Thunder Martial Chapter 68 - Valley Massacre

A sword light flashed, and a human head flew into the sky.

I hate being threatened. Zi Chen said coldly as he took back his long sword that hadn't even been touched by the blood and walked back to the valley. The injured Mu Yi and the others had recovered most of their strength and the rest were carefully moved.

Seeing the headless body spurting out blood, everyone closed their mouths. The valley was silent, and nobody dared to speak out.

What a bunch of idiots. They want to rely on others but they are still so unreasonable and threatening. They really don't have any brains. I wonder how they managed to live until now? Miao Kong grinned and turned away.

Hey, you are still so soft. How could you kill only one of them? You should kill all of them. When you go to your next life, you should have a better brain and not be such idiots. Zhang Hoatian said in a low voice before turning away and leaving.

Just from hearing his words, everyone could feel their hearts tremble. They thought they had met a demon. Who could think that killing one person was not enough, but that everyone should die?

We still have to follow senior brother Zi Chen to go back. You Ling Wu disciples really have no brains. Under these circumstances, you still don't understand the situation. I really don't know how you don't know who is strong and who is weak, you even use threats.

A bunch of brainless guys. How can we listen to their words? They did not even help senior brother Zi Chen when he said that we should kill that madman Xu Yan.

Yeah, it was all their bad ideas!

The other disciples also left the valley.

Hey you bunch of trash, you know nothing. What do you mean we can't understand the situation? Zi Chen doesn't have any backing in the sect and he killed so many of Chen Feng's people. He's going to die this time, there's no doubt. What's the point of currying favors with him? If Chen Feng finds out, who knows if we will be charged with a crime?

That's it, let him open the way for us and let the final moments of his life emit some little light and warmth.

It will be best if we don't follow them. Be careful, and wait until Zi Chen and the others fight each other and once they are both tired. We will take the opportunity to kill them. The Ling Wu sect disciples whispered to each other before catching up to the crowd.


Outside the valley, the Zhan Wu sect disciples were lined up in a row. In front of them, the road was flooded by a river of beast and human blood. Zi Chen appeared with the survivors and Ling Chen jumped in surprise.

Zi Chen... you... you're still not dead? exclaimed Ling Chen. How could you not have been eaten by the giant snake?

Do I have to die even if it eats me? Zi Chen sneered, It seems that you were there from the beginning, watching from the top of this mountain.

You are lucky to survive but you are still going to die today.

The one who's going to die? No one knows for sure until we fight.

Hmm, until we fight? Do you think that with just a few of you, you will be able to break our defensive line? Tell me, do you know how many people have I killed this morning while I was sitting here? Ling Chen disdainfully asked, giving a confident grin. Next to him were disciples who were full of killing intent. The other disciples, with the exception of Zi Chen, Mu Yi, and the others stood far away with no intention to fight but they were still ready to take advantage of Zi Chen's fight.

Look behind you at those trash disciples. How can you fight with this type of group? Ling Chen laughed.

They are not my people. I don't need help from others. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light and he said, Moreover, my intention is not to break your defense line, but to kill all of you.

Such big words. Ling Chen asked, Brothers, what do you say?




The deafening shouts echoed loudly, reflecting their resolution to kill. They were all well-trained cultivators who came here to kill; this conspiracy had been planned for decades.

Haha, shouting loudly does not mean you guys are strong. Zi Chen sneered. He looked at the few people by his side and said, This will be a fierce battle, it will be a life and death struggle. Are you ready?

Don't worry, Zi Chen. After the fight earlier, we already became brothers. Between brothers, there is no need to be this polite. Mu Yi said with a smile.

If we are lucky enough to not die, when we leave this place, we have to drink and have a good time. Liang Guang laughed.

Zi Chen, although I cannot kill fierce beasts like you did. But killing people, perhaps I'm better than you. Lu Peng smiled calmly, completely carefree.

I have a deep enmity with them, one of us has to fall, Zhang Hoatian coldy said.

Well, I'll try my best. Miao Kong shrugged.

Several of the injured tenth layer of True Qi disciples who were injured also seemed carefree. Out of the eleven tenth layer of True Qi disciples of Black Tortoise sect, only six remained, five were already dead.

I'm not afraid, Lin Xue and Su Mengyao also expressed their opinions.

Zi Chen smiled, Be careful, don't worry too much about me.

Since you have said your last words. A cold light flashed in Ling Chen eyes, and he coldly said, Then, go to hell. Kill!


The Zhang Wu sect disciples roared as they rushed forward to kill, the boundless aura of Heaven and Earth stirred under the surging True Qi.

KILL! Zi Chen shouted as he dashed forward to the front line, his hand clenched around his black sword. At his sides, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue followed him and formed a triangle that ruthlessly stabbed forward.

Puff! The black sword flashed. A stream of light appeared, followed by a line of blood and a flying heads.

Boom! The thunder boomed. The thunderbolt finger was used, with the terrifying force of thunder and lighting, it rushed towards the Zhan Wu Sect disciples.

KILL! In this situation, Lin Xue and Su Mengyao no longer hesitated. They displayed their strong fighting skills, the Spirit Snake Dance and the Thousand Illusions Palm appearing one after the other.

PA! The whip flew like a snake and struck the throat of one disciple.

PA! The Spirit Snake Dance instantly pierced through the heart of a disciple. Su Mengyao decided to kill today, fighting viciously. The snake whip in her hands seemed to be alive, cold, vicious and filled with endless killing intent as the disciple died.

After a short fight, several people died to Lin Xue's hand, demonstrating the true essence of the Thousand Illusions Palm and coupled with the strength of an eighth layer of True Qi. Lin Xue could not be underestimated. With her beautiful face and pure body, her white dress fluttering and her posture graceful, she left behind thousands of handprints which filled the Heaven and Earth as another disciple fell.

Heavenly Tyrant Fist! Zhang Haotian was as cold as ever as he unleashed the most powerful martial technique of the Zhang Wu Sect. With every blow, a disciple flew backward.

Mu Yi and others were also ruthless, after just a small confrontation they killed quite a few people. This was a life and death battle. Being kind to the enemy means being cruel to oneself so they killed with one strike and they never needed another second.

Swish! Lu Peng touched his chest, took out a packet of medicine and sprinkled it forwards. In a flash, a scented powder spread, and the one's to smell the scent fell. 'Plop, Plop' Many disciples fell to the ground.


No one knew where Lu Peng got a longsword, but he instantly struck a blow to the fallen disciple. The sword flashed, and all the disciples became silent.

The people led by Zi Chen were all strong. Exterminating others of the same rank was easy, but at this moment there were too many people here. These disciples were like locusts, not afraid of death. The disciples were well trained and did not fear death and their numbers were much higher than Zi Chen and others had expected.

In the valley, there were a hundred of disciples from the three sects, all of whom were waiting for Zi Chen and his friends to open a path so they could escape.

Haha, Zi Chen, you will die today, all of you will die! Ling Chen laughed, looking at the disciples who were waiting to escape with disdain. He did not take part in the battle as he was the commander, he was not required to fight.

Ling Fei was in front of Ling Chen, he looked at Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian with eyes full of resentment, thinking that it would have been better if he could personally kill him.

The battle was fierce, limbs and arms were flying around. Every time Zi Chen slashed his sword, at least one person would die. His killing intent made him resemble a rank ten fierce beast who didn't defend but only slaughtered the one in front of him. Wherever he passed, a bloody road filled with dead bodies would follow.

Ling Chen, die!

Zi Chen's killing intent was boundless. He furiously pointed at Ling Chen, knowing the moment he kills Ling Chen, the battle will be quelled.

Behind Zi Chen, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were following closely, like his right and left hand. The two were tall and graceful, their bodies exceptionally nimble. Their beautiful appearance was full of frost and on their white dresses, many bloodstains had already appeared.

Led by Zi Chen, the three formed a triangle and directly tore through the defense line of the Zhang Wu sect disciples. As for Mu Yi and the others, their bodies were full of wounds. Although they could barely keep up at the moment and they kept getting wounded, their strikes were still ruthless and fierce.

Surround them. Ling Chen calmly commanded. Zi Chen had killed a lot of people but there were many more left. A large number of disciples came forward to encircle Zi Chen, ready to fight with their swords shining.

At the edge of the Valley, the battle was extremely fierce.

F*ck, how can these people be so stupid that they can't clear a bloody road after half a day? Can't they see that we have this many people waiting here?

Humph, Zi Chen was still so arrogant a while ago. Now, facing Zhang Wu Sect's disciple, he has no way out. A Ling Wu Sect disciple said. They might have been from the same sect, but they still didn't like Zi Chen. At the moment, they were standing far behind the crowd and throwing insults.

If he goes back, he will die. It would be better to fight for us here so that we can go back and make a contribution to the sect.

Yes, after killing so many of senior brother Chen Feng's people, he won't be able to survive. In his last moments, at least he will shine before sending us out. The disciples of Ling Wu discussed with each other. It was obvious that Zi Chen was really unpopular.

These Ling Wu sect disciples are really f*cking rubbish. Brother Zi Chen is desperately fighting ahead. If you don't want to help, then forget it. Yet, you're still making sarcastic remarks. How can you live in this world? Why don't you f*cking run into each other and die? On the side, a big man couldn't help but scold.

What did you say? A disciple from the Ling Wu sect glared at the big man.