible body was a little weaker than Zi Chen's. Every attack merely brushed past Zi Chen's body and could only leave a shallow wound, unable to strike out a fatal blow.

If you kill Zi Chen, you will die too. Su Mengyao was sent flying again as she said angrily.

I have done so much for the Ling Wu Sect. I do not believe that the sect will punish me for a dead man. Luo Ben laughed coldly, and his attacks became even sharper.

Maybe others might not, but Zi Chen is a genius, if you kill him, you will definitely die too.

You can only deceive children with words like those. Today, he will undoubtedly die. I do not believe that a dead genius will have any use.

Luo Ben pointed out his fingers again and the Sword Qi that was condensed into substance shot out, releasing a bright light that formed sword marks on the ground.

Zi Chen did not say a word, his entire body was covered with light sword scars, the energy in his heart was continuously flowing throughout his body, allowing Zi Chen to use footwork to repeatedly dodge the attacks and he did not need to worry about the energy consumption.

Su Mengyao was helpless and Lin Xue was even more so. Their strengths were too weak and in front of the Xiantian Realm elder, they could not even last a single round. If it wasn't for the fact that Luo Ben was worried, he could have killed both of them in one round.


After dodging multiple times, Luo Ben finally had the chance and was able to instantly send Zi Chen flying.

However, Zi Chen just spat out a mouthful of blood, rolled twice in the air, and crawled up from the ground.

How evil, he's not dead yet. Seeing that Zi Chen's speed did not decrease at all, Luo Ben was dumbstruck and his attacks became even sharper.

Sword Qi of the Xiantian Realm and fist light were unleashed one after another. Powerful Xiantian techniques continued to surge forward, as though they were determined to kill Zi Chen.

If you kill another genius, maybe you will live, but if you kill Zi Chen, you will definitely die, because not only is he a genius, he is also my fiance. The helpless Su Mengyao said again.


Luo Ben was shocked, his movements became slower, and his gaze landed on Su Mengyao.

I said that Zi Chen is my fiancé, if you kill him, not only will you die, even those with the surname Luo will meet a bad end in Ling Wu Sect. Su Mengyao said coldly, her tone extremely firm.

This... Luo Ben had to consider, this gave Zi Chen time to catch his breath, he gratefully looked at Su Mengyao and knew that this was Su Mengyao's best plan to save him. As for him, he didn’t have any other ideas on how to deal with Lou Ben

Lou Ben hesitated, Su Menyao’s status is somewhat special. If he really killed her fiance, then not only would Luo Ben's life come to an end, even all the people here who were related to him would also reach the end of their life.

Luo Ben, you're silly. You already believe it with just her words, what rubbish is this Zi Chen? How can he be Su Mengyao's fiance? An elderly voice suddenly sounded, startling Luo Ben awake.

Great Elder! Zi Chen clenched his teeth, and recognized the voice.

Damn it, I was almost tricked by you. Luo Ben clenched his teeth and roared angrily, his attack becoming even fiercer. This time, he used all his strength, causing Zi Chen to become flustered, but he could still preserve his life.

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue could also occasionally hinder Lou Ben but that is all they could do with their strength.


Elder Chen, I, Li, gave you face and did not punish Chen Feng harshly. I never expected you to be so despicable, to actually make a move in front of me. As they were fighting, an ice-cold voice came from afar, followed by a wave of killing intent that blotted out the sky and covered the earth.

The voice was cold and bone-piercing, but to Zi Chen, it was like a heavenly sound, full of excitement.

Uncle Li, quickly save Zi Chen. Su Mengyao took the opportunity to shout.

I will control this old thing. All of you take action, kill Zi Chen, and finish him quickly. At this moment, the Great Elder's voice rang out once again, followed by a series of loud booms.

The battle between the experts of Zhen Yuan Realm was too powerful. In that instant, countless of mountain rocks exploded, the ground split apart, the many stone steps dissipated and the Yuan Formation supported by the Great Clan Elder also started to tremble intensely, showing signs of collapsing.

Old thing. You've actually broken through again but I'm not afraid of you. The Great Elder bellowed angrily, followed by another series of loud booms.

In the array, Luo Ben’s attack already made Zi Chen fluster but when the Hall Master Li arrived, another person appeared out of nowhere. He was an old man dressed in a red robe, his gaze was cold and stern as he stared at Zi Chen with killing intent.

Second Elder. Zi Chen's face changed again, this master had protected Wu Sheng back then and could speak lies with his eyes wide open. He was definitely not a good person, but now, his eyes revealed everything.

Let's end this quickly. When the Second Elder appeared, he did not listen to Su Mengyao's nonsense, and directly rushed towards Zi Chen to kill him.


The two attacked together. There weren't many escape routes left for Zi Chen. After a few hits, he was finally hit hard, and his body suddenly flew backwards.


A ray of sword Qi flew past, brushing against Zi Chen's face, slicing off a strand of his black hair, causing blood to drip out and Zi Chen's body landed on the ground.


A powerful fist technique appeared, carrying a dense killing intent as it smashed down towards Zi Chen. In a moment of haste, Zi Chen punched out to block, only to hear a boom and Zi Chen flew out, this time accompanied by the sound of bones shattering.

His physique, which was comparable to a rank ten fierce beast had been completely shattered at this moment.


The second elder immediately followed, his foot stepping on Zi Chen's thigh, following that was the sound of bones breaking, Zi Chen's leg bones had been broken.

The two of them struck out viciously, not only wanting to kill Zi Chen but also torturing him and breaking his bones. Zi Chen endured the pain, not saying a word and continued to resist.

However, now that he was heavily injured, his momentum was gone. Su Mengyao and Lin Xue could only cry, they had no way to turn the situation around.

If you two kill Zi Chen, I, Li, swear that I will kill your clan members in the sect and then kill my way into your clan and eliminate all of your lives. Just as Zi Chen was about to lose all hope, the voice of the Hall Master Li rang out.

The two of them trembled, the words of the Hall Master Li made their hearts tremble.

Kill! I'll back all of you up. When the sect head returns, I'll definitely report this to the sect head. The Great Elder's cold cry also followed closely. After which, there was a loud explosion. Clearly, the battle between the two had become increasingly intense.

If Zi Chen dies, I, Li Jun, swear that I will destroy both the Luo and Wu Families. The outside world once again rang the Hall Master Li's vicious oath.

I, Chen, swear that if you kill Zi Chen here, I will ensure that you will be able to stay in Ling Wu Sect and enjoy your life. The Great Elder was not to be outdone.

How dare you.

The two of them battled fiercely.

What should we do? Within the Yuan Formation, the two looked at each other in dismay.

At this point, there is no retreat. Kill! A dense killing intent flashed across Elder Wu's eyes.

Kill! Luo Ben also nodded his head, a cold light flashed in his eyes and under Su Mengyao and Lin Xue's despairing gazes, he threw out the last attack.

The two of them punched towards Zi Chen's face with their Xiantian Qi. With all their might, not to mention hitting Zi Chen, even if it was another Xiantian Realm expert, they would definitely die.

However, the moment the two fists arrived in front of Zi Chen, it was as if they had sunk into a swamp and their speed instantly slowed down. Immediately after, it could be seen with the naked eye that the energy on both fists was dissipating, like a clay ox entering the ocean, disappearing bit by bit.

When the first arrived in front of Zi Chen, the two of them had no more strength left in their fists, the two light fists just landed in front of Zi Chen, they stopped, as though someone had used a Body Securing Technique on them.

The two elders faces changed greatly and their foreheads were covered in cold sweat. Not only did the force from their full-powered attacks disappear, even their fists could not be retracted, as if they were firmly locked in place.

Why aren't you guys attacking? The Great Elder's voice rang out. Clearly, the battle in the outside world is unfavorable to him.

Inside the Yuan Formation, the two were in shock and did not move at all.