Thunder Martial Chapter 37 - Beauty In His Arms

Lin Xue, what happened? Zi Chen looked at Lin Xue who hurriedly came in.

Come with me to exchange for Qi Restoration Pills. Lin Xue pulled Zi Chen and walked towards the door.

What is the purpose of getting Qi Restoration Pills? They're not as useful as True Qi Pills. Zi Chen asked with a puzzled expression.

You may not know this but the Spirit Medicine Garden that was guarded by the three sects is going to open. There are a lot of spirit medicines there. Therefore, numerous inner disciples want to enter. True Qi Pills are useless compared to the spirit medicines in the Spirit Medicine Garden. Lin Xue answered.

Spirit Medicine Garden guarded by the three sects? In Zi Chen's eyes, there was a hint of surprise. Is it the Zhan Wu Sect and the Xuan Wu Sect?

That's right. It is said that the Spirit Medicine Garden is a remnant from the past. It is still very mysterious even now, it has been so many years and the three sects have yet to completely occupy this remnant. Lin Xue said.

They entered the front door only to see two long lines of individuals. They were dumbfounded by that sight.

There are so many people? Zi Chen said as they lined up at the rear.

Is it so urgent? Zi Chen asked puzzledly.

Of course, it has already been several days. One group of disciples already went there. The three sects have already made their move and there was also one person that was injured amongst the Ling Wu Sect's Ten Seeds. Lin Xue said

Ling Wu Sect's Ten Seeds. Are they the ten strongest disciples in the inner sect, said to have the strength of a tenth layer of True Qi? Zi Chen said with surprise: They can also enter?

Zi Chen was somewhat disappointed, he thought that this was an opportunity, but didn't expect that people of the tenth layer of True Qi would also enter. He was only at the seventh layer of True Qi; therefore, it would be too difficult for him to obtain some benefits.

As long as you're over the seventh layer of True Qi and below the Xiantian Realm, you can enter. There is no limit on the number of people going there. She seemed to have guessed what was on Zi Chen's mind, and chuckled. You can rest assured, the area of the Spirit Medicine Garden is very big. Even if thousands of people went, it won't be crowded.

Did you already break through to the seventh layer of True Qi?

Hehehe. I broke through yesterday.

Lin Xue a lot of knowledge about it, and she told all of it to Zi Chen.

The line was reducing slowly, and at noon, it was finally their turn.

Exchanging 20 Qi Restoration Pills. Lin Xue took out a token and said.

Luo Men received the token, and glanced at Zi Chen as he said in contempt, What's wrong? You also want to try your luck? Be careful to not die inside.

Whether I die or not, is none of your business. But I can guarantee that if you enter, you will certainly die. Zi Chen responded coldly.

Ptuh, that kind of place that eats people is for trash like you that don't have any background. I have everything I need here so why must I court death. The contempt within Luo Men's eyes was intense.

Zi Chen took the Qi Restoration Pills and left with Lin Xue, Luo Men didn't embezzle anything.

Looking at the two people that left, Luo Men said to a nearby disciple, Tell senior brother Liu Yu that I don't want Zi Chen to return.

Liu Yu was placed second amongst the Ling Wu Sect's Ten Seeds, and his strength was at the tenth layer of True Qi.



They just exited the door, but Lin Xue had already divided the Qi Restoration Pills into two portions. Each portion consisted of 10 pills and she gave one portion to Zi Chen.

I don't want it. I still have some Qi Restoration Pills here. Zi Chen refused and said.

Take them, it's very dangerous inside. I have more Qi Restoration Pills here.

Lin Xue's insistence left Zi Chen with no choice but to accept.

After that, Lin Xue told Zi Chen to find her tomorrow and they will set out together. 'They' referring to Su Mengyao.

After Lin Xue left, Zi Chen looked for Miao Kong.

I was going to look for you but it seems that you found out. The moment he saw Miao Kong and was about to speak, the latter spoke first.

This is for you. Zi Chen took out a flask containing five Qi Restoration Pills.

You keep it. After I arrive at the Spirit Medicine Garden, there will be people that will give me a few. Miao Kong didn't take the flask and only smiled mischievously.

Zi Chen smiled, he understood Miao Kong's meaning.


In the middle of the silver space, waves of lightning were dancing, Just like a bunch of lighting snakes.

The thunder boy stood in front of Zi Chen, but at this moment, the opposite party didn't emit the tyrannical true essence of lightning but instead a sharp aura was present.

This aura was sharp and fierce, just like a sharp sword that left its sheath. In his hand was a three feet long sword, with a silver light flashing on it, The cold silver flash was overflowing.

Shua The long sword in the boy's hand moved suddenly. He and the sword seemed as if they were one and moved towards Zi Chen at a great speed.

Rank one martial technique Streaming Light Sword'.

The flowing silver light reached its peak in an instant. By the time Zi Chen reacted, the long sword had already pierced his throat.

Zi Chen's perception dissipated from the lightning space.

I succeeded! Zi Chen opened his eyes, and a wild joy could be seen within his eyes.

This was the result from entering the Martial Arts Pavilion on several occasions. When he finally memorised the Streaming Light Sword, the thunder boy in the silver space had shown the true essence of the Streaming Light Sword.

The current Zi Chen had three kinds of rank one martial techniques, the Thunderbolt Finger, Streaming Light Sword, and the Misty Step. After training for 20 days and with the help from the thunder boy, Zi Chen's Misty Step had arrived at the threshold of its true essence.

Although he only had the strength of the middle stage seventh layer of True Qi, but his true fighting strength wasn't any weaker than a ninth layer of True Qi cultivator.

Spirit Medicine Garden will be my place to grow. Zi Chen was filled with anticipation because he will enter the Spirit Medicine Garden tomorrow.

A stem of spirit medicine contained a lot of spiritual power, the spiritual power was even fiercer once absorbed. The wasted energy may even be more than what is absorbed; therefore, most people brought back the spirit medicines and exchanged them for True Qi Pills. Occasionally, there would be people who reached a bottleneck and needed the fierce energy from a spirit medicine to attack the bottleneck.

But Zi Chen was different, a stem of spirit medicine in his eyes wasn't any different from a True Qi Pill. His special heart could help him refine all the spiritual energy. Hence, as long as there were enough spirit medicines, Zi Chen could theoretically breakthrough to the tenth layer of True Qi and even the Xiantian realm.

Time always passes slowly when you are waiting.

Fortunately, Zi Chen could practice the Misty Step in his room, his body became ethereal and natural. Zi Chen's speed further increased after comprehending the Misty Step's true essence.

A touch of white light finally appeared in the sky and it turned brighter. The servant knocked on his door and delivered his breakfast and a bag. The bag contained some dry rations.

Most of it was dried meat.

After eating a simple breakfast, Zi Chen went to the square. There were already hundreds of people waiting.

Zi Chen, over here. Lin Xue's voice resounded. In the middle of the envious gazes, Zi Chen arrived besides Lin Xue and Su Mengyao.

Today, Lin Xue and Su Mengyao both wore white clothes. One was as pure as a blue lotus, and the other was as pretty as a goddess. While standing beside them, Zi Chen felt a huge pressure from the gazes of others.

Today, he wore tight-fitting black clothes. He was neat and tidy, but standing beside these two beautiful women, he actually looked more like a servant.

Miao Kong was also standing beside them, and smiled at Zi Chen.

When entering the Spirit Medicine Garden this time, we have to be more careful. Under the glares of the crowd, Su Mengyao looked at Zi Chen who had just arrived and smiled. Her eyes were filled with appreciation.

In all inner disciples' hearts, Su Mengyao was like a goddess. Therefore, there would be some people that paid attention to her every action and movement and when they suddenly saw their goddess smiling at Zi Chen, the crowd erupted. Various jealous, envious, and hostile gazes were unceasingly casted towards Zi Chen.

On the square, a pair of ice-cold eyes also fell on Zi Chen. That dense cold feeling in the air made Zi Chen shiver.

As Chen Feng's eyes fell on him, Zi Chen turned to see the owner of the ice-cold gaze. It was the number one disciple of the Ling Wu Sect, Chen Feng, the future sect master of the Ling Wu Sect.

Isn't he too petty? Only said a few words, and it's like he needs to kill people. He is really too narrow minded. Zi Chen lowered his head, and ridiculed secretly. But in his heart, he was actually somewhat pleased.

On the square, the number of people increased gradually and it finally stopped at about 150 people. These people were all above the seventh layer of True Qi and below the Xiantian Realm. A moment later, in the sky, the great elder appeared.

Everyone. the great elder waved his hand, the crowd quieted down.

This time, this old man and your great senior brother, Chen Feng, will lead the team. Before leaving, I will tell you first about the situation in the Spirit Medicine Garden

That place was discovered by three sects at the same time. To open that place, we need three Zhen Yuan Realm powerhouses from each sect to collaborate each time, but only the ones at the True Qi Realm can enter. There are numerous spirit medicines inside. Those that are less than 50 years, it's better if you do not pick them, even if you brought them back, there will be no contribution points to exchange for, there will instead be punishment.

Besides our Ling Wu Sect, the Zhan Wu Sect and the Xuan Wu Sect will also be there. In the Spirit Medicine Garden, everyone's priority is to pick the spirit medicine, it's best to not fight. The duration that the Spirit Medicine Garden is open is six months. Six months later, the top five disciples that hand over the most spirit medicine will obtain a Xiantian pill as a reward.

The great elder said it in one breath. There was a lot of whispering erupting from below.

He said that disciples was not allowed to fight, but there was a reward. Zi Chen imagined a scene where numerous disciples killed each other in the spirit medicine garden.

Hmph, to make him lead the disciples and meet up with the other two sect, is it to groom him as the future sect master? Su Mengyao snorted coldly.

After the rule was announced, the crowd that was discussions and filled with anticipation prepared to set off. The enormous and powerful group left the Ling Wu Sect.

Meng Yao, Xue'er, when entering the Spirit Medicine Garden this time, you must be more careful. The spirit medicine can wait, the priority is to keep your life. Chen Feng came over and said in concern.

I have a sense of discretion. Su Mengyao said faintly, but Lin Xue did not even say a word, as if she did not see Chen Feng.

You go to one side, I have some words to tell Meng Yao and Xue'er. After he arrived, many disciples left, only Zi Chen and Miao Kong did not know their place, so Chen Feng frowned and spoke unhappily.

Okay senior brother. Miao Kong bowed slightly and walked further away.

Zi Chen also intended to leave, but he did not expect that he would be stopped by Su Mengyao. Zi Chen, you do not need to leave. If you have any words you can say it directly, Zi Chen is not an outsider.

Isn't an outsider? Zi Chen was startled, these words could have two meanings; One was that Zi Chen and Xue'er's relationship was very good, so he was not a bystander; Another one was that Su Mengyao did not treat Zi Chen as an outsider.

But no matter which, Chen Feng was unable to accept either. His face became even more ugly, and he glared at Zi Chen coldly.

Zi Chen felt somewhat awkward, he was ready to leave.

However he had not even taken one step, when he felt a fragrance greeting his nostrils, and his arm was held.

Zi Chen, why are you leaving? Su Mengyao held Zi Chen and then embraced his arm, in the meantime, she also stared at Zi Chen charmingly.

Zi Chen was petrified in an instant.