Thunder Martial Chapter 39 - Gambling

They brought the three future sect leaders out this time to gain some experience and for them to get to know each other so that in the future, there will be more opportunities to cooperate with each other.

Under the lead of these three people, all of the disciples went towards the mountain peak.

The mountain peak was several hundred meters tall. All of the people present were cultivators, the weakest being at the seventh layer of True Qi causing the crowd to not climb at the same pace

Chen Feng, Ling Yun, and Wu Hong used their Xiantian martial arts techniques. Their feet moved as lightly as the birds, they soared dozens of meters to the sky and using their qi halfway up the mountain, their body flew higher once again.

After several uses of their xiantian techniques, they finally arrived at the mountain peak.

Later on, the cultivators at the tenth layer of True Qi moved their feet, and their figures soared one after another. Most of them used a rank one martial technique and they looked elegant and relaxed.

The crowd went up one after another while Zi Chen, Lin Xue and Su Mengyao were walking at the rear.

Meanwhile, Zi Chen saw that the cold youth was also following at the rear, their eyes met once more. Zi Chen nodded at the opposite party out of good will, but the latter was still as cold as before.

Let's go. Miao Kong's foot stepped forward and as if he were flying, his figured flashed and traversed 70 to 80 meters in an instant. His foot technique was not weaker compared to Chen Feng and others. Moreover, he didn't continuously use his technique as his legs stepped just once to make his body fly higher.

Zi Chen, this friend of yours isn't simple. There was a hint of surprise in Su Mengyao's eyes as she said lightly.

His movement technique wasn't simple indeed, when he saw Miao Kong's movement technique again, Zi Chen was also dumbfounded.

It can be said that Miao Kong was the only existence among several hundred people that didn't need help from external force to reach the mountain peak, such an exceptional case. This action naturally attracted the attention of numerous people.

After that, Su Mengyao jumped, and her white clothes fluttered about, just like a goddess that rides the wind.

Damn! It's another xiantian class martial technique. Seeing the graceful Su Mengyao dashing away, Zi Chen couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. Comparing oneself with others will only make you angry. He had three rank one martial techniques and he thought that he was already quite talented but he didn't expect that other disciples actually had xiantian class martial techniques.

Zi Chen, Let's go. Lin Xue pulled Zi Chen and dashed forth. Using the rank two movement technique 'Moving Cloud Step', she arrived in a short amount of time. Lin Xue had actually comprehend parts of its true essence.

There are too many geniuses. Zi Chen sighed in his heart. The sense of pride that was born due to his increasing strength in such a short amount of time was dissipating slowly.

The Ling Wu Sect's geniuses weren't the only ones to assemble. At the same time, the Zhan Wu Sect's and Black Tortoise Sect's geniuses appeared. Just based on their movement techniques, there were a lot of existences that made everyone in the crowd amazed.

Among the several hundred people, their movement techniques could be divided into three, six, or nine grades, Zi Chen's Flowing Cloud Step with its true essence, was the ninth grade, the worst grade, the only thing he could show was its true essence.

Several hundred people gathered at the mountain peak and it became very crowded.

At the front, the three elders and future sect leaders were in a spacious area. They were enjoying the attention from the crowd.

The rift stabilized, which meant that the Spirit Medicine Garden should be open but the elders had yet to say a word, the crowd could only wait. Some people had guessed that the three elders used this time to promote the three future sect masters.

This is the third time since a dozen years ago that the Spirit Medicine Garden has been opened. Looking at the rift in front, the great elder sighed.

That's right, this time is also the same as the past? Elder Ge turned his head.

Ha ha. Anyway, since we are idle, we might as well have a small bet. Elder Zhang also laughed and said.

Okay then, what should we bet this time? A Zhen Yuan Pill? The great elder smiled faintly like he was unconcerned.

A Zhen Yuan Pill could make a peak Xiantian Realm cultivator break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

That isn't good enough Elder Chen. We made a bet last time also and it was your Ling Wu Sect that won. This is the first time we opened the Spirit Medicine Garden in a while, how could a mere Zhen Yuan Pill be enough. Elder Zhang said.

Oh? Then what do you want to bet on?

Why don't we bet a Zhen Yuan Pill, and Zhen Yuan technique. Our Zhan Wu sect will bet the 'Raging Flames' technique.

Our Black Tortoise Sect will bet our 'Black Rock' technique.

Ha ha The great elder laughed, You guys must have planned this out well. Both of you will bet the Raging Flames technique and the Black Rock technique so what do you want from our Ling Wu Sect.

Of course it's your Ling Wu Sect's Rolling Cloud record. The two elders said with a smile: Is Elder Chen willing to bet?

Of course I'm willing to. Since the two of you are willing to deliver a Zhen Yuan technique, I will naturally accept. The great elder said with a smile.

Ha ha, good.

The elders reached an agreement, and they also reckoned that the attention that their future sect leaders had received was plenty. Therefore, they made their way to the spacious area and turned around to look at the numerous disciples.

The Spirit Medicine Garden has opened, the priority is to collect the spirit medicine. The top five that collect the most spirit medicine will obtain a Xiantian Pill as reward. Among the three sects, the one that collected the most spirit medicine will have their contribution points doubled. But you must remember, you only have six months, six months later, you must come out. The three elders spoke.

Cheers resounded from the crowd.

The contribution points being doubled, this was an extremely lucrative reward.

Good, next is your senior brothers' turn to speak.

The three future sect masters stood up and spoke in a clear loud voice: Fellow junior disciples. Safety is your priority, keeping yourself safe is the most important thing. The Spirit Medicine Garden is very dangerous so be sure to remember that your safety should be your highest priority

The three people spoke eloquently for almost a quarter of an hour, and they finally stopped speaking amidst the cheers from the crowd.

The Spirit Medicine Garden opened and everyone entered.

Just like a bursting dam, all the disciples swarmed towards the rift.

At the top of the mountain, the amount of people was slowly decreasing. After a quarter of an hour, only six people remained.

Haha, let's wait quietly. The great elder laughed and sat cross-legged by the rift.

The other two elders also sat down in a similar manner.

As for the three future sect leaders, they sat together, chatted, and familiarize themselves with each other.


One foot into the rift and it became pitch-black ahead. Zi Chen felt like he was stepping into a void, he staggered and couldn't help but stumble.

His body leaned forward and after he walked for a few steps in the void, Zi Chen saw a bright ray of light in front, making his eyes lit up.

He had arrived at a strange place.

He discovered that he was standing on a mound and in front of him was a large plain area. One meter high green grass was growing on the ground; occasionally, there was some redness that greeted his sight. Zi Chen had not even finished observing the surroundings and he saw a spirit medicine in front of him.

It was bright red, just like blood. The petals were just like a blood crown, it was about half a meter tall, and it grew midst the green grass.

This is the blood crown flower. From it's appearance, it's probably about 50 years old. Zi Chen's eyes lit up, at the same time as his eyes swept over it, he saw a lot of redness among the green grass.

So much?, In all sides, there were about dozens of red lights emitted from the green grass. Regarding this number, Zi Chen was somewhat shocked.

As I look around, there are already dozens of spirit medicine, what the hell is this place? Zi Chen was very surprised and he took a deep breath. He then discovered that the air contained extremely rich heaven and earth spirit qi, it's density was at least two to three times than that of outside.

Cultivating here for one day is equivalent to cultivating for three days outside. This place is not only rich with spirit medicine, it's also a good place for seclusion. He had only stayed here for a couple of breaths of time but Zi Chen already found himself in love with this place, and was not willing to leave.

50 years spirit medicine, others cannot pick it, but that does not include me. Zi Chen's heart moved. He moved his feet, and his body jumped into the sky as he darted toward the nearest blood crown flower. But Zi Chen hadn't even landed on the ground, when he saw that on the stem of the blood crown flower there was a thumb sized red rope twined around.

Not good, this is a blood chain snake. Zi Chen's complexion changed. He learned that the guardian of the blood crown flower was a blood chain snake but he discovered it too late. When he saw the red rope, the snake had already launched it's attack.

He only saw a red shadow flash, the blood chain snake separated from the blood crown flower and it flew towards Zi Chen. It had arrived at Zi Chen's right hand, it's two small poisonous fangs bit on Zi Chen's finger maliciously.


But after that, the sound of broken teeth rang, the two sharp teeth of the blood chain snake broke.

Zi Chen fell on the ground and he grabbed the blood chain snake and in a flash, the snake was divided into two. It fell on the ground and struggled for a few moments and then it no longer moved

I almost forgot, my body cannot be harmed by this small blood chain snake. Zi Chen chuckled and he picked up the 50 years blood crown flower. Zi Chen did not pick the stem, many years later, it could grow again.

He had such a powerful physique, Zi Chen's luck was obviously very good. He broke the teeth of the blood chain snake but the others did not have such good luck. Because of their carelessness, there were at least 3-4 people that died under the blood chain snake teeth.

Ah... I was poisoned. Zi Chen was just about to swallow the blood crown flower when he heard a yell from a distance.

The poison of the blood chain snake is very strong, but if you kill it swiftly and swallow the snake gall, you can still survive. Zi Chen muttered, then swallowed the blood crown flower.

After that, Zi Chen did not stay and he walked onwards.

Due to the lack of time, he did not refine the blood crown flower slowly, but he allowed the spirit energy to enter his body. It was then absorbed by the heart, transformed into pure energy and supplied to the body.

On this plain, Zi Chen was undergoing some transformation. After every step he took, his strength was stronger compared with the previous step. He is at the middle stage of the seventh layer of True Qi and because of the blood crown flower, he reach the peak of the seventh layer of True Qi

Half a day later, Zi Chen had swallowed a dozen blood crown flowers. Their pure energy directly pushed Zi Chen's strength to the peak of seventh layer of True Qi, and the distance from the eighth layer of True Qi was not far.

It's getting dark. Zi Chen picked up his speed. The plains at night was very dangerous, other than the blood chain snake, there may be other dangers.

Although he had picked up his speed but when the night arrived, Zi Chen had not left this piece of plain yet.

While Zi Chen was still able to see, Zi Chen ate some dry rations and then he made a mound above the green grass. He stopped and sat cross-legged, he did not cultivate and was sensing the movements in the surroundings.

As the night fell, there were no stars or moon in the sky, it was pitch dark.

As the wind blew, the green grass began to make a rustling sound.

A two meters long blood chain snake, about as thick as an arm, it's whole body emitted a rich red light. It was slithering between the green grass. The rustling sound from the blowing wind was a very good cover for the sound that the blood chain snake made.

The night was dangerous. The mortality rate of human cultivators increased greatly because at night, the king of the blood chain snakes set out.

The slithering blood chain snake in the green grass, with its pair of crimson eyes saw a human on a mound.

Zi Chen was targeted by a pair of ice cold eyes.