Thunder Martial Chapter 58 - Water Spirit Flower

I knew that you would definitely come. Lin Xue wore a spotless white dress, she was tall and slender, elegant and refined. As she lunged forward, a burst of fragrant wind blew. She had lunged herself into Zi Chen's chest, she was very happy.

How come you're here? Zi Chen was very surprised when he saw Lin Xue.

We came because we heard that news, there are a lot of other people that also came here.

They embraced each other and didn't let go for a very long time until the nearby Miao Kong lightly coughed.

They separated and they had a slightly embarrassed expression. Zi Chen pulled Lin Xue along and said, I will introduce you guys, this is Zhan Wu Sect's Zhang Haotian, and this is Lin Xue.

I know you. Recently, your matters have spread far and wide, you're really amazing. Lin Xue smiled sweetly and revealed a small dimple. Zhang Haotian nodded, he squeezed out a smile on his indifferent and said, Zi Chen also talked about you frequently.

Really? he mentioned me frequently? Lin Xue's eyes lit up.

Zhang Haotian was very cool tempered but previously, he cracked a joke, and today, he lied due to courtesy. Miao Kong giggled hearing that. Zhang Haotian felt a little bit awkward, Zi Chen hurriedly said, Of course, I talked about you frequently.

What did you say about me? Lin Xue was smiling while she looked at Zi Chen.

Uh... I said that beauty and wisdom coexist within you. I said that you're just like a fairy that had descended to earth. I said that you are very gentle, beautiful and generous.. Zi Chen went against his conscience and continued to flatter non-stop.

He he. Zi Chen, you are very good, I'm actually so perfect in your heart. Lin Xue lunged happily into Zi Chen's again.


After they had chatted for some time, they finally walked towards the valley.

Senior sister is already inside. There is indeed a 1000 year old spirit medicine here but it is very difficult to obtain it. Recently, many people died trying. Lin Xue said while she walked.

What? There's really a 1000 year old spirit medicine? Zi Chen was startled. Originally, he did not harbor any hope of it existing. He did not actually think that this matter was real.

Yes, you will know when you go in. Lin Xue nodded.

They walked towards the valley. This valley was very big and very deep, it was surrounded by steep mountain walls. It was even bigger than the valley where Zi Chen had ambushed the ten seeds, that one was also very steep.

The three of them looked up at the same time, they were secretly thinking the same thing: If some people attacked from the summit, they will be able to kill many people.

They entered the valley, there were a lot of figures inside, many people had already gathered. From a rough look, there were several hundreds of people in here. Moreover, after they entered the valley, a moist breeze blew past, this breeze was also mixed with the thick smell of blood.

You came.

Su Mengyao was wearing a white dress, her posture was graceful. She is standing together with several other female disciples. She is an existence that attracts numerous gazes wherever she goes. All around, dozens of Ling Wu Sect disciples that had gathered together had been intentionally or unintentionally gazing at Su Mengyao, they only looked away when they saw some people arrive. When Zi Chen came in, he captured the attention of everyone in an instant. Everyonethat knew Zi Chen, their pupils dilated.

The matter of the 1000 year spirit medicine had alarmed many experts. The experts at the tenth layer of True Qi of Black Tortoise Sect and Zhan Wu Sect had come but there was not a single tenth layer of True Qi expert from Ling Wu Sect. The rumor that said that Zi Chen had annihilated the ten seeds was apparently not groundless.

Therefore, the crowd felt dreadful towards Zi Chen. There were also some people that speculated about his strength.

Many people had come from the three sects. At this moment, they formed three groups. Among them, the experts from the Black Tortoise Sect were the most, Mu Yi and the rest had all arrived. Followed by the Zhan Wu Sect, there were only a few existences of the tenth layer of True Qi among them, there was no trace of Ling Chen and the others. The Ling Wu Sect was the worst.

Zi Chen's arrival had captured their attention, including some who had been robbed before, they also recognized Zi Chen.

He is Zi Chen. The one whose rumours had spread like wildfire recently. He had also robbed me before.

Next to him is Zhang Haotian, the disciple of Zhan Wu Sect. He was able to defeat a tenth layer of True Qi when he was only at the eight layer of True Qi, he is definitely a genius.

So they are the ones that killed Zhen Hua and the rest? Including the ten seeds?

It seems like the rumor was true. These two's strength is terrifying. They also arrived together right now, it is obvious that they are allies.

Both of them were in the limelight and they completely covered Miao Kong. Therefore, when the three of them arrived, Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian became the object of discussion and Miao Kong with his undistinguished appearance was ignored.

However, he was already used to it and did not care at all.

Zi Chen, you are a celebrity. They are talking about you everywhere. Su Mengyao's chuckle immediately attracted a lot of envious eyes. Under the lead of Lin Xue, Zi Chen and the others went directly towards Su Mengyao.

Senior sister overpraises me. Zi Chen also smiled.

Not long ago, he still had to be respectful to her not long ago, but after a few months, when Zi Chen met Su Mengyao again, he did not have the reservedness like before anymore, instead, he was very cool.

Yeah, you are not the weak little junior brother of that time anymore, you are now able to kill a tenth layer of True Qi expert. You're also an expert now, don't address me as senior sister anymore, you can just call me my name or Mengyao. Su Mengyao cracked a smile, just like a hundred flowers in full bloom, the surrounding cool breeze seemed to be heating up. It had once again attracted innumerable envious eyes.

well... all right. Zi Chen first looked at Lin Xue carefully, when he saw that Lin Xue didn't appear to be angry at all, Zi Chen then nodded.

Su Mengyao saw Zi Chen's action, she only smiled and didn't speak. Lin Xue also saw that, she felt very happy in her heart.

Meng Yao, where is the 1000 year old spirit medicine at? The moment Zi Chen uttered Mengyao, a sour feeling appeared in Lin Xue's happy heart suddenly, but she hid it very well.

Over there. Su Mengyao pointed in a direction with her jade like finger.

Zi Chen then discovered that in the depths of the valley, there was a big lake that is dozens of miles wide. Moreover, at the end of his view, which was at the center of the lake, there was a protruding rock. On the rock, there was a dazzling spirit flower, it was shining and dazzled the eyes.

That is... When he saw that spirit flower, Zi Chen was stunned, at the same time, the name of a very famous flower appeared in his mind, the water spirit flower.

Rumor has it that this flower grew due to the coincidence of a mutation of a rock and water. This flower could be counted as a very precious spirit medicine. Moreover, it blossomed after 1000 years and lasted for 1000 years. The entire flower was just like a water spirit, it was in a transparent state and under the shine of sunlight, it emitted a radiant light

That's right, it's exactly the water spirit flower. Moreover, in our observation, there are signs of the flower weakening, it's age should be over 15000 years.

This number flabbergasted Zi Chen, he didn't expect to actually see a 1500 years old spirit medicine in this kind of place.

The distance of the flower from this place was over ten miles. This distance might be a bit far but it could definitely not deter these cultivators. But at this moment, more than a hundred people were only looking at it and nobody was heading towards it, there was obviously something wrong.

Is there a fierce beast in the water? Zi Chen asked.

Yes! Su Mengyao nodded and said, Recently, dozens of people have died, they all disappeared in the whirlpool that suddenly appeared several miles away, they never came up again.

Zhang Haotian and Miao Kong were listening quietly, there was a look of surprise in Zi Chen's eyes, Nobody saw what kind of fierce beast it is?

Nobody saw it but people guessed that it is a water monster. Su Mengyao said.

This explanation was the same as having no explanation at all, the monster in the water being a water monster was fairly obvious and in the ancient records of the sects, there was also no description of its appearance.

Seeming to have guessed Zi Chen's mind, Su Mengyao said, Currently, there's only this little bit of information because in this lake, besides the whirlpool, there had been no other things happening.

Zi Chen went forward, Zhang Haotian and the others followed behind. In front of the lake, he saw that in the clear lake water, there were fishes swimming around.

There are fishes in the lake and the water is clear, how come they were unable to discover the thing in the water? Zi Chen frowned

However, at this time, a shout was heard.

This sound came from the Black Tortoise Sect side. They saw a disciple of the Black Tortoise Sect assembling a wooden raft swiftly and put it in the lake.

They are going to test the lake again.

The eyes of the crowd all gathered on the blue-clothed youth, they saw him leap on the wooden raft. He paddled with the bamboo pole in his hand and the wood raft started to move forward.

He is Zhao Cong, one of the Black Tortoise Sect's famous experts. It is said that he is only second to Mu Yi and Liang Guang, he is ranked third based on his battle strength in the inner sect.

The Black Tortoise Sect has sent out Zhao Cong, apparently, they want to find out what's in the lake.

Zhao Cong made a move. It seems like the Black Tortoise Sect is determined to get the spirit water flower.

Under the sound of the discussion from the crowd, Zhao Cong had advanced for two miles. Zi Chen and the others' eyes were focused on Zhao Cong, at the same time, the several hundred pairs of eyes were also watching Zhao Cong.

You must succeed.... Mu Yi and the rest were clenching their fists, their eyes were filled with hope.

Moving with the wind, the speed of the wooden raft was very fast. As Zhao Cong paddled gently, he travelled another several miles.

He changed the direction, it seems like he noticed that there is something strange at that place. When she saw Zhao Cong moving directions, Su Mengyao explained.

The crowd was quietly watching, when Zhao Cong was ten miles away, a giant wave suddenly appeared on the calm lake. The endless lake water started to become turbulent, followed by the appearance of a giant whirlpool.

Changing the direction is not enough. A light flashed through Lu Peng's eyes and he shouted towards Zhao Cong, Quickly get away from there

When he heard this shout, Zhao Cong instantly circulated his qi. As his feet moved, his figure was just like a cannon ball as he leapt upwards all of a sudden, he flew up several tens of meters high.


At this time, the whirlpool become larger and when the wooden raft entered the whirlpool, it was instantly broke into pieces.

Something is not right. Before, the wooden raft sank to the lake bottom directly, why did it break into pieces this time? Some people cried out in alarm when they discovered the problem.

However, at this time, a loud explosion occurred, followed by a thing that was tens of meters high, with the width of a bucket and covered with scales. It appeared from the whirlpool suddenly and went straight towards Zhao Cong that was in mid-air.

This is the first time the crowd saw the appearance of the water monster, all of them cried out in alarm.

Zhao Cong, quickly dodge it! A yell resounded from the Black Tortoise Sect's side, but obviously, it was redundant.

Zhao Cong was in mid-air, there was nothing to leverage, how would he dodge it? When he saw this scale-covered thing appear, he let out a shout and clenched his fists tightly as he fell downwards. He was covered by his tenth layer True Qi and his powerful martial technique appeared.


Both sides clashed, in an instant, the boundless energy exploded in the air.