Thunder Martial Chapter 355 - Criticism

There were a lot of rogue cultivators, coupled with the fact that the great powers were adding fuel to the fire, the clamoring voices were so loud that it was hard to suppress them.

Since he was forced to do so, Zi Chen could only agree to it.

On that day, Zi Chen announced that after entering the tomb, he would share the key.

The crowd was in an uproar, they did not know that Zi Chen would really answer, and he even confirmed that he had obtained the key, it was truly shocking.

When many rogue cultivators heard it, they were very happy. This was clearly a great opportunity, for Zi Chen to be able to share with them made them both surprised and happy.

When some of the large powers heard this, their expressions underwent a drastic change and became complicated.

The news quickly spread and more people came, all waiting to go to the tomb.

It was rumored that there was a saint buried there, and its mysteriousness was second only to the Thunder Temple, and no one knew exactly how powerful the saint was.

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Why should we believe you, the key is on you, and once you run away, where are we going to find you? Hand over the key first and we'll take care of it, we'll give it back to you when we get there.

That's right, this is an extremely important matter, we have no reason to believe you. The key should be shared with everyone, and should be kept in everyone's possession, not with you.

Rumor has it that the tomb is a tomb from one of the Saints. The Pill Weapons inside are all like cabbages, we cannot believe you.

After Zi Chen's speech, many people were looking forward to the day of departure. But a few days later, a voice filled with dissatisfaction called for Zi Chen to hand over the key.

That's the saint's tomb, there are a lot of treasures there, what reason do we have to believe him. We can only make him hand over the key.

That's right, it's said that there's a type of spirit pill inside. Once you consume it, you can break through into the Imperial Sky Realm and become the high and mighty Imperial Sky Realm expert.

The Pill Weapons there are like cabbages, they can be seen everywhere, and the most valuable thing is that there is a supreme pill there. Once consumed, one can successfully break through the sovereign realm, successfully going against the heavens, and you can avoid the heavenly tribulation.

That's the tomb of a Saint. It is rumored that the Saint is able to destroy a large power with a single breath. Any miracle happening would be normal, this is a huge matter, we have no reason to believe Zi Chen.

After the discontented voices, many other voices sounded out from within Yongji City. Many people affirmed that there were a lot of supreme pills inside, and there were as many of them as vegetables.

Swallowing the supreme pill meant that they would become a sovereign realm expert. With the Pill Weapon in hand, they would have more powerful fighting strength. Everyone was moved, and the anticipation in their hearts became more urgent.

That is a tomb of a Saint. We have no reason to believe in Zi Chen, and I don't believe that he will actually share it with us.

There's no reason to believe him. The real key should be handed over to the people we trust.

That's right, we should find a highly respected person to let him hold the key.

More voices came, many rogue cultivators were dissatisfied with their current expectations, they did not wish to place their fate of breaking through to the sovereign realm into someone else's hands.

Everyone's words were fearsome, previously, no one believed it, and they thought it was a conspiracy of a great power against Zi Chen, but as more and more people spoke, gradually, everyone believed it.

The saint's tomb had a supreme pill that would allow them to break through to the sovereign realm, and no one wanted to miss that change.

More and more people began to believe this. After that, all the rogue cultivators in the city began to clamor.

Zi Chen, hand the key over.

We have already found a highly respected old man, who is also a rogue cultivator. Hand the key over to him, we will only believe in him.

They would rather believe it than not. By the time tens of thousands of people were all talking about one thing, the fake would become true.

The voice became louder and louder, and finally formed a torrent of words, trying to suppress Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, come out here.

Hand over the key or you'll be going against the people of the world.

All sorts of voices resounded, shaking the entire Yongji City.

Furthermore, more and more people, in order to obtain the opportunity of becoming a sovereign realm expert, searched for Zi Chen in the Yongji City. They searched through every place, ranging from restaurants and houses.

The strength of the masses was strong, and for the sake of the Supreme Pills and Pill Weapons, everyone had gone crazy. Zi Chen had been hiding for several years, yet many great forces were unable to find him.

Everyone surged like the tide towards the Inn where Zi Chen was.


Just that day, a huge battle had occurred. A rogue cultivator who was an Imperial Sky Realm expert had fought fiercely with Zi Chen, but in the end, he had been defeated and Zi Chen had escaped from the center of the torrent.

Zi Chen, what do you mean, relying on your strength, you aren't putting us rogue cultivators in your eyes?

Don't forget, you're a rogue cultivator yourself.

Back then, when you were being chased by the big powers, we were the one who had been supporting you the entire time. I never would have thought that you would use your strength to bully us.

We only asked you to hand over the key for us to share. We didn't say that we would keep it for ourselves, so don't be too selfish.

Zi Chen's fighting strength was unparalleled, and even a group of monstrous geniuses were all oppressed. Many of the rogue cultivators knew that they were no match for him, and no longer chose to use force, standing at the highest moral level, and denounced Zi Chen.

The voices that denounced Zi Chen echoed throughout the entire Yongji City, forming a torrent of words.

At that moment, Zi Chen had become the public enemy of everyone in the world.

No one moved. Even more people chose to join in, wanting to use the group's saliva to drown Zi Chen to death.

With just a single Supreme Pill, one can break through to the sovereign realm.... It's simply a bunch of nonsense, extremely absurd. When Old Mo heard this news, he was extremely furious.

In this world, if there really was such a Supreme Pill, what was the point in bitterly cultivating?

Pill Weapons are comparable to cabbages, it's simply nonsense. spirit armament are not cabbages, how can Pill Weapon be, these people really have no brains. Old Mo roared.

Hmph, it must be these people again. A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes.

The sounds of people clamoring became louder and louder, Zi Chen patiently turned and entered the Liu Family.

The Liu Family was a large power and there were many experts. No one came here to behave atrociously, even if they knew that Zi Chen had entered the Liu Family, they could only stay outside.

The people of the Liu Family invited Zi Chen in, but all the rogue cultivators were blocked outside. However, standing in front of the Liu Family, they did not dare to behave atrociously.

Zi Chen, you really have forgotten about the pain after healing, we were even looking up to you before and felt that you were the representative for the rogue cultivators, but we didn't expect that you had also joined a big power.

Truly shameless. To think that we trusted you so much. To think that you are also a vile character, willing to rely on great powers just for a mere key.

Zi Chen, you have truly disappointed us.

Various voices of condemnation sounded unceasingly.

Zi Chen was invited into the Liu Family and it wasn't only him and all the monstrous geniuses were present.

Zhang Haotian, the Qin Family brothers, Wang Qiong, Wang Shi, Wu Mo, Liu Bo and the others were all present. What made Zi Chen surprised was that the Good and Evil Monk was also present, he still maintained that kind and compassionate appearance, making him very unhappy.

Zi Chen, you are really patient, it's already so noisy outside, you still have the mood to come here and relax. Could it be that you have obtained the Supreme Pill, and wants to share some with us? Wu Mo was the first to joke.

Why can't I keep my cool? It's only those shameless powers. Let them clamor, the louder the better. Zi Chen laughed and said: And when the time comes, I'll give each of you ten Surpeme Pills.

After saying that, everyone burst out laughing.

These rogue cultivators are also greedy and easily used by others. They are simply brainless people, and they don't even think about how it is even possible to have this kind of Supreme Pill. Even if they do exist, it would be very hard to find them, how can they be like cabbages. Wang Shi said coldly.

We should make an example out of them and make them completely clear-headed. A few days ago, you shouldn't have held back and instead directly killed the Imperial Sky Realm expert. What's there to pity a bunch of people who are so preoccupied with their own matters? Zhang Haotian said coldly.

His personality was cold, bloodthirsty, ice-cold and ruthless. His personality was extreme, and his friends were pitifully few.

Zi Chen laughed, and did not say a word. Zhang Haotian's method was very extreme, but there was some reasoning behind it.

Zi Chen! At this moment, a surprised voice sounded.

When Lin Xue heard that he had arrived, she intentionally appeared from her secluded meditation. Like a blue lotus, elegant and refined, with an exceptional appearance. She transformed into a ray of green light and pounced towards Zi Chen.

You're finally here. Her two arms hooked onto Zi Chen's neck. It was like she was swinging a swing, hanging on Zi Chen's body while ignoring the strange expressions of the people around her.

Xue'r! On their journey to the ruins, he had only seen Lin Xue once. For her safety, he had only taken a quick glance and did not stare at her fpr ;pmg. They had not met for several years.

In the Ling Wu Sect, Lin Xue was the most beautiful in the outer sect, and he was just a little cultivator who was still risking his life for the sake of a True Qi Pill.

However, the Ling Wu Sect was destroyed, and it had been a few years since they last saw each other. During this period of time, they had only met in haste but now, they finally met again.

Sigh... This kind of scene, I really can't take it anymore! Wu Mo sighed, turned and left, looking at Liu Chen, he snorted sinisterly.

Hmph, what? She's my sister. Liu Chen glared at Wu Mo. The little fatty was simple and honest, but everyone thought that he was interested in Lin Xue.

Such a deep feeling, such a favorable impression. The others also started to laugh in a strange manner.

With the two of them reunited, no one wanted to disturb them and they all left. The monk also praised them and then left, without asking Zi Chen for the Heavenly Book.

Only Wang Qiong had a gloomy face, and did not say a single word. After glaring at Zi Chen for a moment, he turned around and left.

Seeing Lin Xue, the two of them had a lot to say. During this time, no one disturbed them.

The people of the Liu Family treated Lin Xue very well, but they could not compare to Zi Chen. After losing her loved ones, Zi Chen could be considered her only kin.