Thunder Martial Chapter 69 - Killing Ling Cheng

I said, why don't you f*king run over there and die? Why are you trash even members of Ling Wu sect? The big man glanced at them with disdain, then shouted to the Black Tortoise sect disciples. Black Tortoise sect disciples, our brothers are fighting. Are we like those Ling Wu sect grandsons who curse their brothers behind their backs and look forward to seeing their brothers die?

No! Several disciples cried out when the big fellow paused. Their words were deliberate and passionate. They were hesitant because they were missing a leader but now, as the big fellow spoke, fighting spirits rose in their hearts.

Since we're not like that Ling Wu trash, let's fight and make a bloody path out of here. shouted the big fellow.

At that point, someone pulled him aside. What are you doing? Do you want to throw your life away? If you don't want to die, just wait for the people of the Zhan Wu sect to waste all their energy before you go out.

The big fellow turned his head, pointed at the other's nose and roared, Shut the f*ck up. When Laozi tried to deal with Xu Yan, it was you sons of bitches who stopped me. Now, I will tell you, when we go back to the sect I will inform the elders. Regardless of the deaths of our brothers and sisters, I will have you sons of bitches killed.

Our dear brothers aren't afraid of death. They are not 'sons of bitches'. Come with me and help our brothers kill this sinister Zhan Wu sect disciples. The big fellow took out his weapon and rushed out of the crowd to fight.

Kill! I'm not a son of a bitch. First, there was one person, then two, as one after another the disciple of Black Tortoise sect rushed forward.

Go brothers! Don't embarrass the name of the Black Tortoise sect. the third disciple also flew out.

Ling Chen, regardless of our life or death, we will fight and try our best to kill all Zhan Wu sect disciples.

The black tortoise sect disciples who had barely managed to survive also rushed out. KILL! KILL! KILL!

In a flash, as the shouting echoed, more and more people were rushing to the battlefield. At this moment, their blood was finally stimulated.

Senior brother Zi Chen, here I come! The first Ling Wu sect disciple finally rushed out. However, relatively speaking, the number of Ling Wu disciples were few. This moment represented their resolution to follow Zi Chen and oppose Chen Feng. The blood of those disciples was rising as they screamed and joined the battle. Blood was shed, arms were broken and flying around, and the Zhan Wu sect disciples fell one by one. There was no suspense in this battle, the defense line formed by the Zhan Wu sect disciple was torn to pieces, leaving a big gap.

Senior brother Zi Chen, quickly leave.

Senior brother Mu Yi, go out quickly.

As the line of defense broke open, some disciples shouted.

No, you go first, I will put an end to this scum. Don't wait for me. Zi Chen coldly said.

Leave. Mu Yi said the same to Lu Peng and others.

Since Senior brother won't go, we won't either. Since their courage was stimulated, it's impossible for them to want to retreat so they choose to fight side by side.

Idiots, what are you waiting for?

What a bunch of fools! The defensive line has been torn open, let's quickly leave and get far away from here.

Go, kill!

Brothers, there's a way out of here!

The defensive line still had a gap and the disciples who had been watching seized the opportunity, One by one, roaring with high fighting spirit, they rushed out.


That trash, we worked so hard to open the defensive line and they are the ones rushing out.

The disciples felt wrong but they were helpless. Zi Chen didn't go so neither did they. Turning all their grievances into combat power, each one killed a disciple from the Zhan Wu sect. The disciples led by Ling Wu sect burst out of the defensive line. But suddenly, they felt a powerful impact from the Zhang Wu sect disciples led by Ling Chen and Xie Qiu. Between the sword flashes, the gap in the defense was instantly plugged. Before the disciples could retreat, half of them had died. Only half of them escaped.

Damn, this Ling Chen is so despicable, I've been on my guard against him for a long time.

Zi Chen is no good too, he didn't lead his disciples so he must have expected this.

He's blatantly evil, and has a vicious heart.

Zi Chen, I'll remember this, just you wait. The men turned back, whispering angrily in their hearts and retreated back to the valley.


For Ling Chen, although the battles provided obstacles, his general direction didn't change. Zi Chen raised his sword and fought the crowd with Su Mengya and Lin Xue.

Zi Chen, die! Xie Qiu suddenly shouted. His True Qi surged as he launched a powerful strike.

Zi Chen's body started emitting silvery light as lightning flashed around him. By mistake, mystic steps appeared at his feet. He was unable to fully control his strength as he flashed with the silvery light that had already rushed forward.

In the boundless slaughtering, Zi Chen's perfect strike blended the mystic steps and the streaming light sword and became a martial technique fusion. The blow was like a silver bright lightning, a stream of lightning and arrived in a blink of an eye.

Poof! The silver lightning struck, Zi Chen appeared behind Xie Qiu's back. Xie Qiu's pupils dilated and a scratch appeared on his neck. His True Qi silently dissipated.

Plop! Xie Qiu's head rolled off. As the blood spurted out his neck, the second inner disciple of Zhan Wu sect died. If it was just the death of any disciple, then the people of Zhan Wu sect could ignore it but the death of the second strongest disciple was too much of a shock. Especially since he was killed in one blow. At this moment, the once determined disciples of Zhan Wu sect felt fear in their hearts.


At the same time, Zhang Haotian and the others also killed several powerful disciples and their shrill shrieks made people's hair stand on end.

Kill, Kill! Everyone, don't retreat!

Their main backbone, Ling Chen, still remained.

Ling Chen! Zi Chen yelled, rushing forward and killing disciples along the way. The two fought each other fiercely, their True Qi surging out. The sounds of explosions continued to spread around the two forming an energy storm, and no disciples dared to step forward.

Thunderbolt finger A thunderbolt burst forth like the roar of thunder dragon and rushed towards Ling Cheng.

Heavenly Tyrant Fist Ling Chen also launched his strongest and fiercest move.


After the True Qi around the two began to weaken after their rampage. Everyone saw a silvery flash with the speed of a streaming light as the sharp sword rushed forward to Ling Chen.

It was a fusion of man and sword, a fusion of martial skills. The silver light faded away and it all came to an end.

The furious True Qi dissipated and the smoke dust fell. Zi Chen was behind Ling Chen, the later was motionless and his eyes were startled. There was an obvious red mark on his neck. The battle stopped as everyone stared at Zi Chen and Ling Chen's movements.

Peng! Ling Chen's eyes turned pale and his body fell backward. He hadn't managed to block Zi Chen's sword strike.

Senior brother Ling Chen!

No way! Senior brother Ling Chen!

Ling Chen was dead. The general was gone and only the soldiers were left.

Ling Fei, you ambushed me before, and today, you will die. Ling Fei's legs hadn't recovered completely yet and Zhang Haotian broke them again.

Crack, crack! As Zhang Haotian vented the dissatisfaction in his heart the sound of broken bones continuously rang under Ling Fei's constant begging for mercy. After that, he made sure to thoroughly torture Ling Fei before killing him.


Later, Chen Qi, Tai Kai and others who had failed to escape and died at the hands of Zhang Haotian.

After the defeat of Zhan Wu sect, the remaining disciples fled in succession while the rest chased after them. In addition to their crimes, most of them left their baggage behind them.

Before the fierce beasts attacked the valley, all the spirit medicines had been taken away by disciples of the Zhan Wu sect and all of the harvest was in their baggage. Zi Chen took Xie Qiu and Ling Chen's bags. It was a big bounty, although there was no 1000 year old spirit medicine, there were many five hundred year old spirit medicines.

Many disciples from the three sects had died so there were many leftovers. Zi Chen's contribution points had already exceeded three figures. With over a thousand contribution points, he could redeem them for over five hundred True Qi pill, which was a frightening number. Other people's harvests were also very rich.

In the midst of panic, other disciples from Ling Wu sect took advantage of the chaos to escape. They were no fools, they knew what would happen if they stayed. Since Zi Chen was able to kill Ling Chen, he is strong enough to kill them in turn. After all, they had spoken rudely. Most importantly, they were Chen Feng people.

The opening of the medicine garden hadn't brought all the disciples from Ling Wu sect, mostly because of Chen Feng. Originally, he only sent eleven tenth layer of True Qi disciples to get rid of Zi Chen but they never expected that Zi Chen would kill all of them. At that point, although Zi Chen was at the ninth layer of True Qi, his combat prowess was enough to obtain the title of the strongest under the Xiantian Realm.


Time had quickly passed and the spirit medicine garden would close soon. Zi Chen collected a lot and drank various kinds of spirit medicines to advance his combat strength even further. After seeing Xu Yan's fighting capacity, Zi Chen knew there was still a big gap between himself and Chen Feng so he must diligently practice even harder.

Spirit Medicines vanished in front of Zi Chen, he refined them and improved his cultivation skills. After reaching the ninth layer of True Qi, Zi Chen found that his body seemed to be like a vast ocean. If he wanted to break through and advance further, he must fill that vast sea and the energy needed was almost indescribably large. A single 100 year old spirit medicine had no effect. A five 500 year old spirit medicine had only a tiny effect. Zi Chen's cultivation speed had become very slow.

The next morning marked the end of the half a year. There was a sudden rumbling sound, and the Heaven and Earth shook like the sky was falling apart as dark cracks appeared in the ground.

There's the exit. The medicine garden was about to close and the cracks were the exit. People walked out of the gardens one after another.