Thunder Martial Chapter 7 - Thunder Boy

Zi Chen fell onto the ground, reaching the limit of his life, but relying on his strong willpower, he held himself from losing consciousness.


Due to excessive blood loss, Zi Chen was already on the verge of death, he felt like his heart beats stopped; however, Zi Chen's heart suddenly jumped and a rich silver energy emerged from his heart, rushing towards his four limbs.

This energy rushed towards his four limbs and bones through his blood as it flooded into various parts of Zi Chen's body. Affected by this energy, Zi Chen's wounds began to shrink and heal in a rate visible to the naked eye.

Just like having drunk some magic elixir, the bleeding stopped, and then the wounds began to form scabs. All of this happened in just a few breaths. A few breaths later, the scabs on the wounds withered and fell off instantaneously, exposing smooth and delicate skin below.

Sure enough.

The wounds healed instantaneously, although Zi Chen's complexion was still very pale, but his spirit recovered greatly.

Looking at the scabs falling off, the moment he touched them, Zi Chen's eyes flashed.

The silver energy saved his life once again.

After concealing his trails carefully, Zi Chen fled forwards rapidly while pretending to stagger, he knew that Zhao Can was still pursuing him.

Although his wounds had healed, his True Qi hadn't restored yet, Zi Chen was still very weak, if he faced Zhao Can in his present condition, he is bound to be doomed. Therefore he needed to find a place to rest.

Bypassing a mountain top, Zi Chen found a relatively secluded place, Zi Chen frantically began cultivating.

He lacked time, so Zi Chen had to regain his strength as soon as possible, his Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique began circulating on it's own.

The Qi of the heavens and earth in the surrounding area rushed towards Zi Chen quickly, and at this moment, Zi Chen entered into an ethereal state

He felt himself becoming one with the world's energy, becoming elusive, empty, as if his soul was drifting, then arrived at a strange space.

It was a silver coloured space, the space was filled with silver lightning energy and nothing else.

Where is this?

While Zi Chen was puzzled; in this silver coloured space, the lightning energy suddenly surged and a giant whirlpool appeared, it began swallowing all of the lightning energy around the space.

Zi Chen fell back, avoided the giant whirlpool and stared at it intensely.

The whirlpool only lasted for three breaths of time; after that, the whirlpool vanished and the space once again turned normal. However, at the position where the whirlpool appeared just a moment ago, there was an additional figure.

The whole figure's body exuded lightning energy.

The figure's age seemed to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, a youth, but this youth's whole body surged with lightning, and he also had a pair of cold eyes, as sharp as lightning.

This was a thunder boy.

Zi Chen widened his eyes, filled with disbelief after seeing the thunder boy, because that youth looked exactly like him

How is this possible?

Zi Chen stared, his eyes full of shock.

The thunder boy saw Zi Chen, his cold eyes seemed to fluctuate a bit, but that was all. After that, the thunder boy just stood there, both hands clenched into fists, the lightning around his body starting to surge.

Vaguely, a tiger's figure appeared from the thunder boy's body.

The boy's squinting cold eyes opened instantly and both of his fists punched forward suddenly.


A tiger's roar reverberated, Zi Chen stared as he saw a tiger dashing rapidly towards him at the same moment that the youth punched towards him.

Third-rank martial technique, The Fierce Tiger Fist.

The first move, Fierce Tiger Descends The Mountain.

The Fierce Tiger Descends The Mountain, with it's fierce momentum and domineering manner, charged towards Zi Chen, during this process, the thunder boy made the second move, Fierce Tiger's Roar.

A tiger's roar shook the mountain, the sound reverberated, it represented the king of the mountain guarding its territory, at this moment, after the roar, the imposing manner of the tiger reached the apex.

Becoming a true king.

Just before the arrival of the two moves, the Fierce Tiger Fist's third move, Fierce Tiger Pounces On Prey appeared, it was the final and also the strongest move.

After the imposing manner of the king reached the apex, Zi Chen saw the king of the mountain jump towards him, opening its big mouth, and it's cold and sharp claws stretching out towards him.

Afterwards, before Zi Chen eyes, there was silver light and his whole body was being swallowed by the silver light.

When he regained his senses, Zi Chen opened his eyes. Zi Chen's complexion was still somewhat pale, his eyes contained a hint of sluggishness, however, after that, they were full of shock.

Fierce Tiger Fist, it turned out to be the true essence of the Fierce Tiger Fist, just who in the hell is that thunder boy, where was that silver space?

Zi Chen was extremely shocked.

The thunder boy displayed only the three moves, but he actually summed up the true essence of the Fierce Tiger Fist, causing Zi Chen to see that the martial technique even though it was only a rank three martial technique, it wasn't ordinary, but really fierce, like a real king of the mountain.

The Fierce Tiger Fist follows the unyielding and fierce path. Zi Chen thought that since he had already mastered these three moves, he could even perform them in reverse, but seeing the thunder boy. Zi Chen knew that his prior comprehension of Fierce Tiger Fist was quite ridiculous.

The Fierce Tiger Fist only had three moves, the moves focused on the variations of the execution, and the third move was the combination of the first two moves, it strengthened the third move, Fierce Tiger Pounces on Prey.

If it's performed in reverse, then it's simply laughable, absurd.

Zi Chen also finally understood the true essence of the martial technique.

Unwittingly, Zi Chen stood up. With both of his fist clenching, he thought about the scene of the thunder boy. The True Qi in his body started to surge, thinking about the Fierce Tiger Fist's momentum.

Zi Chen didn't rush, he let his momentum rise.

Indistinctly, Zi Chen felt that he had transformed into a fierce tiger.

Just as this feeling appeared, Zi Chen sent out the first move of the Fierce Tiger Fist, Fierce Tiger Descends The Mountain, displaying it's domineering aura that belongs to a king.

The first move was sent out but the imposing manner hadn't cleared, followed by the second move, Fierce Tiger's Roar. The tiger's roar shook the mountain, ten thousand beasts submitting, the domineering aura of tiger king rising to the peak, but at this moment, the third move appeared, like passing clouds and flowing water.

Fierce Tiger Pounces On Prey.

The last move appeared instantaneously, it was sent forward in a swift, fierce and imposing manner.


Zi Chen's last move struck a big boulder.

A fist mark appeared on the boulder instantly, followed by some tiny cracks appearing at the center of the fist mark, spreading all over, and finally with a peng sound, the boulder broke into several pieces.

I did this?

Looking at the boulder's fragments, Zi Chen widened his eyes and was stunned.

In his first attempt of the re-comprehended Fierce Tiger Fist, the three moves were incoherent, but when he sent out the last move, it already had such might, Zi Chen was extremely happy.

Starting today, he decided to completely abandon the moves themselves, but started to comprehend the true essence of the moves, opening his mind to the true essence of the martial techniques.

This strike is really formidable, but the consumption of True Qi is also very frightening, my True Qi is already completely depleted. Zi Chen heaved a deep sigh, but his eyes looked quite happy.

Even though he was at second layer of True Qi, his strength had already surpassed his previous strength of fourth layer of True Qi. The strikes displayed from the combination of his physique and technique were comparable with a strike unleashed by an inner sect disciple of the fifth layer of True Qi.

After surviving a great disaster, one is bound to have good fortune in later years, these ancient words of wisdom weren't really false. Zi Chen sighed in his heart, and at this moment he seemed to see a path leading to the formidable Great Dao, extending in front of him.

Regardless of who or what that thunder boy is, and no matter what that lightning space is, it's fine as long as it can help me. Now the time has come to finish off Zhao Can. Zi Chen sneered

As of now, it isn't just Zhao Can who wants to kill him, but it's also him wanting to kill Zhao Can. Such a fortuitous encounter, naturally, he can't let others know, one mustn't reveal his wealth, Zi Chen finally understood this truth.

For a 500 years old snow ginseng, Zhao Can wanted to kill him, let alone such a fortuitous encounter, although Zi Chen still didn't not know what the thing is in the middle of his heart, but it was absolutely not a common thing, once this kind of thing is revealed, not to mention those of Lingwu sect's outer and inner sect disciples wanting to dig out his heart, even the sect master was also very likely to do so.

With great confidence, Zi Chen chose to attack on his own initiative after restoring his True Qi

Zi Chen then followed back his original route.

Zhao Can was about to collapse, Zi Chen was simply a monster, he suffered a killing blow, but hadn't died yet. He had even pierced Zi Chen's heart before, but the latter also didn't die then.

Is his heart not on the left side? Zhao Can couldn't help but frown, there were rumors that some people were born with innate differences. Those with outstanding talent and also some with peculiar body structures, had their heart at the right side.

It is quite possible, next time, I will attack his right chest. Zhao Can couldn't help but think so.

While still suppressing his injury, he was determined to catch up with Zi Chen.

However Zi Chen was more tenacious than he imagined, still not having fallen till now, even the bloodstains on the ground were gone, he could only search by tracking down the footprints now.

Zhao Can felt bitter in his heart, he didn't have any regrets, only anger.

Zi Chen, I will certainly not let you live, even if you had a fortuitous encounter, your strength can't grow much in just a few days, as long as I kill you, all your fortuitous encounters are mine.


After Zhao Can muttered, a cold voice suddenly resounded from ahead.

Zhao Can's complexion changed and he stared straight ahead.

Zi Chen walked out from a mountain gap, his foot making 'puff' sounds as he stepped on the snow.

You... have you recovered? Seeing Zi Chen come closer step by step and his body didn't seem to be sluggish. Zhao Can couldn't help but call out in alarm, his heart sank to the bottom.