Thunder Martial Chapter 59 - Water Monster

A repelling force sent Zhao Cong's body flying through the air again, this time, he flew hundreds of meters high.

Meanwhile, the body of the water monster also dropped down.


But then, the water monster that had just submerged into the lake, appeared again. It rushed towards Zhao Cong who was dropping down from the air. After a deafening explosion, fresh blood spurted through the air and Zhao Cong's body flew up in the air again.

However this time, Zhao Cong no longer flew in a straight line, but he flew in a curving manner. After he flew for several hundred meters, he fell into the middle of a whirlpool that had just appeared with a splash.

The whirlpool surged and a wave that was several feet high appeared. Some big explosion resounded from time to time, it seems that Zhao Cong was battling with the water monster.

A moment later, the wave gradually became smaller, in the end, a mass of blood appeared from the clear lake and the turbulent lake slowly became tranquil


The Black Tortoise Sect's side let out a sigh. Zhao Cong had obviously met his ends. An existence at the tenth layer of True Qi was gone just like that.

The crowd retracted their gaze, they were lost in their thoughts and did not speak for a while.

A 1000 year old spirit medicine was in front of their eyes and yet they were unable to get it. Everyone was at their wits end and sighed unceasingly.

What do you think? A moment later, Zi Chen looked up and asked.

It should be a water monster, it's strength should be at the tenth layer of True Qi, in other words, a rank 10 ferocious beast.

Looking at the water monster, it might be an octopus like water monster.

It's quite possible...

Everyone was speculating and expressed their views.

Zi Chen's group of three did not speak.

What about you? What do you think? Su Mengyao was looking at Zi Chen. The others also looked at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen pondered for a moment and said, I believe it's different from what you guys think. Zhao Cong's strength was strong. If it was a normal rank 10 ferocious beast, he could definitely kill it but did you notice, when he clashed the second time with the water monster, he already spit out blood and was seriously injured. Obviously, the strength of the water monster is very strong, I think it should be at the Xiantian Realm.

What? The Xiantian Realm? How is this possible? Isn't the limit this place can accommodate is only the peak of the tenth layer of True Qi? The crowd was startled.

That is for outsiders, who can be ascertained that there cannot be any existences at the Xiantian Realm here? Zi Chen said. In fact, there was something he didn't say. That is, if there're enough spirit medicines, he can break through to the Xiantian Realm.

This.... The crowd was dumbfounded and fell into silence as they were pondering about Zi Chen's words.

Moreover, I believe that water monster is not an octopus, it's whole body was covered with scales, it is more like the tail of a snake. Of course, I'm only guessing, I'm not sure about it either. Zi Chen added.

The tail of a snake, if that's really the case then how long is that snake? Several hundred meters? Is there such a long snake? I still think that it is an octopus.

That's right, the possibility of it being an octopus is higher.

The look on the crowd's faces was that of shock and uncertainty. Even after some discussion, they did not make any substantial progress, they could only continue to stay here.

Miao Kong maintained his silence, he was lost in thought and did not participate in the discussion. Zhang Haotian temperament was cool, discussing issues was not his character.

How come you didn't speak? What are your views? Zi Chen was looking at Miao Kong. Miao Kong was not a man of many words but his observation was absolutely sharp, his mind is usually always clear.

Miao Kong's gaze was directed at the Zhan Wu Sect, There are dozens of disciples gathered there. If divided by strength, Ling Wu Sect's side is the weakest and if divided according to the number of people, Zhan Wu Sect's people has the least. I am thinking that the 1000 year old spirit medicine is such an attractive thing, everyone knew about it. How come Ling Chen doesn't know and did not come.

Xie Qiu also did not come. Miao Kong said, All of this is not unusual but even Ling Fei did not come.

Miao Kong had not seen Ling Fei before but he had heard Zi Chen mention this pompous youth. Wherever he appeared, he would definitely attract much attention.

That's right! Miao Kong's words immediately awakened the crowd, just like they were being enlightened.

Zi Chen's eyes lit up, and he said, Do you think that this is a trap?

I cannot guarantee this, but I always felt that something isn't right. Right, senior sister, who gave you this news? Was it a disciple of Zhan Wu Sect?

That's right. It was a Zhan Wu Sect disciple. Lin Xue took a step forward and said.

It is the same for us. Moreover, the first sentence the other party said was about the 1000 year old spirit medicine. I suspect that this is a trap by the Zhan Wu Sect. Miao Kong said.

But the spirit medicine is really here, where is the trap? Don't tell me those Zhan Wu Sect disciples want to fish in troubled water and reap the profits?

The crowd became confused once more.

Previously, Ling Chen was occupied with an important matter. After he had severely injured me, he left in a hurry and this time, he also did not appear. Has that matter surpassed the enticement of the 1000 year old spirit medicine? The rarely spoken Zhang Haotian said.

Even so, this Ling Fei should also appear. Zi Chen said, This should be a scheme.

But using a 1000 year old spirit medicine for a scheme, what are their goals? Let the water monster kill us? As long as we do not enter the water then we should be fine. Or do they want to fish in troubled water? Will they suddenly appear when we are fighting with the water monster?

Everyone was puzzled.

At this time, footsteps were heard. Everyone turned their heads and saw three youths come over.

It's the disciples of Black Tortoise Sect, Mu Yi and Liang Guang, the strongest experts of Black Tortoise Sect. Some people nearby whispered.

Zi Chen and the rest were alerty looking at the three uninvited guests.

Zhao Cong had just died, Mu Yi and the rest's mood was not good, their expressions were somewhat gloomy. After they saw Zi Chen and the other's alert looks from afar, they cupped their fists first.

Fellow junior brothers, I am Black Tortoise Sect's Mu Yi. We mean no harm, we only come to discuss a few things about the water monster with you guys. Mu Yi said. His voice was gentle, causing Zi Chen and the others to lessen their alertness.

This is Liang Guang, this is our junior brother Lu Peng. Mu Yi went forward and introduced them one by one.

I am Zi Chen.

Zhang Haotian

Miao Kong greets senior brother.

Su Mengyao

Lin Xue.

They introduced themselves and the tense atmosphere eased down.

Junior brother Zi Chen, I've heard many things about you. Recently, your and Zhang Haotian's reputation has already surpassed us by far. Praised Mu Yi.

Senior brother overpraised me, the rumors cannot be trusted. Zi Chen said with a faint smile.

No, we did not only hear about the rumor but we saw the facts. Mu Yi said, On that day, we followed Xu Yan and went to that mountain valley, we also saw the nine seeds that had died. Junior brother Zi Chen's wisdom and character has amazed us.

You and Xu Yan are one group? Zi Chen's look changed, there was a cold light in his eyes, Zhang Haotian was even more direct, there was already killing intent in his cold look.

Senior brother, do not misunderstand. On that day, Xu Yan came looking for us. We only wanted to see senior brother's demeanor but unfortunately we weren't able to see senior brother. But when we saw that senior brother had actually buried the corpses of your enemies, we were also filled with admiration. Lu Peng smiled faintly and explained.

What about Xu Yan?

Lu Peng shook his head and said: I do not know. On that day, after he saw the ferocious beast scavenge the corpses, he became insane. He savagely tore the ferocious beast to shreds and ran away.

Zi Chen's expression eased up.

What does senior brother think of this water monster? Lu Peng asked.

It's kinda awkward if you address me as senior brother. Just call me Zi Chen. Zi Chen said, I suspect that this water monster is at the Xiantian Realm. It might be a giant snake but some people also said that it is an octopus, the thing that dealt with Zhao Cong before was like a tentacle.

You also speculated that it is a Xiantian Realm giant snake? Lu Peng's eyes lit up.

Zi Chen nodded and said, It is only a guess, I don't dare to jump into any conclusions yet.

Do you have any solution?

There are currently no solutions. Only if... After hesitating for a moment, Zi Chen said, Only if all of us enter the water and by sacrificing some lives, we can kill the water monster.

This was a stupid way, but this was also the only way. Zhao Cong died after only a few exchanges. Zi Chen did not think that he was much stronger than Zhao Cong, therefore, it was impossible to proceed alone.

Lu Peng nodded and said, This is indeed a way. But the lives of so many people for one 1000 year old spirit medicine, it doesn't seem worthwhile. Moreover, not everyone is willing to go.

Although the amount of people here were numerous, everyone had their own thoughts. It was simply impossible to unify and command all of them. Most people only came here to join the fun.

It seems like we're not fated with this 1000 year old spirit medicine. Lu Peng sighed. The others' faces were also filled with disappointment.

Unfortunately, this is a water monster. If it was on land, there might have been some chance. Zi Chen also sighed.

The 1000 year old spirit medicines was a great thing but they are unable to obtain it.

Zi Chen pondered for some time, in the end he said, We previously speculated that this matter could be Ling Chen's plot but we still can't completely understand why he would do it.

After pondering over and over, Zi Chen finally told the truth. If this was really a trap then both sides could definitely form an alliance.

Lu Peng, Mu Yi and Liang Guang frowned. Their eyes looked at Zhan Wu Sect's side, there were merely two experts at the tenth layer of True Qi and the amount of disciples was not many.

If this really is a trap, there's bound to be more. We might as well withdraw from here first. Lu Peng suggested.

That's right, we will withdraw first and see whether this is a trap. Zi Chen and the rest also nodded.

I will gather the people. Mu Yi turned away and left.

However, at this time, a tyrannical aura suddenly emerged from the valley entrance. A terrifying Xiantian pressure made everyone's looks change greatly.

Not good, this is a Xiantian Realm demonic beast. Why is there a Xiantian Realm demonic beast here?

Above rank 10 fierce beasts are the demonic beasts.

The tyrannical pressure caused the heaven and earth spirit qi in the valley to become chaotic. A vicious killing intent filled the entire valley.

Could this be Ling Chen's trap? He wants to kill us?

In front of them, there was a Xiantian demonic beast, in the back there was a giant lake and that place was even more dangerous. They had no way to retreat, some people guessed that this was the trap of Zhan Wu Sect.

So vicious. He does not even hesitate to kill his own fellow disciples.

At this moment, everyone firmly believed that this was Zhan Wu Sect's scheme. At this time, a thick smell of blood appeared from the valley entrance. After that, a figure rushed quickly towards the valley, hundreds of meters of distance was crossed with a single step.

The creature's hair was dishevelled, his eyes were ice-cold. The aura of his body was extremely tyrannical, this was a pressure belonging to the Xiantian Realm.

It is not a demonic beast, it is a human. Someone has actually broken through to the Xiantian Realm.

When they saw that the one who came was a human, some cultivators felt relieved. But after Zi Chen saw that person's figure, a look of amazement appeared on his face.