Thunder Martial Chapter 67 -

Tenth layer True Qi?

Who is this person?

When did Ling Wu sect have a person like this? Wasn't there only the Ten Seeds?

Within the valley, Mu Yi and the others exclaimed in surprise. Evidently, they also did not know that he was at the Tenth layer of True Qi. Lin Xue and Su Mengyao also had expressions of disbelief. Now that the disciple had revealed his strength after concealing it from day one, the crowd of disciples were concerned.

Zi Chen had been hit in the stomach. He hurtled towards the lake. The snake moved to receive Zi Chen and draped him over his back.

As a Xiantian Realm Snake, it had a high intelligence. It knew that within the group of human cultivators, everyone but Zi Chen was out to get its blood. Hence, it decided to do him a small favour.

Zi Chen climbed to his feet and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. No matter how powerful his physique, he still spat blood.

Hmph! You're still too inexperienced to fight with me. The youthful figure lightly landed back on the ground. Sneering, he pocketed the Water Spirit Flower in front of Zi Chen.

What, still unwilling? After receiving a punch from me, how much battle strength do you think you still have? The youth snickered.

Zi Chen said nothing. If this strike had hit him anywhere else, he would have sustained heavy injuries. However, when it hit f his stomach, his mysterious heart had worked its magic. Zi Chen had only suffered superficial injuries. The blood he had coughed out before was only from his blood surging.

Youngster, you're still too naïve. Being so foolhardy just because of having some strength is practically begging for death. You have quite the guts to kill the Inner sect's Ten Seeds. When you return to the sect, obediently accept your punishment. I trust Senior Brother Chen Feng will take a deep interest in you the youth spoke, like an elder teaching a mischievous junior.

After a few deep breaths, Zi Chen injuries had fully recovered. He faced the youth stonily. Are you done farting?

What did you say? The youth's grin was immediately replaced with a chilling stare.

I asked if you were done talking shit. If so, then obediently pass me the spirit medicine and I'll leave you with a full corpse. Zi Chen flatly replied.

Talking big, the youth fumed, Come and get it if you can.

As you wish! Zi Chen shot forward like an arrow released from a bow, totally unlike a heavily injured person.

You aren't injured? The youth's expression changed.

Zi Chen's ferocious battle power was something everyone knew. Zi Chen was not weaker than him in any way. He had previously ambushed Zi Chen and wounded him, which was why he dared to be so pompous in his words. But Zi Chen had came out of his attack unwounded. It seemed that Zi Chen's physique had passed his expectations.

Alright fucker, seems like I have underestimated you. I had not thought that your physique was this strong. The youth admitted, bursting with tenth layer True Qi. This was the eleventh existence in the Ling Wu sect that possessed tenth layer True Qi. However, he had concealed his strength. Because of Chen Feng, there weren't many elites at the tenth layer of True Qi that could enter the Spirit Medicine Garde. The people that entered the Spirit Medicine Garden were largely subordinates of Chen Feng.

The are many things that you haven't thought of yet. Zi Chen had already reached the rock. Drawing back a clenched fist, he struck at the youth.

The air whistled. The two attacks collided together.


With one exchange, the youth had already backed up several steps, his face drained of colour. Zi Chen stood motionless, unaffected by the exchange.

You're trash and you still dare to act so unbridled, Zi Chen sneered. He had managed to grasp the level of the youths strength in one exchange. The youths strength was evidently shallow. Pushing himself forward, Zi Chen struck out furiously several times.



The sounds of fist colliding unceasingly rang out. The force of their battle began to split apart the rock beneath them. Finally, with a shuddering crack, the rock underneath their feet shattered.

The two figures stumbled as they landed into the water. The Xiantian Realm Snake reappeared, grabbing a hold of the two people.


Zi Chen lashed out once more, repeatedly battering the youth against the Snake's body.

The youth already had a swollen face and a bloody nose. He had finally realised the gap between their strength. He had considered himself strong. If compared with Zi Chen, he believed there would be little difference. However, in this fight, he had realised the huge disparity in their strength.

Without self-awareness, you still want to lecture others. You sure like to talk big. Zi Chen pummelled him.

You're also Chen Feng's lackey. How reckless, hiding your strength so deeply. Walking upon the Snake's body, Zi Chen stepped towards the youth.

The youth's arm was stamped on. With a snap, the youth's arm broke. The youth cried out in anguish.

Wonder why I'm not using the Thunderbolt Finger? It's because I'm afraid that it'll damage the spirit medicine, although it'll kill you in one hit. I only need my fists to deal with garbage like you. Zi Chen stomped on him again. Evidently, the youth's ambush had pissed him off.

Snap! Another arm was forcefully stomped on by Zi Chen.

The youth screamed in anguish, crying out over and over again. Cold sweat trickled off his face. He stared at Zi Chen in terror, begging for forgiveness. Zi Chen, I was wrong. Please spare me, this spirit medicine is yours. I can also vouch not to not report to Chen Feng about anything that had happened here.

The spirit medicine was always mine. Zi Chen dug inside the youth's clothes and drew out the Water Spirit Flower.

The Water Spirit Flower was clear, like a piece of jade. Under the dazzling rays of the sun, the flower was dazzling. The fragrance of the flower tickled his nostrils, relaxing his mind. A thousand year old spirit medicine only bore fruit once in a millennium. It was a spirit medicine that was hard to come by. Examining it up close, Zi Chen discovered that the flower already had a trace of it withering. That meant that the blossoming was soon to reach a 2000 years. When it wilted, it would grow a new Water Spirit fruit, a new thousand year old ripe fruit.

The spirit medicine is nearing 2000 years. Zi Chen's eyes glowed. This was a treasure that is not seen much.

The spirit medicine is yours. Can you let me off now? I promise not to say anything pertaining to the Ten Seeds, the youth gasped.

Zi Chen kept the spirit medicine. The spirit medicine was always mine. As for your life, I won't kill you. However, I have no idea if you will be able to find your way out of here alive.

As long as you don't kill me, I can... The youth spluttered with elation. Of course, in his heart, he was more than prepared to double across Zi Chen. Before he had even finished, he felt strong gales of wind sweep against his body. The waters rumbled. A bloody mouth opened up in front of him. With a cracking sound, the razor teeth of the Snake had already snapped against the undefended youth's body. The youth was then swallowed.

At this moment, within the vast lake, there was only one man and one snake. Many broken logs and pieces of wooden rafts floated upon the surface of the lake. As for the others, a lot of them had already retreated after spotting the Snake. The remaining disciples retreated upon seeing the battle that ensued between Zi Chen and the youth.

Let's go!

Zi Chen stood on the Snake's head.

The Snake was surprisingly obediently. Zi Chen was satisfied. The Snake had actually saved the lives of everyone present. It had killed Xu Yan and Zi Chen had ate its energy source. The Snake was still not dead so Zi Chen was also unwilling to kill the Snake.

The Snake brought Zi Chen back to the lake's side again. It stared at Zi Chen's stomach, a reluctant look in its eyes.

Does this have any use to you? Zi Chen took out the Water Spirit Flower from his clothes.

The Snake nodded its head wistfully. Then it seemed to realise what it had just done and hurriedly shook its head, backing away from Zi Chen in fear.

You helped me to defeat a big enemy. I have much gratitude towards you and will not kill you. As for this Water Spirit Flower, it also has its great use to me. I'll give you two petals of its flower. I hope you can recover your strength someday, Zi Chen gently said. Reaching out a hand, he plucked out two petals from the Water Spirit Flower.

The bright petals melted into translucent liquids upon leaving the flower. However, they held together like gelatinous solids and did not scatter apart. Within each liquid contained an exceedingly dense amount of spirit power. They sparkled like smooth pearls under the sunlight. With a point from Zi Chen's finger, the small pearls glided towards the Snake.

With eternal gratefulness, the Snake swallowed down the two petals and dived back into the depths of the lake.

Zi Chen left the lake. Numerous eyes of envy and fear followed him.

The fight in the valley was reaching its end. fierce beasts began to scatter and flee, leaving a sea of corpses in their retreat, both beast and human alike.

But Miao Kong and Zhang Haotian were at home here, scavenging many corpses. Not for collecting spirit medicine but for collecting contribution points.

Miao Kong used his martial technique, nimbly darting from body to body. Nobody could outdo him. Zhang Haotian took an even more direct approach. Whoever tried to compete with him for hunting contributions points would get knocked away with a fist. Simple and cruel.

Zi Chen wanted to say something, but Zhang Haotian immediately rebuked him. They deserve to be damned. Don't bother with these things.

Zi Chen didn't exactly have a good impression towards the deceased here. They had bailed out when he needed help. Moreover, the fact that they had even spoke rudely and tried to discourage others from helping while maintaining a tone of righteousness was outright repulsive.

Senior Brother Zi Chen, what's the plan now?

Disciples approached Zi Chen after cleaning out the battlefield of fierce beasts. Ling Chen is outside. We need an idea to get out of here.

Whoever's with you, get out of my sight. Before Zi Chen could even reply, Zhang Haotian scowled.

Senior Zhang Haotian, this is wrong. Now that we're on the same boat, we should be cooperating together.

That's right. People should not be too selfish.

Ling Chen is outside. We should work together instead of fighting with one another.

The group of disciples discussed among themselves.

Now you know how to work together. Where the fuck were you guys before? You pieces of shit, completely disappear from my sight Zhang Haotian angrily replied.

Senior brother Zhang Haotian, this is wrong. We admit that our actions before were less than satisfactory but we had no means of interfering. After all, it was still an issue within the Ling Wu sect.

Yeah, Ling Wu sect has its customs. Fights within the disciples of its sect cannot be interfered with.

That's right, the six month time limit in the Spirit Medicine Garden is coming to an end soon. We still need to return to the sect.

Some disciples had more meaning to their words.

As long as Senior Brother takes us out, we will definitely be grateful to Senior Brother. When we return, we will not say much.

Today, Senior Brother Zi Chen has displayed his powerful might. When he returns to the sect, he will probably be cultivated by his sect. We can support Senior Brother in his interests, and help to spread the word of his mighty power so that Ling Wu sect disciples will adore Senior Brother Zi Chen.

Some people even dropped naked threats.

I had always thought that human nature was beautiful. Who would've thought my impression of human nature would have changed this dramatically in a day after seeing so many shameless people. Zi Chen, let's go. Su Mengyao who had been silent all the while blurted out. She could no longer stand it. She pulled Zi Chen to the exit of the valley.

Senior Sister Su Mengyao, you ought to be careful. Ling Chen is outside. His nature is not any better than Xu Yan's. We can leave together, the more people, the safer.... Another Ling Wu sect disciple called out. However, his words caught in his mouth as a figure burst towards him with tremendous speed. Like a demon, it appeared in front of him. At the same time, black light loped towards the disciple's neck.