Thunder Martial Chapter 6 - Killing Another Person

Zi Chen had not appeared for two days.

Zhao Can's heart held a sense of unease. He had the urge to retreat, but once he thought of the fact that he needed to face against Wang Xiong's interrogation once he got back, he could not help shivering. Compared to facing Wang Xiong, Zhao Can preferred to go up against Zi Chen.

Zhao Can did not know the Snow Ginseng was already eaten by Zi Chen.

Lin Hao was Lin Ying's dear younger brother. Not everyone in this world is like Zhao Can. At the very least, Lin Ying had always treated Lin Hao very well. Both of them cultivated together, joined Ling Wu's Outer Sect together, and they dreamt of joining the Inner Sect one day.

This time Lin Hao was suddenly killed so Lin Ying must certainly take revenge. Even if he had to chase Zi Chen to the ends of the earth, he must kill Zi Chen

Of course, both of them did not know that Zi Chen had already swallowed the Snow Ginseng which had also restored his dantian and that Zi Chen's physiqueal strength had reached a terrifying level.

During the third day, snow once again started falling.

Zi Chen sat cross-legged on a big stone. Revolving the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique continuously as the Qi in the surroundings rapidly converged towards Zi Chen like a few tiny streams, entering through his pores then condensing in his meridians. After going through half of a revolution, the energy was once again completely absorbed by his heart.

Towards this kind of scene, in these two days, Zi Chen had already been able to keep calm in the face of the unexpected. The Qi absorbed by his heart could not be counted as pure, but the Qi his heart released in turn was purified and refined.

A stream of silver Qi was released from the icy ball hidden in his heart which flowed into his blood, skin, meridians, and dantian.

Within his dantian, the True Qi cultivated from the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique stayed there. This was a silver colored True Qi that contained traces of flickering lightning.

Purified Qi rushed towards his dantian and caused his dantian to tremble for a bit. Afterwards, the silver Qi started to sharply increase.

Bzzz As his dantian trembled, changes started happening to the silver Qi.

Zi Chen opened his eyes and snowflakes gathered on his eyelashes. There was happiness in Zi Chen's eyes.

I have broken through to the second layer of True Qi in just two days

Just two days and Zi Chen had a breakthrough again. Zi Chen's innate talent soared after his miracle encounter. Such a fast cultivation speed, even those Inner Sect disciples could not be compared to Zi Chen now. Maybe only those Core Disciples had a chance to be as frightening as Zi Chen.

Second layer of True Qil with a physique equivalent to rank 4 beast. It should be time to settle the scores already. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light. Killing intent poured out from the bottom of his heart.

With the sky full of snow, Zhao Can and Lin Ying lowered their heads as they hastened on with their chase.

Three days will have passed soon. We still can't find any of Zi Chen. The snow falling on his face was incomparably cold. At this moment, Zhao Can's heart seemed to have already turned cold too and he could not help sighing.

What do you want to say? Lin Ying turned his body and stared coldly at Zhao Can.

Zhao Can's face held a trace of bitterness as he said to Lin Ying, What I mean is that there is no harm in us retreating first right now. When we return to the Sect, we can think of another way to settle Zi Chen.

Lin Ying coldly said, Do you take me for a fool? Someone with a crippled dantian can still make it back to the Sect? If you want to go back, you can go back by yourself. I must kill Zi Chen and take revenge for my little brother.

Zhao Can moved his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, he endured and closed his mouth.

Humph, don't need you to say anything, I also know what you want to say. Lin Ying's eyes were laced with ridicule, In your eyes, brothers are just meant to be betrayed, but in my heart, brother means brother, and as brothers, there is a need to treat one another with absolute sincerity.

Zhao Can did not say anything. Both of them had different views. To Zhao Can, other than himself, everyone can be abandoned as long as there's benefits.

But at present he knew one thing, and that was, if this continued, their food will run out and the date to Inner Disciple exam was rapidly approaching. He still needed to think of a way to get a True Qi pill and break through so that he can smoothly enter into the Inner Sect.

Zhao Can already had the thought to retreat, but a sense of danger suddenly came from the bottom of his heart and a strong wind appeared behind his back.

Go and die

After what happened to Lin Hao, both of them had been extremely careful. Even if they were talking to one another, they had never once relaxed their guard. When the strong wind appeared behind his back, Zhao Can angrily shouted, and the dagger within his hand immediately unsheathed and stabbed backwards ruthlessly.


A dull sound rang out. Zhao Can felt as if he had slammed against a wall and his body could not help but move backwards.

Zhao Can saw that Zi Chen was pulling back his fist. The had dagger actually hit Zi Chen's fist from the attack before, but it only slashed open a small wound on Zi Chen's hand and did not cut off his finger at all.

Zhao Can's heart sank. Zi Chen's terrifying physique made him feel extremely fearful.

Zi Chen, accept your death

Lin Ying shouted as he drew his long blade. Blade light flickered and the blade chopped towards Zi Chen.

In the Sky Martial Continent, the True Qi realm was divided into ten layers. Martial techniques were split into three ranks, third-rank, second-rank, and first-rank. Currently, no matter if it was Zi Chen, Zhao Can or Lin Ying, they only knew third-rank martial techniques.

Third-rate martial technique, Wind Chopping Blade.

Wind Chopping Blade was casted out. It caused a strong wind to come out, firm and powerful.

Blade light in the form of a gale wind rushed out at Zi Chen. In the face of such a strong attack, Zi Chen had no choice but to retreat.

After Lin Ying's sneak attack failed, Lin Ying started to attack with all his might, and Zi Chen lost the initiative to go on the offensive. Suddenly at this moment, a sharp cold light appeared from another direction. It was Zhao Can who grabbed at the chance to attack Zi Chen

Zi Chen's eyes were full of killing intent. After he resolutely resisted Lin Ying's blade light and Zhao Can's attack at his vitals, Zi Chen launched his own punch at Zhao Can's stomach.


A dull sound rang out and a string of blood streaked across the air as Zhao Can was once again knocked back. Zi Chen's body had accumulated three wounds now, which is overflowing with blood.

Under his attack, Zhao Can did not die but only suffered from an injury. Zi Chen prepared to step forward but was once again blocked by a blade light. Lin Ying had let out a fierce attack again.


Zi Chen used a third-rank martial technique called Fierce Tiger Fist to counter the blade light.

Peng. Peng. Peng.

The fierce collision continuously rang out.

What. You actually used True Qi. Your dantian recovered? Lin Ying was shocked after seeing Zi Chen used True Qi and could not help but cry out in surprise.

Zi Chen did not say a word and the Fierce Tiger Fist's three forms were repeatedly sent out.

First form, Fierce Tiger Descends The Mountain. Second form, Fierce Tiger's roar. Third form, Fierce Tiger pounces on prey.

The sharp martial technique brought along the feeling of fear to Zhao Can and Lin Ying.

Kill. We must kill him. If not, the next time, it will be us who dies Zhao Can spoke from afar as he staggered to his feet. He took a deep breath, gripped his dagger tight and rushed towards Zi Chen.

For Zi Chen to come back from the dead was no big deal but now, even his dantian recovered. Zhao Can felt a sense of great danger and resolved his determination to kill Zi Chen today.

After he heard Zhao Can's words, Lin Ying's blade technique once again revolved, becoming sharper and increasingly fierce.

During this period of time, in order to kill Zhao Can, Zi Chen took Lin Ying's blade strikes on his body.

At present, Zi Chen's body had countless wounds but Zhao Can was as slippery as a fish. He was only running around in a distance and refusing to fight head to head against Zi Chen.


Blood flashed through the air. A wound appeared on Zi Chen's stomach and at the same time, his arm also took two attacks.

As one fighting against two, Zi Chen was at a disadvantage. If not for his beast like physique, he would have died multiple times already. Without any other options, Zi Chen could only give up on killing Zhao Can first.


Zi Chen's eyes flashed with murderous killing intent. All the True Qi in his body started to resonate as he rushed towards Lin Ying.


Lin Ying also went crazy as the long blade within his hand chopped down fiercely.

Blade light dazzled in the air and was nearing the top of Zi Chen's head. But at this moment, Zi Chen actually extended out his hand with lightning fast speed, and used his five fingers to firmly grab onto the blade.


The blade stopped in midair as blood flowed from the palm of Zi Chen's hand. Relying on his imposing physique. Zi Chen, who was only in the second layer of True Qi resisted against an attack from Lin Ying who was in the fourth layer of True Qi.


Lin Ying's complexion instantly changed. When he wanted to withdraw the long blade in his hand, he instead found out that the long blade was seemingly stuck to Zi Chen's hand. Lin Ying was not able to budge it at all

At this moment, Lin Ying saw within Zi Chen's eyes, a trace of bloody madness. Zi Chen's right hand tightened firmly into a fist as he sent out his Fierce Tiger Fist and struck against the head of Lin Ying. The roaring of a tiger resounded in Lin Yings ears, followed by the sound of the strong gale brought along by the fist. Zi Chen's fist landed onto Lin Ying's head.


Such a strong and ferocious fist was Zi Chen's full strength attack. In an instant, Lin Ying's head separated from his body. Zi Chen's full strength attack actually decapitated Lin Ying


Zi Chen felt pain from the middle of his back. After Zi Chen killed Lin Ying, Zhao Can grabbed the opportunity and stabbed at Zi Chen's back.

The stab pierced through his skin and the pain almost caused Zi Chen to faint right away.

The sneak attack this time evidently ended with a success.

The attack just now consumed all of Zi Chen's True Qi. Therefore, Zi Chen had no choice but to give up killing Zhao Can and instead, retreat. There were currently many wounds on Zi Chen's body. If he did not quickly find a place to treat his wounds, he might actually die due to excessive blood loss.

Zi Chen started to run away but Zhao Can did not immediately chase after him.

Zhao Can's injuries were not light either. After Zi Chen left, Zhao Can spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately sat on the ground. He was only able to look on helplessly as Zi Chen disappeared into the distance.

Damn it. If I don't kill you today, I won't be called Zhao Can anymore. As he gazed at Zi Chen, Zhao Can let out an unwilling roar.

Zhao Can sat cross-legged as he started to restore his injuries. After 15 minutes passed, Zhao Can was finally able to suppress his injuries and quickly started to pursue the bloodstains on the ground. Zhao Can rushed off towards the direction Zi Chen had escaped to.

In Zhao Can's mind, Zi Chen suffered from a very heavy injury. He absolutely had no strength to fight at all right now. He may have even passed out due to blood loss as of right now. He can't let go of this chance at all.

Zi Chen at present was indeed in a very bad position. In the previous battle, he fought like a beast. All he relied on was his powerful physiques; but, after all, his physique was still not as domineering as a true beast. The countless wounds on his body had already started to bleed.

Due to the loss of so much blood, Zi Chen felt his vision start to get fuzzy. His clothes were soaked with blood. Zi Chen had miscalculated. He indeed had the physique of a beast but he did not have as much blood as a beast, and he could not withstand losing so much blood in such a short time.

Although his wounds were on the verge of healing as he dashed, his frantic retreat caused his wounds to open again and they started to bleed heavily.


Finally, Zi Chen felt his vision go black and he fell on the ground.