Thunder Martial Chapter 38 - Future Sect Leaders

What is this situation? One glance from Su Mengyao made Zi Chen's body have an electrifying feeling, rendering him petrified in an instant.

And the crowd of disciples that looked from afar was dumbfounded. Their mouths opened so wide that you could place an egg inside.

What is this situation? Senior sister Su actually embraced someone's arm. Even senior brother Chen Feng didn't have this kind of treatment. A disciple looked at Zi Chen shocked.

They wanted to see what this guy had to attract senior sister Su because he isn't even that handsome. He did not only captivate Lin Xue, he was even having an affair with the goddess.

Chen Feng stood there motionless. To be honest, with the action of Su Mengyao embracing Zi Chen, even he was stunned. Obviously, he did not expect that at all. But after the reaction kicked in, both of his eyes turned cold, the aura around his body started to surge.

The aura that exuded slightly from Chen Feng's body was very terrifying.

Xiantian Realm. Zi Chen's complexion changed slightly. He did not expect that Chen Feng was already at the Xiantian Realm.

Usually, according to Zi Chen's character, he naturally wouldn't provoke a powerhouse such as Chen Feng. He was not only powerful, but his background was even greater.

But now, his arm was being embraced by Su Mengyao, and she even used her True Qi so Zi Chen was unable to break free and he was also unwilling to break free.

That's right, Zi Chen. We are a family, why do you want to leave. The one who should leave is him, the outsider. Just as Zi Chen was being indecisive, Lin Xue's voice also rang. After that, Lin Xue came from the other side and embraced his other arm, causing almost her entire body was pasted against his body.

Of course this was not the focus of everyone, the focus was Lin Xue's harsh words.

A family, outsider.

This was akin to a slap on Chen Feng's face.

Chen Feng was unable to describe his present feeling but he wanted to kill someone right now. The ugly fellow in front of him, he only wished that he could slap him to death in one strike.

The disciples in the distance held their breath. Some experienced disciples thought of something after seeing the actions of those two women

At the day of assessment, Zi Chen crushed Wu Sheng and Wu Sheng's talent was similar to the Chen Feng of the past. Since Zi Chen crushed Wu Sheng, his talent also surpassed Wu Sheng, at the same time also surpassed Chen Feng.

Does senior sister Su want to use Zi Chen to restrict Chen Feng? Some people speculated, but after they thought of it again, something wasn't right. The talent of Zi Chen was very high but his strength was not that high. The current him will definitely be defeated by Chen Feng in one round

While the crowd was confused, Zi Chen already made up the resolution in his heart.

As the saying goes: Even if I were to die beneath a peony flower, I will still be charming as a ghost.

The present Zi Chen was being embraced by two beautiful women, he was quite proud and satisfied in his heart. Inevitably a heroic feeling arose in his heart. Meng Yao, Xue'er, let's go, do not lower yourselves to the same level of an outsider.

Having said that, he held his head high, embraced the two of them, and walked ahead, his posture was exceptionally elegant.

Not far away, there was a hint of appreciation in Miao Kong's eyes, but there was only pity in other people's eyes.

Really is an idiot, he has stepped on the big wolf's tail with his nose raised to sky. He has offended senior brother Chen Feng, he will die inside the Spirit Medicine Garden.

He is crazy!

So what if he has high talent? Offending senior brother Chen Feng is the same as offending Yama, he will die for sure.

The crowd curled their lips, the pity in their eyes was even deeper.

Chen Feng snorted coldly and left, ending the drama right away. Although the male disciples were looking at Zi Chen with the looks full of pity, and the female disciples with the looks of worship

Work hard, I have high expectations of you. When Chen Feng left, Su Mengyao released Zi Chen's arm but she was still looking at him.

I also have high expectations of you. Lin Xue wasn't conscious of it, but she kept embracing Zi Chen's arm.

A few days later, after crossing through numerous mountains and passing over a number of rivers, the crowd finally arrived at their destination.

Among the three sects, Ling Wu Sect was the last to arrive. When they arrived, there were already several hundred people there, a stretch of black masses. Among them, there were some disciples of Lin Wu Sect that had left earlier.

Not far away, some explosion sounds resounded. Some bored disciples had set up an arena and were comparing notes with each others

Elder Chen, you finally arrived. We have waited for a long time. The group had just arrived and two middle aged man came out to greet them.

Elder Zhang, Elder Ge, I was held up by some matter. The great elder cupped his hand and then hinted Chen Feng to come up.

I will introduce them, this is Elder Ge from Zhan Wu Sect and this is Elder Zhang from Black Tortoise Sect. The great elder introduced.

Chen Feng greets two seniors.

Ha ha, good, good. So you are Chen Feng, the number one disciple in Ling Wu Sect. The Ling Wu Sect's future sect master, really remarkable. There was appreciation in both of the elders' eyes as they laughed.

Come, Ling Yun, greet your senior brother Chen Feng.

Wu Hong, come and meet the future sect master of the Ling Wu Sect.

After they chatted for a while, two youths came. One was tall and slender, his straight eyebrows slanting upwards toward the sky. Another was tall and robust, there was a feeling of power around his body.

One was Ling Yun from the Zhan Wu Sect, the other one was Wu Hong of Black Tortoise Sect. Both of them were still young, but the aura emitted by them when they walked was the aura of one that was at Xiantian Realm.

Greeting two senior brothers. Although both of them were coming to greet him but Chen Feng had no arrogance and did not think that he was the senior; therefore, he placed himself as the junior.

Senior brother is too polite. Ling Yun greets senior brother.

Wu Hong greets senior brother.

They were also very tactful and polite.

They were the three future sect masters that were decided by their sects, and now met for the first time

Great elder, since everyone has arrived, should we open the Spirit Medicine Garden now? Elder Ge suggested.

Alright. The great elder nodded.

After that, the three people flew towards the distant mountain top.

Meanwhile, the three future sect leaders gathered together, when they were talking, they also introduced some talents from their respective sects to the opposite parties.

This is Xu Yan, the number one inner disciple in Ling Wu Sect. This is Lin Yu the number two in the inner sect... Chen Feng introduced.

This is the number one inner disciple in Zhan Wu Sect, Ling Chen. This is Xie Qiu...

Black Tortoise Sect's Mu Yi and Liang Guang.

They started to introduce their sect talents one by one.

Zi Chen was together with Lin Xue and Su Mengyao, standing at the rear of the crowd. They were also looking curiously at the other two sect's disciples.

His eyes swept the crowd, and stopped at a black clothed disciple at the outer area of Zhan Wu Sect. The age of the person was similar to himself, about 18 years old. The thing that caused Zi Chen to pay attention to him was his cold look and the unapproachable aura.

There were many disciples from the Zhan Wu Sect but there was nobody standing beside him. Moreover, fellow was quite similar to him, he was also an existence that was ostracized from the crowd. The thing that was different from him was that when the disciples of Zhan Wu Sect looked at the cold youth, there was a trace of fear in their eyes.

Zi Chen's eyes that had been watching for a long time, seemed to attract the youth's attention. The opposite party glanced at Zi Chen, amidst the indifferent look, there was a trace of coldness. With just a single glance, Zi Chen knew that the opposite party was one that killed resolutely.

That's right, brother Ling, I heard that in your Zhan Wu Sect, there's an otherworldly genius, with his eighth layer of True Qi of strength, he had defeated the tenth Seed from our Ling Wu Sect's inner disciple, how come you did not introduce him? Chen Feng asked suddenly.

Do not mention it anymore. Ling Yun's smiling face suddenly became ugly, he pointed at the indifferent youth from a distance and said, His name is Zhang Haotian, a rampant and arrogant fellow. He thinks that his talent is remarkable, and doesn't put anyone in his eyes. Some time ago, he killed my cousin.

There was a trace of coldness in Ling Yun's eyes.

Rest assured, brother Ling. This matter, you can count on me. Chen Feng smiled faintly, as he said that, his eyes swept the crowd of Ling Wu Sect

That's right, Brother Chen, who is that boy? He is with two beautiful women. It seems like your days as the number one disciple in Ling Wu Sect are not that easy either. The pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first ah. There is such a beautiful woman and yet you actually hand her over to other people? Ling Yun saw Su Mengyao and Lin Xue next to Zi Chen

This is also a rampant and brainless fellow, his name is Zi Chen. Chen Feng smiled indifferently.

I understand. Ling Chen, Xie Qiu, both of you will take care of this matter. Ling Yun said indifferently.

Rest assured senior bother. The two people nodded.

A shout suddenly resounded from the crowd.

Look over there, the elders are making their move! A disciple said and pointed at the top of the mountain.

When the crowd turned to look, they saw that the three elders had arrived at the top of the mountain. A gushing aura was surging crazily, a dazzling light erupted from the three people, it was just like there were three suns.

This is the power of the Zhen Yuan Realm?

The power of Zhen Yuan Realm!

The crowd was stunned. The three elders emitted the Zhen Yuan force from their bodies.

Zhen Yuan force, this was a force even stronger than the Xiantian True Qi, its strength was even more overbearing and also purer.

Waves of Zhen Yuan energy surged toward the top of the mountain, just like three spirit snakes, emitting out different colours of light and wrapping around each other at the top of the mountain.


A rumbling sound spread from the mountaintop and the space above the mountain top suddenly twisted, as if something was about to tear the space to shreds.

Try harder. The great elder's shouted and even more Zhen Yuan energy appeared, rushing towards the distorted space.

At the same time, the other two also used their full power.

In the distorted space, rounds of explosion rang out, just like rolling thunderclaps. Following that, the space was torn into shreds and a dark black crack appeared.

The crack was slowly getting larger and larger. At first, it's size was about 3 feet, and then it turned into several feet. Finally, a few feet high and ten feet wide giant crack appeared.

The crack was still shaking and unstable. The Zhen Yuan force from three elders surged unceasingly till the giant crack stabilized.

A moment later, as the crowd of disciples was stunned, the dark crack had stabilized. Occasionally, waves of energy appeared from there.

Good, the Spirit Medicine Garden has been opened, all disciples enter. The voices of the three elders resounded from the summit.

When they heard this, several hundred disciples rushed toward the summit swiftly.

The one that took the lead were naturally the three people that will become the future sect masters.