Thunder Martial Chapter 358 - Dominance

When the four of them appeared, Zi Chen's entire body shone with a golden light, taking the initiative to attack, causing everyone's face to change.

However, the people who knew Zi Chen were relieved, this was a type of combined attack, if one wanted to break it, the only way was to attack first.

The four of them flew in midair and attacked Zi Chen. However, not only was the latter not afraid, he even charged forward. Under his perfect body, Zi Chen directly jumped a few hundred meters and attacked one of them.


The heaven and earth shook and the air shook. A person who was sent flying by Zi Chen coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

He took the initiative to attack first, to gain the upper hand. With one strike, he broke the combined attack, surprising everyone.




At the same time, three spirit armaments appeared, and with boundless killing intent, they landed on Zi Chen's body. However, there was one less, the combined attack was incomplete, and it was only a relatively powerful attack.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Just how strong was Zi Chen's physique that even the spirit armament had no way to break through.


As though it was as easy as pulling out dried weeds, Zi Chen threw out a punch. A golden light flashed, and in an instant, a spirit armament broke apart and flew out.


Zi Chen punched out again like lightning and another spirit armament was destroyed, transforming into a cold light that shot out in all directions.

Another round of screams rang out.


The last spirit armament was split into two by Zi Chen's spiritual perception. It fell from the sky and sunk into the ground.

Everything happened very quickly, like a flash of light. The combined attack, without even using a spirit armament, completely collapsed under Zi Chen's might.


During this time, Zi Chen fought with the three of them intensely, and the sound of battle exploded out.

He fought one against three, and did not show any signs of defeat.


Fresh blood splattered. When the fourth person arrived, another person was sent flying. The combined attack was still unable to form.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

Zi Chen was like an ape, constantly jumping and attacking the air, and every time he punched out, an expert would always be hit and sent flying.

The four of them were supposed to attack together in the air, but Zi Chen had completely destroyed their advantage.

Along the way, Zi Chen experienced nine tribulations, which was the ninth stage of heavenly tribulation. Every time he was in a life or death situation, he would temper his body with heavenly lightning and undergo a transformation.


In the sky, blood rained down. After fighting for so long, the four Imperial Sky Realm experts coughed out blood, but the combined attack still did not happen. On the other hand, Zi Chen's face was not even red.

Everyone was dumbstruck, Zi Chen was too powerful, his fighting strength was unparalleled, wiping out everything, and all of the blood on the experts body turned into a rain of blood, while he, on the other hand, was covered in golden light, without any injuries.

Azure Peak Seal!

Zi Chen bellowed, and the seal appeared in his hand. The sky shook, and a golden seal appeared, carrying an aura as big as a mountain. On the surface of its body, numerous runes appeared, and smashed towards the Imperial Sky Realm experts.


They were sent flying as they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. The combined attack that they had just formed was broken, and the four of them felt helpless, as they could not use their powerful Killing Technique.

Azure Peak Slash!

A rain of blood scattered down, and a golden blade flashed by, almost chopping off half of an Imperial Sky Realm expert's body. The sharp blade slashed across his acromion, causing bright red blood to appear.

This was an extremely shocking scene. Even though Zi Chen's only in the Ninth Heaven, he was actually able to block the attacks of four Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Spiritual consciousness... Attack together, kill him using our spiritual consciousness.

The four of them were all injured, if this continued, they would definitely die. At the moment, they were extremely determined, and were prepared to use their spiritual consciousness to attack together.

Everyone's spiritual consciousness was different, they couldn't fuse it at all, and even the combined attack couldn't do it. If they forcefully merged it, even with the Arcane Art on their body, they would still suffer injuries and they would need to recuperate for a long time.

However, at this moment, the four of them could not care less.


The air trembled, and four spiritual consciousness appeared. Like four streaks of lightning, they fused together in midair, transforming into a resplendent light.

This was the fusion of spiritual consciousness, and it had an unbelievable might. The moment it appeared, all the people paled, and immediately after, a bright light flew towards Zi Chen.


Between Zi Chen's brows, was a dazzling golden light. His powerful spiritual consciousness rushed out and clashed with the resplendent light.

This was a silent collision, but it was extremely dangerous. Zi Chen's body trembled, and he felt a sharp pain between his brows.

Along the way, Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness had also experienced a baptism of the tribulation, transforming time and time again and becoming extremely powerful. At this moment, the four of them were working together to fuse their spiritual consciousness, but none of them were able to suppress him.


The resplendent light trembled in the air, and the sky was almost split apart. The four Imperial Sky Realm experts shouted loudly, Zi Chen's powerful spiritual consciousness had exceeded their imagination.

The four of them combined into one, and the bright light flashed again, just like a bolt of lightning rushing towards Zi Chen.

Break for me!

Zi Chen bellowed, the spiritual consciousness between his brows was like a vast ocean, coming out from his body, bringing about an endless amount of golden light.

It was another silent collision. Zi Chen was pushed back more than ten meters and his face became deathly pale. The golden spiritual consciousness rushed back, causing his mind to buzz and vibrate.

As he looked up at the sky, the resplendent light split into four and flew back. The four Imperial Sky Realm experts cried out miserably as blood flowed from their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths.

How is this possible?

The fusion of their spiritual consciousness should be several times more powerful than before, yet it was actually blocked by Zi Chen.

Is he really just a Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator? Why is his spiritual consciousness so powerful?

Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness was unimaginably strong, the four of them couldn't even suppress it even though they were Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Extreme Yang!

Zi Chen bellowed, his eyes emitting a dense killing intent. A beam of blazing golden light rushed out, charging towards the sky.


The golden light carried an aura of death with it as it shot out endless amounts of blood. The already injured Imperial Sky Realm experts were incapable of withstanding even a single powerful strike.

A corpse was split into two halves and fell from the sky.

Extreme Yin!

The golden light flashed again, and it was still the same extreme power. However, its aura was the complete opposite. Another Imperial Sky Realm expert was cut down, and blood rained down.

In the blink of an eye, two of the four Imperial Sky Realm experts in the sky had been killed.

As for the other two, they were bleeding from their eyes, noses, mouths, and so on. Their spiritual consciousness and their bodies and minds had both suffered heavy injuries, and they couldn't even run if they wanted to.


A wave of energy churned as a huge seal appeared. Streaks of golden light circulated around it as the runes on the surface flashed, crashing down towards the ground.

The seal could destroy everything, it was the Killing Technique of Cloud City, its power was peerless.


The huge seal was like a mountain, and its aura was terrifying. It obliterated everything in its path as it collided with the air around it. In an instant, an Imperial Sky Realm expert was shattered into a pile of flesh and blood as he fell from the sky.

Zi Chen was tyrannical, killing all in his way, causing everyone to tremble in fear, and at the moment, out of the four Imperial Sky Realm experts, only one remained.


However, this person did not live long. A golden light slashed down and instantly cut through the air and killed him on the spot.

It was Zi Chen's Golden Spirit Armament. It was invincible and of high quality.

None of the four who knew how to use a combination attack were able to survive. Everyone was dead silent, no one said a word.

All of them looked at Zi Chen in shock.

He was like a death king, standing on the spot, causing people's hearts to tremble.

Does anyone else think that the key is not fit to be in my hands? Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, and his cold eyes swept across his surroundings.

Everyone lowered their heads, no one daring to look Zi Chen in the eye. Those bloody corpses were already a perfect example of what would happen if they said anything.

In addition, all of them were very powerful and they were Imperial Sky Realm experts.

No one wants to rob your key, they just want you to hand it over to a respected rogue cultivator. At this moment, a voice sounded.


Zi Chen's cold eyes swept over them, following that, with a point of his hand, a gold Sword Qi appeared, and instantly pierced through the center of the man's brows.

These are my things. On what basis should I let others keep them? If you don't believe me, then why should I believe you? Zi Chen explained coldly, but the person who spoke was already dead.

Everyone was shaken, and no one spoke.

Just as you do not believe us, we also do not trust you. However, all of us rogue cultivators have chosen this respected rogue cultivator, and we guarantee his character. An illusory voice suddenly rang out, one from the left and one from the right. It echoed throughout the entire plaza, causing one to be unable to make sense of it.

A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes and a golden Sword Qi flew towards the crowd of cultivators. In the next moment, a Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator fell to the ground.

I've said it before. This belongs to me. Those who do not trust me, you can leave on your own accord. Zi Chen's eyes swept across the entire audience, Let me emphasize once again, this is my item and it can only be distributed by myself.

Zi Chen, you are truly overbearing. What we said was the truth, we are not from any big power. Could it be that you will even kill people who are only speaking the truth?

Zi Chen said coldly: I will kill anyone who speaks, regardless of what he says.

Then, Zi Chen's eyes swept across everyone and said, From now on, whoever says another word of me handing over this key, I will just enter the tomb together with the great powers. As for you guys, you are not related to me in any way, you can go wherever you wish to go.

These words were a threat and caused everyone's faces to change drastically.

Too overbearing.

These were the words from the bottom of everyone's heart, but no one dared to speak.

How overbearing! A voice sounded from the crowd, causing everyone's expression to change.

Zi Chen killed this person and said coldly, If you're still speaking, then it's clear that you have some ulterior motives, and do not want all of you to go. Next, as long as I hear another word of nonsense, none of you will be able to come.

You! A voice came from the crowd, but it was quickly suppressed as the crowd of rogue cultivators charged forward.

You fucking want to kill us.

He really has evil intentions.

When the rogue cultivators attacked, they were like a sea of people that surrounded the middle-aged man.

Zi Chen, you...!

Another voice was heard, but it was suppressed once again. Many rogue cultivators took action, and they were extremely vicious as they directly went for the kill.

In the blink of an eye, seven or eight people were killed.

The rogue cultivators were all going crazy. They clearly knew that they had been taken advantage of. This concerned their future prospects, and their eyes were bright red, their killing intent soaring to the heavens.

The people who were instigated by the great powers were finally suppressed and were no longer able to speak.

He really is overbearing.

Right at this moment, an elderly voice rang out, and immediately after, a terrifying aura appeared. It far exceeded that of an ordinary Imperial Sky Realm expert.