Thunder Martial Chapter 57 - Heading Towards The Valley





As the Thousand Illusory Palms fell, a sound of air bursting rang. The dantians of the previously arrogant Zhan Wu Sect disciples were instantly crippled under Lin Xue's swift and fierce attacks.

Their pitiful cries rang unceasingly. This time, their cries were followed by a sense of despair, their dantian was crippled, it's not an easy task to restore it. In this world, not everyone was like Zi Chen, not everyone's luck was as good as his.

These people were crippled and had turned into a disabled person, they might as well be better dead than keep on living in this condition.

They cried out pitifully, their wails were sad and shrill. They were full of regret but their hatred towards Lin Xue was even greater.

You... you actually crippled them? Chen Chong was dumbfounded. The lustful look in his eyes had long disappeared. He never imagined that the girls were actually so ruthless. Lin Xue's attack speed was so fast that under his slight carelessness, all of his subordinates were completely crippled.

Of course, you will also be like them soon, no need to be shocked. Lin Xue coldy replied. She stepped back and stood behind Su Mengyao, it was now Su Mengyao's turn to attack. Lin Xue could deal with the average people but she couldn't cope with those at the tenth layer of True Qi.

I'm going to kill you.

Chen Chong was furious. He roared and his figure rushed forward. His tenth layer of True Qi power started to surge, both of his hands assumed a claw shape, his fingers were covered by qi. With a terrifying force, he grasped towards Lin Xue.

Rank one martial technique, the Eagle Claw.

However, he hadn't even come near Lin Xue yet when he felt a strong and fierce wind appear and then a white snake blocked him. After a Pah! sound, the white snake stood in front of Chen Chong, it went straight towards his eye, it's speed was extremely fast, as fast as lightning.

The white snake pierced through the air, it issued an ear-piercing sound. Chen Chong's look changed greatly, he felt like he had hit a steel board. Both of his claws danced in the air, he changed from attack into defense, he blocked his front. Waves of True Qi surrounded him and the immense energy surged.

The white snake was about to clash with the claws in a moment but suddenly, the snake's body whipped in the air. It had bypassed both the claws nimbly and then it struck Chen Chong's chest.

Xiantian martial technique, the Spirit Snake Dance. Naturally, it was not that easy to block it.


A crisp sound appeared, the white snake had struck Chen Chong's chest. The protecting True Qi that covered him was shattered in an instant. A long gash appeared on his chest, in addition, there were two bloody holes. After that, Chen Chong's body was blown back. Chen Chong was defeated by a single strike.

Both of Chen Chong's feet landed on the ground, he was finally able to stand firm after he had retreated for 7-8 meters. He felt a burning sense of pain in his chest, while in his abdomen, he felt his blood churn. He couldn't help but vomit out a mouthful of blood.

You... Chen Chong looked at Su Mengyao with an aghast expression. At this time, the strength of the ninth layer of True Qi was surging from Su Mengyao's body.

The other disciples had stopped wailing. They stared at Su Mengyao with a look of horror, they never imagined that this pretty-looking woman was actually so powerful. Even the tenth layer of True Qi Chen Chong was defeated with a single blow.

Speak. What's this about the thousand years spirit medicine? Su Mengyao's hand was holding a white long whip, the end of the long whip looked like the tail of a spirit snake, while the head part looked like the mouth of a spirit snake. The long whip was dancing in the air at the moment, as if it were sentient, just like a living spirit snake.

The thousand years spirit medicine is at the depth of the valley ahead. I found out about it accidentally... Su Mengyao's fierce attack had indeed frightened Chen Chong. He said all the information about the thousand years spirit medicine in detail. But secretly, he hated the girls thoroughly, he was thinking of how to trap them.

Hmph. Just wait, when you are about to die, I will certainly play with you. Even if you die, I will still not let you off.

This was a trap in the first place, Chen Chong had no reason for not telling them. While he humbly said the 'truth', he was also secretly making his own vicious plan.

Hmph. You are quite sensible... Su Mengyao snorted lightly. Her voice was pleasant but very cold, this made Chen Chong's heart tremble. Then he saw the dancing spirit snake move towards him once more.

I've told you everything but you still want to harm me? Chen Chong was frightened, his feet moved and he quickly retreated.

However, his speed was incomparable to the speed of the spirit snake and he was soon caught. Chen Chong's complexion changed drastically. His Eagle Claw appeared again, waves of True Qi covered his fingers. With the speed of an eagle, his claws aimed at the spirit snake's body but the spirit snake was too fast and its body was too slick, before the claws could touch it, it had already struck Chen Chong's lower abdomen.


After a crisp sound, the True Qi that was protecting his body dissipated. After that, another air bursting sound resounded. The tenth layer of True Qi Chen Chong's dantian was destroyed by Su Mengyao and henceforth, he became a disabled person.

I won't kill you but I don't believe you to be suitable for cultivation. Su Meng Yao retracted her spirit snake whip, she turned around and left with Lin Xue.

In the future, just learn to be an ordinary good person. Lin Xue stuck out her tongue to the several despairing people and left.


Zi Chen, you really are a bottomless pit. You swallowed so many spirit medicine but you haven't broken through yet? Although he already knew about Zi Chen's situation but when he saw Zi Chen having swallowed no less than ten 500 years spirit medicines along the way and still not having broken through to the ninth layer of True Qi, Zhang Haotian was dumbfounded.

Zi Chen smiled bitterly and said, No, currently I'm only at the middle stage of the eighth layer.

You... Zhang Haotian was speechless.

Miao Kong that was next to them sighed, Ai. At this rate, if you want to make a breakthrough, you will have to get several 1000 year old spirit medicines.

1000 year old spirit medicine; would this Spirit Medicine Garden have it? Not to mention, several of them. I'm afraid none of them exist.

That is not necessarily true. This place is very mystical, if we went deeper, we might be able to find it but unfortunately, we only have six months of time. We won't be able to reach the deep parts Miao Kong sighed.

Since there are so many spirit medicines here, even 1000 year old spirit medicines are also here. Why didn't they send out more experts to give us more time? Zi Chen said puzzledly.

I know a little about this. Every time the Spirit Medicine Garden opens, there's a fixed amount of time. When the time arrives, it will close automatically. As for the experts, the limit of strength this place can hold is the tenth layer of True Qi. Zhang Haotian said.

Really that strange?

It's very strange indeed. Even the elders at the Zhen Yuan Realm were unable to explain it.

The three were chatting while they travelled. At the same time, they were also searching for spirit medicines. Suddenly, the eyes of the three flashed as they looked at a giant tree next to them.

Who is it? Come out! Zhang Haotian shouted coldly.

As his words fell, Zhang Haotian didn't even wait for the other party to reply. His figure flickered, he dashed forward, a moment later, he came out while clutching a youth's collar.


After throwing him on the ground, the other three then looked at him coldly.

Why were you hiding in there? Did Ling Chen ask you to come? Zhang Haotian asked coldly. He already saw through that the youth was a Zhan Wu Sect disciple.

No, no. I'm not This young disciple hurriedly said, Senior brother Zhang, don't misunderstand, I was going to find my friends to go look for that 1000 year old spirit medicine together. When I saw you from afar, I was scared.... so I hid.

The youth's explanation was very reasonable. These days, Zhang Haotian had already killed countless of his fellow disciples, causing everybody to be afraid so this was very normal.

They had no doubts about this explanation but they were actually interested in the words of this youth.

1000 year old spirit medicine, there was a 1000 year old spirit medicine here? Miao Kong asked.

Yes, in the depths of a valley, the news was spread recently. It was said that many disciples had died. I do not dare to go alone. The young disciple's voice panicky.

The trio also asked a few more questions until they were clear of the whole thing.

Good, scram. Zhang Haotian coldy said. The young disciple felt like he had been granted amnesty. He was about to leave but was stopped by Zhang Haotian.

What's wrong, you don't know the rules? Zhang Haotian stared at him.

Ah, senior brother Zhang, what rule? The youth was startled, he didn't even dare to move his finger.

Your bag and contribution points. You want to go away just like that? Zhang Haotian mocked.

Ah...! The face of the youth sank in an instant but when he met Zhang Haotian's fierce and sharp gaze, he had no other choice but to obey. Without any other option, he could only take out his token and hand over his bag and hurriedly left.

Hmph. I'm waiting for you to die soon. After he was several miles away, the expression of the youth turned cold in an instant.

Zhan Wu Sect's scheme this time, even if it was a disciple of Zhan Wu Sect, the ones who knew about this were also not many. All of the people who participated in this matter were Ling Chen's trusted confidants, Zhang Haotian had an enmity with Ling Chen, it was very normal for him to not know anything about this matter.

A 500 hundred years spirit medicine, not bad. When he opened the bag, he saw a 500 years spirit medicine so Zi Chen nodded satisfiedly. The following spirit medicines were 100-200 years, Zi Chen somewhat disdained them.

About the 1000 year old spirit medicine, how do you see it? Miao Kong asked as Zi Chen swallowed these spirit medicines one after another.

We can go and have a look, it's better to believe it. Said Zhang Haotian.

Zi Chen also nodded.

These three people can be said to be bold due to their strength, they didn't even care about those at the peak of the True Qi Realm. What danger could there be here?

Okay, we will leave when Zi Chen has finished refining the spirit medicines. Said Miao Kong.

No need. Zi Chen had swallowed all of the spirit medicines, he waved his hand and said, Let's go now, I will refine them while we travel.

After that, he did not give any thought about their twitching expression. He turned away and went straight ahead.

Monster! both of them mumbled and followed.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen had spread this news to everyone that didn't know about this matter. If someone could stand on the sky of Spirit Medicine Garden at this moment, they could see that everyone was moving in one direction,and that place was a giant mountain valley. Deep in the valley, there was an extremely large lake.

Among them, there was a figure that was the furthest away but his speed was actually the fastest. Every time he passed someone, he would be like a ferocious beast and bite that person to death, even the disciples of Ling Wu Sect weren't spared.

Although Xu Yan's mind had restored when his strength made a breakthrough but when he was angry, he still lost his reason and became a half human half beast monster and this beast would burst out. When he saw a male cultivator, he would bite him to death directly, if he saw a female cultivator, he would rape her first,and then bite her to death. In short, he would not leave any survivors.

Several days later, Zi Chen's group of three finally arrived outside that mountain valley where the 1000 year old spirit medicine was at. Currently, there were a lot of figures in the mountain valley. A lot of people had already gathered.

Zi Chen. Suddenly, a pleasantly surprised voice came from the valley, followed by a white figure quickly heading towards him.