Thunder Martial Chapter 359 - Zhang Nan

As another voice spoke, all of the rogue cultivators' expressions changed.

But soon after, a terrifying aura appeared, blotting out the sky and covering the earth, bringing along a terrifying pressure that caused people to tremble.

This was a supremely powerful aura that far surpassed that of an ordinary Imperial Sky Realm expert. It engulfed the entire plaza, making it difficult for anyone to breathe.

Kid, you are truly overbearing! The old voice came out, walking forward one step at a time. It was an old man, his hair was white, his face full of wrinkles, and he had a pair of deep eyes like a divine lamp, staring at Zi Chen.

This is When they saw the old man, all of their faces fell.

Old Senior Zheng Nan.

It's him. The old man chosen by the rogue cultivators, Old Senior Zheng Nan.

All the rogue cultivators recognized the old man and their expressions became respectful without any dissatisfaction.

Zheng Nan, a genius among rogue cultivators, with outstanding talent was considered one of the top rogue cultivators. Without any resources, he was able to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm and become extremely powerful. Furthermore, on the day of his breakthrough, he rejected the invitation of all the major powers. He was a free and unfettered cultivator, and his reputation was very high in this region.

Moreover, he had already broken through the late Imperial Sky Realm a few years ago. His battle strength was very terrifying, and it was said that he was second only to the peak Imperial Sky Realm experts of the large powers.

He was an extremely respected man, he lived a carefree life, and had never formed enmity with anyone. In this key incident, there were many rogue cultivators who came looking for him, asking him to hold the key and bring everyone into the tomb.

Senior Zheng Nan will not stand by and watch. He is here to uphold justice.

Only an existence like old senior Zheng Nan can pressure him.

Zi Chen is too overbearing, he even killed people who spoke the truth.

Everyone was discussing softly, all of them were looking at old senior Zheng Nan, their eyes were filled with hope, hoping that he would come out and seek justice.

Domineering? Zi Chen sneered, the discussions around him, had allowed him to know the old man's background, and he only had disdain in his heart.

In Zi Chen's opinion, all of this was just a disguise. If he was truly free and unrestrained, then he wouldn't have appeared today. Furthermore, the moment he opened his mouth, he said that he was overbearing.

The key was extraordinary, and the matter was extremely serious. It was far from something a rogue cultivator could come into contact with, and Zi Chen believed in the latter.

This dignified old man was definitely sent by a great power.

This belongs to me. Why should I hand it over? How am I considered domineering for refusing? Zi Chen coldly asked an old man who was not afraid of a late Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Such arrogant words. Such a young age and you actually did such a tragic thing. Today, blood has already flowed like rivers. There have been many casualties but you still dare to act innocent? Old senior Zheng Nan questioned. In front of him, was a tragic scene of amputated limbs and mangled flesh.

If I don't kill them, they will kill me. Can't you see that? To think that you are even a highly respected senior. From the very start, you were biased towards one side, which makes me doubt your intentions. Zi Chen asked, in his heart he had long categorized the old fellow as a major power's dog.

Bastard, you still dare to quibble? Do you think that they also deserve to die? Do you think that they will kill you? The old man pointed to the corpses on the ground, and said: They are only in the Zhen Yuan Realm, could they also have the strength to kill you, and want your life?

They did not have the power to kill me, but they were overbearing and wanted me to hand over my things. Moreover, it's the thing where I was chased by Imperial Sky Realm experts even though I was in the True Qi Realm.

What a sharp tongue! After killing so many people, he is beyond miserable. He views human life as grass, yet he still wants to reason. The old man sneered, he did not mention anything about the key at all.

Ha ha! Zi Chen was so angry that he laughed instead, and said, As expected of an esteemed senior, to have a merciful heart and be wary of all the living things in this world, that's very good. Old senior, can you hand your spirit armament and spatial ring over to me for safekeeping?

That's something that the old senior spent his entire life to obtain. On what basis should he give it to you? Someone coldly snorted and spoke at the right time.

Zheng Nan did not speak, his expression somewhat gloomy. He could already see that this brat was very difficult to deal with.

Then my key, could it be that it was created by a strong gust of wind? When I was in the True Qi Realm, I was chased by Imperial Sky Realm experts, and it was also exchanged at the risk of my life.

You are being unreasonable, we are only safekeeping it, it's not like we are going to keep it forever.

Haha, then I was also safekeeping the wealth of old senior Zheng Nan, I won't keep it forever.

You are just messing around! Someone scolded angrily.

Why is it that when you are saying it, it makes sense? But if i say it, is it unreasonable? Why are you trying to mess with me? Zi Chen replied with a question: The key is mine, sharing it with you is my magnanimity. Why should I give it to you?

What right do we have to believe you? What if you lie to us?

Then why should I believe that you are true rogue cultivators and not people from great powers? Or perhaps, you have obtained the benefits from great powers.

You!!! You are insulting us, insulting old senior Zheng Nan. There was once a great power that tried their best to invite him, but he didn't even join.

Zi Chen sneered, and said. Oh, is that so? Which power is it? Wang Family, or Liu Family?

It's not the three of them. It's the two Cang and Li Family. They're not weaker than them.

Everyone knows that I have grudges against the Cang and Li Family. You can guarantee that, if not for the fact that he had long ago joined a major power, he wouldn't have only come here to rob my key. Zi Chen asked.

No one spoke again.

The people who'd spoken earlier now had sinister smiles on their faces.

Good, good, good! Zheng Nan had not spoken for a long time, but now he said, Brat, I, Zheng Nan, am a righteous person, and am renowned in the world. How can I allow you to insult me like this?

That's right, for Zi Chen to insult the old senior, it is truly disrespectful, and he must be severely punished.

How can a mere key compare to the old senior's reputation. Since you have insulted the old senior, why haven't you come over and kowtowed to apologize?

Kneel down and apologize to the old senior.

Many people spoke out, they were overbearing, and with Zheng Nan as their backing, they did not have any scruples.

Haha, you want me to kneel down and kowtow? Such arrogance, do you want me to respectfully hand over the key as an apology? Zi Chen laughed loudly.

If you sincerely want to apologize, it's not impossible. Someone beside him teased.


Just at that moment, a cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes, and a golden lightning appeared on his forehead, and he rushed towards the person who spoke.

Wherever his spiritual consciousness went, everything was obliterated. The cultivators pupils shrank as his life force dissipated, and he collapsed backwards.

Everyone's expressions changed. They never would have thought that with senior Zheng Nan here, Zi Chen would not hesitate to kill them.

Furthermore, it was a strike from the spiritual consciousness, with extremely fast speed, instantly killing the cultivator.

You!!! The old man's expression was extremely ugly, and killing intent filled his eyes. You're actually this ruthless. You killed him just because of a single disagreement.

You old thing, stop pretending. The killing intent in your eyes has already explained everything. If you want to make a move and snatch the key, then feel free. I will send you on your way as soon as possible. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold. A hint of ridicule flashed past the corner of his mouth, and he had completely fallen out with him.

Zi Chen's actions caused an uproar among the crowd, they were all extremely shocked, they did not know where Zi Chen's confidence came from, to actually dare call out old senior Zheng Nan in such a manner.

Could it be that his fighting strength is already sufficient to kill a late Imperial Sky Realm expert?

Impossible, right? He's just a Ninth Heaven, even if he has unparalleled combat power, it's impossible for him to fight a battle that's several levels higher.

Everyone's expressions changed as they felt this was inconceivable.

As for Zheng Nan, he was furious to the extreme, and killing intent appeared in his eyes. Zi Chen had successfully infuriated him, and everything was going according to plan.

Senior, please help me kill this arrogant thing.

Senior, please exterminate evil.

I plead for senior to take action and kill Zi Chen.

Even more people spoke out, they were extremely respectful to Zheng Nan, but when they saw Zi Chen, their eyes were filled with cold light, as though Zi Chen was an unforgivable scoundrel.

Zi Chen swept his gaze across everyone, his face expressionless.

If that's the case, then I'll kill him. This kid is really cruel. If we allow him to grow up, he will definitely be a calamity. Zheng Nan acted like he was grieving for the heavens and the earth.

Everyone opened their mouths again and begged him to make a move.

Alright! Zheng Nan nodded.

In the next moment, Zheng Nan's aura changed. Boundless energy filled the entire world, his cold eyes were extremely sharp, and a terrifying killing intent filled the air.

Before, he still had a look of pity, as though he was a master who did not care about worldly affairs, but in the next moment, his figure became extremely majestic, and his body surged with overflowing killing intent as he locked onto Zi Chen.

Die! His eyes were filled with killing intent. With a loud shout, he prepared to attack.

In this world, a crazy energy swept out, carrying with it an aura of destruction.

Old man, as a lackey of a great power, I think you're the one who will die. Zi Chen shouted in anger as well, and took action first.


The sky trembled, and the sound of rolling thunder resounded. From between Zi Chen's brows, a lightning dragon rushed out, carrying with it an extremely terrifying aura.

The air was soundlessly shattered as the lightning dragon instantly expanded to a few hundred meters wide. Its body twisted, and with a flash of Power of thunder, it charged towards Zheng Nan.

This? With the appearance of the lightning dragon, Zheng Nan's face changed dramatically.

However, at this moment, cries of surprise sounded out from the crowd.

This is Zi Chen's trump card. On that day, there were more than ten strikes of lightning, and even a sovereign realm expert was injured. I never thought that Zi Chen still had more on him.

Too terrifying. That day, when the lightning struck, a sovereign realm expert's blood rained down from the sky.

Just as he was exclaiming, Zheng Nan let out a loud shout, his voice was filled with fear.

This was something he did not expect. The person who promised him benefits back then had made it clear that Zi Chen no longer had any trump cards left. His fighting strength could at most be compared to an early Imperial Sky Realm.


The air trembled, and a spirit armament appeared. It was a shining large blade that overflowed with cold light, and its quality was extraordinary. As soon as it appeared, it magnified itself to a size of several tens of meters, charging towards the lightning dragon.