Thunder Martial Chapter 55 - Thousand Year Old Spirit Medicine

Good, the warm up is over. I'm going to attack for real now. After the fierce battle, both of them stepped back. As Zi Chen's vision focused, he solemnly spoke.

'What? Didn't we fight seriously just now? Zhang Haotian was startled. He felt that his body was full of strength. Right now, the more he fought with Zi Chen, the better he felt. Moreover, there were signs that he could suppress Zi Chen, causing him to be very happy. However, he did not think that Zi Chen treated the fight beforehand as a warm up.

I already said that I want to practice the Streaming Light Sword to break through the bottleneck and comprehend its true essence. Therefore, the Streaming Light Sword is the main focus. Zi Chen smiled faintly. In his dantian, a silver lighting power reached his arm through his meridians, finally it gathered on his two fingers. His two fingers stabbed suddenly towards Zhang Haotian.

The Streaming Light Strike, just like a ray of light, it reached the limit of speed.

Zhang Haotian only saw a silver light flash when Zi Chen had already stabbed towards his forehead. He was startled and cried out, Zi Chen, are you for real? His body retreated back hurriedly.

Zi Chen did not speak, he approached swiftly and aimed at Zhang Haotian's forehead again.

Zi Chen.... fine, I will give you a good fight. Zhang Haotian could see a cold silver light coming from Zi Chen's eyes. Only then did he realize that Zi Chen was going to test his sword on him. After a loud roar, the ninth layer of True Qi power surged and the Heavenly Tyrant Fist had appeared.

A swift and fierce aura appeared from Zhang Haotian's body. At this moment, Zhang Haotian seemed as if he had turned into a great giant. A punch was unleashed with a howling wind and as his fist landed, it was just like a strike decimating the heaven and earth.

The true essence of Heavenly Tyrant Fist, Zhan Wu Sect's strongest rank one martial technique. Zhang Haotian had already comprehended it.


A fist collided against the sword beam and created a deafening explosion. Zi Chen's figure swayed, he felt a strong force gather on his body but this force was neutralized by his powerful physique.

As his body swayed, Zi Chen pulled out some strength again and sent out another strike.

The Streaming Light Strike.


Zhang Haotian lifted his fist and punched again. Suddenly, a strong wind burst out in the forest, the sword beam flashed. In Zi Chen's fingertips, there was a sharp sword intent.

The more the two fought, the fiercer they became. Zi Chen's strikes were also getting faster and faster.

In the distance, Miao Kong was dumbfounded. Is he really a monster?

In his eyes, every time Zi Chen used the Streaming Light Strike, he slowly merged with the sword, as if he and the sword was one entity. This was a transformation that occurred when someone comprehended the true essence.

But all of this was not the end point of Zi Chen. He had Zhang Haotian as a sparring partner so he wanted to reach the highest boundary of the Streaming Light Sword with a single push.

The merging of man and sword. His fingers were his sword. When he waved them around, he could unleash the most powerful strike.

Unknowingly, the Mystic Step had appeared under Zi Chen's feet. His figure was in an ethereal state. As his feet moved, he arrived at the left side and a sword stabbed out but then his feet moved again. This was a feint, the real attack was a sword strike from the right side.

Zhang Haotian was starting to lose gradually. He did not have an illusory movement technique like Zi Chen. At first, he was attacking aggressively, but he soon entered a state of defending passively. However, with his ninth layer of True Qi strength, coupled with his physique, he was not weak, he could still resist for some time.

This fight had been continuing for an hour

As the observer, Miao Kong's eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. He was looking at Zi Chen as if he was looking at a monster.

An hour before, Zi Chen still had not comprehended the true essence of that rank one sword technique. But after an hour, Zi Chen not only comprehended the true essence, when he attacked, he could also fuse it with the Flowing Cloud Step.

From being unproficient before, he became well versed in using it, and then closely integrated it without the slightest gap.

This was the fusion of a rank one martial technique. Miao Kong was shocked when he saw Zi Chen fuse the movement technique and the sword technique into one. Miao Kong seemed to see the fused Fierce Tiger Fist from before.

A true genius. Miao Kong sighed. In the end, Zi Chen was unable to fuse the rank one martial technique completely because Zhang Haotian was completely defeated. His True Qi had been exhausted and Zi Chen was also the same.

Huu, Huu. Enough, stop. You're simply perverted! Zhang haotian retreated back and leaned against a big tree. He was breathing heavily and did not continue to attack anymore, even if he were to be killed by Zi Chen the next moment.

Zi Chen stopped, there was some regret in his eyes, the fusion of the martial technique was only a single step away from completion. It's just that the True Qi in his body could not support him to continue anymore, he could only stopped regretfully.

Monster, what a monster. Miao Kong cried out strangely. Afterwards, he began to light up a fire to prepare food for both of them.

After eating, they went looking for spirit medicine. The three of them went deep through the forest, crossed over mountains and across rivers. The area of Spirit Medicine Garden was very big. As they went deeper, the number of the spirit medicine also increased and the quality also became better.

Zi Chen's group's harvest was not small but all of their harvest entered Zi Chen's stomach. He was just like a bottomless pit, he swallowed all of the spirit medicine that could be swallowed, even the 50 year old ones weren't spared.

The wind left its marks, and plucked feathers from each goose as it passed by.

That is, Zi Chen didn't even let a single spirit medicine slip by. Along the way, his pair of fists had already killed countless ferocious beasts, and the sword in his hand had also been tainted by lots of fresh blood.

Until Zi Chen's heart couldn't bear it anymore and he only seized the spirit medicine and no longer killed.

You are actually soft hearted. Miao Kong smiled faintly.

Along the way, the spirit medicine that Zi Chen had swallowed almost reached a hundred. If it was exchanged into contribution points, there would be several hundreds of them. That many spirit medicine had entered his stomach, but Zi Chen's strength was still at the early stage of the eighth layer of True Qi, his progress was not big.

No good. It seems like I have to find those spirit medicine that are over 500 years, otherwise there will be no effect. Zi Chen shook his head, he was very dissatisfied with his current progress.

Time passed and in the blink of an eye, one month passed by. Now, the Spirit Medicine Garden had been open for four months, there was more than one month left till it closed.

The Spirit Medicine Garden is about to close, we must pick up our speed.

In the Spirit Medicine Garden, there was a sufficient amount of heaven and earth spirit qi, numerous spirit medicines but the cultivation speed of Zi Chen was so slow. Once he leaves, by depending on his own bitter cultivation, he might need several years in order to break through to the ninth layer of True Qi.

The speed of the three became a lot faster.


Beside a deep valley, Ling Chen was standing on a giant boulder. He was looking at the direction of the valley, there was a look of expectation in his eyes.

He had began arranging for this matter the moment he arrived in the Spirit Medicine Garden. Four months had passed by and it finally arrived at the stage of completion. He was going to succeed soon but his heart was perturbed.

Ah! Suddenly a pitiful yell resounded from the valley, following after that were several more pitiful screams.

Ling Chen's expression changed slightly, he thought secretly in his mind, Please let there not be any mishap, otherwise, all of the effort will go down the drain.

As he was waiting anxiously, a figure flew out from the ravine. This was a youth, his speed was very quick and there was a frantic look in his eyes, the clothes on his body were tattered, he looked very distressed.

Xie Qiu, how is it? Ling Chen immediately asked when he saw Xie Qiu come out.

Three people died but everything is done. Xie Qiu calmed down after he had run out of the ravine.

Three people died! Ling Chen's heart sank, it must be known that the people that went in were at the tenth layer of True Qi and three of them had actually died.

Inform the others. They can begin now. Everything is in accordance with the plan. He didn't have enough time to grieve, the Spirit Medicine Garden was going to close soon, he needed to pick up the speed.

Yes, I will go right now. Xie Qiu left hurriedly.

Hmph, a 1500 years spirit medicine is enough to attract attention. Ling Chen snorted coldly as he looked at the ravine, and then he left.

Soon, this place will become a place packed with bones.

On this day, numerous Zhan Wu Sect disciples left hurriedly.

Hey, do you guys know that in the Spirit Medicine Garden, some people actually found a 1500 years spirit medicine?

Are you kidding me? A 1500 years spirit medicine, isn't that something that is useful even for those experts at the Xiantian realm?

On this day, the matter regarding a 1500 years spirit medicine spread all over the entire Spirit Medicine Garden.


The Spirit Medicine Garden had been open for four months, most of the cultivators here had given up on looking for spirit medicine but instead, they occupied an area and began robbing others.

The mortality rate of the three sects' cultivators increased greatly.

And in some places, it had become a death zone.

There was a piece of jungle not far from the place where Zi Chen killed the nine seeds. There used to be numerous ferocious beasts and also a lot of spirit medicines here, the human cultivators also appeared frequently here, however, in the recent month, the entire jungle was filled with a thick smell of blood.

Most of the fierce beasts here were bitten to death by a half man and half beast monster. Their flesh and blood were eaten raw and the numerous spirit medicine here were also swallowed by the monster forcefully.

This was a human but he was actually crawling on the ground and walked with his four limbs as if he was a ferocious beast. His clothes were completely stained with black bloodstains. A pair of eyes which should have been black were actually emitting an endless bloodthirsty red light. His whole body, from top to bottom, was filled with a savage aura.

This person was exactly the first seed of the ten seeds, Xu Yan. On that day, he was not able to endure the blow of his brothers having died and being eaten by a wild beast, causing him to become insane.

He became an existence of half human and half beast. All the fierce beasts in this piece of jungle were killed by him. All the human cultivators that had arrived here were also bitten to death by him. The present Xu Yan was a rank ten fierce beast that had lost its reason.

The strong bloody aura on his body terrified all the fierce beasts. The fierce beasts that were several miles away and could sense this bloodthirst had fled away immediately.

On this day, Xu Yan that was patrolling his territory had discovered a 600 years spirit medicine and the fierce beast that was supposed to be guarding this spirit medicine was actually missing.

He used both of his hands and feet as he pounced towards the spirit medicine. His red eye was sending out a strong yearning for bloodthirst. He lowered his head and exposed his blood red teeth and bit the spirit medicine. After chewing for several times, he then swallowed it completely.

These days, Xu Yan had swallowed a lot of spirit medicine. His body not having exploded was already a miracle.

But today, after swallowing this spirit medicine, Xu Yan was actually lying down on the ground, he began to roll back and forth. His mouth was sending out a beast-like growl, his body's blood vessels bulged and both of his eyes were staring into the sky. The corners of his mouth kept twitching, as if he was suffering from a great pain.

His body didn't explode from swallowing those spirit medicine but his brain seemed to be affected from the impact of those spirit medicine. The current Xu Yan did not know how to use his cultivation technique, he let the spirit qi from the spirit medicines flow randomly in his stomach.

He was in tremendous pain right now but he did not scream, he only kept sending out the wild beast-like growl.

In his body, the inexhaustible spirit qi was flowing in all directions. The spirit qi that was immersed in his meridians before, on this day; it was also driven out by this rich spirit qi. When it flowed in all directions carelessly, the cultivation technique that Xu Yan cultivated suddenly operated. Afterwards, this rich energy passed through his meridians and flowed towards his dantian.