Thunder Martial Chapter 76 - Yuan Formation

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Luo Men, you framed Zi Chen, your crimes are unforgivable, so I will remove you from the Contribution Pavilion now. The Hall Master sat high up in the great hall and gave Luo Men a penalty.

This time, the three groups of people wanted to kill Zi Chen, the first group was crippled and was expelled out of the sect, while the second group had also been expelled, Luo Men had already been removed from the Contribution Pavillon and all three groups had received their punishment, there were many things that needed to be investigated.

The Hall Master waved his hands, Luo Men did not dare to waste any more words and left dejectedly, today, it could be said that he had failed to steal a chicken or eat rice, his oily position was gone just like that.

No matter how capable and resourceful his uncle is, he would not dare to take him back.

In the spacious Hall, only a few people remained.

Hall Master's gaze once again fell on Chen Feng, and coldly said: Chen Feng, do you know your crimes.

His voice was ice-cold and a chilling aura appeared.

Chen Feng's heart trembled, he did not dare say a word and looked at the Great Elder for help. The Hall Master in front of him was an existence that had killed core disciples and elders.

The Great Elder coughed lightly and said, Chen Feng was also deceived by this lowly person and is also wrongly accused.

The Great Elder's face did not turn red nor did he gasp for breath. His tone was indifferent, as if it was completely natural.

Go to the Punishment Hall and face the wall for half a year. When the Sect Leader returns, I will report your evil deeds and let him make his decisions.

Chen Feng's face turned ashen, the Punishment Hall was a prison, its environment was extremely vile, it was said that no sunlight shone through the year, it was extremely sinister, the killing intent there, far exceeded here, because many people could not stand the aura of the Punishment Hall, they killed themselves so the yin aura there was heavy and it was said that at night, one could hear the wails of evil spirits.

Hall Master, can you give this old man some face and spare Chen Feng from his punishment? The Great Elder stood to the side and sent a mental message.

The Palace Master did not even turn his head as he coldly said with a straight face that was selfless, Chen Feng will now face the wall for one year. [TN: This made me happy]

You... The Great Elder was enraged and immediately shouted.

Chen Feng did such a despicable thing. Not kill him on the spot and allowing the sect master to make a decision is already giving you face is already giving you face, seeing that you have contributed a lot to the Ling WuSect, you better not make a mistake. The Hall Masters expression didn't change and his tone was ice-cold.

Hall Master, have you thought it through? The Grand Elder's tone was sinister.

Hmph, are you threatening me? Someone, bring Chen Feng away, no one is allowed to visit him. If anyone dares to barge into the Punishment Hall, kill him on the spot. The Hall Master glared coldly, as his voice faded, killing intent permeated the entire hall.

Chen Feng's legs trembled and almost collapsed on the ground. His expression had long become deathly pale, he was still thinking about how the Great Elder would use their relationship to get him out, but now, he realized that if he forced his way in, his own life would be ruined.

Okay... Very good, Hall Master is truly selfless. I shall take my leave now The Great Elder let out a cold snort, flicked his sleeve, and left.

After a moment, Chen Feng was brought away.

Chen Feng was brought away, the Great Clan Elder left, only leaving the Hall Master, Zi Chen and the other two, Hall Master looked at Zi Chen.

Kid, not bad. I think highly of you. The Hall Master praised. This was probably the first time in his life that he had praised someone so highly. Even the person known as the number one person in Ling Wu Sect, Chen Feng, had never been praised like this.

Hall Master, you flatter me. Today, seeing Hall Master not afraid of power and being impartial, this is truly a great fortune for the Ling Wu Sect. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with admiration.

I already know about your matters, the fault does not lie with you. As for Chen Feng and the rest, they are going too far. Today, I can only teach them a small lesson. The Hall Master's tone was gentle.

Even the hall master knows about it? Zi Chen was startled.

Of course, what kind of person is Uncle Li? What don't you know? Su Mengyao chuckled.

Little girl, you don't need to praise me. Even if you didn't tell me, I would have investigated this matter thoroughly. The muscles on Hall Master Li's face twitched. He smiled and his tone became even more gentle, to the point that there was even love on his face.

It's Uncle Li who is very observant, Chen Feng is really a despicable person, and there's even a group of people from before, truly... Remembering the scene in the Spirit Medicine Garden that day, Su Mengyao's face was filled with rage.

After the crowd chatted for a bit, Zi Chen stared dumbstruck at the decisive Hall Master who was full of killing intent like a ferocious ghost instantly turn into a kind elder as he looked at Su Mengyao as if he was a father looking at his daughter.

Just who is this Su Mengyao? Zi Chen was shocked in his heart. Even the mighty Hall Master was treating her very well.


This Zi Chen, he must die, he actually has a photographic memory, his talent is truly terrifying, in a short year, without any resources at his disposal, he was able to breakthrough to such a level. To Feng'er, this is a huge threat.

From the moment he walked out of Punishment Hall, the Great Elder's eyes were filled with killing intent.

This old thing actually thinks so highly of him. Could it be that he's going to accept him as a disciple? In that case, he will be a real threat to Feng’er. When the Great Elder heard the praise given to Zi Chen, the killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

Stepping down from the stone steps, the Great Elder felt that Zi Chen deserved to die.

Kill him. We must kill him to prevent future troubles. The Great Elder suddenly stopped and with a flash, he turned into a puff of green smoke and disappeared.

After they chatted for a while with the Punishment Hall Master, Zi Chen and the other two left.

Although he was confused, Zi Chen did not ask about Su Mengyao's identity. He only chattered non-stop with Lin Xue but it was mostly Lin Xue who spoke and Zi Chen listening.

The three of them walked out of the Punishment Hall and down the stone steps.

Zi Chen, the inner disciple examination is about to begin, and Ninth layer of True Qi disciples has the qualifications to participate. Have you registered? Su Mengyao asked.

Not yet. Zi Chen shook his head: For this period of time, I have been cultivating the entire time and have no time to worry about anything else. But this time, Chen Feng has received punishment. I have plenty of time to register and participate.

Yes, becoming a core disciple allows you to use the sects resources are. This is the dream of all the disciples of the Ling WU Sect. Su Mengyao said, You have to follow the rules on the path of cultivation. The worst thing is to become impatient. If you increase your strength too quickly, it will cause your cultivation level to become unstable. This will hinder your future achievements.

Back then, Miao Kong had also said these words to Zi Chen.

Thank you, I know. I know what I'm doing. Zi Chen nodded.

Alright, as for the rest of the True Qi Pills, I will give them to you in a short period of time. Su Mengyao did not say anything else.

Eh, that's not right. Why haven't we returned after walking for so long? I remember that when we arrived, it wouldn't take long. Lin Xue suddenly exclaimed as her eyes were filled with suspicion.

Zi Chen and Su Mengyao were busy chatting, and did not realize this point. Hearing Lin Xue's words, they realized that something was wrong.

In front of them was a small stone path with rows of trees on both sides. Behind him was a desolate stone staircase.

However, the group had walked for a long time. Logically speaking, they should be able to finish walking down this small path.

What's going on? Zi Chen was confused.

It's very strange, could it be the doing of a ghost? But it is daytime now, and this is the Punishment Hall, a place with such a dense killing intent Lin Xue tilted her head as she did not understand.

Su Mengyao's beautiful eyes carefully looked around. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find anything unusual. The stairs were still the same, the trees were still lush and there was nothing unusual about them.

Suddenly, Su Mengyao's complexion changed. Her beautiful face was extremely pale as she said, Could it be that we mistakenly entered the Yuan Formation that only the Zhen Yuan Realm experts can use?

Yuan Formation? What is it?

This is a mysterious spell that requires true essence to activate and is called a formation technique. It is said that it has the power to burn the heavens and boil the sea. I have only heard of it but I have never truly seen it. Su Mengyao said.

Zhen Yuan Realm, could it be... Zi Chen's heart tightened and he asked, Is there any way to leave?

No Su Mengyao shook her head repeatedly, her expression extremely ugly, This is the place that leads to the Punishment Hall, how could there be a Yuan Formation here? It must be aimed at you, Zi Chen, quickly retreat.


Just as she finished speaking, Zi Chen was already several metres away, quickly rushing towards the stone steps behind and at the place where he was standing previously, a sharp Xiantian Sword Qi flashed past.

Zi Chen had only run for a few tens of metres when he felt a strong force coming from the stone steps. Immediately after, a substantial and shining fist came flying towards his face.

Not good, this is the Xiantian Qi. Zi Chen's face changed instantly, his fists clenched tightly, in an instant, silver light flashed, like a peak level rank ten fierce beast, he punched forward.


Their fist collided, causing Zi Chen to retreat backwards, continuously retreating dozens of metres, his body turning over and over.

It's you!

Suppressing the blood that was flowing out of his heart, Zi Chen looked at the old man in front of him, his face cold.

Zi Chen recognized the man, he was the one who wanted to kill him at the Contribution Pavilion previously, Lou Ben. He was blocking Zi Chen's path, looking at him coldly with a disdainful expression, he said, If it isn’t me, who else could it be? I never thought a trash like you would be able to dodge two of my attacks.

His physique is comparable to that of a rank ten fierce beast and is close to that of a demonics beast. Facing an Xiantian Realm expert, he was no longer as bedraggled as before.

Elder Luo Ben, are you here to kill Zi Chen? Have you forgotten the rules of the Ling Wu Sect? Behind Zi Chen, Su Mengyao coldly said.

Little girl, do you have any right to speak here? Zi Chen is definitely going to die today, and as for you, you should just obediently stand at the side. Looking at Su Mengyao, Luo Ben asked indifferently.

Kill me? Do you have the guts? Even if I gave you 10 more guts, you wouldn't dare. Su Mengyao changed from her usual indifferent demeanor to a domineering one, If I'm not wrong, this should be a Yuan Formation. The one maintaining this should be the Great Elder, why hasn't he come out yet?

Su Mengyao knew too much and this matter could not be exposed, so Luo Ben did not waste any time and directly attacked Zi Chen.


With a point of his finger, a ray of sharp Sword Qi rushed towards the center of Zi Chen's brows. Under the pressure of a Xiantian Realm expert, Zi Chen's body slowed down and his speed suffered a huge suppression.