Thunder Martial Chapter 63 - Sacrifice

Numerous fierce beasts rushed over, within an instant, they were in a fierce combat with the humans, causing the entire valley to become a giant battlefield.


As one of the ninth layer of True Qi experts' True Qi surged and his rushing energy burst forth, he killed a rank eight fierce beasts in one strike but then even more fierce beasts arrived and he was drowned in the tide

Amidst the stampede, one could clearly hear the sound of the ninth layer of True Qi expert being crushed, as well as the desperate pitiful screams of a ninth layer of True Qi expert perishing.

Ah, help!

A cultivator was killed in the big mouth of a blazing tiger, he only had enough time to send out a cry for help at the brink of his death.

There was nobody there to rescue him, at this moment, everybody was busy defending themselves.

Senior brother Zi Chen, save me!

Senior sister Su Mengyao, please save me.

Senior brother Mu Yi!

Senior brother Liang Guang, please save us!

A crowd of disciples who were being overrun by the fierce beasts were calling for help.


A sword beam flashed by and a rank nine fierce beasts died. A Zhan Wu Sect's tenth layer of True Qi disciple had killed three rank nine fierce beasts but after that, he was glared at by even more fierce beasts. Numerous fierce beasts rushed over crazily, this tenth layer of True Qi expert was instantly drowned in the tide.

Blood spattered around, the fierce beasts died one by one but the wounds on this disciples body also kept increasing, until finally, he was overrun by the beast tide.

A tenth layer of True Qi disciple died.

Rise! Some disciples depended on his well versed movement technique. As his feet moved, he soared towards the air and leveraged on the mountain wall by stabbing out with his weapon. He used it as leverage until he finally reached the peak of the mountain with great difficulty, before he had the time to laugh out, he saw Ling Chen on the peak.


Ling Chen fiendishly grinned, he sent out a kick with a lightning speed and this cultivator fell towards the valley. With a height of several hundred meters, this person would die without doubt.

There was a tide of fierce beasts in front of them and a snake behind them and Ling Chen and the rest on the mountain peak, it can be said that the numerous disciples had arrived in a deathtrap.


The snake continuously hissed as it attacked time and time again, after just a few blows, more than 20 cultivators had died, they were dragged into the lake and there was no more movement.

The ground trembled. Finally, the fierce beasts had rushed into the valley, numerous cultivators turned back to fight, the ground trembled as a chaotic battle occurred.

Zi Chen and the others also got up, this kind of situation did not allow them to recover their strength.

It must be Ling Chen, this must be their scheme.

This bastard, his goal is to kill us.

Mu Yi and the rest were furious, but at this moment, they did not have any options.

What should we do? Should we rush out? Some people suggested.

Rush out? There are so many fierce beasts out there.

Facing those countless fierce beasts, if they were in their best condition, they could still cope with it, but right now, everyone was injured. They could only helplessly sigh.

We must not rush out. Said Zi Chen, Right now, we are severely wounded, facing several hundred fierce beasts, we simply can't force our way out.

Then what should we do? Just wait for death?

We should gather together and defend a place in turns and exhaust these fierce beasts slowly.

Great idea. Let's advance a bit, it is too dangerous here, we're still in the attack range of the snake here.

The crowd agreed to advance. The piercing cries for help resounded in their ears but towards these cries, Zi Chen and the rest turned a deaf ear, even Su Mengyao was disinclined to pay attention to them.

Mu Yi took the lead. As his True Qi surged, he blew away those fierce beasts that were flocking over.

The snake resurfaced from the lake once again, it's cold eyes swept over the chaotic crowd, it seemed to be considering where it should launch the attack next. Suddenly, the snake saw the movement of Zi Chen's group.

The giant waves surged to the skies and the lake surface billowed. The snake's eyes were extremely cold, it opened its big mouth and rapidly whipped out towards Su Mengyao that was at the rear.

The wind howled, a moist aura was rushing over, the Xiantian Realm pressure closed in once again. Su Mengyao suddenly turned her head around when she sensed danger and saw a big mouth arriving in front of her face.


Su Mengyao let out a scream. She was frightened, she did not expect that the snake would attack her, but at this crucial moment, a strong force suddenly burst out from the side and it pushed Su Mengyao back. She staggered and fell towards the flank, she was spared from the snake's attack as she rubbed past the snake's scale.

Su Mengyao fell on the ground but she was out of danger. However, a person had suddenly appeared at the place where she stood before.

The person was exactly Zi Chen who had knocked Su Mengyao away at the critical moment. The next moment, the snake bit towards Zi Chen, the cold and sharp teeth in the snake's big mouth seemed like they were going to split Zi Chen into two.

In the snakes mouth, the stench was unparalleled. There was fresh blood dripping and there were still some human residues left, it could be described as extremely gruesome. In the gaze of the aghast crowd, the snake's big mouth closed.


The snake retreated again, but Zi Chen's figure was already gone. Waves splashed over from the lake as the snake's figure fell. Zi Chen had been bitten by the snake and was brought to the bottom of the lake.

No! Zi Chen!!! Lin Xue screamed, her eyes were filled with despair. She did not give any thoughts to her life as she rushed towards the lake but she was suddenly stopped by the severely injured Miao Kong.

Quickly draw back! Miao Kong pulled Lin Xue and retreated, at the same time, Zhang Haotian also held up Su Mengyao, they moved forward with Mu Yi and the rest.

The current snake was invincible, nobody could stop it. Zi Chen was swallowed and although they were furious, they did not have any other options.

As to killing the snake, they did not even need to think about it.

The crowd looked for a place according to Zi Chen's suggestion, their backs faced the mountain wall and they took turns to guard.

Lin Xue and Su Mengyao were objects of protection because at this moment, the state of both of them was really bad. Lin Xue was deeply saddened. When she saw that Zi Chen was bitten by the snake, there was a desire to kill herself in her heart. Her tears profusely flowed down, she was extremely sad. Su Mengyao was not much better than Lin Xue, her beautiful face was pale, her mind was filled with the scene where Zi Chen knocked her away before.

At that moment, Zi Chen had traded his own life for her life, he had saved her but he was instead buried in the snake's mouth.

Zhang Haotian was standing before them with his severely injured body, he sent out swift and fierce attacks toward the fierce beasts that were crazily rushing over.

Previously, Zi Chen had protected me. Now that he is dead, I must protect his friends. Zhang Haotian's gaze was very firm, just like an iron tower as he guarded there. He was firm and unshakable. He guarded the two people behind him that were in a trance.

The crowd gathered at the same place, they defended in a small area. Several people defended against the fierce beasts, while the other people were restoring their injuries, after defending for some time, they then swapped places.

It can be said that this was the only way to survive in the present situation, it was also the most effective method.

After the other people saw this scene, they also followed suit.

Lin Xue's eyes were staring at the lake surface listlessly, she was in deep grievance.

No one knows why but after the snake swallowed Zi Chen, it actually did not attack for a long time. Moreover, the lake water was surging fiercely, it seemed like a battle was happening at the bottom of the lake.

Zi Chen has not died, he is fighting with the snake!

The lake water surged fiercely, it set off waves with dozens of meters of height. Lin Xue's listless eyes lit up suddenly, and she cried out in alarm.

Several people that were restoring their injuries had subconsciously turned their head. In the billowing lake water, from time to time, they could see the snake's body that was covered with scales unceasingly moving on the lake's surface.

Su Mengyao's eyes also lit up, her pale complexion turned slightly ruddy. She was praying in her heart for Zi Chen, hoping that he can survive.

Zi Chen, you must hold on.

Even Xu Yan died in the mouth of the snake, never mind the eighth layer of True Qi Zi Chen. Therefore, there was only one thought in everyone's mind, that was that Zi Chen can only persist for a while longer. As for his life and death, the moment Zi Chen fell into the middle of the lake, he had been doomed.

Perhaps in everyone's mind, they already had imagined Zi Chen's outcome but nobody was willing to acknowledge it, everyone was anticipating the occurrence of a miracle.

However, for this miracle, the chances were really too slim.

Hmph, kill them, it would be best if all of them were killed. Unfortunately, the Ling Wu Sect's two beauties, the people that Chen Feng was concerned about are going to perish. On the peak, Ling Chen was looking at his masterpiece with satisfaction but a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.

The nearby Xie Qiu also said with a smile, It is a pity, since they are going to die anyway, it would be great if we could enjoy them before they died, we can also taste Chen Feng taste.

There are plenty of beautiful women. Don't delay important matters for these two women. What about the matter of the spirit medicines? Ling Chen suddenly asked.

These fierce beasts were lured by the fragrance, causing them to discard the spirit medicine. Perhaps our people's hands are having cramps from picking all those spirit medicines. Xie Qiu said.

That is good. Our goal this time, apart from winning the bet, we also must make the other two sects suffer heavy losses. A cold light suddenly appeared in Ling Chen's eyes, Xu Yan, this trash, he could not kill the snake. If only both of them were severely injured, we would have really killed three birds with one stone.

At this time, in the spirit medicine garden, the Zhan Wu Sect's disciple were crazily collecting the spirit medicines. They were following the rich delicate fragrances of spirit medicines and collecting strains of spirit medicines.

For those 500-600 years spirit medicines, they usually needed to deal with the guarding fierce beasts, but the fierce beasts had left so they could willfully collect.

Without the fierce beasts' guarding, they were unhindered so they could freely pick the spirit medicines.

Hurry up, faster. We still need to go back and fight later on. Ling Fei's voice rang. He was accompanied by Chen Qi who had lost one of his arms, as well as Tai kai. They were Ling Fei's protectors now, they were protecting Ling Fei's safety at all times.

Ahem, when our plan succeeds this time, our Zhan Wu Sect will the biggest winner. However, I wonder if that Zi Chen was taken in or not. Chen Qi clenched his teeth while saying that, his arm was cut by Zi Chen, causing him to bear a deep grudge towards Zi Chen.

Relax, I know that you hate Zi Chen, I also hate him. Didn't they already say that the news had been given to Zi Chen? The enticement of a 1000 year old spirit medicine should be enough to make Zi Chen go there. Perhaps, he is already dead now. Ling Fei said with a smile as he patted Chen Qi's shoulder.

Unfortunately I couldn't kill him personally. Chen Qi said.

It is indeed a pity but although we are not able to kill him personally. Letting other people kill him is also fine. I hope he will be dismembered by those countless fierce beasts. Tai Kai said maliciously.

Zi Chen was swallowed by the snake, his life was in peril but he had not died yet.

After he knocked Su Mengyao away, Zi Chen immediately saw the snake's mouth with the sharp cold teeth and then he was bitten by the snake. But at that critical moment, Zi Chen's feet moved, he rushed towards the mouth of the snake. When the snake's mouth closed, Zi Chen had already evaded those teeth that were just like a biting sawtooth and he slid towards the belly of the snake.

Apparently, the snake did not expect that. Before, when it swallowed these humans, it would bite them to death thoroughly and then swallow them into its abdomen. But at this moment, Zi Chen suddenly jumped in so it could only swallow Zi Chen alive.