Thunder Martial Chapter 73 - Inventation to the Punishment Hall

The Ling Wu Sect was built near a mountaintop and took up more than five kilometers of land. There were many enormous and elegant buildings there and when Zi Chen saw the entrance to the Ling Wu Sect from afar, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

When they left, more than a hundred disciples had flocked over. They were filled with confidence and dreams in high spirits. However, when they returned, there were only a few dozen people, each of them as cold as eggplants.

Nine out of ten people suffered great casualties, causing the cultivators who missed the trip to the Spirit Medicine Garden to look at each other. They were glad that they missed this trip to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Under the extremely high mortality rate, the disciples who survived had a great harvest.

Once they returned, Chen Feng would leave with the Great Clan Elder and the group of disciples would also return to their residence and after a few days of making arrangements, they would be able to receive their contribution points.

After the Great Elder sent out the list of spiritual medicines, there were naturally people who would arrange everything. They would then begin to register and verify the contribution points.

The Great Elder also had to consider Zi Chen.

Zi Chen's potential was truly terrifying. It had only been about a year and he had actually broken through from the fifth layer of True Qi to the Ninth layer of True Qi. Furthermore, his battle power was actually even stronger than Xu Yan's.

The Great Elder had to admit that this was a genius. He had seen through it at the time of the selection but he had never imagined that his potential would be so great, far surpassing that of Chen Feng at the time.

But unfortunately, this kind of genius was destined to not be able to be nurtured because he was going against Chen Feng.

Elder. Unknowingly, Chen Feng had walked in.

Why are you here? The Great Elder was surprised.

I'm just worried and want to ask how you plan to deal with Zi Chen. Chen Feng asked, staring at the Great Elder with hope.

The Great Elder hesitated. He had not made up his mind yet.

The sect master has not returned to the Ling Wu Sect yet so everything that happens here is decided by the elders. Zi Chen colluded with outsiders to kill his fellow sect members and stole their spirit medicine, this is already a hard truth. According to the sect rules, this is a capital punishment. Chen Feng whispered.

The Great Clan Elder frowned, this matter is truly not easy to handle. Although he does not care about a mere Zi Chen, but he has to be wary of another person What did Mengyao say?

What else can she say? It's all in Zi Chen's favor. When he mentioned Su Mengyao, Chen Feng's face was already filled with rage and said unwillingly: But we have many witnesses, Zi Chen is simply unable to deny it. Furthermore, with Sect Leader not here, the elders can kill him later.

Let me think about it. You can leave first. The Great Elder waved his hand, still hesitating.

Chen Feng was extremely unreconciled. As he walked out of the door, he turned his head and said: Third Grandfather, the people in the family have been waiting for our news the entire time. Zi Chen's talent is too high, if he is found out by the sect master, it is very likely that he will take him in as his disciple. I have already reached a bottleneck and Zi Chen's 1000 year spirit medicine just so happens to be the key to me breaking through

After that, Chen Feng left.

As for the Great Elder, who was hesitating, his expression suddenly turned cold. After hearing what Chen Feng had said, he finally made up his mind.

After Zi Chen returned, he locked himself in his room and didn't see anyone.

Amongst them, Chen Feng was the most threatening so Zi Chen had no choice but to take precautions. Therefore, he had to make the best use of his time and increase his strength.

Opening the bag, the spirit herbs filled his vision, emitting dense spirit energy. There were no less than 20 spirit medicines that were at least 500 years old in front of Zi Chen.

This was Zi Chen's harvest this time. On the trip to the Spirit Medicine Garden, his harvest was the greatest and just the medicinal herbs he had ingested already far surpassed the ones obtained by the Ling Wu Sect.

Zi Chen arranged the 20 stalks of spirit medicine in succession, then sat cross legged and swallowed them one by one.

The current him did not need a martial skill, he only needed to increase his strength.

To others, it would probably take a few months to refine, but to Zi Chen, it would only take a few days.

During this period of time, Zi Chen did not eat nor drink and was constantly refining pills day and night. The rate at which his strength was being raised was extremely slow, but the rate at which his physique underwent transformation was extremely fast.

Strands of silver energy entered his body, easily cleansing his marrow, causing his body to become stronger and tougher.

Just like the waves of the ocean, Zi Chen's body would be washed away by the silver energy every day, the impurities inside would be washed away, and every day, there would be a small transformation.

Zi Chen did not need to comprehend any martial skills, he focused entirely on raising his strength, every minute, every second, he did not want to waste any of it. He only needed two days to refine all of the over 20 500 year old spirit medicines. if news of this were to spread out, it would be shocking.

During this period of time, he was completely giving it his all to squeeze out all of his potential, but luckily, his heart was also very powerful, like a bottomless pit, it swallowed all of the spirit medicine's energy and then quickly sending out an even purer energy. The entire inside of Zi Chen's body rumbled everyday, as though it was a huge wave trying to get rid of the impurities in his body. Zi Chen's body was currently moving towards a pure innate constitution.

Furthermore, he had not completely absorbed the snakes energy source from earlier but he was still able to break through to the middle of the ninth layer of True Qi and is now also advancing towards its late stage. After all the energy had been completely refined, Zi Chen's strength had already reached the peak of the ninth layer of True Qi and he was only a step away from reaching the tenth layer of True Qi.

Two days later, knocking sounds came from the door.

Who? Zi Chen opened his eyes. He was very dissatisfied that his cultivation had been interrupted.

It's me. A deep voice rang out.

It was Miao Kong.

Zi Chen opened the door and Miao Kong entered in a flash.

What you want, I've already prepared it for you. It really isn't easy. The moment Miao Kong entered, he walked towards the wooden table and took out several porcelain bottles from his bosom.

How much did you get? Seeing those porcelain bottles, Zi Chen's eyes lit up.

On the day he returned, he had asked Miao Kong to help him exchange for some True Qi Pill's. After all, he had a conflict with Luo Men and although he had a lot of contribution points, it was inevitable that Luo Men would cause trouble. Zi Chen did not care about the contribution points but he cared very much about time.

There was not much time left for him now.

When I first went to trade, Luo Men actually refused to trade. It was all thanks to Senior Sister Su Mengyao's help that I was able to get these. She told me to tell you that you can use them for now and in a few days, you'll have more True Qi Pills for yourself. One by one, the porcelain bottles were placed on the table by Miao Kong.

Zi Chen looked at the table and determined the amount of bottles. A total of 20 bottles.

There are ten True Qi Pills in each bottle and 20 of them added up to 200. This was a huge number. One must know that a year ago, Zi Chen could not even take out a single True Qi Pil. For a 500 year old spirit medicine, Zhao Can sold himself.

But in just a year, Zi Chen had acquired 200 True Qi Pills and the amount of 500 year old spirit medicines he had consumed had already exceeded 50 True Qi Pills if it were to be converted to True Qi Pills.

Thank you. After swallowing the spirit medicine, what he needed the most are True Qi Pills.

200 True Qi Pills would be enough for him to refine for a few days.

When a cultivator cultivates, they must follow the rules. Haste makes waste. Your speed of refining spirit medicines is indeed very fast, but the amount of spirit medicines you refine is too much. Be careful not to suffer any backlash. Before he left, Miao Kong patted on Zi Chen's shoulder and warned him.

Zi Chen nodded, showing that he understood.

You must be careful, there's already rumors out that Chen Feng wants to deal with you. After saying that, Miao Kong finally left.

Chen Feng, you have caused me trouble time and time again. One day, I will make you regret it. In the room, Zi Chen's gaze instantly turned cold.

Beside the bed, 20 bottles of True Qi Pills s were lined up in a row. Zi Chen sat cross-legged, focused and opened a bottle of True Qi Pills.

The True Qi Pills melted immediately after it entered his mouth, transforming into a gust of cool air that rushed into his stomach. Soon after, his heart absorbed it and a strong and pure energy surged out from his heart and rushed into Zi Chen's body.

Zi Chen was a little anxious. Even after refining several bottles of True Qi Pills, he still did not manage to break through. Instead, his body grew stronger.

His vital energy and blood were extremely vigorous and once it erupted, he was like a peak rank ten fierce beast, surging violently but he had not reached the limit that Zi Chen could comprehend.

Even with a physiques similar to that of a peak rank ten fierce beast, it was still incomplete. Every time he cultivated, his body would undergo a metamorphosis. Every day, he would undergo a metamorphosis.

On the third day, Zi Chen had already refined five bottles of True Qi Pills but there were still 15 left. Time was of the essence, Zi Chen did not want to waste a single second so he opened his eyes and picked up the True Qi Pills, preparing to refine it again, but suddenly, footsteps came from outside.

With his strength becoming stronger, Zi Chen's perception naturally became stronger, even with light footsteps, Zi Chen could still feel it, and soon, there was a knock on the door.

Who is it? Zi Chen asked coldly.

From the footsteps, he already knew that it was two people so it was impossible for it to be Miao Kong. Although the footsteps were light, it had a heavy feeling to it.

Zi Chen, you are suspected of killing a fellow sect member, You are invited to the Punishment Hall. A cold voice came from outside the door.

Punishment Hall? Zi Chen's face changed, he did not expect the other party to move so quickly, in just three days, they made a move against him.

The Punishment Hall is in charge of punishing disciples who had committed a crime and had always acted impartially and never acted for personal gains. They had even killed a few core disciples who had committed grave mistakes before and it was said that the hall master of the Punishment Hall was an obstinate old man who hated evildoers as if they were his enemies.

Are you going out by yourself, or do you want us to go in and invite you? The cold voice sounded again from outside the door.

I'm going out. Zi Chen his the True Qi Pills under his blanket and then walked out the door with an indifferent expression.

As the door opened, Zi Chen saw two middle aged men outside and his pupils instantly constricted. The man was dressed in red and had an imposing manner.

Red clothed elder, Xiantian Realm Expert.

Zi Chen was shocked, he never thought that Punishment Hall would actually send out two Xiantian Realm elders. It was obvious that they had already heard of Zi Chen's strength and was afraid that one wouldn't be able to bring Zi Chen back so they directly sent out two elders.

Let's go.

Their expressions were cold and indifferent, just like the executioners of the mortal world.

I don't know the way to the Punishment Hall. Elders, please lead the way. Zi Chen said in embarrassment. Even though it had been a year since Zi Chen entered the inner sect, he had never explored the Ling Wu Sect, so he had only heard of the Punishment Hall before but did not know where it was.

Humph! The two snorted coldly, and then, one in front and one behind, with Zi Chen in between, they walked towards the Punishment Hall.

Along the way, they met many cultivators.

Look, that's Zi Chen.

Why is Zi Chen with the two elders, and they are also elders of the Punishment Hall?

The Punishment Hall Elders all had a murderous aura around them so they were easy to recognize.

You don't even know about this? You're too stupid, there's a rumor spread around, Zi Chen colluded with others in the Spiritual Medicine Garden, killed many disciples of the Ling Wu Sect and even the killed ten seeds.

What? He's so vicious, killing fellow sect members and even the ten seeds. Is Zi Chen's strength really that strong?

Of course he's very strong. Rumor has it that he killed a Xiantian Realm beast and obtained a 1000 year old spirit medicine. However, he selfishly kept the 1000 year old spirit medicine and caused the sect to lose the bet.

Sigh, this is too selfish.

When everyone saw Zi Chen heading towards the Punishment Hall, they started a discussion.