Thunder Martial Chapter 46 - Running away in Fear

Zi Chen was powerless in this situation, he could only watch helplessly as the fist moved towards Zhang Haotian's head.

The strange thing was, instead of being afraid, Zhang Haotian was actually smiling, as if he had completely seen through his life and death.


As the fist was about to hit, a sudden green light appeared from above. Moreover, it also arrived in front of Zhang Haotian at an extremely fast speed, and collided with the fist. A deafening explosion instantly rang out.

The disciple that sent out the punch retreated 7 - 8 steps before he could stabilize himself under the attack of this green light

At the same time, a green figure came from above. This person looked quite young, his looks were ordinary and his eyes very small. If he was placed in the crowd, he would not attract any attention. He was very ordinary and very average.

But at this moment, nobody dared to underestimate this ordinary looking person because he actually blocked a strike from an expert of tenth layer of True Qi; moreover, he also forced the other side to retreat.

There was a faint smile on the youths face and then the youth said to the dumbfounded Zi Chen. I didn't arrive late?

You... Zi Chen was unable to describe his current feelings. Was he excited? Happy? Or surprised? But all of these feelings changed into a few words, Just in time.

That's good. How should we deal with these small fry? The youth still smiled faintly, his eyes looked towards the four people, there was only disdain in his eyes.

Since they are only some small fry, we naturally will kill them. Zi Chen said coldly.

Alright then. A cold light flashed through the youth's eyes. His figure flashed, he already arrived tens of meters away. He lifted his foot and kicked towards one of the disciples.


Under the deafening explosion, this person was kicked out.

So strong? The other three people looked at each other, they saw looks of astonishment in each other's eyes, one kick pushed away an expert at the tenth layer of True Qi, this kind of strength was enough to kill them.

Go, withdraw. Zheng Hua made the decision decisively as he clenched his teeth. Sure enough, he withdrew with the other three people.

Want to run? Do you think you could just escape without leaving an arm behind? Zi Chen's voice which contained strong bloodlust was heard.

Kill! Followed after that was Zi Chen's charge. Every time Zi Chen's kill word was heard, he would charge at the four people and strike at them.

Run. This time, Zheng Hua no longer hesitated, his figure dashed toward the distance. After that, the other three also escaped rapidly without looking back at all.

Zi Chen had just rushed forward two steps when his vision went black and his body fell downwards. He had reached the limit of his vitality.

The youth moved towards him and supported Zi Chen one step ahead, Are you alright?

Zi Chen had fainted so he was unable to speak.

Ai, Why must you fight with your life? The youth shook his head and carried Zi Chen's black sword on his back. As he held Zi Chen with one hand, he jumped and arrived in front of Zhang Haotian and held him with his other hand. Then his figure flickered several times as he vanished at an extremely fast speed into the forest.

Zheng Hua and the others ran crazily. They had already run for more than ten miles before stopping to gasp for breath.

Damn it, did we meet a monster? A tenth layer of True Qi expert could not bear it and cursed angrily. At his level of strength, he had been through a lot of big and small fights, there were at least hundreds of them. But a fight where they only attacked and did not defend at all like today and a fight where you trade one life with another, this was the first time he experienced it. Moreover, something even scarier was that his side had four people, but they actually could not finish off the opponent that was all alone.

The opposite party was just like an undead.

His body was riddled with scars but he just wouldn't fall. Each time he was exhausted, as long as he breathed a few times, he would be bursting with energy again.

Not good, it looks like we were fooled. Zheng Hua suddenly exclaimed, he seemed to have thought of something.

What do you mean? The others were surprised.

That boy before was only at the seventh layer of True Qi. Zheng Hua said, His appearance was too shocking and his movement technique was extremely mysterious so we neglected his strength. Shou Hou, you were kicked by him, did you suffer any injuries?

Ai ya, I really did not suffer any injuries. Shou Hou cried out in alarm.

F*ck, we have been deceived by them, let's go back. Shou Hou was the first one to stand up.

Forget it, we have run so far, they have probably already ran away. Ah, what a pity... Just a moment of carelessness and we actually missed the opportunity to kill two geniuses. Zheng Hua was very frustrated, his eyes were filled with regret.

What do we do now?

Let's recover from our injuries first, their injuries are also very serious so they won't be able to recover in a short time. After we have recovered, we will go find them and try to kill them again. Zheng Hua said.

Good, we also have to kill that last kid

The others nodded. Afterwards, each of them found a place and sat cross-legged to heal their injuries.


Zhang Haotian had never admired anyone else before but after he met Zi Chen, he had already started admiring him.

Not only because Zi Chen saved him but what he truly admired was the fighting style of Zi Chen, fighting with his life on the line. Moreover, he almost used his own life to trade with Zheng Hua and the others' lives.

Although Zi Chen was in coma due to his severe injuries, Zhang Haotian believed that Zheng Hua and the others weren't any better. If they weren't four people and were instead three, perhaps they would have already died under the fighting method of Zi Chen

A mere eighth layer of True Qi has the strength to kill three tenth layer of True Qis cultivators. Zhang Haotian admits that he doesn't have that kind of strength.

He considered himself to be fierce but after he saw Zi Chen's fighting style, he had no choice but to admit that Zi Chen was far more fierce than him.

Zi Chen was unconscious and Zhang Haotian was seriously injured, the youth ran while carrying two people. Even though he was carrying two people, his speed did not decrease.

After half an hour, the unconscious Zi Chen awakened. His body floated in midair and the wind was whistling in his ear.

His heart was beating rhythmically, every time it beat, the silver energy gushed out. It entered through various places in his body by following his blood stream. His severely injured body started recovering slowly.

How far have we gone? Zi Chen asked.

You're awake? The youth landed on the ground lightly, he was looking at Zi Chen with an incredulous look, as if he was looking at a monster.

The nearby Zhang Haotian was also equally amazed. According to his speculation, Zi Chen would be unconscious for at least several days but he actually woke up in only half an hour and although his voice was low, it was powerful. He didn't look weak at all.

If you compare yourself to others, you will only torture yourself.... Zhang Haotian closed his eyes.

For several dozen miles. The youth said.

The youth was exactly Miao Kong, he rushed over when he heard the thundering explosions but he did not expect to see Zi Chen.

Stop, I want to recover.

Miao Kong put down Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian, both of them sat cross-legged and began to restore their injuries.

Do you have any spirit medicine?

Miao Kong took out a hundred year old spirit medicine from his bag and gave it to Zi Chen.

Zi Chen chewed twice and then swallowed it. The rich spirit energy appeared from his abdomen, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique started to revolve

His heart absorbed this spirit energy and more silver energy was released, traveling towards various parts of his body. This time, the wounds on Zi Chen's body started to heal with the speed visible to the naked eye. The criss-crossing sword wounds healed slowly and formed scabs. A moment later, the scabs fell off and delicate white skin had grown from the wounds.


Miao Kong and Zhang Haotian were both dumbfounded, their eyes were filled with an incredulous look. Even though both of them had seen a lot of inconceivable matters, they had never seen the situation in front of their eyes. Zi Chen's severely wounded body actually healed in a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Your spirit medicine is able to bring someone back to life? Even the indifferent Zhang Haotian couldn't help but ask.

What do you think? I still have some, why don't you try it? Miao Kong asked rhetorically and he took out the same hundred years spirit medicine again.

Zhang Haotian took it, he chewed casually and then swallowed it. A moment later, his pale complexion became rosier. The spirit energy of the spirit medicine was scurrying around in his body crazily, Zhang Haotian could only use his cultivation technique to refine this spirit energy.

With the spirit medicine's help, he had made some progress on healing his injuries but it was far less frightening than what Zi Chen had displayed.

One hour later, Zhang Haotian finally suppressed the scurrying spirit energy in his body, his severely injured body had made some improvement. But when he opened his eyes, he actually saw that Zi Chen was looking at him with a rosy complexion and a happy look in his eyes.

Your injuries have healed? Zhang Haotian asked.

Zi Chen nodded.

Zhang Haotian lowered his head, he was no longer looking at Zi Chen, because he did not want to spit out blood. He had always thought that he was superior in this aspect. However, in front of Zi Chen, he appeared much more inferior.

What do you plan to do now? Miao Kong asked, Do not blame me for not reminding you but the inner sect's ten seeds are looking for you and they want to kill you. You have also offended the people from Zhang Wu Sect.

Doesn't matter. Zi Chen said while waving his hand, I will adopt the appropriate measures to the actual situation. Since I cannot get rid of the trouble, then I will find a way to solve the trouble.

Meaning? Miao Kong was looking at Zi Chen.

First, we must solve the present problem. These four Zhan Wu Sect disciples don't need to return anymore. A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, If I'm lucky and they are greedy, then maybe I will be able to find them.

You want to kill them? Miao Kong was stunned. They are four people and all of them are at the tenth layer of True Qi.

I cannot kill four of them at once but I can kill them one by one, that was how Wang Xiong died in the first place. After saying that, Zi Chen did not even wait for Miao Kong to speak, he turned around and walked towards the forest.

You... Miao Kong did not know what to say.

As for Zhang Haotian, he closed his eyes and began to recover from his injuries.

I have stayed at the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi for too long. With the severe injuries this time and having swallowed a lot of spirit medicine, I finally felt the bottleneck.

Zhang Haotian was recovering from his injuries and striving to make a breakthrough. If he broke through to the ninth layer of True Qi then he will be able to kill four disciples that were pursuing them and would even have the strength to challenge Ling Chen.


Zi Chen's luck was quite good. Zheng Hua and the others were also quite relentless, they were bent on killing Zi Chen. Few hours after they began to heal their injuries, they were heading off to kill the severely injured Zi Chen.

Four of us will go look for them separately but the distance should not be too far. The four arrived at the previous fighting place quickly, and then began tracking down the bloodstains and pursued in a direction. At the same time, they also spread out, and began to search in a wide scope.

At this time, Zi Chen had also returned to the same place, tracing down the trail of the four people.

An hour later, Zi Chen who was walking carefully in the forest heard an angry cursing voice.

F*ck, we actually had been tricked by a seventh layer of True Qi kid, this damn motherf*cker.