Thunder Martial Chapter 72 - Intentional Slander

Su Mengyao's white spotless dress fluttered as she stood next to Zi Chen. She was calm and her words were light, yet they shook everyone.

She is an expert, with her xiantian martial skill and ninth layer of True Qi. Her real combat strength was better than that of Mu Yi. But, in the medicine garden, Zi Chen was just too strong and his light completely overshadowed her. However, after leaving the medicine garden, no one dared to ignore her.

This is not the same. It is related to the victory and defeat of our Ling Wu sect.

Yes, we could have won, if we lose because of Zi Chen's selfishness, others will say that our sect is just a bunch of selfish people.

Yes, as a Ling Wu sect disciple, they must fight for Ling Wu sect, not for their own sake, but for the glory of the sect.

Those 'righteous' disciples started to open and close their mouth about righteousness and Ling Wu Sect's reputation.

You are not selfish? You sons of bitches...

You have a very strong righteous now but when we were in the medicine garden, why didn't we see you.

You son of a bitch, you still dare to talk about sense of honor in front of Senior brother Zi Chen.

On the side, many black tortoise sect disciples began to laugh, although their voices were deliberately repressed, their presence was still naturally strong, so everyone could clearly hear them.

In a flash, these people's faces turned ugly. The spirit medicine obtained from the spirit medicine garden will be converted into contribution points as long as they were taken out.

For Zi Chen, contribution points cannot compare to the nearly 2000 year old water spirit flower. What's the point of having more contribution points? Moreover, the 1000 year old spirit medicine was very attractive to a Xiantian realm expert. Zi Chen didn't want the spirit medicine which he desperately fought for to help Chen Feng make a breakthrough.

Snort! You're now talking about honor, why didn't you talk about it before. You bunch of timid cowards. Su Mengyao's light expression suddenly became cold, she showed a strong aura, Who are you? What qualifications do you have to speak to me?

She had a ninth layer of True Qi, her aura oppressed others and left them breathless.

At this moment, a tyrannical aura like a ten layer of True Qi fierce breast swept over their face. Zi Chen's eyes became glacial and a cold light flashed in his eyes. The disciple's face changed greatly and he staggered backwards with embarrassment. There were laughters and mocking voices beside him. Zi Chen's popularity in black tortoise sect sect was far higher then Ling Wu sect.

Zi Chen, would you like to contribute a 1000 year old spirit medicine spirit medicine, the sect can double your contribution points as a reward. Just then, Chen Feng abruptly spoke, he had just arrived at the critical moment for his breakthrough and he needed such spirit medicine.

His expression was very gentle, he spoke like a spring breeze, like a very competent senior brother, he didn't oppress people by force, but lowered his status to discuss with Zi Chen.

Senior brother Chen Feng is selfless, he even said this to Zi Chen, that scum.

Zi Chen, quickly promise, senior brother Chen Feng is talking to you. This is a blessing you have cultivated for several generations.

Zi Chen sneered in his heart. He had already seen the killing intent in Chen Feng's eyes. The ten seeds had received Chen Feng's order to kill him. Now, Chen Feng spoke and confirmed that he needed the 1000 year old spirit medicine, so Zi Chen didn't even think about it. He said decisively, Sorry, I don't want to hand it over, I want to eat it as a meal.

The words stunned the crowd, to take the 1000 year old spirit medicine as a meal, this was deliberately angering Chen Feng.

This Zi Chen is really tough, a 1000 year old medicine for food, haha!

This trick is brilliant, that Chen Feng is a sinister person.

Offending Chen Feng, this Zi Chen will die.

Going back to the sect will mean his death.

Some were happy, some sneered. Since Zi Chen didn't surrender the 1000 year old spirit medicine. No one tried to slander Zi Chen again because as said before, there were no rules about it.

Elder Zhang breathed in relief and saw that Zi Chen's eyes were particularly pleasing. Disciples from black tortoise sect sect worshipped Zi Chen even more, Zi Chen, if you can't stay in Ling Wu sect, you can come to our black tortoise sect sect, our gate will always be open for you, night and day.

Wu Hong passed by Zi Chen and whispered in his ear, After you go back, you must gamble.

Great Elder and Elder Ge were unaturall. Although they lost a small bet, they have the support of the sect so there was no loss. They are not people who can't afford to lose but the key is to lose but not lose face. For them, face is much more important than gambling, so their faces weren't natural right now.

It was even more so for Chen Feng and Ling Yun as they had to hand over two pieces of YuanShi to Wu Hong in front of everyone. The two pieces of Yuan Stone were crystal clear and exuded strong True Yuan.

Wu Hong accepted the two pieces, saluted and smiled, Thank you two senior brothers for your generous help.

They were so angry that they almost couldn't do it. However, if they didn't honor the bet, others will mock them for not being honorable so they unwillingly handed over the Yuan Stones

Since I am willing to bet, of course I'm willing to lose. Both of them responded without being salty. Well, after going back, everyone's spirit medicines can be exchanged for double the contribution points.

As the biggest winner, black tortoise sect sect's Elder Zhang's face was happy and full of spring. After several visits to the spirit medicine garden, black tortoise sect sect finally won once. When the words fell, cheers rang out and black tortoise sect's disciples jumped with joy.

Hm, he is really selfish.

This selfish villain.

This kind of person is the shame of Ling Wu sect.

Keep your voice down, he won't live long anyway.

Compared to black tortoise sect and Ling Wu Secct, Zhan Wu Sect's disciples were much more quiet. Among them, Ling Wu Sect's disciples pointed their finger at Zi Chen and quietly whispered cold words.

Hey, this group of people are really shameless. They were like that in the medicine garden and are still the same now. Lin Xue said with a dissatisfied tone. If it wasn't for Zi Chen holding her back, she would have screamed at them.

Accept this fate, there are people like that everywhere. People are not going to risk themselves, they are afraid of death and want to get more benefits. Everyone is hiding spirit medicines, this is human nature.

Miao Kong smiled faintly, Now, Zi Chen, you need to consider how to face Chen Feng after going back. You were too strong in the medicine garden, you must be careful about their little tricks.

Zi Chen is a genius and his strength grew in the medicine garden. The elders of the Ling Wu Sect knew that it is too late to focus on training and who wants to deal with him? Su Mengyao said

Ha ha, I hope so. Miao Kong smiled and didn't refute.

Zi Chen nodded. The spirit medicine garden was closed and the top of the mountain has returned to normal. It will take a few decades before it will be reopened. The three factions were ready to go back. This was the biggest loss since entering the spirit medicine garden. Fortunately, there are many disciples in the three schools, such loss can still be accepted.

Zi Chen, see you soon.

The three factions left and some who grew to know each other well also said goodbye to each other. Mu Yi, Lu Peng, Liang Guang and other people who fought together have also come.

When you go back to your sect, be careful of Chen Feng. Zhang Haotian warned.

You too, in front of Ling Yun, be careful. If something happened, send someone to look for me. Zi Chen also said. After going through life and death together, they can be considered brothers. They were real brothers, not like Zhao Can.

The three factions eventually left. On their way back, the surviving Ling Wu sect disciples have arrived around Chen Feng and were telling him what happened in the medicine garden with the most gorgeous words they could think of. Although they are selfish, they were very smart and knew what to say and what not to say.

The ten seeds were killed by Zi Chen's plot. Nine of them died on the spot. Brother Xu Yan narrowly escaped and succeeded in breaking through to the Xiantian realm.

When it comes to Xu Yan's breakthrough, Chen Feng was surprised and regretted even more of his passing.

Senior brother Xu Yan broke through and immediately searched for Zi Chen to take revenge. Unexpectedly, people from black tortoise sect meddled and a fierce battle broke out. When he almost killed Zi Chen, a Xiantian realm snake arrived and bit brother Xu Yan and both sides fought fiercely in the lake. They deliberately concealed Su Mengyao and Lin Xue's matter because they knew that Chen Feng cared about them. If they started talking about Xu Yan almost r*ping them, they knew Chen Feng will not let it go.

It's a pity, Senior brother Xu Yan was strong, if it was on land, he would have naturally killed the Xiantian snake but they were in the lake. It wasn't convenient to move, so after a brutal battle, senior brother Xu Yan seriously injured the snake, but he also died.

That Zi Chen fought the snake when it was seriously wounded? Chen Feng asked.

Yes, the giant snake was gravely wounded but it was still very strong. It swallowed Zi Chen in a mouthful but we don't know why, Zi Chen didn't die, he became stronger and the snake turned into an obedient beast.

After everyone's arrival, they heard the rumors, coupled with their own scheme and deliberate smearing, the rumors spread in half a day. In the end, Zi Chen became a selfish, self-centered man who colluded with outsiders. He betrayed the sect, committed adultery, and was an evil and sinister traitor who only did bad things and nothing good can be said about this notorious guy.

This Zi Chen is too much. Chen Feng who was usually indifferent, grew very angry as he listened to all kinds of evil deeds that Zi Chen had committed.

We ask senior brother to punish and eliminate this evil and clear our beautiful sky.

That's right, our Ling Wu sect can still have a beautiful future. This villain must be killed.

Everyone pleaded and issued a testimony of justice. A day later, the elder learned about what happened in the medicine garden from Chen Feng and his face turned into an unexpected colour, This matter will have to wait until we are back in the sect. said the Great Elder.

Yes. Chen Feng nodded and then said, It's just Zi Chen's spirit medicine. I'm sure I will have it.

A few days later, they finally arrived at the Ling Wu sect. Su Mengyao and Zi Chen both breathed a sigh in relief. Since they didn't kill him outside, they will have less chance to do it inside the sect.