Thunder Martial Chapter 44 - Cutting Off an Arm

A change suddenly occurred and it was beyond everyone's expectations. They saw a streak of azure light appear in front of Ling Fei, after that, his neck was grasped tightly by a slender hand.

Not bad, you actually know my name. Zi Chen teased as he looked at Ling Fei who was being held by the neck.

Zi Chen didn't care about other people's matter and he also didn't know Zhang Haotian, he also didn't want to enter these muddy waters but he didn't expect Ling Fei to actually mention his name; moreover, he also wanted him dead. Therefore, Zi Chen had decided to make a move.

You... Zi Chen. His neck was being held and a trace of fear flashed through his eyes. Ling Fei's face was flushed, and he didn't know if it was due to shame or suffocating.

Let go of young master Ling Fei.

Zi Chen, release Ling Fei

The angry voices of those experts rang out as they disregarded Zhang Haotian and focused on Zi Chen.

Do you think that I'm an idiot? Will I release him because you told me to? Zi Chen ridiculed them. If you have the ability, then come forward. However, I fear that if my hand shakes, you will hear the sound of his neck breaking.

Zi Chen's threat made everyone stop moving. If Ling Fei died, they wouldn't be able to bear the responsibility. They could only stand at a distance and stare at Zi Chen furiously.

All of this was Ling Fei's fault. A moment ago, he was afraid of the dying Zhang Haotian's counter-attack so he retreated to the back of the crowd but they never expected that Zi Chen would strike from that side.

You will also die here if you kill young master Ling Fei. Tai Kai stepped forward as he coldly stared at Zi Chen.

Really? Then we can try. I guarantee that after Ling Fei dies, I can also slaughter all of you. Zi Chen grinned fiendishly. The strength of his hand increased again, causing a 'ka ka' sound to be heard. Ling Fei's face turned extremely red, his eyes almost popped out and his eye sockets were torn. He was nearly strangled to death.

Fine, you win. Don't do anything rash. Tai Kai retreated two steps and said anxiously, Let young master Ling Fei breathe first.

The strength in Zi Chen's hand decreased and Ling Fei began gasping for air. There was still fear within his eyes, he really felt that he was going to die a moment ago. That kind of feeling was very unpleasant.

Zi Chen, release Ling Fei; otherwise, he will die. Chen Qi suddenly moved sideways and arrived in front of Zhang Haotian. He held him by his collar and went forward, his right hand was also placed on the Zhang Haotian's forehead.

Who is he? Zi Chen was surprised.

Uh... Chen Qi was startled, he didn't know how to reply.

Oh? It was you. Zhang Haotian's face was covered with blood, but his eyes were actually as cold as before. After a closer look, Zi Chen recognized the opposite party, it was the cold youth from that day.

Good, since you know him, we will exchange hostages. Chen Qi's spirit raised and his eyes shone.

What is your name? Zi Chen did not pay any attention to Chen Qi but he looked at Zhang Haotian and asked.

Chen Qi was startled once more. He thought in his mind, What the hell is going on. Do they know each other or not? He knew about him just now but a moment later, he was asking for his name.

His name is Zhang Haotian. The indifferent Zhang Haotian did not say anything, Chen Qi answered in his place.

Good, you should be able to walk, follow me. Zi Chen held Ling Fei's neck and walked away.

I do not need you to rescue me, I Zhang Haotian never owe a favor to anyone. Zhang Haotian finally opened his mouth, even though he was extremely weak, his voice was still as cold as before.

Didn't you want to kill them? If you die, how are you going to kill them? Do you really believe in the afterlife? Zi Chen did not even turn his head and he said lightly, Besides, I did not save you, I just want to leave. If you can keep up with me, that is also your own good luck. It has nothing to do with me.

Zhang Haotian did not speak, but his expression was actually changing constantly. Clearly, he was somewhat moved but he had not even stepped out yet and he was caught by Chen Qi.

Zi Chen did not turn his head but he exerted strength on his hand, the 'ka ka' sound was heard again. Ling Fei felt that death was nearing again. After Zi Chen loosened his hand, he then gasped heavily and shouted at Chen Qi, Chen Qi, release him. You bastard, do you want to kill me?

Along the way, there would always be someone that took care of him so he had never felt so close to death before. When he was held by Zi Chen today, although he was ashamed and resentful but compared with his life, anything else was unimportant. To live, he does not hesitate to scold Chen Qi.

After he was scolded by Ling Fei, Chen Qi's look changed in an instant but he still released Zhang Haotian obediently who then walked towards Zi Chen step by step.

You'd better not follow me, otherwise my hand might tremble. After I'm safe, I will release this trash. Zi Chen said indifferently, his figure walked into the forest.

Zi Chen, you better ensure what you said is true, otherwise you will die very miserably. Tai Kai said coldly.

I guarantee he will be fine but if you follow me, I cannot guarantee it. Zi Chen was still as indifferent as before.

Until the three people disappeared in the forest, Tai Kai and the others had not even take one step forward.

What do we do? Should we look for senior brother Ling Chen? Chen Qi was looking at Tai Kai.

No need, Senior Brother Lin Cheng is doing something important, we cannot disturb him. Moreover, Zi Chen does not have the courage to kill Ling Fei. Tai Kai shook his head and said.


In the forest, Zi Chen had walked several for miles and stopped to determine if anyone was pursuing them.

Okay, you can let me go now. Ling Fei said coldly.

We will walk for several miles again Zi Chen was still as indifferent as before. Zhang Haotian maintained his silence and followed but his step was no longer firm.

After walking for less than a mile, Zi Chen stopped because he discovered that Zhang Haotian's footsteps became feeble.

Hmph. He will die soon. Ling Fei sneered. Obviously, he also discovered it.

Scram. Zi Chen released Ling Fei and said coldly.

Hmph! Sooner or later, you will also die by my... Ahhh! Ling Fei was going to say a few ruthless words before he left but he suddenly screamed pitifully. This scream even overshadowed the sounds of bones being broken.

Ka Cha.

However, the second bone breaking sound was actually very clear.

Ling Fei fell on the ground, both of his legs were broken by the extremely weak Zhang Haotian and he was screaming pitifully while Zhang Haotian still had a cold look like before.

You... Zi Chen was looking at Zhang Haotian in disbelief.

You should use this method to deal with this kind of trash. Zhang Haotian said coldly. But as his voice fell, his vision became pitch black and he fell down. He couldn't remain conscious anymore.

Zi Chen supported him. He discovered that his heart was still beating, he had only fainted. He was relieved and no longer paid attention to Ling Fei's piglike pitiful screams. He darted away in the forest while carrying Zhang Haotian. His figure flashed several times and disappeared.

A moment later, Tai Kai and the others arrived after tracking down the pitiful screaming.

Ling Fei, what happened?

Young Master Ling Fei, what happened to you?

The people arrived and they inquired about his state.

F*ck, don't you see that my leg is broken? Help me get up carefully and look for my cousin. I want him to kill these two fellows personally. Ling Fei was screaming pitifully, and he cursed furiously as he was held up by his people.

That Zhang Haotian has fainted because of his severe injuries. You guys quickly chase. Even if you can't kill Zi Chen, killing Zhang Haotian is also good enough. Ling Fei, who was screaming pitifully still had not forgotten the severely wounded Zhang Haotian.

Everyone nodded, the dozen people from the team were divided into two teams. They were led by Chen Qi and chased in the direction that Zi Chen escaped to.


Tens of miles away, Zi Chen put down Zhang Haotian.

First, he cleaned his wound and then he found a spirit medicine. He crushed several leaves and spread them on the wound. After that, he squeezed the remaining spirit medicine into juice and dripped it into Zhang Haotian's mouth.

Whether you can live or not, this will depend on your good fortune. As for saving people, Zi Chen was not an expert. Whether Zhang Haotian could survive, he cannot guarantee it, this all depended on his own fortune.

Zhang Haotian was still in a coma. As time passed, the wounds on his body had stopped bleeding, his breathing also stabilized and his pale face gradually gained a healthy color.

Hum, his vitality is very tenacious. Zi Chen nodded as he inwardly praised this cold looking youth.

At this time, Zi Chen heard a rapid rustling sound, the pursuers had arrived.

You are severely injured now, it is not suitable to walk and jump around. I will gain some time for you. After Zi Chen finished saying that, he turned towards the rear and dashed away.

After his figure rose and fell several times, Zi Chen saw the pursuers. They were led by Chen Qi. After he saw Zi Chen appear, Chen Qi's expression changed slightly and he stopped his footsteps subconsciously.

But soon, he responded and shouted coldly, Kill him. Zhang Haotian certainly lies ahead. I will hold him down, go around and kill Zhang Haotian.

Hmph, talk less nonsense. Since you came, then you should leave behind a souvenir. Zi Chen snorted coldly. He executed the Misty Step. At the same time, the eighth layer of True Qi power in his body started to surge.

What? You broke through? This time, there was already fear in Chen Qi's eyes. When Zi Chen was at seventh layer of True Qi, he could already injure him heavily. His original intention was to hold down Zi Chen, but facing the eighth layer of True Qi Zi Chen, he did not have any methods anymore.

He turned around to flee quickly, he was proudest of his own speed.

This time, Zi Chen did not use the Thunderbolt Finger but he used the martial technique fusion. As for speed, Zi Chen was at the peak of the early stage of the eighth layer of True Qi. After he used the true essence of the Mystic Step that he had comprehended, his speed was not slower than Chen Qi. After a few steps, he overtook him. When the martial technique fusion was executed, Chen Qi was blown away directly. Followed by a flash of black light, a bloody arm flew into the air.

Chen Qi lost an arm.

At the same time, Zi Chen's body flashed, he rushed towards those pursuers that bypassed him. After several Peng peng sounds, almost half of the people fell on the ground, severely injured.

Zi Chen being at the eighth layer of True Qi wasn't any less dangerous than Zhang Haotian. In a few short breaths of time, the fight had ended.

Take them and leave. Zi Chen glanced at the people who had been scared silly, and said coldly.

These people were pardoned. They nodded repeatedly, carried the injured people and ran away as if they were flying.

In less than a quarter of an hour, all the pursuers had left. There was only a bloody arm lying alone in the forest.


Two days later, Zhang Haotian woke up leisurely. During this time, no pursuers came. It seems like they were scared of Zi Chen's formidable strength.

The awakened Zhang Haotian saw Zi Chen who was sitting on a big boulder on the side.