Thunder Martial Chapter 62 - Xiantian Realm Demonic Beast

Both of Zi Chen's eyes were already crimson red but at this moment, he was powerless. He was seriously injured, the silver energy in his heart was repairing his severely injured body but it was still very slow, it was unable to recover Zi Chen's battle strength fast enough.

Lin Xue's clothes were no longer complete, she may face the assault from the devil at any time, several seriously injured disciples staggered forward but all of them were blown away.

At this moment, everyone's attention was on the battlefield, including Ling Fei and Xie Qiu that were on the mountain peak.

Enjoy the show, this will be a different kind of hand-to-hand combat. Ling Chen smiled faintly, he was very relaxed. Xie Qiu nodded and agreed.

Everyone's attention was on the battlefield, nobody discovered the changes in the lake, the lake's water started to ripple and become violent, a whirlpool was forming slowly.

Ha ha. Zi Chen, I will make you understand what despair is today. Sometimes, Xu Yan was sane and sometimes, he was crazy, right now he was sane. His evil clutches grasped towards Lin Xue.

At this moment, everyone despaired.


A loud roar suddenly resounded, after that, the lake water surged, the billowing waves surged to the skies. The huge whirlpool that was tens of meters wide suddenly rose up. At the same time, a huge monster revealed its head from the center of the whirlpool.

That was a triangular head that was close to the size of a house, it was extremely ferocious. Its head and body were completely covered with hand-sized scales. The scales were glowing with a green light, they were linked together closely. A pair of ice-cold triangular eyes were staring at Xu Yan.

A tyrannical pressure of the Xiantian Realm swept over from that monster, this was a Xiantian Demonic beast.

After a loud roar, rippling waves appeared in the air. This was a super large snake, its head was as big as a house. It's body that emerged from the water was a few dozen meters wide and one hundred meters long

The corpses that fell into the lake, the smell of blood, and the Xiantian aura of Xu Yan had attracted this monster.

The snake stood erect and rose, steering the inexhaustible whirlpool. After it appeared, it casted a vast stretch of shadow on the valley. After it revealed its head, the snake suddenly bit towards Xu Yan.

When the snake moved, it generated a strong wind. The impact forced the crowd to continuously step back. The appearance of the snake brought a lot of shock to the crowd.

Changes happened, the snake charged straight towards Xu Yan but Xu Yan had already been aware of it, when he turned around quickly, he just happened to see the snake arrive in front of him, it had opened its big mouth and bit at Xu Yan.

Xu Yan's expressions turned aghast, he stepped back in an instant but he was still too slow. After a Ka cha sound rang, the serpent's tooth had pierced through Xu Yan's shoulder directly, the Xiantian True Qi covering his body was instantly shattered.

The snake had bitten through Xu Yan's body. After that, its giant head pulled back. It seems it wanted to drag Xu Yan to the bottom of the lake, which was its home ground.

Ah! Go to hell. The pressure that the snake brought had awakened Xu Yan completely, he unleashed a yell. His right hand was exuding out a radiant light. his fist was clenched with Xiantian power, he fiercely punched the serpent's teeth.

Ka cha!

After a loud explosion, one of the snake's poisonous fangs was broken. At the same time, Xu Yan fell towards the lake, after a splash, he fell into the lake.

The snake felt the pain, after it roared, it also entered the water.

The lake water raged, as if it was boiling. The water kept on raging, the billowing waves surged to the skies. It created 100 meter high waves, they rose up and crashed down. Some blood appeared from the surging lake, Xu Yan and the serpent had been fighting underwater.

Are you all right?

Zi Chen staggered while standing up and ran to Lin Xue. Currently, Lin Xue looked deathly pale, without any rosiness. When she saw that Zi Chen arrive, she threw herself towards Zi Chen's bosom and cried.

It's all right now. It's all right now. Zi Chen endured his body's severe pain, he gently rubbed Lin Xue's back to comfort her.

Su Mengyao slowly got up, she took out a set of white clothes and handed it over, hinting Lin Xue to put it on, her clothes were ruined and her body was exposed.

Thank you for your help today. In the future, if you need my help, I, Zi Chen, am ready to risk my life. As Lin Xue was slowly calming down, Zi Chen turned around and spoke towards Lu Peng and the others.

We were not saving you, we were only saving ourselves. Xu Yan is crazy, he will kill everyone. Lu Peng said.

Everyone, quickly recover from your injuries, there might be another fierce fight.

In the lake, the billowing waves were surging to the skies. The fight between human and snake was exceptionally intense. Xu Yan's figure appeared from time to time, he emerged to the surface to breathe, at the same time, he also tried to leave the lake but he was tied down by the snake every time and was pulled back in the water.

Zi Chen and the rest had swallowed Qi Restoration Pills, they were restoring their injuries with all their effort. From the distance, the disciples were looking at the fight in the lake curiously.

Some of them had made their move, they boarded wooden rafts and rushed forward, they wanted to seize the chance and grab the 1000 year old spirit medicine.

But unfortunately, under the billowing waves, the wooden rafts were crushed and the cultivators fell into the lake.

Several disciples died and nobody dared to take advantage of the situation again.


After a loud shout, Xu Yan emerged from the lake once again and just like a cannonball, he rose to the sky. Currently, his entire body was covered in blood. In front of the snake, the Xiantian True Qi that is covering his body is not enough to protect him. Moreover, the battle before had consumed Xu Yan's strength. At this moment, he was in a disadvantageous position when dealing with the snake.

The snake roared and leapt once more, the giant head that was as big as a house bit towards Xu Yan.

Xu Yan's body's True Qi surged. He struck towards the serpent's head, after a loud explosion, his figure soared up again by rebounding against the impact. Moreover, this time, he flew in a curve shape and flew towards the lakeshore.

The crowd cried out in alarm, they did not expect that Xu Yan would flee using this way.

At the same time, some people sighed, even Xu Yan was not the match of that snake, it was already hopeless to obtain the 1000 year old spirit medicine.

They saw that Xu Yan was about to cross the lake and reach the valley but suddenly, a huge wave that was several 100 meters high appeared and struck towards Xu Yan ruthlessly, Xu Yan raised his hand and he broke the waves but then, the snake's tail struck Xu Yan's body.


With a clear, crisp sound. Xu Yan was struck deep into the lake.

Another fierce fight commenced.

The lake water surged, the billowing waves surged to the skies, Xu Yan's furious roar and the serpent's hissing rang unceasingly. On the surface of the lake, traces of blood appeared, there was Xu Yan's blood and also the snake's.

This fierce fight continued for half an hour. When Xu Yan was extremely exhausted, he soared to the sky to try to escape but the snake extended its head out again, it bit on Xu Yan's thigh, moreover, it suddenly pulled downwards.

Xu Yan was struggling unceasingly and issued cries for help but everyone ignored him.

When his body sunk into the lake completely, the huge waves gradually disappeared, the surging lake surface calmed down gradually, and Xu Yan never showed up again.


The crowd sighed.

This Xu Yan actually died, a Xiantian cultivator died just like that.

That's right, this human that was worse than a dog deserved to die. He almost raped senior sister Lin Xue.

Virtue has its reward, and evil has its retribution. This Xu Yan, although he had broken through to the Xiantian Realm, he would still die, because evil has its retribution.

Those disciples that were solemn with a strong sense of righteousness before saw that Xu Yan had died while Zi Chen and the rest were recovering from their injuries. They sighed and their voices became a lot louder.

Most of the Ling Wu Sect's disciples came towards Zi Chen and the rest.

Senior brother Zi Chen is exhausted and is injured, we must guard him.

That's right, those people that harbor evil intentions, don't even think of even touching senior brother Zi Chen's hair.

Whoever wants to touch senior sister Lin Xue and senior sister Su Mengyao, I will fall out with him.

Groups of disciples came back one after another, they came with a sense of 'righteousness'.


However, the lake that had just calmed down, suddenly surged. After that, the huge waves that had disappeared, reappeared once more. The snake revealed itself again. This time, its target was those moving Ling Wu Sect disciples. After a roar, like a strike of lightning, it rushed towards the crowd.

Fresh blood flowed down from its wounds. It dropped into the valley, along with the lake water. After it retracted, three cultivators had been bitten by the snake and pulled into the lake.

After a fierce fight with Xu Yan, the snake was injured, its consumption was also large. Right now, it needed food to replenish itself and as far as the demonic beast was concerned, the humans were the best delicacies.


Screams rang from the crowd, the surprise attack by the serpent caught them off guard.


The snake that had just entered lake, appeared once more, it coiled towards the crowd.

This time, there were several pitiful screams again, the cultivators were dragged into the lake again.

The lake surged again. After struggling for a while, there was no more signs of the cultivators that were dragged down the lake.

Not good, this snake began to attack humans.

Quickly withdraw, the snake is showing its might.

Senior brother Zi Chen, help us.

Senior brother Mu Yi, quickly deal with that snake.

Many screams rang, the crowd started to retreat. They wanted to leave the valley, that snake was too terrifying. Currently, it was staying inside the lake and attacked the people in the valley, one by one, after several attacks, many cultivators had died.

The crowd started to retreat, just like a tide, they crazily rushed towards the entrance.

Hmph, you want to leave now? It is too late. On the summit, Ling Chen was looking at the flurried crowd while grinning.

At that time, the earth started to tremble, the rolling sound was just likes the galloping of an army of thousands of men and horses.

Outside the valley, countless sand and dust soared, the earth roared and fiercely trembled. In the middle of the sand and dust, countless fierce beasts rapidly rushed towards the valley.

In estimation, it was more than a 100 fierce beast.



The rumblings was earth-shattering, some boulders rolled down from the summit occasionally.

When the crowd reached the entrance and saw the fierce beasts in the middle of the sand and dust, they were completely dumbfounded. This time, they really didn't have any other option anymore.

In front of them were numerous ferocious beasts, behind them was a raging demonic beast, the crowd understood Zi Chen's previous feeling.

What's going on? Why are there so many fierce beasts?

So many fierce beasts. Did all of the fierce beast in Spirit Medicine Garden come?

Were they summoned?

What the hell is going on here?

The fierce beasts came in waves and along with the tyrannical aura, they charged towards the valley, their goal was very clear.

Fight. Let's fight it out with these fierce beasts.

Open a bloody path.

If we face against the snake, we'll die for sure, but if we face against the fierce beasts, there is still a glimpse of hope. Charge.

Several determined roars rang from the crowd. After that, a large number of experts rushed towards the fierce beasts that were closing in gradually.

If one looked closely, they will discover that there were several figures quickly retreating, they were exactly the few people that gave that speech earlier.


The humans and beasts instantly clashed, under the tremendous force of the fierce beasts, the humans were blown away in an instant. After that, they died from being trampled by those fierce beasts.

After a clash, the humans were repelled, they charged like a surging tidal wave, but also retreated like a surging tidal wave.