Thunder Martial Chapter 52 - Borrowing

What's wrong? You don't want to? Seeing Ling Fei's hesitant look, the forced smile on Xu Yan's face disappeared. It became extremely dark, the aura around his body also became unstable.

Of course not. Ling Fei said awkwardly, It's just that my cousin is doing something important, he does not have the time to meet other people, even I can hardly see him.

Hmph, he doesn't even care about your life or death? Xu Yan said coldly.

Nine of his brothers had died so he decided to go all out, therefore he did not mind killing several people more.

What do you mean? Ling Fei's expression became very ugly while the others were also looking at Xu Yan cautiously but since all of them had heard about Xu Yan's reputable name, they did not dare to make a move. Thi peak tenth layer of True Qi expert could definitely kill them in seconds.

My meaning is very clear, if I can't see Ling Chen, you will also be unable to see tomorrow. Xu Yan said coldly.

Are you threatening me? Ling Fei stared at Xu Yan.

It is not a threat. The tenth layer of True Qi deadly aura gushed out, there was also killing intent in Xu Yan's eyes.

Their gaze met and eventually, Ling Fei was unable to withstand Xu Yan's gaze and gave in. There really was killing intent in Xu Yan's eyes, this guy really wanted to kill him, Ling Fei could only compromise.

Okay, I will lead you there.

Hmph. Xu Yan snorted coldly.

This damn Xu Yan, is he crazy? He actually wanted to kill me. Ling Fei was secretly cursing angrily in his mind but he could only obediently lead the way.

You go and tell my cousin, just say that senior brother Xu Yan has an important matter to discuss and is looking for him. Let him find some time and come here hastily. When they walked halfway, Ling Fei instructed a disciple.

Yes, young master Ling Fei. In Zhan Wu Sect, the ones that were weaker than Ling Fei would call him young master Ling Fei, while the stronger ones would address him by his name.

Xu Yan did not speak, he let the disciple leave.

Ling Fei was not a fool, he knew that his cousin was doing an important task, therefore, he couldn't lead Xu Yan there so he let Ling Chen come here.

Several days later, Xu Yan finally saw Ling Chen.

Senior brother Xu Yan, why are you looking for me? You're so anxious, you even threatened my younger cousin's life? Ling Chen came in a hurry, he appeared very unhappy but he still cupped his hands towards Xu Yan. Obviously, he already knew about the matters beforehand.

There's an important matter. Xu Yan said indifferently while glancing over the crowd.

Oh, all of you draw back. Ling Fei, you too. Ling Chen waved his hand.

Everyone felt relieved, especially Ling Fei. These days, Xu Yan was next to him all the time and he felt that he was standing next to a rank tenth fierce beast the whole time, he was in constant fear every day.

The people had dispersed Ling Chen indifferently said, What's the matter?

I know Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian's whereabouts Xu Yan came straight to the point and spoke directly.

Uh. Ling Chen was startled, he did not expect Xu Yan to say this. Moreover, he talked about such an unimportant topic but the way that Xu Yan had spoken was very solemn, this made Ling Chen unable to find out his intent.

Didn't you want to kill them very much, I know their whereabouts. Xu Yan said again. His eyes were staring at Ling Chen fixatedly, just like a fierce beast staring at its prey.

I'm very busy right now so I do not have the time to care about these small matters. Ling Chen indifferently said as he frowned.

Small matter? This is a small matter? Xu Yan's looks were slightly menacing but he quickly suppressed it. His tone lowered and he said, Then can you lend me some men, I will go and kill them myself.

Xu Yan's mood change was very big, it puzzled Ling Chen but after he heard these words, his expression changed. Where are your men, the Ling Wu Sect's ten seeds' are powerful. You guys can't finish them yourself? You still want to borrow men from me?

In just a sentence, the pain in Xu Yan's heart flared up and he roared in fury, Are you going to lend some men or not?

The furious roar spread very far. It attracted the attention of Ling Fei and the others in the distance.

Xu Yan, you damn motherf*cker. Are you a mad dog? Why are you yelling at me? Why does your father have to lend you my men? Ling Chen said while also glaring at him.

The tenth layer of True Qi power started to surge, the atmosphere in the forest became tense in an instant.

What's wrong? You want to attack? Ling Chen coldly said when he saw the crazy bloodlust in Xu Yan's eyes.

If you don't lend me men, I will attack. Xu Yan coldly said. His mood was no longer stable.

Ling Chen's mind was operating quickly, he was thinking about why Xu Yan changed so much. Suddenly, an inconceivable thought appeared in his mind.

Did all nine of them... The moment this thought had emerged in his mind, it frightened Ling Chen.

The Ling Wu Sect's ten seeds, this was a deterrent existence in the Spirit Medicine Garden, how could so many of them have possibly died all of a sudden.

However, in order to confirm the speculations in his mind, Ling Chen smiled faintly. After he eased up the tense atmosphere, he said, Senior Brother Xu Yan, it is not that I do not want to lend you men but I don't have any to lend you. You also knew that four of my tenth layer of True Qi disciples had died and I still have an important matter to take care of right now. I simply cannot send anyone out. Where will I get the people to lend you.

Xu Yan still looked as cold as before.

Let alone the ones at the tenth layer of True Qi, even if it were the ninth or eighth layer of True Qi, we are using them all. If you do not mind, I will give Ling Fei to you.

What's the use of that garbage? Snorted Xu Yan coldly.

I also do not have any other means. Ling Chen smiled bitterly, the atmosphere that had eased up a moment ago became tense once more.

Suddenly Ling Chen said, But if senior brother really wants to borrow men, I think that someone should be able to help.

Who? A hint of eagerness flashed through Xu Yan's eyes.

Mu Yi. He has numerous experts under him. Moreover, they have no casualties. If you find him, you can borrow as many people as you want. Suggested Ling Chen.

Mu Yi. A light flashed through Xu Yan's eyes. Due to his chaotic mind, he had actually forgotten the people of Black Tortoise Sect.

Where is he? How can I find him? Xu Yan asked.

Through this jungle, walk that way for several hundred miles and you will find him. Ling Chen pointed at a direction.

Okay, I will take my leave. Xu Yan cupped his hand and then quickly left.

Looking at Xu Yan's disappearing figure, a light flashed through Ling Chen's eyes. It really turned out to be that way. This Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian ability was really not ordinary. They actually finished off nine people from Ling Wu Sect's ten seeds. But no matter how strong they are, as long as they have not reached the Xiantian Realm, they still have to die.

Cousin, what's wrong with this Xu Yan? His mood is extremely unstable. Ling Fei, who didn't know anything, walked over.

Hmph, his brothers died. How can his mood be calm. The fact that he did not kill you on the spot can be counted as your good luck. Ling Chen sneered.

What? His brothers died? Ling Fei was startled.

Ling Wu Sect's ten seeds, I'm afraid now have become a single seed. Ha ha! Ling Chen laughed as he said some shocking words


Xu Yan did not stop at all along the way, he traveled day and night. Finally after the second day, he arrived at the place that Ling Chen had said.

Moreover, he also saw Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was an amiable youth. He was the number one disciple in the inner Black Tortoise Sect. He was chatting with Liang Guang at this time and was very surprised when he saw Xu Yan arrive.

I want to borrow people to kill Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian. The moment Xu Yan arrived, he directly said his purpose for coming. He was very direct and also very explicit.

Borrow people? Mu Yi was stunned. Anyone who had heard such an unexpected request would also be stunned.

About Zi Chen and Zhang Haoian's matter, he was naturally clear. He had also heard a lot of things about them. To be honest, regarding this kind of talents, Mu Yi was very reluctant to provoke them, even if they had robbed a lot of Black Tortoise Sect disciple's spirit medicine.

I want to borrow people. I want all those disciples that are at the tenth layer of True Qi to go and kill these two people. Xu Yan repeated once more. His expression was very firm and also very cold.

The present Xu Yan was just like a mad dog, he dared to bite anyone he saw.

Brother Xu, don't worry, let's sit down first and talk. That's right, where is brother Lin Yu? Why didn't he come? Mu Yi laughed.

Xu Yan's look changed instantly but Mu Yi was greeting him with a smile, he could not lose his temper so he only coldy said, He died.

Puff! Liang Guang was drinking water but when he heard Xu Yan's words, he spurted out the water directly. He was quite shocked.

Lin Yu was the Ling Wu Sect's number two disciple, his strength was similar to Liang Guang's. Who could kill him in the spirit medicine garden?

Mu Yi was still smiling. His expression did not change, but his brain was actually thinking quickly. He was speculating about the situation.

Mu Yi, are you going to lend the people or not? Xu Yan's voice was very cold.

Brother Xu, you better speak politely. Liang Guang was going to ask about what had happened but when he heard Xu Yan's tone, he then spoke discontentedly.

Shut up. Do you think you have a place to say anything here? Shouted Xu Yan suddenly.

You! Liang Guang was furious but he was stopped by Mu Yi.

Brother Xu, do not lose your temper, calm down. You must be tired after rushing over here. Drink some water. Mu Yi handed out his own water bag.

Xu Yan didn't bother about any politeness, he grabbed the bag and drank, gulping down like a cow. After one breath, the full water bag was empty.

The F*ck? Did you not drink water for several hundred years? Liang Guang secretly cursed in his mind.

Brother Xu, if there's any problem, let's sit down and discuss things slowly. As for the matter of borrowing people, can it be delayed for a while? Mu Yi said.

It cannot. It must be settled today, otherwise, they will run away. Xu Yan firmly said, he was very blunt.

Liang Guang was cursing in his mind, What an ungrateful bastard. You just drank all of our water but this is your attitude?

This... Mu Yi was hesitating.

If you help me this time, you can have my, Xu Yan's, friendship. If you have any requests, I, Xu Yan, am willing to risk my life to help you. Seeing that Mu Yi is hesitating, Xu Yan said coldly, But if you do not help me. I, within my ability, will kill all the people in your sect that I can find, I will not let anyone off.

This is a threat, a bare threat.

There was already a disgruntled look on Mu Yi's face. He was also an expert, his strength was not any weaker than Xu Yan and he was being threatened by him, of course he would be angry.

As for Liang Guang, he was already ready to strike right now.

Just at the moment when Mu Yi did not know what to do, a voice was heard from a place not far away, Lend him some, it's only lending some people. It's not a big deal.

When the voice fell, a blue clothed youth appeared, he was only a teenager. He had a sword shaped eyebrow, he was very handsome. There was a faint smile on his face. He arrived slowly on his leather boots.

When they saw the youth appear, all three of them turned towards him.