Thunder Martial Chapter 356 - Acting

Seeing Zi Chen, Lin Xue was happy, excited, crying and laughing at the same time. She wanted to share the pain in her heart, how her father had been killed, how her family had been slaughtered, and how she had lived her own life.

I must avenge this enmity. Zi Chen's voice was cold and his eyes filled with coldness. He already knew who the culprit was.

Geng, Chu, Cang, and Li Family!

How is big sister Mengyao? Lin Xue asked, her eyes full of yearning. Since that day, the two of them had not met.

Zi Chen shook his head and said, I have yet to see her, but I believe she will not suffer any grievances. The Floating Mist Sect is not ordinary, and even the people from the Destroying Alliance had to retreat.

Back then when the Destroying Alliance was here, he had also heard that the Heaven Killing Pavilion wanted to use Su Mengyao to threaten Su Long. Only after a thorough failure did the Heaven Killing Pavilion take a step back and use Lin Xue to threaten him.

I've heard about your matters. The current situation is extremely unfavorable for you. Everyone in the world views you as an enemy.

It's fine, it's just a scheme of the big power. These rogue cultivators were just bewitched, I have a way to deal with them.

After that, the two talked for a long time.

I obtained the inheritance of the Azure Lady, it's very extraordinary. Once I fully comprehend it, my fighting strength will be very strong, so I temporarily do not need anything else. Lin Xue said, indicating that she was not going to the tomb.

The tomb is very dangerous. Even if you have the key, it's still very dangerous. You must be careful when you head there.

The tomb was filled with treasures. It was said that even Pill Weapons were trash there, and unparalleled Supreme Pills were everywhere. Once they were taken, one would become a sovereign realm expert without even needing to face the heavenly tribulation, making everyone go crazy.

Furthermore, this was a very mysterious place. Unless some unforeseen event occurred, no one would ever be able to see it again. The first time was more than twenty years ago, so perhaps the next time would be thousands of years later, and no one would want to miss it.

More and more voices of condemnation sounded. At this moment, even the existence of many Xiantian Realm experts joined in, becoming more and more intense.

Didn't they say that a lot of keys have appeared? Why is everyone still holding onto me? Zi Chen asked out the doubt in his heart.

There were quite a few of these before, but there was a limit to the number of times they could be used. They had already been destroyed and could not be used anymore, and so far, you are the only person who has it and you should have also discovered that the road map can change at any time, and it can't even be copied.

Zi Chen nodded.

His original intention was to carve out the road map, but he discovered that the road map was changing every time and he couldn't accurately draw it.

Before, everyone was just guessing and did not dare to confirm that you really have a map on you. Lin Xue said. Back then, the Liu Family also obtained a key and it was destroyed after a single use.

Even though the southern region was not really united, there were still major matters related to the tomb that made all major powers put in effort.

In the past, they would only send people with great powers, not rogue cultivators. This time, it was an exception for Zi Chen to get his hands on a key, and it was also because of this that the rogue cultivators would believe it.

This was because the tomb was known to be as the most mysterious place in the entire Sky Martial Continent.

I already said that I will bring everyone with me. I guarantee that we will share the key when the time comes. Just as the rogue cultivator's clamor got even louder, Zi Chen spoke out again.

However, his words were quickly drowned out by the waves of voices.

We don't believe you. You can only hand over the key.

That's right, we have already found a highly respected person. We will hand the key over to him, we only believe in him.

You have already pledged your allegiance to a big power, we will not believe a shameless person like you. We will only believe in you if you hand over the key.

Zi Chen's voice was drowned out by the many large waves, and the punitive sounds coming from them were even louder.

Following the bewitchment from a large power, the sound finally reached its peak. When Zi Chen was in the Liu Family, there were cultivators that began to attack him.

Although there was no bloodshed, the condemnation had reached an extreme.

It's about time. Zi Chen's voice was cold, his eyes filled with boundless killing intent, as he walked out of the Liu Family.

Outside of the Liu Family, there was a gigantic training grounds. Today, it was filled with scattered cultivators, with a large number of people denouncing Zi Chen.

Zi Chen is out!

This shameless person has finally come out. He should have been blasted out by the Liu Family.

How can such a vile person be compatible with the Liu Family?

Everyone cried out in alarm, and soon after, the sound of battle broke out.

You despicable scumbag, hand over the key, or else Yongji City will have no place for you to stand. We won't let you off. A cultivator in the Zhen Yuan Realm stood out and strongly condemned Zi Chen.


Zi Chen's eyes were icy cold. With a single hand, a cold light appeared. Carrying a dense killing intent, it pointed at the center of the cultivators brows.


With a light sound, blood blossomed from the center of cultivator's brows, his eyes dimmed and he fell to the ground dead.

There were a lot of noises around, the place was very chaotic, but after the cultivator fell and died, the place suddenly became quiet.

Zi Chen made his move, he was very decisive, killing a cultivator.

All around them was dead silence, and the clamoring voices had disappeared.

Previously, even though Zi Chen had made his move, he paid attention to his limits and did not kill anyone. Everyone was eager to fight, so they ignored Zi Chen's strength and thought that the other party would not dare to kill them.

At this moment, the surroundings quieted down in front of the bloody corpse.

Zi Chen, what do you mean, do you plan to kill everyone? One person walked out, and it was Ninth Heaven as well. A powerful aura surged around his body as he condemned: Don't forget, that day when you were being chased by the large powers, we were always supporting you.

Support me how? Zi Chen laughed coldly, Don't you mean trying to catch me to get the bounty?

With one step forward, Zi Chen pointed again, and a golden light flashed.


Just like a blossoming flower of blood, a bloody hole appeared between the cultivators eyebrows. The cultivator fell down with his head held high, his eyes filled with shock.

Another person had died.

Zi Chen, what do you mean by this? Do you think you can do whatever you want? Another person stood forward.

Have you forgotten? Back then, you were chased like a dog by the big powers, and now, you think you're invincible just because you've pledged yourself to the big powers. Don't forget, they can try to kill you once, and they can try to kill you the second time

As long as you hand over the key, we will continue to support you.

Both of them appeared successively, as they were both experts of the Ninth Heavens.



Zi Chen did not say anything, but a cold smile hung on the corner of his mouth. With two pokes, the two of them fell to the ground and died.

Zi Chen was determined to kill, his actions was decisive and merciless, he did not even try to explain anything.

Is there anyone else?

After killing four people consecutively, Zi Chen intimidated everyone present. His eyes flashed with a cold light as he looked around arrogantly.

Everyone was shocked. This was simply like the past.

In the past, when Zi Chen killed hundreds of experts of the great powers, he did not even blink. The number of cultivators of the great powers that died in his hands exceeded a thousand, it could be said that he was a real devil king.

Zi Chen, you have truly sided with a big power, and have attacked us instead. Have you forgotten how we supported you? A voice resounded in the darkness. It was illusory, yet ethereal. Suddenly, it came from the left, then from the right. It was difficult to determine where it was.


Zi Chen jumped up, a cold light flashed in his hand, and a sharp blade slashed forward, in a flash, another person fell into a pool of blood.

Zi Chen landed on the ground, looked around and said: I want to ask everyone, how did everyone help me when I, Zi Chen, was being hunted, and how did you support me?

In the surroundings, no one spoke up, many people lowered their heads. When Zi Chen was being hunted down, they were mostly just watching for the excitement, listening to all the shocking news. If they had to say how they supported, or if they say how they had helped, it would simply be spreading rumors.

We wished that you wouldn't die. We wished for you to create miracles time and time again. This is how we've supported you. Right now, you've pledged your allegiance to a great power and you don't recognize anyone. Are you still human? The voice continued to echo out.


Zi Chen attacked again, with another strike. Amongst the crowd, one of them fell to the ground, blood flowing out from between his eyebrows.

If you have the ability, then come forth and speak. Don't hide in the dark. That is the behavior of a scoundrel. Zi Chen said coldly, Wish? What do you mean wish? For such an illusory thing, only you know whether you are cursing me to die or wanting me to live.

I believe that there are some among you who do not wish for me to die, but it is definitely not you. Zi Chen's voice was cold and filled with killing intent.

These people were truly shameless, they made it seem as if he was alive because of their wishes. If they wished to, and had the ability, then Zi Chen would have been cursed to death by them for so many years.

The Deathly Land had appeared because of him, and even the vengeful spirit had appeared, but Zi Chen was still alive.

Hmph, you are indeed an ingrate, a cruel and unscrupulous person. You can even say such shameful words. To think that we even wished for you not to die.


Zi Chen attacked again, with an ice-cold voice, Are you wishing for me to die?

We didn't want you to die before, but seeing you colluding with the big powers for the sake of a mere key, we shall curse you to die.


As the golden light faded, a bloody flower bloomed. Zi Chen laughed coldly, Just a mere key, don't make it seem like all of you are noble. I have already said it, I will bring you all along. Why are you being so overbearing?

Who doesn't know how to speak empty words. Why should we believe you? We only believe in respected seniors, you should hand over the key.


The sharp blade descended, and another person died. Zi Chen's decisive move, shocked everyone.

If you don't believe me, then why should I believe you? This is my property, so why should I hand it over? If you don't believe me, then just leave. Zi Chen said.

The onlookers were all astonished.

Zi Chen replied to the crowd, but he only opened his mouth after killing a person. Every time he answered, the person who asked the question earlier would definitely die.

Just because you are strong doesn't mean you shouldn't place us rogue cultivators in your eyes. Have you forgotten that you were once a weak rogue cultivator?


Another golden light descended. Zi Chen killed another person before replying: I'll say it again, I will bring you all to the tomb. I will share the key.

Why should we believe you?


Zi Chen said, Whoever wants to snatch my key, they should come out themselves instead of hiding in the crowd.

Zi Chen was very strong, and haughtily said, I'm telling you, wanting me to hand over the key, is simply a dream. Those who are unconvinced can come, and if you're strong enough, you can have the things, but if you're not strong enough, you should leave as soon as possible.

Humph, what an arrogant junior.