Thunder Martial Chapter 56 - Xu Yan's Breakthrough

There was an extremely rich amount of pure True Qi In Xu Yan's dantian since he had swallowed numerous spirit medicines and every time this happened, his cultivation technique would operate on its own and lead the spirit medicine energy into his dantian, therefore the True Qi in his dantian was no longer pure.

There was a strong and fierce diverse energy gathered in his dantian, the True Qi had reached a limit before and it was now undergoing a transformation. The True Qi of the peak of the tenth layer was transforming under this lucky coincidence, it was transforming into the xiantian True Qi that Xu Yan had been dreaming off.

Xu Yan broke through.

The diverse True Qi in his dantian underwent qualitative changes as well as quantitative changes. It was gradually transforming from diverse into pure True Qi, at the same time, Xu Yan's savage aura was being restrained slowly.

After a long time, the aura belonging to a Xiantian cultivator was exuding from Xu Yan's body. At this moment, Xu Yan finally broke through. He became the first person in history that was able to break through to the Xiantian Realm in Spirit Medicine Garden.

Why am I here? After he made a breakthrough, Xu Yan also sobered up. When he saw that he was lying on the ground and his whole body was covered in dirt, he couldn't believe it.

Didn't I go to kill Zi Chen? Xu Yan was puzzled, but shortly after, some memories flashed in his mind; there were giant boulders rolling down from the top of the valley, the scene of when the tenth seed got smashed to death and also the time when Lin Yu and the rest strived for a slim chance of survival for him. Scenes after scenes flashed through his mind, there were familiar ones and unfamiliar one, there were Ling Chen and the others, Mu Yi and others, there were Zi Chen and Zhang haotian, finally all memories stopped at the scene where the fierce beast was eating the corpses.

The black wind panther's mouth was filled with meat and residue and under it was a half of a corpse and beside it was the deceased Lin Yu.

Second brother, third brother... My brothers! Tears fell from Xu Yan's eyes. After he broke through to the Xiantian Realm, he awakened, he also knew what had happened in between; he had bitten fierce beasts and humans alike to death, swallowed the spirit medicine here and finally broke through by coincidence.

Zi Chen, Zhang Haotian, I will absolutely kill you. I will bite you to death while you're still alive. Xu Yan was covered with tears but he suddenly laughed, his mouth opened and revealed his blood red teeth, extremely ferocious.

At this time, there was movement in the forest suddenly. Xu Yan was now at the Xiantian realm and could hear that these were the footsteps of a human.


His body flickered and he disappeared from where he was, the next moment, he was already a hundred meters away. His figure flickered several times and he disappeared from that forest area.

Several hundred meters away, a youth was looking at Xu Yan that had appeared suddenly with an aghast look, there was fear in his eyes.

Speak. Which sect are you from? Xu Yan asked coolly while staring at the youth.

That indifferent expression and the pressure from that tyrannical aura, made it hard for the youth to breathe, both of his legs were trembling, he was very frightened.

The youth knelt down all of a sudden and begged, I beg senior brother to not kill me, I am a Zhan Wu Sect disciple, I am willing to trade my life with the news of a thousand year old spirit medicine.

After he finished saying that, the youth then kowtowed unceasingly.

Zhan Wu Sect? There was a cold light in Xu Yan's eyes, when he remembered the cold expression of Ling Chen that day, a killing intent appeared in his heart but he was also quite curious about the thousand years spirit medicine the youth mouth mentioned.

Speak. What is is about? Xu Yan's black eyes had already turned into a red colour, this was an indication that he was going to kill someone.

In the depths of the Spirit Medicine Garden, in a giant valley, there's a thousand year old spirit medicine. I also only heard this from others but it was said that the news is pretty accurate. It is guarded by a formidable fierce beast, many people have died.

Do you know the direction?

I know. Just go straight from here. The youth pointed at a direction.

Very good. Both of Xu Yan's eyes changed to a red colour completely, he had lost his reason. Just like a fierce beast, he pounced towards the youth, he bit through his throat with his mouth.

Although he had sobered up after he made the breakthrough but when he is angry, he would still lose his reason.


In another forest, there were two beautiful figures walking. They were dressed in white, their looks were stunningly beautiful, their posture was graceful. In this Spirit Medicine Garden, where fierce beasts appeared frequently, they were actually walking leisurely as if they were in their own garden.

These two people are the two beauties of Ling Wu Sect, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue.

Senior sister, do you think that this rumour is true?

These days, while they were looking for spirit medicines, they also met many disciples from their sect and heard many stories and most of them were regarding Zi Chen.

Talking about who was the most famous in the Spirit Medicine Garden right now. It was not those most powerful experts but it was Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian.

Both of them joined forces and killed Zheng Hua and the other three people; when this news was spread, it became already quite shocking. However, the most shocking thing was the news that had just spread recently, Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian worked together and killed nine seeds of Ling Wu Sect's ten seeds. Beside the number one disciple, Xu Yan, the other nine were all dead.

Once this news spread, all the cultivators in the Spirit Medicine Garden were all in an uproar. Some had admiration, some were questioning it, some people also cursed out Zi Chen for actually colluding with an outsider and killing his own fellow disciples.

But no matter whether it was admiration or cursing, in short, the reputation of Zi Chen was very high right now.

This is hard to say but since everyone is saying it, then it certainly won't be a groundless rumor. Su Mengyao wore a spotless white dress and a pair of delicate small boots. She was holding her slender, delicate, and small waist gracefully, there was a faint smile on her peerless face.

Then, you also believe it? Lin Xue jumped up happily, she was perhaps the happiest person when she heard the news of Zi Chen becoming stronger being spread.

Look at your happy expression, you're a girl yet you don't know how to act reserved. Su Mengyao smiled as she stretched out her exuberant and jade-like finger and touched Lin Xue's forehead.

I'm just happy. Said Lin Xue with a smile, I want to see Zi Chen. I have reached the eighth layer of True Qi, the next time I see him, I can surprise him. I'd love to see his stunned look.

You... Su Mengyao chuckled. She was only a bit older than Lin Xue but she actually treated Lin Xue like her own younger sister, and doted on her.

Suddenly, Su Mengyao's smiling face stiffened and she looked at a certain direction in the forest. Her cold voice rang, Who is sneaking around? Why don't you show yourself?

Lin Xue was startled, she also looked over.

Ha ha. What a keen perception. I didn't expect that I could also see this kind of beauty here. A loud laughter rang in the forest, following that, several figures appeared.

This was a group of strangers. Su Mengyao and Lin Xue has not seen them before but they did not dare to be negligent because from the leading youth, the invisible aura that he emitted turned out to be at the tenth layer of True Qi.

Who are you? Su Mengyao stood in front of Lin Xue, she guarded her by putting her behind herself.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chen Chong. I am from the Zhan Wu Sect. Chen Chong chuckled. He made a movement which according to himself was graceful but a trace of obscenity in his eyes actually betrayed the demeanour he had painstakingly put on.

Beauties, you met our senior brother Chen Chong, why don't you come and greet him?

Meeting senior brother Chen Chong is your good luck, if you can serve senior brother well, perhaps he will bring you to look for that thousand years spirit medicine.

The two beauties are so charming, I think that senior brother is also very willing to bring you along.

Su Mengyao hadn't even spoken yet, but the cultivators that were following Chen Chong laughed loudly and started kissing his ass. The strength of these people was unclear but it shouldn't be very strong.

Hearing such words, Su Mengyao's beautiful face turned ashen, Lin Xue became very angry. She directly said, You people of Zhan Wu Sect are so uncultured. Each and everyone of you are just like dogs. If you want to flatter your senior brother, why don't you serve him yourself, I think that he will also be happy to be served by you.

Lin Xue was very beautiful, her speech was not very vulgar but her words were actually extremely malicious.

Her few words stunned the crowd directly. As for that senior brother Chen Chong, he seemed to be thinking of the scene of him being served by them. His stomach could not help but churn, becoming nauseated.

Su Mengyao who had an ashen look smiled when she saw this scene and Lin Xue was actually chuckling. She was looking at those people with contempt, her eyes were filled with disdain.

What a foul slut. You're actually so presumptuous. Senior brother, you don't need to make a move, we will seize them for you. Senior brother only needs to sit down and enjoy them later. One of the disciples was furious. After he shouted loudly, he rushed straight towards them.

At the same time, the others also rushed forward.

Little girl, you still have time to surrender and serve senior brother right now, otherwise, you will wish you could die.

That's right, we're telling you to serve senior brother alone. If you dare to resist, when senior brother is done, you will have to serve us too.

Ha ha. I will treat you well and make you taste the extreme pleasure of this world.

The disciples rushed over. Their mouths were saying filthy words while their hands were showing their formidable strength as they sent out waves of attacks.

Hmph. Utterly shameless. I think that it's better if you go and serve your senior brother yourselves. Go and blow his flower. Lin Xue snorted coldly. Although she was very pure, she absolutely was not the kind that knew nothing about the matters of men and women.

Her words were extremely malicious, it shocked but compared with Lin Xue's mouth, her attacks were even more vicious. As her feet moved, the Flowing Cloud Step appeared. At the same time, a palm shadow appeared in the sky, it was the rank two martial technique, Thousand Illusory Palms.

At first, there were only ten palm shadows and they soon became a hundred. When they rushed over, they has already turned into a thousand palm shadows. The Thousand Illusory Palms, thousands of palm shadows. It was obvious that she had comprehended its true essence.





These people were only at the seventh layer of True Qi and only one was at the eighth layer of True Qi. Against Lin Xue who had comprehended the true essence of her technique, they could only be abused. When the thousand palms fell down, they were directly blown away.

At the same time, blood spurted across the air. The several seventh layer of True Qi disciples were severely injured.

Hmph. What a bunch of incompetent guys. There was contempt in Lin Xue's eyes once again. As for Su Mengyao, she didn't even glance at these people.

Oh, I did not expect her to be so strong. Lin Xue's magnificent attacks made Chen Chong's eyes lit up, the obscene look in his eyes was even stronger now. Being able to conquer a beauty that was quite strong gave a certain sense of achievement.

Little slut. You dare to attack us, do you know who we are?

Ouch, the pain is killing me. You little slut, when senior brother is done with you, I must have you.

You stinking bitch. Your attacks were so ruthless. Ouch!

Several people were whining on the ground but there was Chen Chong here so they had nothing to fear.

Senior sister, these people are so hateful. They will only be a scourge if they were to remain in this world, we might as well kill them all Because of their insults, there was killing intent in Lin Xue's heart.

Su Mengyao shook her head and said hesitatingly, It's not good to kill people.

It could be seen that Su Mengyao was very kind. She was in a predicament at this moment and although she was very angry, it still seemed to be too excessive to her to kill them.

Then let's cripple them so they won't have the chance to do evil again. Suggested Lin Xue.

I'm okay with that one as long as you don't kill them. Su Mengyao nodded.

Then Lin Xue's figure flickered, she dashed towards those people that had just crawled up. The Thousand Illusory Palms appeared once more, this time, she struck towards their dantian.