Thunder Martial Chapter 75 - Punishment

There were over twenty disciples kneeling on the ground, kowtowing nonstop. There was no need to interrogate them anymore.

They told the Hall Master all about the ten seeds plans and Chen Feng's previous promise.

Two days ago, when Chen Feng found them, he promised them that if they testified against Zi Chen, then the contribution points they would receive this time would double. They all kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, saying whatever they could, wishing they could spill out all of the dirty things that Chen Feng had done.

You... You guys are talking nonsense. Chen Feng's face was ashen. He originally thought that these people were cowardly and easy to use, but to his surprise, it was actually a double-edged sword.

He retreated a few steps back, hoping to distance himself from these people.

Senior Brother Chen, save us. We did what you told us to do.

Senior Brother Chen, just admit it. Save us, we don't want to die.

Chen, you told us to testify against Zi Chen and we’ve already done it, why can't you admit it?

Senior Brother Chen, just admit it. we don't want to die.

Everyone continued to whimper as they kneeled on the ground and crawled towards Chen Feng.

You don't want to die and I don't want to die either. Chen Feng was at a loss for words, he quickly retreated, creating some distance between him and the others, and angrily shouted: All of you get lost!

By the time he reached the edge of the stairs, Chen Feng had nowhere to retreat to. With a livid expression, he tried to argue for himself, trying to get rid of his relationship with them.

Men, drag these people who can't differentiate right and wrong out, cripple their cultivation and chase them out of the Ling Wu Sect. At this moment, the Hall Master coldly said.

Ah.. No, don't cripple us. We've already told the truth.

Chen Feng wanted to harm Zi Chen, we were only ordered to do so, why cripple our cultivation, Chen Feng’s crime is even more serious than us, he is the mastermind.

Since we will be crippled, is Chen Feng going to die?

Chen Feng, you will die a horrible death. We will not let you off even if we become ghosts.

Chen Feng, you evil being, there will be retribution one day.

The group of wailing disciples was pulled out by several red clothed Elders. Their ears could still hear the vicious curses. It was a long time before those sounds disappeared.

The floor of the hall was not smooth and shiny anymore due to the bloodstains on it This was the result of the people who had kowtowed earlier.

Zi Chen did not say a word, while Su Mengyao and Lin Xue stood on both sides. The two of them had their mouths agape, looking like they were the victors from a high position.

Beside him was Chen Feng, whose face was covered in cold sweat. The current him was at a loss of what to do.

Hall Master looked at Chen Feng, his gaze turned to the side, and said: Great Elder, how do you think we should settle this?

The hall was quiet for a moment, then a voice came from the side, The hall master has resolved the matter well, those disciples are simply too outrageous, actually slandering a genius. Expelling them and crippling them is not excessive at all. Zi Chen was slandered by them and must be compensated properly.

The Great Elder walked out from the side. He was dressed in a red robe, and his back was ramrod straight, brimming with energy.

Oh, Great Elder's words are reasonable. The corners of the Hall Master’s mouth twitched, as if he was smiling. Like the Great Elder, he ignored Chen Feng, and his gaze swept across to the other side as he asked, What else do you guys want?

At this time, other than Zi Chen and the others, there were two other people in the great hall. One was Wang Meng and the other was Luo Men.

Reporting to Hall Master, Zi Chen has killed my big brother and also killed my big brother's friends, a total of six people. This is an ironclad fact, I dare to use my head to swear, I hope Hall Master will be fair.

Wang Meng took two steps forward, walked to the center of the great hall and kneeled on the ground.

Zi Chen, is what he said the truth? The Hall Master asked again, his voice still cold.

Reporting to Hall Master, Wang Xiong and the others did indeed die in my hands. At that time, I was in the sixth layer of True Qi, so everything happened in order to protect myself

Zi Chen did not hide anything and narrated everything that happened on that day in detail. He even mentioned the matter of the 500 year old spirit medicine, as well as the matter of them throwing feces at his house.

He only stopped after talking for a quarter of an hour. He only spoke the truth and did not exaggerate anything.

I didn't randomly kill an innocent person. That day, I didn't kill that disciple who poured feces on the ground, but after he ran, there was no trace of him. After that, Wang Xiong and the others came to find me. Zi Chen sighed, then glanced at Wang Meng. Wang Mengs body was trembling nonstop.

Su Mengyao quietly told Zi Chen not to hide it and to speak the truth, that was all.

The Palace Master sat high up in the great hall, looking down at Wang Meng without showing any expression. After hearing Zi Chen's words, he waved his hand, and said, You are expelled from the sect.

This time, before Wang Meng could beg for mercy, he felt a strong force appear and was directly flown away

Spare me, it's Chen...

Outside the palace, Wang Meng's voices rang but before he could finish speaking, he disappeared.

Hall Master is truly merciful, this kind of scum should be put to death. The Great Elder pulled back his sleeves and spoke in an indifferent manner. Previously when Wang Meng was sent flying backwards, it was his masterpiece.

What about you? Hall Master looked at Luo Men.

The latter's heart trembled, but after thinking about it, he had never killed anyone and had never done anything evil so he was not afraid. Clenching her teeth, she said: Hall Master, Zi Chen stole my Rank One Martial Techniques, causing me to be punished.

This was the rule of the Ling Wu Sect, stealing would also be punished. Chen Feng had already planned this beforehand. Three events occurred one after another and they would definitely able to put Zi Chen to death. However, he had never expected that the first two events would be resolved so easily.

The current situation was extremely disadvantageous to Chen Feng. Even though there was the Great Elder present, and they had purposely neglected him but Chen Feng would not naively believe that the hall master, who was like an evil ghost, would let him go.

Is this true?? The Hall Master looked down from above, looking at Zi Chen, although his tone was cold, there was no killing intent left.

Nope. Zi Chen shook his head, flatly rejecting the idea.

You're lying, I went to the Martial Arts Pavilion to check, you've never received Misty Steps, and you also didn't have enough contribution points to exchange for it. Then tell me, how did you get your Misty Steps? Luo Men's voice was shrill and overbearing as he said, Don't tell me that Su Mengyao gave it to you. During this period of time, no one has received a Misty Steps. If you know Misty Steps, that can only mean one thing. You stole my Rank One Movement Technique.

Chen Feng finally raised his head. One of the three reasons that would cause Zi Chen's death had worked. Listening to Luo Men's tone, this matter was already 90% certain.

I didn't give him any combat skills. Even I don't know the Misty Steps. Su Mengyao suddenly said. Her eyes were calm as her beautiful eyes flashed.

Haha, Zi Chen, what else do you have to say? According to the rules of the Ling Wu Sect, stealing will cause one's four limbs and cultivation to be crippled. Luo Men laughed sinisterly, as if victory was already in his grasp.

Zi Chen, no matter how talented you are, you have to be punished for stealing things. The Great Elder said coldly.

Zi Chen, give me an explanation. The Hall Master stared at Zi Chen.

Reporting to Hall Master, this matter...! Zi Chen was very hesitant.

Speak! The Palace Master said coldly.

I indeed don’t have enough contribution points to exchange for Misty Steps, and no one gave me this footwork. Zi Chen said truthfully.

Haha, in that case, you have admitted to stealing. Hall Master, please make your move. Luo Men laughed loudly.

Chen Feng also sneered, thinking that even if he didn't kill you this time, the Great Elder would also make a move later.

Zi Chen, after entering the Punishment Hall today, there is no path to heaven and no door to hell for you. You will definitely die. Luo Men was overjoyed, laughing maniacally.

Are you an idiot? Zi Chen looked at Luo Men with disdain.

What? You still want to quibble?

Idiot. Zi Chen rolled his eyes and said, I don't have any contribution points to exchange for it, and no one gave it to me.

If it wasn't stolen, then how did you get it? Luo Men looked at him coldly.

It wasn't picked up. To be exact, it was stolen. Zi Chen admitted it, but before Luo Men could laugh, he said again: But I didn't steal it from your, Luo Men's, hands, I stole it from the Martial Arts Pavilion.

What do you mean? Everyone was startled, the Martial Skill Pavilion had never thrown anything away, how could Zi Chen steal it?

Hmph. Open your dog eyes wide and look clearly. Zi Chen snorted, and with two fingers on his sword, he rushed towards Luo Men.


With a flash of silver light, Zi Chen was already in front of Luo Men, his fingers aimed straight for Luo Men's throat, as fast as a ghost's.

Do you see what this is? Zi Chen retracted two of his fingers and looked at the pale Luo Men with ridicule in his eyes.

This is the Streaming Light Sword, how did you learn it? Luo Men's expression changed greatly. In that instant, if Zi Chen had attacked even a bit more, his own life would have been forfeit.

That's right, this was also stolen from the Martial Skill Pavilion. Zi Chen nodded, admitting it.

Luo Men still did not understand, but right after, he heard a praise, Everyone in Martial Skill Pavilion can only enter once a week and each time it will only be for a short two hours, you can actually learn two different Martial Techniques and even comprehend its true essence in a short time, your talent is truly extraordinary.

What, how is this possible, he can actually learn Martial Techniques from the Martial Skill Pavilion without withdrawing it? At this moment, everyone's expression changed drastically.

Only Su Mengyao and Lin Xue still had smiles on their faces.

Luo Men's face was ashen. If Zi Chen only knew the floating step, he could still explain it but now that he also knew the Streaming Light Sword and had comprehended its true essence, his previous reason could no longer be explained.

This is impossible, Where in the world would a genius have the photographic memory for a battle skill? This is simply impossible. The Movement Technique is the hardest to learn, so how is it possible to remember it with a single glance? The Great Elder finally lost his composure.

The potential that Zi Chen had displayed before was already very strong. Within a year, the Great Elder could not accept him breaking through from the fifth layer of True Qi to the Ninth layer of True Qi. However, Zi Chen had displayed another ability now, which made it even more difficult for the Great Clan Elder to accept.

Chen Feng's face was ashen as well. Zi Chen’s current potential really made him jealous.

Great Elder, there are all sorts of strange things in this boundless universe and this can prove that Zi Chen is a genius. Otherwise, how can Chen Feng be jealous? Su Mengyao smiled.

This is impossible,,, The Great Elder still couldn’t believe it

Luo Men... At this moment, the hall master spoke once again, clearly about to make a decision.