Thunder Martial Chapter 42 - The Strongest Martial Technique

Chen Qi was a ninth layer of True Qi cultivator from the Zhan Wu Sect, he possessed a rank one movement technique. Moreover, he had almost comprehended the true essence of a rank one movement technique. His status in Zhan Wu Sect was very high.

Good, Chen Qi, help me catch him. When we go back, I will ask my big brother to give you the martial technique. Lin Fei was rejoicing, with Chen Qi's help, this matter will be easily handled.

No problem, just a trivial seventh layer of True Qi kid, it's a small matter. Chen Qi nodded, his body flickered and disappeared into the forest.

Chen Qi's speed was very fast, he had just disappeared into the forest and not long after, a fighting sound was heard from the forest.

Come on, I have held him. After that, Chen Qi's laughter was heard.

Let's go. This damned thing, I must tear him to shreds. A cold light flashed in Ling Fei's eyes, he led his people and pursued.

In the forest, Zi Chen was slightly at a loss. Chen Qi had almost comprehended the true essence of a rank one movement technique, so naturally his speed was much faster than Zi Chen. The opposite party arrived suddenly and sneak attacked abruptly, Zi Chen did a backhand punch and was forced to draw back.

His blood churned but it was suppressed by him forcefully so he did not spit out blood. However, the wounds he suffered in the process of escaping were healing slowly.

His physique was getting more and more powerful, Zi Chen's recovery rate was also getting stronger.

Kid, you have nowhere to flee now. You offended Ling Fei, it's the same as offending Yama. Even your senior brother Chen Feng can not help you. Chen Qi said coldly.

Really despicable, you are a dignified ninth layer of True Qi cultivator yet you actually sneak attacked from the back. There was contempt in Zi Chen's eyes, the aura in his body surged, his fighting spirit was surging.

It was only a ninth layer of True Qi, it's like he is unable to fight against him

He stabbed the black sword into the ground and watched Chen Qi coldly.

Little thing, you're only an insignificant seventh layer of True Qi, don't tell me you still want to fight? Then I will grant your wish. Chen Qi laughed and then charged at Zi Chen. Waves of palm shadows appeared, Chen Qi had used a rank one martial technique.


The roaring sound of a fierce tiger resounded, Zi Chen used the martial technique fusion. His body transformed to the king of the mountain, his body became strong and vigorous as well as unrestrained

It's useless, even a blazing tiger is not my match, let alone your trivial Fierce Tiger Fist. Chen Qi grinned fiendishly, His palm flipped once more and pressed towards Zi Chen.

Peng! Peng! sounds resounded from the forest unceasingly. In the blink of an eye, they had engaged dozens of times and they finally separated after a loud collision.

What is your martial technique? Chen Qi was disdainful before but his expression soon became serious. There was a difference of two layer of True Qis, and there was also a difference of two ranks between the martial techniques. And yet, he did not gain any upper hand. Moreover, the Fierce Tiger Fist of the opposite party didn't look like the Fierce Tiger Fist at all.

You're actually a ninth layer of True Qi cultivator but it turned out you're actually a coward. You almost comprehended the movement technique's true essence, but you actually haven't even crossed the threshold of the martial technique. It seems like you only think of how to escape usually. Zi Chen laughed disdainingly.

The present Zi Chen simply did not put Chen Qi into his eyes. Once he used the Thunderbolt Finger, Zi Chen had the confidence to defeat Chen Qi.

You are courting death. Being humiliated by a kid at the seventh layer of True Qi, Chen Qi was furious. The roaring aura surged again, the Cloud Shifting Palm had appeared. Because of his anger, the Cloud Shifting Palm that was unable to cross the threshold for a very long time had the signs of breaking through.

Kid, my Cloud Shifting Palm has crossed the threshold, you can die now. The furious Chen Qi laughed, the Cloud Shifting Palm crossing the threshold to the true essence of the technique was a pleasant surprise.

Idiot! Zi Chen coldly responded. A tyrannical aura suddenly emerged from his body. In an instant, Zi Chen was just like he had transformed into lightning.

After more than one month of assiduous training, as well as the demonstration from the thunder boy, Zi Chen's comprehension of the Thunderbolt Finger had deepened some more.

One finger pointed out, the silver lightning shone brightly on the finger, followed by a streak of lightning being shot at Chen Qi, just like an angry dragon.

One finger transformed into a thunderbolt.

No! This is... Ling Wu Sect's strongest martial technique. There was a trace of dread in Chen Qi's angry eyes. Ling Wu Sect's strongest martial technique, he was naturally very clear that it was the most powerful among all the rank one martial techniques.

He pulled back the palm that was sent out hurriedly and turned to defence from attack in an instant, rounds of palm shadows blocked in front of him.


The thunderbolt fell, it produced a loud thundering sound. The palm shadows fell apart under the thunderbolt. After that, Chen Qi's body was just like a fallen leaf that was blown by strong winds and flew backwards

A streak of fresh blood splattered through the air. Chen Qi coughed up a few mouthfuls of fresh blood.

In one strike, Chen Qi was injured. It was Zi Chen's victory.


However, Zi Chen was not even able to rejoice yet when he suddenly felt danger. His hair on his whole body stood erect, his body was leaning towards one side instinctively to dodge the attack.


A bolt of blade light flashed as it slashed across Zi Chen's back. It created a long gash from his shoulder to his black, Zi Chen's black clothes were dyed with fresh blood.

Boy, what a quick reaction and an amazing physique. Zi Chen turned around and he saw a man holding a long blade, the aura of the ninth layer of True Qi surged from his body. His sneak attack could have heavily injured even a ninth layer of True Qi cultivator but Zi Chen was only slightly injured. The man was looking at Zi Chen in surprise, the long blade in his hand sparkled with a cold light.

Is everyone from your Zhan Wu Sect so shameless? You're at the ninth layer of True Qi yet you still sneak attacked me? There was already some cold sweat on Zi Chen's forehead, he was completely frightened. He was rejoicing in his heart that the long blade in the enemy's hand was not a rank one weapon. Otherwise, this strike would not have only created a simple gash, but it would have cut off his entire right arm.

It is fine as long as you can kill the enemy, who will care about sneak attacks or not. The man sneered. Without any nonsense, a cold light flashed from the long blade in his hand, the blade slashed towards Zi Chen once more.

Zi Chen gripped the black sword tightly and activated the martial technique, Streaming Light Sword. The sound of metal clashing resounded unceasingly as they fought.

Zi Chen was able to block the man's attack due to the rank one weapon and the Streaming Light Sword martial technique but due to his lack of experience with the sword, after engaging for a while, Zi Chen was showing signs of being suppressed.

Tai Kai, help me kill him. During the fierce battle, Chen Qi's weak voice came, it seems like he was heavily injured by Zi Chen's attack.

Relax. Although Thunderbolt Finger is powerful, but it also depends on who is using it. Tai Kai's long blade in his hand waved and slashed skillfully, the blade light flashed and formed a concentrated blade light net. It headed towards Zi Chen.

Tai Kai's attack was exceptionally sharp and concentrated too, Zi Chen had no choice but to draw back again and again.

Scram, I won't accompany you to play anymore.

After having drawn back more than ten steps, Zi Chen finally took a breath and only now did he have the chance to launch the second Thunderbolt Finger attack. The lightning flickered once more on his finger, his right hand lifted and a streak of lightning was shot at Tai Kai from his finger.

The Mountain Blade Edge! Tai Kai's pupils shrunk slightly, his fighting spirit surged up. A swift and fierce aura was being emitted from his body, there was even a blade's cry coming from the long blade. The blade light flashed, his killing intent filled the air, a boundless aura surged from the long blade. Just like a heaven splitting giant blade, it slashed at the lightning ruthlessly.


The long blade fell on the thunderbolt and created a loud thundering explosion sound. A surge of violent energy fluctuations appeared from the place where they collided and burst towards all directions. The earth cracked and several cracks also spread from the ground.

On Tai Kai's rank two weapon, a spider web-like crack appeared. After that, the long blade was broken, issuing a Ka Cha sound. The long blade fragments burst around and at the same time a fragment scratched Tai Kai's cheeks, causing a bloodstain to instantly appear.

The strong impact caused Tai Kai to take several steps back again and again, his blood churned. When he had retreated for eight steps, he could not bear it anymore and spurted out a mouthful of blood and sat on the ground.

Smoke filled the forest and the fallen leaves were swirling around. Their line of sight was blocked. After the intermittent waves of energy dissipated, Ling Fei and the others finally arrived but they only saw Chen Qi lying on the ground and Tai Kai sitting on a tree root. They had been injured but there was no trace of Zi Chen.

What happened? Ling Fei's eyes widened, he could not believe the things he was seeing. The amount of time when Chen Qi issued the signal till now, was less than a quarter of an hour. In such a little time frame, Chen Qi and Tai Kai had actually been injured.

Ling Fei, what kind of person did you provoke? This fellow is simply abnormal, he has actually comprehended the Thunderbolt Finger of Ling Wu Sect. Chen Qi weakly said. His injuries were clearly not light.

As for Tai Kai, he was very weak at this moment, he could only sit cross-legged and recuperate.

Thunderbolt Finger? Ling Fei's complexion changed.

Zhan Wu Sect's Heavenly Tyrant Fist, Lin Wu's sect Thunderbolt Finger, and Black Tortoise Sect's Divine Vajra Palm were all well known martial techniques. Among them, the most difficult one to practice was the Thunderbolt Finger of Ling Wu Sect. It was also known as the useless martial technique.

I did not mess with him, it was him who messed with me. He snatched my thing. Ling Fei clenched his teeth and said. He did not expect that Zi Chen was so hard to handle, he actually comprehended the Thunderbolt Finger.

That's right, where is he? Ling Fei asked suddenly.

He escaped. Tai Kai said as if it was a matter of fact, he was not embarrassed. There were some geniuses in this world who could challenge those at higher ranks, such as Zhang Haotian from their sect. By his strength of the 8th layer of True Qi, he had injured the 10th Seed from Ling Wu Sect's Ten Seeds, it must be known that that disciple was at the 10th layer of True Qi.

Ling Fei, although this person is only at the 7th layer of True Qi, his physique can actually be compared with the physique of a peak rank 8 fierce beast. Moreover, his comprehension of his martial technique is also very deep, he can be called a genius. He is not any weaker than Zhang Haotian. At this point, you better not provoke the enemy again. Tai Kai warned.

Hmph. Zhang Haotian must die. As for this kid from Ling Wu Sect, he actually provoked me. No matter how high his talent is, since we can kill Zhang Haotian, then we can also kill this fellow. Killing one person is killing, killing two people is also killing. It seems like I must go and look for my cousin Ling Chen. I think that he will be happy to be able to kill some geniuses. A thick killing intent flashed across Ling Fei's eyes.

After that, Ling Fei left with everyone.


After arriving at Spirit Medicine Garden for less than two days, Zi Chen began to flee again.

This time, he had a fierce battle with two 9th layer of True Qi cultivators. Although he had ultimately won, his injury was also not light. There were many wounds on his body. If not for his powerful physique making his healing speed to be much faster, he might have already died here.

Facing two 9th layer of True Qi experts, two Thunderbolt Fingers had consumed all of his True Qi. At this moment, Zi Chen was only relying on his own powerful body.

After he ran dozens of miles, the wounds on Zi Chen's body had finally healed. But now he was very weak, he had to find a place to recuperate.