Thunder Martial Chapter 357 - Killing

As the sound of his voice faded, a figure appeared in the air.

This was an indifferent man, with a powerful aura surrounding his body, as he walked towards Zi Chen.

How arrogant, overturning right and wrong. He obviously didn't want to bring everyone to the tomb, yet he still spoke with such dignity. The Imperial Sky expert indifferently said: Since you shamelessly believe that strength can solve all problems, then I'll fight you.

An overflowing aura swept out, a pressure of an Imperial Sky Realm expert was wreaking havoc towards Zi Chen.

As the Imperial Sky Realm expert was about to reach Zi Chen, everyone felt their hearts palpitate. They continuously retreated, staying far away from the plaza and watching from afar.

Haha, what a great reversal of right and wrong, I, Zi Chen, have repeatedly expressed my opinion that I would bring everyone there, yet you all insisted on forcing me to hand over the key, even calling me shameless. Zi Chen was so angry that he started laughing, and said, Since you all think so, then come, let's use force to settle everything.


The Imperial Sky Realm expert shouted coldly, his eyes flashing with killing intent, Since you insist on not realizing your mistake, then don't blame me for killing you.


A huge palm print descended towards Zi Chen's head, bringing about an endless amount of pressure.

You are not qualified. A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, as his killing intent filled the air.

His hand formed a seal, and with a flash of golden light, the seal became so simple and profound that it dazzled everyone who saw it.

Extreme Yang!

Zi Chen bellowed, the moment he attacked, he unleashed a powerful move.

An exceptionally hot golden light appeared in front of Zi Chen, indicating that it was extremely powerful and filled with destructive aura.

This was the Extreme Yang's energy that contained the aura of thunder and lightning. Its power was unimaginable and it directly soared into the sky.


Once the Extreme Yang appeared, it released a terrifying aura. The palm print made by the Imperial Sky Realm expert instantly shattered, and at the same time, the Imperial Sky Realm expert himself was forced back, coughing up large mouthfuls of blood.

In one strike, he had been injured by Zi Chen, and his face was filled with shock.


Just at this moment, the air trembled, and a spirit armament appeared. With boundless might, it charged towards Zi Chen.

The light in the sky flickered, the spirit armament came over quickly, releasing bone-piercing killing intent. Like a ray of light, it pierced towards the center of Zi Chen's brows.


In front of Zi Chen, a brilliance flashed and a golden longsword appeared. It was extremely dazzling, and this was also a set of spirit armament.


Under the effect of his spiritual consciousness, the Golden spirit armament turned into a streak of golden lightning and rushed forward, directly slashing the spirit armament in the air.

The Imperial Sky Realm expert flew backwards in the air, blood flowing out of his mouth. He did not expect Zi Chen to be so overbearing, to the point that he had suffered a loss after two consecutive blows.


Right at this moment, Zi Chen's powerful spiritual consciousness swept over. The spirit armament rushed towards the other party at an extremely fast speed, and it's terrifying aura instantly wreaked havoc.

The spirit armament was extremely fast, and it chased right after the Imperial Sky Realm expert.

No! The Imperial Sky Realm expert cried out in alarm. His eyes were filled with terror as the energy within his body crazily surged, wanting to block this attack.


The moment the golden light rushed down, it brought about a large rain of blood. The spirit armament's quality was high, and was extremely sharp.

Zi Chen killed the Imperial Sky Realm expert cleanly and nimbly.

Below them, everyone was completely dumbstruck, and their eyes were filled with terror.

Three strikes!

In just three strikes, an Imperial Sky Realm expert had been killed. Zi Chen's unparalleled combat power had shocked everyone.

Zi Chen stood on the plaza like a god of death, his eyes cold and emotionless, Who wants my key, come on up.

Everyone was stunned, and when one was swept by Zi Chen's gaze, they could not help but to step back.

Hmph, no wonder you're so arrogant. So it turns out you relied on your strength, but no matter how strong you are, you are still just an insignificant Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator. As Zi Chen's words fell, an Imperial Sky Realm expert flew out and coldly said.

Zi Chen had cleanly killed an Imperial Sky Realm expert, yet there was someone else who dared to appear, it was obvious that he thought himself to be extraordinary.

The other party's appearance was very domineering. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he coldly spoke, Since you wish to die, I shall grant your wish.

The opponent stood in mid air, but did not unleash any martial skills. Instead, a bright light shone from between his brows.

This was the light of the spiritual consciousness, bright and dazzling. This was the very foundation of the Imperial Sky Realm, able to kill anything within it.


The spiritual consciousness swept out like a bolt of lightning, quickly rushing towards Zi Chen. This was an attack from the spiritual consciousness, it was very direct, and very few people in the world could resist it.

You want to compete with me in spiritual consciousness? You're courting death. Zi Chen was not the least bit afraid, and a ray of golden lightning shot out from between his brows straight towards the spiritual consciousness.

This was a competition of spiritual consciousness, and it was very dangerous. In the worst case scenario, one could become an idiot, or their spiritual consciousness would be destroyed and die.


The moment the two spiritual consciousness clashed, the ice-cold man instantly cried out. He felt a piercing pain between his eyebrows, and the powerful spiritual consciousness he shot out also quickly retreated, as if it was avoiding snakes and scorpions.

Your spiritual consciousness is actually this strong? The Imperial Sky Realm experts face changed, and blood flowed out from his seven orifices. He knew that Zi Chen was not ordinary, but he never thought that his spiritual consciousness would be so powerful that it could heavily injure him with one strike.

Since he dared to appear, they naturally had the confidence. However, he was still utterly defeated.

The Imperial Sky Realm expert bled profusely from all seven orifices, and his spiritual consciousness was injured. Knowing that he was no match for Zi Chen, he turned around and left.

I'll send you on your way. Zi Chen's voice was cold, his eyes filled with killing intent. The powerful spiritual consciousness swept across the area again. Like a bolt of lightning, it rushed towards the Imperial Sky Realm expert.

The ice-cold man screamed miserably again. The space between his eyebrows was stinging, and his spiritual consciousness suffered a heavy injury. Fresh blood flowed out from his seven orifices.


Like a clap of thunder that exploded in his mind, the terrifying golden spiritual consciousness raged on, instantly extinguishing the Imperial Sky Realm experts spiritual consciousness. In the next moment, the latter's body landed on the ground, his life force dissipated, and he bled to death.

Everyone was dumbstruck and retreated yet again. As if dodging snakes and scorpions. Zi Chen actually used his spiritual consciousness to kill an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Everyone was terrified.

Who else? Zi Chen bellowed, his eyes were cold as he swept his gaze across the crowd.


At this moment, the air suddenly split open, and a black figure appeared behind Zi Chen. There was also a sharp blade, which gave off a cold light as it pierced towards the center of Zi Chen's brows.

Heaven Killing Pavilion, one killing blow.


Zi Chen snorted, his gaze sweeping across the surroundings as he dodged to the side. At the same time, a golden fist appeared, ready to crush the spirit armament.


The sky shook again, the void split open again, and another black figure rushed out, wielding a sharp blade in hand. With the force of an elephant, it charged straight at Zi Chen.

The sudden turn of events caused everyone to stare wide-eyed in disbelief. They never would have thought that at this time, there would actually be two Imperial Sky Realm killers from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.



Golden light flashed beneath Zi Chen's feet as thunder and lightning appeared. Like a ray of light, he moved between the two's sharp attacks.

Sharp Sword Qi appeared one after another. With the two of them working together, their attacks were like an inescapable net, definitely intent on killing Zi Chen.

The entire sky was shaking as a terrifying aura surged forth.



During this time, Zi Chen attacked again and again, his golden fist landed on the spirit armaments, triggering it.


In the end, two cold lights swept past Zi Chen and cut off two pieces of his sleeves.

Seeing that they failed to kill him, the two of them were very decisive and flew into the air, preparing to escape. Since they failed at sneak attacking him, they would not be able to win even if they faced him head on.

Where do you think you're going! Zi Chen shouted, his voice sounded like thunder. On one hand, he controlled his spirit armament, which transformed into a golden lightning bolt and struck forward. On the other hand, he held his fist up and released two dazzling fist Qi's.


The sky shook once more as a wave of energy roiled about. The two killers who had just concealed themselves in the void were once again shaken out of the place by Zi Chen's voice, their bodies in a sorry state.

The two of them saw that they could not escape, so they brandished their swords and rushed towards Zi Chen, extremely decisive.

Extreme Yin!

Zi Chen's hand formed a seal, and the seal appeared. With a piercing golden light, it charged towards the two, causing a loud noise.

Extreme Yang!

Very quickly, Zi Chen unleashed the Extreme Yang once again. This was an extremely terrifying cultivation technique that possessed an unbelievable amount of power. Once cultivated to the limit, this attack could split heaven and earth.

The two powerful martial skills released by the extreme power were extremely terrifying. As the two attacks fell down, a shadow in the sky suddenly trembled, and then immediately after, it fell straight towards the ground.

During this period of time, their spirit armaments and their body had been torn apart and fell from the sky.


At the same time, Zi Chen's powerful spiritual consciousness controlled his spirit armament to cut everything down. After exchanging dozens of blows, another person fell down from the sky.

This was an extremely terrifying scene. Even when there are two Imperial Sky Realm experts working together, they were still killed by Zi Chen.

At this moment, Zi Chen was like a murderous demon, his eyes were cold and emotionless. Everyone's hearts were cold, and they did not dare to shout anymore.

Their previous actions was because they thought that Zi Chen would not dare to kill anyone, because there were too many rogue cultivators. Just Yongji City alone, had already gathered tens of thousands of them.

But at that moment, Zi Chen seemed to have ignored everything else. Even if he was going to kill them, no one dared to say anything, and no one dared to reprimand Zi Chen anymore.

The Sky Martial Continent was a place that respected the strong, and this law of survival was vividly displayed at this moment.

What Supreme Pill? What Pill Weapon? What key?

When Zi Chen attacked the rogue cultivators, they were at a complete loss. At this moment, many people were panicking in their hearts, if Zi Chen did not bring them there, they were done for.

Is there anyone else? Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, like that of a god of death, standing on the plaza.

The rogue cultivators had long been scared out of their wits. Those with strength had long known about it and would naturally not make a move, those who dared to make a move, were all from the great powers that had enmity with Zi Chen.

How overbearing, if you don't want to bring the rogue cultivators, you can just say so. You actually dare to kill people here, we'll fight with you.


The air trembled, and four terrifying auras appeared. These were four Imperial Sky Realm experts, and even though they were all at the early Imperial Sky Realm, their combined might was not to be underestimated.

The auras of the four of them seemed to have fused into one as they swept through the air. Ripples spread, and a horrifying pressure descended.

Everyone was shocked, these were four Imperial Sky Realm experts, they obviously also knew a little about combined attack, which was already out of the range of a rogue cultivator, and could only be trained by great powers.


Zi Chen snorted as a golden light enveloped his body. The blood in his body was boiling as his perfect body was releasing an endless amount of energy.

The ground suddenly shook. Zi Chen rose into the air and waved his fists, bringing along a large amount of golden light as he charged towards one of them.

What is he doing?

He's taking the initiative to charge at the four of them.

Everyone's expressions changed as they were completely shocked.