Thunder Martial Chapter 61 - Xu Yan's Strength

The Divine Vajra Palm, the Black Tortoise Sect's strongest rank one martial technique was sent out. The palm was emitting rays of golden light, along with a solemn and heavy feeling, just like the palm shadow of a Divine Vajra. It crashed down with a loud bang.

If it was as usual, when the Divine Vajra Palm was released, it would naturally attract cries of amazement and envious gazes. But today, Lu Peng's match was the Xiantian Realm Xu Yan, such a strike could threaten an expert at the tenth layer of True Qi but it is unable to deal with a Xiantian Realm expert.


During the loud crashing, the golden palm was scattered and Lu Peng was blown away, specks of blood splattered from his palm.


Mu Yi and the rest were still in a daze so Lu Peng let out an angry shout.



The expressions of the two that were still hesitating turned cold in an instant and as their feet moved, they rushed towards Xu Yan.

A surging aura appeared, two light beams shot towards Xu Yan, the energy explosions instantly appeared.


Both sides were fighting fiercely, the volume was getting louder and louder, the heaven and earth spirit qi in the valley was chaotic.

All the cultivators around had fled away from that place and stood afar to watch. Regards to Lu Peng's words, for them, it was just a statement to reel them in, to get them riled up. They did not think that Xu Yan would kill the innocents. The disciples who were watching the fun saw that Lu Peng and the rests attack had failed, they couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed in their heart.

The Black Tortoise Sect's tenth layer of True Qi disciples went forward one by one and joined the battle.

As for other people, they retreated even further.

This is a matter of the Ling Wu Sect, and has nothing to do with us, quickly retreat. The Zhan Wu Sect's tenth layer of True Qi experts coldly said.

But where's Zhang Haotian? One disciple asked.

Hmph. Zhang Haotian had offended senior brother Ling Chen and senior brother Ling Yun, if we help him, we will be digging our own grave.

With a cold snort the Zhan Wu Sect disciples retreated even further.

The numerous disciples dispersed, leaving even more fighting space for Xu Yan, as for the disciples of Ling Wu Sect, they were the first ones that retreated.


Dozen of Black Tortoise Sect's tenth layer of True Qis came. Their attacks were very swift and fierce, they gave a lot of trouble to Xu Yan.

Ahhh! Go to hell.

Xu Yan was furious, his eyes became even redder, he lost his sanity once more. The Xiantian True Qi protected his body, he did not defend and just attacked.

Peng! Xu Yan's palm landed on a disciple's chest, the Xiantian True Qi rushed into that disciple's body, causing him to be blown away and spat out some blood. After he landed, he didn't make a sound at all.


Another disciple's skull was shattered into pieces from a single strike.

A sharp sword suddenly stabbed at Xu Yan's body but it was blocked by the Xiantian True Qi, his defense was not broken. Xu Yan retaliated and blew this disciple away.

The disciples always got blown away by a single strike, the distance of the tenth layer of True Qi to the Xiantian Realm was only a single layer but this layer was like the difference between heaven and earth. The tenth layer of True Qi disciples were unable to withstand even one strike from Xu Yan.


A disciple was blown away.


Another disciple was repelled.


A disciple's heart was shattered.

In the blink of an eye, of the tenth layer of True Qi disciples which amounted to more than ten, three were already dead.

Such a fierce battle caused those disciples looking from afar to shudder from fear but nobody went forward to help. Xu Yan went crazy, he charged towards a tenth layer of True Qi disciple and bit the neck of that disciple, with a Ka cha, this disciple died.

Ha ha!

Xu Yan grinned fiendishly, he raised both of his hands and tossed away this disciple's corpse. After a Pu Tong sound, the corpse of this disciple fell into the lake.

What are you waiting for? Xu Yan is insane, if we do not stop him, he will kill everyone here later. Lu Peng was injured, he roared furiously at the crowd that was watching the fun from afar.

That is according to you. Senior brother Xu Yan is only avenging his brothers.

That's right, every injustice has its perpetrator. This matter has nothing to do with us.

Zi Chen reaps what he has sown. Do not interfere in this matter, otherwise, all of the disciples will be killed.

The disciples of the two other sects spoke and the disciples of Black Tortoise Sect hesitated.

Where're the Black Tortoise Sect disciples? Lu Peng was furious, he despised those fellows that couldn't understand the situation and feared death but he did not have the time to rebut them at this moment, he could only shout out loudly.

Black Tortoise Sect disciples, attack and kill Xu Yan. Mu Yi also shouted loudly and issued attack orders against Xu Yan.




When they heard the sound of their senior brother, those hesitating Black Tortoise Sect disciples stepped forward but there were also some that stepped back.

Don't go. Do you want to die? Some people that were on good terms stopped their friends that were going to throw their life away, That is an expert of the Xiantian Realm, aren't you just throwing your life away? Moreover, it's only for a disciple of another sect, is this worth it?

One after another, disciples were stopped from going forward but some disciples still rushed forward.

The chaotic war was still taking place, Xu Yan sent out waves of attacks, the tenth layer of True Qi disciples would be seriously injured, and the eighth and ninth layer of True Qi disciples died from a single blow.

Currently, everyone's attention was on the battlefield, nobody saw that on the summit of the valley, two figures had appeared.

Senior brother, this Xu Yan is really amazing, he actually broke through to the Xiantian Realm. In this fierce battle, he has seriously injured all of the Black Tortoise Sect's experts. It can be said that he has saved us a lot of trouble. Xie Qiu said with a smile.

Um. It was somewhat unexpected, but it is still good. Are all the disciples ready? Said Ling Chen indifferently.

All are ready. When the fierce beast goes in an uproar, that will be the time when they will obtain the spirit medicine. This plan of killing two birds with one stone is so ingenious.

Killing two birds with one stone? A light flashed through Ling Chen's eyes, If Xu Yan fights the water monster, it may be killing three birds with one stone. Haha.

Senior brother is wise.


In the valley, the smell of blood became even more intense. Among the Black Tortoise Sect disciples that rushed out risking their lives, many had died.

But there were still some disciples that rushed forward without any regards to their life.

Mu Yi, you still don't want to stop? For Zi Chen, you let more of your disciples die. Zi Chen's life is a life, are their lives not considered as lives?

For an outsider, is it worth it?

For another sect's disciple, you sacrificed your own sect's disciples. What are you thinking?

From afar, some disciples rebuked.


Mu Yi was furious and roared, Xu Yan has lost his reason. When the time comes, he will kill everyone. If we do not kill him, the ones who will die will be us. You group of trash, you aren't helping and yet you're still making cynical remarks.

Mu Yi's nose was almost crooked from anger, this group of people were really trash. It's fine if they didn't help but they still said cynical remarks and shook the disciples' fighting spirit.

You do not need to make any excuses, every injustice has its perpetrator. Xu Yan is only looking for revenge against Zi Chen.

That's right, you should withdraw.

Some disciples spoke coldly.

Revenge? Is there anyone who takes revenge by raping the enemy's friend? Are you going to just sit there and watch them be raped? Lu Peng also shouted furiously, these people really did not have any conscience, they were demented.

That is only because he killed his brothers. This is called an eye for an eye There were some disciples that disagreed but there were also some people that lowered their heads and didn't speak.

You guys are bastards. Lu Peng was furious.

Zi Chen didn't speak. He continuously charged forward and kept sending out powerful attacks. The Thunderbolt Finger continuously appeared and it unceasingly wreaked havoc.

But unfortunately, his strength was several layers weaker than Xu Yan. Although Zi Chen has powerful martial techniques, he was unable to display their strongest power.

Su Mengyao's peerless face looked cold. Usually, people gathered around her as if she was the center of everything. Today, the feeling of being forgotten made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, the words that those disciples said before hurt her feelings. She unceasingly unleashed Xiantian martial techniques, there was killing intent in Su Mengyao's eyes.

Just draw back, it is not worth it for an outsider.

Their lives are lives, aren't your lives also lives?

Zi Chen, if you are a man, make them leave.

Some righteous people couldn't bear to see these disciples die so they rebuked Zi Chen one after another.

The voice of the people is a fearful thing, watching their own companions die one by one, the disciples of Black Tortoise Sect hesitated, after that, they withdrew from the fight one after another.

Lu Peng and the rest were mad and anxious but they were helpless, now matter how they persuaded, there were no disciples that went forward again.




Some disciples that were brave enough to rush forward either died or suffered serious injuries, in the end, there was no one left standing besides Xu Yan.

Ha ha! Xu Yan was crazy but there was still sanity left in him. Although he intended to massacre everyone here, he did not arrogantly acknowledge it.

He grinned and charged towards Lin Xue. Obscenity was emanating from the depths of his crazy eyes.


Zi Chen was just like a cockroach that wouldn't die, he jumped up once again, he was covered by his own blood. He was continuously knocked down but he always stood up. His heart was pounding fiercely, it provided him with an endless stream of energy.

The Thunderbolt Finger appeared once again but it was crushed once more. At the same time, Zi Chen used his own body to block in front of Lin Xue.


Xu Yan sent out a punch, the strong force made Zi Chen retreat back several steps but he did not fall down. After that, Xu Yan sent out a punch once more and Zi Chen retreated a few steps again.

After getting hit by three punches, Zi Chen had retreated back to Lin Xue's side.

These people were ashamed, when the others were punched, if they did not die then they would at least be seriously injured but Zi Chen only retreated several steps and did not fall down.

Ha ha!

Xu Yan laughed, he sent out a punch again. This time, Zi Chen was finally unable to persevere, he got blown away and fell on the ground.

No... He unleashed a roar of unwillingness.

Zhang Haotian rushed forward at that time, but he was kicked away by Xu Yan.

After that, nobody could stand up anymore. Xu Yan arrived by Lin Xue's side, he grinned fiendishly. He then grabbed made a grabbing motion towards Lin Xue's white clothes that were stained by fresh blood.

Under a strong force, the white clothes ripped into pieces, exposing white and jade-like skin. Xu Yan grinned fiendishly, he grabbed out again, the clothes ripped some more, the perfect and straight jade-like leg was thoroughly exposed.

Lin Xue's eyes were filled with fear, her body trembled, she looked pitiful. Around her, Zi Chen and the others unwilling roars could be heard. In the distance, the group of disciples that were on the 'righteous' side were looking on indifferently.

Every injustice has its perpetrator. Zi Chen reaps what he has sown.

Some disciple could not bear to watch it while some disciples mumbled in a low voice, they seemed to be finding excuses for their own 'righteous' conscience.


The nearby lake water had long been dyed by blood, in the middle of it, the corpses of humans sank to the bottom slowly. A ripple appeared on the lake, after that, a whirlpool formed.