Thunder Martial Chapter 70 - Gambling Again

On the top of the mountain, the three elders were quietly meditating. For powerhouses at their level, meditating for a couple of months was very common. Just half a year was nothing to them. Ling Yun, Chen Feng and Wu Hong were relatively impatient, when they met for the first time, they complimented each other but after half a year, other ideas had formed in their hearts. It was almost time for them to leave. Chen Feng glanced over and asked, Ling Yu, Wu Hong, the spirit medicine garden will close soon. Which sect do you think will win this time?

After half a year together, the three didn't need to call themselves brothers anymore. Instead, they just called each other by their names. Wu Hong smiled and thought for a moment before saying, It's not easy to say, each faction has their strong points. It should be a matter of opportunity.

There is no need to guess, my Zhang Wu Sect will definitely place first in this battle. Ling Yu said with confidence.

That's not necessarily true. There are really strong people in our Ling Wu sect. Chen Feng was very displeased with Ling Yu's confidence. The people who entered the medicine garden first went through a hard screening and the ten seeds who were at the tenth layer of True Qi were even stronger. There is no reason not to be first.

Haha, then let's just wait and see. My Zhang Wu Sect is bound to be first. As for your two sects, you can compete for second place. Ling Yun said with a smile. After decades of scheming and preparation for this day, he was confident.

Wu Hong just smiled in response and did not speak. However, Chen Feng was dissatisfied and argued, Ling Yun, don't speak so much, don't be overconfident.

If you don't believe me, let's make a small bet.

What do you want to bet?

What about a low grade Yuan Stone?

A low grade Yuan Stone... Chen Feng's face changed slightly.

There is spiritual Qi between the Heaven and Earth. Cultivators absorb spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth and transform the spiritual Qi into True Qi. After True Qi goes through a qualitative transformation into Inner True Qi, they would be able to break through to the Xiantian realm. Then it changes once again, finally turning into True Yuan and achieving the Zhen Yuan realm. There are some strong spiritual qi environments where one can directly absorb the spiritual and refine it for twice the result with half the effort.

Sometimes due to a series of chance occurrences, strong True Yuan becomes solid as a stone. This is called a Yuan Stone. Yuan Stone is the crystallization of True Yuan the favorite stone of powerhouses in the Zhen Yuan realm and also the common currency in the mainland of Tianwu.

Unfortunately, this kind of currency is inaccessible for those at the True Qi realm. Even for someone in Xiantian realm, it's difficult to find a complete piece of Yuan Stone. Most people who use it, uses broken Yuan stones.

Ling Yun's small bet of a low grade Yuan Stone was definitely not a small bet for those in Xiantian realm. One could even call it a gamble. At least 100 pieces of broken yuan stone can be exchanged for a single piece of a low grade Yuan Stone. However, even a Xiantian realm expert usually only has eight or ten broken pieces at hand and that's almost enough to be thought of as a rich man.

A piece of low grade Yuan Stone. Even Wu Hong had a slight change in his complexion. The stakes were much higher than what he had thought.

Yes, want to make a small bet? Ling Yun nodded calmly, very satisfied with the change in expressions of the two.

Is this still a small bet? Chen Feng had a hard time agreeing to it but he didn't want to lose face in front of Ling Yun so he nodded and said, Well, a small bet is a small bet.

What about you, Wu Hong? Ling Yun looked at Wu Hong.

Well you two can bet on it but I will not participate. Wu Hong shook his head and smiled.

Why? Wu Hong, you can't be so poor that you can't take out a piece of Yuan Stone right? I didn't think that the Wu family had fallen so low! Chen Feng's eyes flashed with a touch of disdain, he had managed to recover some face.

Wu Hong, let's play. It's just a small, pleasant bet that won't hurt your body. We're just gambling a little, it's just an insignificant bet, why do you care so much? We're just having fun. Ling Yun said, his disdain being obvious.

Then let's play, Wu Hong finally nodded.

Haha, that's right. Ling Yun laughed, already calculating his income in his head.

The three elders sat cross legged in the distance. They did not speak a word, seemingly oblivious to the trio who were gambling. After a long time, the elders abruptly opened their eyes.

The half year has ended, it is time for the three factions to return.

On top of the mountain, a loud rumbling sound began. Space began to distort and energy ripples surged forth. The three elders retreated, the energy was too overbearing for them.

The spirit medicine garden is so mysterious. It takes a lot of energy to open it but when it closes, there is also an inexplicable amount of energy created.

Yes, the spirit medicine garden is mysterious. Unfortunately, those over the True Qi realm cannot enter it.

Half a year is too short, I don't know how the harvest is this time.

The space twisted as if there was a great force tearing it apart. With a chattering sound, the top of the mountain shattered. A big crack appeared and boundless energy flooded the mountaintop, causing Ling Yun and the others backed away again.

The three elder's shield shattered. As cracks spread, a bottomless pit as dark as a gaping mouth formed. After the raging energy dissipated, the space finally stabilized and from the big crack on the mountaintop appeared a shadow.

The half a year time had ended, the people who had entered the medicine garden finally walked out. When they entered, the disciples moved together like a tide, but now, as they walked out, they were scattered and their number was greatly reduced.

In addition to the intentional meddling of Zhan Wu sect, only one tenth of the disciples survived this time. That is to say, out of hundreds of people, only a few dozen got out alive.

The first to come out was the disciples of Ling Wu sect. They were frightened in the medicine garden and hid all day long, fearing that Zi Chen would kill them at the door when the crack opened. They rushed out, pale with panic and went straight to the great elder. His presence stabilized their mood, causing them to calm them.

The great elder's forehead wrinkled slightly, in his heart he had an ominous feeling. Ling Wu sect disciples appeared sparsely, only a few dozens in front and at the back. Almost everyone was panicked and flustered. These people's strengths were at the seven or eighth layer of True Qi and almost no ninth layer of True Qi. As for the ten tenth layer of True Qi, there was none.

Chen Feng, your people seemed to be in a bad mood, your ten seeds hasn't appeared. Ling Yun smiled a little, but his heart was really dissatisfied. According to his previous plan, although there will be some alive from the Ling Wu sect. However, there shouldn't have been no more than twenty of them left.

Well, don't worry, the strong always come out last and that's the way to go. Chen Feng grunted, a bad feeling forming in his heart.

All the disciples appeared one after the other. In the end, the number of Ling Wu Sect disciples was thirty eight, followed by Zhan Wu Sect. They were in worse shape. When they got out of the crack, they were still scared. Their clothes were tattered and covered in blood, some of them also had many stab wounds

What happened? Elder Ge had a calm face before now had a slight change in complexion. When the spirit medicine garden opened in the past, although there had been battles, there was absolutely nothing as bad as today. There were injuries on each disciple and some had more than a dozen sword marks on their bodies.

Even after seeing this, he could not calm down. Battle is allowed in the spirit medicine garden, but only to steal spirit medicines. There was never anything like today. There were dozens of sword wounds on each disciples body. This wasn't stealing spirit medicines, it was simply killing people.

Oh, Ling Yun, your sect disciple is in a very bad shape, this one is dying. Chen Feng sneered.

Hmm! Ling Yun's face was gloomy but he didn't say anything. Things seemed to have changed and it wasn't the time to ask question.

Zhan Wu Sect's disciples came out one after another and they were divided into two batches. One group was frightened, the wounds on their bodies were harsh and some were still bleeding. A small number of them were gathered together. The other group was similarly sized and were glaring at the wounded. This was an internal issue.

Ling Yun's heart sank. He waited for a long time but none of the people he was waiting for came out. Ling Chen, Ling Fei, Xie Qiu, Chen Chong and so on was nowhere to be found. Things had changed, and Ling Yun's face also changed miserably. If this incident failed, he would be responsible.

After the Zhan Wu Sect, it was black tortoise sect disciples that came out next. There were more of them, visibly angry, each holding a sword in their hands and some were still dripping with blood. They glared at the Zhan Wu Sect disciples with murderous intent.

What exactly is going on? The three elders were puzzled, they had no idea what could have happened. It was strange, so far, there were no ninth layer of True Qi disciples coming out.

Ling Yun's face was dark, as if there were ghosts in his heart, and the other two also had a bad feeling. They saw another figure, a tenth layer of True Qi aura came out from Liang Guang. This was the first powerhouse above the ninth layer of True Qi to arrive and the emergence of Liang Guang foreshadowed the arrival of more powerhouses.

Immediately after, Mu Yi, Lu Peng, and some other strong black tortoise sect disciples came out. However, out of the eleven tenth layer of True Qi powerhouses black tortoise sect sent in, only five came back. They went toward Elder Zhang and gathered together but when they looked at Zhan Wu Sect's side, they looked upset.

How did this happen? Seeing Mu Yi and others appear, Ling Yun couldn't help but exclaim. The situation in front of him was abnormal, very far from their initial plan.

Phew! Wu Hong signed in relief. He didn't care about the stakes, he just didn't want anything to happen to Mu Yi and the others.

Ling Yun wanted to immediately question Ling Chen but he was still waiting for him to appear. Chen Feng was waiting for Xu Yan to appear to ask if the matter had been taken care of. Under the gaze of these two people, the big crack once again let out a shadow. A young man whose whole body exuded the breath of pushing people thousands of miles away, Zhang Haotian. After Zhang Haotian, a very ordinary young man came out next.

Then, before everyone's eyes, the two great beauties, Lin Xue and Su Mengyao came out of the crack. They were slim and graceful, they moved lightly, one like a lotus and the other like a goddess. They immediately attracted the attention of the public. The two were very relaxed, on the corners of their mouths, a slight smile was visible. When they came out, they looked behind them at the crack and a white shadow emerged.