Thunder Martial Chapter 71 - Aggression

Zi Chen wore a white coat, he was handsome, his eyes clear and the light from his body shone through the dust as he slowly came out from the crack.

Zi Chen!

When he saw Zi Chen, Chen Feng's facial expression changed instantly and an angry feeling appeared in his heart, This damn Xu Yan didn't do his job, he is still alive.

When Ling Yun saw Zhang Haotian, his mood became like Chen Feng's and they were both burning with anger. When the Great Elder saw Zi Chen come out, a touch of surprise flashed in his eyes before they recovered their usual composure. While the three elders calmly gazed at the crack, the two of the three future leaders had a fire in their heart as they were staring at the crack and waiting for their people to appear.

However, something unexpected happened: the space behind the big crack began to tremble as Zi Chen stepped out. Space was once again distorted and after a few breaths, the dark crack disappeared. There was only one explanation for this, there were no alive human left inside.


At this moment, whether it was the elders or the three future sect leaders, their faces changed. When the disciples first entered, there were hundreds of them but now, there are less than one hundred disciples coming out and none of the real powerhouses in Ling Wu Sect or Zhan Wu Sect came out.

What's going on?

When dozens of strong disciples didn't come out, the three elders finally lost their composure and began to ask questions.

It was the disciples from the Zhan Wu sect. They killed everyone.

It was Zi Chen, he killed the inner sect's ten seeds.

Reporting to the elders, Ling Chen wanted to kill everyone.

Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian killed Zheng Hua.

Reporting to the Great Elder, Zi Chen colluded with outsiders to kill disciples from our sect.


Everyone talked, they complained one after the others and the scene was extremely chaotic. The disciples spoke energetically and the elders seemed to understand what was going on.

Zi Chen colluded with Zhang Haotian and with a poisonous plot, they killed the inner sect's ten seeds and a lot of innocent disciples. We hope that great elder will make a decision. A disciple of the eight layer of True Qi walked and pointed toward Zi Chen. In the medicine garden, he provoked everyone and after leaving, he was the first one to complain.

Yes, Zi Chen's heart gave birth to evil intention, for a thousand year old spirit medicine, he did not hesitate to kill people, Another disciple who came out to identify him.

We hope the elders will make a decision, Zi Chen is malicious... A Ling Wu sect disciple appeared, he was from the great elder and Chen Feng faction so he began to plot against Zi Chen.

It was reasonable to say that there should be no enmity between them and there was no need to do so. However, Zi Chen was too popular inside the spirit medicine garden and he appeared to be affectionate and righteous. It was them who had become heartless and unjust, yet the son of a bitch rose and pointed out. After coming out, they were jealous and deliberately persecuted Zi Chen.

All the people who complained made Zi Chen the public target. Lin Xue was livid as she gritted her teeth; she couldn't wait to bite those people who was speaking nonsense to death. Su Mengyao looked very calm, even more calm than Zi Chen. The Great elder and Elder Ge had gloomy complexions as they coldly looked at Zi Chen. Chen Feng and Ling Yu eyes were filled with killing intent.

Elders, it wasn't like that. Ling Chen lured us in a valley by using a thousand year old spirit medicine as bait. Then, he attracted hundreds of fierce beast to kill us. Zi Chen annihilated a Xiantian monster and killed all the fierce beasts to save us. Otherwise, none of the people of the Ling Wu Sect and the black tortoise sect sect would have survived. Faced with Zi Chen's disadvantaged situation, Mu Yi suddenly walked out and defended him. There was gratitude in Zi Chen's eyes.

That wolf Ling Chen had malicious ambition and committed misconduct, he plotted against everyone, even his own sect disciples didn't escape from his ambition. Liang Guang also walked out.

Three elders, do not listen to their nonsense. If there was no Zi Chen, we would have died a long time ago. We should investigate Ling Chen instead. Lu Peng also spoke for Zi Chen.

All three were heavyweights were far more useful than others. Then, several disciples who fought alongside Zi Chen also spoke up for him. Zi Chen became the focus and almost every topic in the medicine garden was related to him. There were many heavyweights people who testified for Zi Chen, causing the enmity of all people turned to Zhan Wu sect.

What about Ling Chen? with a cold face, Elder Ge listened to everyone's words, he finally understood why his own disciples had been divided into two groups.

Ling Chen died, Zi Chen cut off his head. A disciple said loudly while looking very proud.

Zi Chen again? The three elders looked at Zi Chen with shining eyes, but at that moment, Zi Chen's aura was restrained and his Dantian was shrouded in dust and sealed. There was no slight breath and no strange things could be seen.

Zi Chen was under the limelight once again, he was held in high esteem but also became the target of the public and attracted a lot of hate-bearing stares. Zhang Haotian who killed no less than Zi Chen was ignored. Zi Chen didn't defend himself, nor did he have to. He had already thought that the disciples of Ling Wu sect were almost all Chen Feng's people. Zi Chen didn't expect them to say kind words, those who remained silent and did not smear Zi Chen were his biggest help.

Ling Yun, what is going on here? Elder Ge turned to Ling Yun, whose face was extremely ugly. It was obvious that Elder Ge was unaware of the matter.

Reporting to the elder, I don't know much about the details, but the fact is that there are many doubts and there is a need to thoroughly investigate Ling Yun answered stiffly.

Hmm! Elder Ge snorted coldly. I'll get even with you when I get back.

Black tortoise sect's Elder Zhang opened his mouth at the right moment, In that case, we'd better go back and ask carefully about the merits and demerits. We must have an explanation on who is right and who is wrong and we must not let go of them. For now, let's see how their harvest is. Elder Zhang's voice was indifferent but his tone was ice cold. There was a strong will in his voice. 'These disciples of mine shall not die in vain.'

The disciples of the three factions separated and took out the spirit medicines in succession, exchanging them for contributions points. The one with the most out of the three factions will be the biggest winner. Among the three factions, Zhan Wu sect had the least disciples and many of them had been robbed of their spirit medicines. Although there were several brilliant and talented disciples who had taken out many spirit medicines to brighten the eyes, their quality and quantity were much worse than the other two sects.

There were more than one hundred spirit medicines scattered around. Among them, there were more than twenty 500 year old spirit medicines and it made people's eyes shine. Immediately after them as Ling Wu sect, on their side, almost all spirit medicines was accumulated by Zi Chen, Miao Kong, Lin Xue, and Su Mengyao. Zi Chen came out with five more 500 year old spirit medicines with rich spiritual power and crystal clear medicine aura.

Everyone's eyes brightened: there was a row of spirit medicines with more than twenty stalks. Right after that, other disciples also took out their spirit medicines, including 500 year old spirit medicines. The overall number exceeded two hundred, the 500 year old spirit medicines exceeded fifty stalks. The Great Elder looked extremely satisfied and the gloomy Chen Feng gave a rare nod, his face relaxed a lot.

You are going to lose. Chen Feng was very confident, Ling Yun's face turned really ugly as their defeat in the battle among the sects had already been settled. As for Wu Hong, he was calm and even had a smile on his face because someone quietly told him that his side could win.

Then came the disciples of black tortoise sect. Mu Yi's first move had a gorgeous ray of light. He fully took out more than a dozen 500 year old spirit medicines. He was followed by Liang Guang, Lu Peng, and others. The rest of the tenth layer of True Qi disciples also had deep pockets and took out many spiritual medicines.

The disciples who had fought side by side with Zi Chen had a great harvest. At this moment, they were naturally extraordinary. 500 year old spirit medicines brought out by a few people was enough to compare with the Ling Wu sect. Chen Feng's face turned gloomy once again and the Great Elder's face also became ugly. With all the spirit medicines from black tortoise sect sect, the inventory was completed.

Black tortoise sect sect had more than two hundred stalks and nearly ten more 500 year old spirit medicines than Ling Wu sect. black tortoise sect sect won this visit to the spirit medicine garden. The three elders were not people who couldn't afford to lose. They were ready to declare victory or defeat when an indifferent voice suddenly sounded, Three Elders, please wait a minute.

The elders turned their heads and looked at a ninth layer of True Qi disciple from Ling Wu sect. He was dressed in a white robe with blood, after making a respectful salute, he turned his head and looked at Zi Chen and asked coldly, Zi Chen, your 1000 year old spirit medicine, why didn't you take it out?

1000 year old spirit medicine?

Everyone made an uproar, they remembered Zi Chen taking the snake and obtaining the 1000 year old spirit medicine, but he didn't take it out. Chen Feng and others paid attention to the problem that has just been ignored, Zi Chen had destroyed a Xiantian monster. The eyes of the three elders and the three future leaders stared at Zi Chen who was in the limelight once again.

Zi Chen, what are you doing? Why don't you hand over the 1000 year old spirit medicine?

Zi Chen, you are really selfish, it concerns our Ling Wu sects victory but you have hidden the 1000 year old spirit medicine, how can people be selfish to this degree.

How can a man like you deserve to be a disciple of my Ling Wu sect?

Surrender the 1000 year old spirit medicine and let us win and double our contributions.

Don't be so selfish, or it will be bad luck.

A group of disciples came forward and shouted at Zi Chen. These people were really weak, only being at the seventh or eighth layer of True Qi. If there were no elders, they would not even dare to fart at all. But now they were aggressive and self-righteous. For them, although the spirit medicine was good, it wasn't easy to absorb the spiritual energy so its better to hand in the spirit medicines for contribution points but some disciples still hid the spirit medicines because there is not only one Ling Wu sect in the world, the outside world was very broad and Ling Wu sect's contribution points weren't an all-inclusive buffet.

There were quite a few disciples who had privately collected spirit medicines. Right now, they were questioning Zi Chen and their self-righteousness was arrogant and aggressive.

When did Ling Wu stipulate that their disciples had to hand over all their spirit medicine? Su Mengyao said a light sentence.

How shameless! Did you all hand over all your spirit medicines? Lin Xue asked.

Zi Chen did not speak a word. Ling Wu sect did not have a rule to hand over all the spirit medicines so he did not argue.