Thunder Martial Chapter 5 - Scary Cultivation Speed

Zi Chen was wholeheartedly focused all of his attention on his dantians' transformation with excitement and ecstasy, to the extent that he neglected the transformation happening to his body.

The energy that appeared from Zi Chen's heart started to flow like blood, reaching out to every part of his body. The blood, bones, bone marrow, skin, every part of the body was going through a transformation under the touch of that silver energy.

If it were to be said that, previously, the energy of the Snow Ginseng was absorbed by his heart. Then right now, his heart was reciprocating back for the Snow Ginseng's energy it absorbed with another energy. Furthermore, the energy produced by his heart was ten times more powerful than the energy it absorbed.

A 500 year old Snow Ginseng was absorbed by his heart and his heart repaid with a mass of pure energy that was equivalent to a 5000 year old Snow Ginseng's energy. Ten percent of the energy entered into Zi Chen's body and bones while the remaining ninety percent entered into Zi Chen's dantian and began to restore it.

Zi Chen's body was going through a transformation while his dantian was being restored. This was Zi Chen's second miracle after his first miracle a few days ago. These miracles were all thanks to that silver, icy ball that was emitting a silver light in Zi Chen's heart.

All of the energy was released by the ball. To be able to restore the damaged dantian was not because that Snow Ginseng was so amazing but because the icy ball had practically consumed all of its silver energy to perform this miracle, to the extent that the silver ball became a bit transparent.

The cold gales gradually stopped while the snow started to dissipate. Although the ground was still covered with snow, a gleaming ray of sunshine fell from the sky.

In this cold winter, a day with sunshine meant that the weather was going to be good

During good weather, peoples' mood was always better. Zi Chen was currently an example since his dantian unexpected recovered after having it shattered. Although it did not recover to his former strength and he was barely in the first layer of True Qi, but to ZI Chen, being able to store up True Qi was already enough to make him very happy.

In addition, what made Zi Chen also happy, was that his body became stronger. Since he started cultivating the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique, Zi Chen's physique was already raised to a very high rank. His physique was currently not poorer than a rank 4 beast at all.

Although the Snow Ginseng's energy was completely digested, Zi Chen did not feel hungry at all, but instead felt that his spirit was currently in tip top condition.

Half a day had already passed, the sun had already reached up in the sky. The pursuers should be arriving soon.

After he carefully eliminated his tracks, Zi Chen hid behind a big stone. Due to knowing Zhao Can very well, Zi Chen knew that Zhao Can and the two other sect disciples will catch up very soon.

No matter if it was for the Snow Ginseng or for Zi Chen himself. Zhao Can must catch up to Zi Chen to kill him and take away the Snow Ginseng.

Time passed slowly, second by second. Even though the sun shone onto Zi Chen's face, Zi Chen still felt that the air was filled with coldness.

Finally, after half an hour, Zi Chen heard a sound.

That damned bastard. If I were to catch him, I must peel away his skin and pull out his tendons. The first sound was Lin Hao's voice.

Lin Hao walked at the front while swearing. His shirt was currently in pieces and bloodstains could also be seen on his body, as if he had just fought in a huge battle. Beside Lin Hao, walked Lin Ying, similarly looking very pitiful with a face full of anger. Behind them was Zhao Can with a gloomy expression but Zhao Can's clothes were intact.

Last night, Zhao Can actually miscalculated. After he shouted a few times outside the cave and received no reaction, he let Lin Hao walk into the cave.

But who would have guessed, Zi Chen was not to be seen, but instead a large sleeping snake was found inside the cave.

A rank 4 beast, Blood Python.

Lin Hao shouted oddly and ran out of the cave but he still managed to alert the Blood Python.

In the middle of the night, within the valley, three people fought with a Blood Python. Although the three of them killed the Blood Python, their bodies were full of wounds and torn clothes. Their clothes became worn-out and Lin Hao was even worse, suffering from a rather heavy internal injury.

This is all because of you. To even have the confidence of understanding Zi Chen very well. Now isn't it great? Instead I suffered from that Zi Chen's scheme. The injured Lin Hao's heart was choked with grievance. Being unable to see Zi Chen, the grievance in Lin Hao's heart was directed to Zhao Can.

Also, due to miscalculating, Zhao Can could only endure, despite that he had already endured for half a day already.

Oh? They actually suffered from injuries. I suppose that within the cave there was actually a beast. Seeing that Lin Hao's injury is the heaviest, I can first settle him. Without accident, I can easily get my hands on him. Zi Chen hid behind a big stone in the distance while he carefully observed and calculated his plans.

Seeing that Lin Hao's face was deathly pale and his steps were erratic, Zi Chen made his decision.

Zi Chen calculated the group's route and little by little, he moved to the other side of the big stone.

Someone like you, other than knowing how scheme and attack from behind, has no other good point at all. I really don't know why anyone would be friends with you at all Because of Zhao Can, Lin Hao suffered heavy injuries. Therefore, throughout the whole journey, Lin Hao was continuously swearing at Zhao Can.

Enough! Lin Hao, shut your mouth. After he endured for a whole night, Zhao Can had reached his limit, could not tolerate any more and shouted at Lin Hao.

Currently, the three disciples had already arrived near the big rock where Zi Chen was currently hiding. Both sides were less than ten meters apart.

Zi Chen was being very careful, staring firmly at Lin Hao as he prepared to use one attack to kill Lin Hao.

Lin Hao completely did not sense Zi Chen at all. After hearing Zhao Can's retort, he straight away turned his head and cast an angry look at Zhao Can and said: What did you say? I dare you to...

Lin Hao's words trailed off as he saw Zhao Can's expression change. At the same time, he also saw his own brother Lin Ying's expression change.

Just when he was about to ask why they had such strange expressions, he suddenly felt a strong wind coming from behind him. Immediately following was a slender, white hand suddenly coming from his back to his front and grabbed onto his neck.


The sound of someone's neck getting snapped rang out as Lin Hao opened his eyes wide and kneeled down on the ground.

His life force dissipated, Lin hao had already died. Previously Lin Hao was turning his body towards Zhao Can, this actually gave Zi Chen a perfect opportunity to attack.

Zi Chen. It's you, Go and die

At this moment, two cold voices suddenly spoke. Afterwards both of their bodies flickered as their third-rank footwork techniques appeared. Weapons in hand, they slashed towards Zi Chen.

Blade and sword lights flickered. Two light sounds echoed out. Zi Chen had already retreated a few meters away. Currently in his left hand was a wrapping cloth and on his right arm was half a finger long wound where blood was flowing out.

At the same time, on his left arm, a stabbing pain could also be felt which was also injured by the weapons.

Just a moment ago, in a split second Zi Chen attacked and successfully killed Lin Hao. If Zi Chen had merely retreated, he would not have been injured at all, but after seeing the food in Lin Hao's bag, he paused and took it. With the delay, two wounds appeared on Zi Chen's body.

What? How is this possible?

After one strike, Zi Chen had already suffered injuries but Zhao Can and Lin Ying currently had their eyes wide open. A look of disbelief filled their eyes.

Both of their attacks, although it could not be said to be their full strength, were about 80% strength. Such an attack, not to mention an ordinary person like Zi Chen, even if it was someone within the fourth layer True Qi. They would either have their arms chopped off or is stabbed through. Even if it was a rank 4 beast, it would have also suffered from some injuries. But Zi Chen only suffered from slight injuries. Even more terrifying was that they weren't even able to break through his skin

This kind of physique was truly scary.


Without stopping, Zi Chen carried the food and once again started running away when the two of them were in a daze.

The two of them, Zhao Can and Lin Ying now had their guard up against Zi Chen. Just using the strength of a first layer of True Qi, he is not able to kill them.

Ah. Zi Chen you killed my little brother. I want you dead Lin Ying's shouts quickly rang out. Lin Ying's grip tightened on the handle of his long blade and he ran off in the direction of Zi Chen.

Zhao Can's face had a gloomy expression as he also followed Lin Ying to chase after Zi Chen.

Another round of chasing started again

But this time, Zi Chen who now had food had the advantage. He kept running further and further away and his speed was very fast too. Relying on his tough and durable physique, he had already shaken off Zhao Can's and Lin Ying's pursuit.

Seems like my estimation was correct. Currently my body's toughness is the same as a rank 4 beast. After this battle, Zi Chen was very satisfied with his body's condition. Only, he was still confused as to why he would undergo such a huge change.

'Also, just what was the energy that came out from my heart?' All this was still a puzzle to Zi Chen.

Three people began chasing after Zi Chen, who had his dantian crippled, and instead of Zi Chen dying, one of them had died. Zhao Can's face was clouded by a dark, stormy expression and as for Lin Ying, who had his own little brother killed, he did not speak a word, but both his eyes had already turned red. Lin Ying must kill Zi Chen

Both of them did not give up. One of them wants to take revenge, while the other must kill Zi Chen.

The night once again quietly approached.

Zi Chen had not slept for a few days but he did not feel drowsy at all; instead, he felt full of vigor. In just a few short days, Zi Chen had experienced life and death and also two miracles. Even if he had wanted to sleep, he could not fall asleep at all.

After he ran quite a large distance from them, Zi Chen started to begin cultivating his Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique.

The Qi of the heavens and earth in the surrounding area wildly rushed towards Zi Chen and entered into his meridians. After the Qi condensed in his meridians and revolved one whole cycle, the Qi made its way into his heart. Just like before, his heart absorbed all of the Qi and worked to refine it. A purer Qi that brought along the sensation of thunder began to flow out, it dispersed into every part of Zi Chen's body and dantian.

After half an hour, Zi Chen opened his eyes, his bright eyes contained a trace of ecstasy.

His shattered dantian had fully recovered, but his previous strength of fourth layer of True Qi was not there anymore.

Everything had to begin anew, but after a mere half an hour of cultivating, Zi Chen discovered that he had already reached the first layer of True Qi and had stabilized his cultivation. If he had enough time, just a few more hours, he could completely break through to the peak of the first layer

From entering the first layer of True Qi to the peak of the first layer of True Qi, Zi Chen believed that he did not even need a day and he could reach it.

When Zi Chen cultivated the first time, he used three months to reach to the peak of the first layer of True Qi.

It used to be three months; but now, it was less than a day.

Zi Chen's new cultivation speed was scary fast.

Having food to eat now, his internal injuries healed, and possessing such a terrifying cultivation speed, Zi Chen had already made plans for a prolonged war.

After he ate some rations, he continued running. After putting some distance between him and his pursuers, he started to cultivate once again.

When the sun began to slink up above the horizon, Zi Chen had already reached the peak of the first layer of True Qi. At any time he could step into the second layer of True Qi.