Thunder Martial Chapter 354 - Saints Tomb

Saints Tomb?

Hearing Wu Mo's words, Zi Chen was stunned, and many people were also stunned; obviously, they had never heard of this place before.

Saints Tomb! Only Old Mo trembled and cried out in alarm.

Old Mo, you know of that place? Zi Chen said with the sound transmission.

Who doesn't know of the Saints Tomb? Rumor has it that it is a place with a degree of mysteriousness second only to the Thunder Tumple. Old Mo sighed.

What's in there?

Other than the inheritance of a god, there are also other things in there. There are even some of the most powerful cultivation techniques in the world there. Rather than saying it's a tomb, it's more like a treasure trove.

Old Mo sighed and said, Regardless of whether it is a tomb or a treasure land, in short, it is a dangerous place. The Limitless Sect has existed for countless years and we have gone in many times, but we have suffered greatly twice in those countless years.

The first loss we suffered was when we entered the tomb. At that time, we suffered a lot of casualties, if not for the Old Master, I am afraid that we would have been wiped out. At that time, the Limitless Sect suffered heavy losses, and the other forces were eyeing them covetously.

The second time they suffered a loss, Old Mo didn't say anything, but Zi Chen had guessed it right. That time, they used the entire sect's power to attack the Thunder Tempered and the Limitless Sect disappeared from there, meaning ten thousand years ago.

Saints Tomb, I heard that this is a dangerous place. Zi Chen said.

The exchange of spiritual consciousness was very quick, he instantly understood everything.

Of course it's dangerous. Wu Mo laughed, and his gaze landed on Zi Chen.

At the same time, a few familiar faces looked at Zi Chen, all smiling.

What are you guys looking at me for? Won't I also be in danger?

Naturally there is danger, but if you go, the danger will be reduced a bit. This time, it was Wang Qiong who spoke.

What do you mean?

Do you still remember when the members of the Wu Zong Sect chased after you? Wang Qiong asked.

What's that got to do with it?

Someone said that you have the saint tombs key. On Wang Qiong's face, there was a rare smile.

When the others heard it, their eyes flashed, all of them stared straight at Zi Chen, even the monk's face had a strange look.

I have the key, what do you mean? Zi Chen's expression changed as he instantly thought of that black disc.

Back then, the black disc was very normal. Other than saving his life, there was nothing abnormal about it. Many years had passed, and Zi Chen had grown stronger as he cultivated his spiritual consciousness and the black disc had long since been forgotten in a corner.

For a moment, Zi Chen was somewhat dumbstruck.

The tomb was filled with treasures. Doesn't that mean that he has a key from a treasure land? As long as he opens it, there will be endless precious treasure.

The tomb is a dangerous place with no chance of survival. It is a dead end after all, and keys are impossible to find. If there really are keys, how could the Old Master not have detected them back then? Old Mo said confidently, and Zi Chen also asked the other party this question.

The saint tomb is very mysterious. No one knows how it was formed, but it is this region. Even in the entire Sky Martial Continent, this is an extremely mysterious place.

That place used to be a land of death but just a few thousand years ago, without knowing why, a change occurred in the tomb, from which a few things flew out. Amongst them was the route map for entering the tomb, and there was also information about the key, which can reduce the degree of danger. Wang Qiong explained.

Twenty years ago, the Grand Elder of the Ling Wu Sect had the good fortune to find the key. However, he fought against the people of the Wu Zong Sect. He fought fiercely, and in the end, the Wu Zong Sect experts were killed. The Grand Elder returned, but his son and daughter-in-law perished.

Afterwards, the Wu Zong Sect suspected that it was Grand Elder, but you couldn't be sure. In the end, They made a move a few years ago and destroyed the Ling Wu Sect. If the news was not wrong, the thing that you have on your body should be the tombs key.

No one had paid much attention to these things before, but because of the change in the tomb, these matters were brought up once again. It was clear that the several great powers had used some channels to find out about this matter.

Zi Chen finally understood everything.

The black disc was the key to enter the ruins. As for the Thunderbolt Finger and Nine Thunder Pass, they were brought out by the Grand Elder from the ruins. And during the battle that year, Su Mengyao's parents died in battle.

When he was given the black disc, the Grand Elder seemed to have given it up very casually, as if it was something purely for defense. After that, he sent Su Mengyao off with Lin Xue and arranged for Zi Chen to leave the Ling Wu Sect.

His original intention was to leave Zi Chen a chance of survival, but he never thought that Zi Chen would follow the Roc back and get hunted down.

There were many Imperial Sky Realm experts and many of them did not know about this secret. When they heard this, they were extremely shocked.

It was no wonder that the people of the Wu Zong Sect went through so much trouble, not even bothering to save their face, to send someone to hunt down a kid in the True Qi realm. It turned out that it was for the key to enter the tomb.

The way they looked at Zi Chen, was very strange.

In the darkness, there were even a few hidden murderous intents.

Saints Tomb, even if there is a key, there must be danger, right? Zi Chen asked. At the moment, he really wanted to take out the black disc to study it, but he resisted his impulse to take it out right here.

Of course there's danger, but with the right path, the danger is much lower. Wang Qiong said.

Zi Chen muttered to himself, as though he was worried about something.

Don't worry, entering the tombs this time around is entirely because of an accident. The seal has loosened a little, which is why the tomb appeared.

This is the first time that the tomb has shown up in twenty odd years. We have discussed and will first go there. If there are any benefits, after we leave, there will be an additional guarantee of survival in the outside world.

About that, let me think about it carefully. Also, I'm not sure if that thing is really a key or not. I had thrown it at the corner of the Spatial Ring.

Zi Chen's words made people speechless. Such a precious thing had actually been abandoned in the corner of the spatial ring.

Alright, we'll be waiting for your news.

After which, the group of people left.

Very quickly, there was news regarding the tomb that spread throughout this region. Furthermore, it was rumored that Zi Chen had obtained the key to the tomb.

A few years ago, when the Wu Zong Sects' Imperial Sky Realm experts went out to try to kill Zi Chen, it was actually because of the tombs key. With the key in hand, they could enter the ruins to search for precious treasures.

Isn't that so? There are simply too many precious treasures on Zi Chen.

Is he the pride of the heavens? Why does he always get the favor of the heavens? Why does he even have the tombs key?

The news spread on the same day, causing an uproar.

Zi Chen, take out the tombs key and share with us.

That's right. This item isn't something that you can take on alone.

Zi Chen was in Yongji City, and when most of the cultivators heard the news, they immediately rushed over, and many voices sounded out one after another.

Hearing the news, Zi Chen's face changed.

It was no wonder that the people of the Wu Zong Sect did not attack him and take the black disc. They wanted to let the world know that and they wanted him to share the black disc with them.

If the black disc really was a key, then it would be alright. But if it wasn't, then Zi Chen would offend everyone if he wasn't able to take out the real key.

Most people were selfish and greedy. Zi Chen could imagine what would happen if he didn't take out the real key.

More and more cultivators gathered in the Yongji City, and there was no lack of Imperial Sky Realm experts. Everyone was discussing about Zi Chen and the Key.

If it was said that many rogue cultivators were protecting Zi Chen before, then after this incident, everyone would stay neutral. If Zi Chen did not share his black disc, he would offend the people of the world.

These big powers are really good at scheming. In the room, Zi Chen spoke with an ice-cold tone.

Clearly, this was the work of the few people who were hostile towards him.

Then let's quickly see if the black disc is the key to enter the tomb. Old Mo said.

With a flicker of light, the black disc appeared. It was like a squamosome, its surroundings were polished and shiny, with stripes all over its body.

The black disc was as black as ink and had an unknown material, but it was extremely hard, way tougher than a spirit armament. Even with Zi Chen's immense strength, he was not able to crush it, and it did not even react at all when he tried pouring True Yuan into it.


Then, golden spiritual consciousness came out from his body and started to burn intensely like a flame. In the next moment, Zi Chen felt an abnormality from within the black disc.

It was a complicated pattern, like a map with many roads criss crossing each other with incomparable profoundness.

It's indeed the key, looks like it's true. Zi Chen shared the map with Old Mo, who exclaimed in shock.

The flames formed by his spiritual consciousness continuously burned, and the routes became clearer and clearer.

The route was very complex and had a wide design. It was as if there was an endless space around it, but it was incomplete. Many of the routes were already cut in half.

There should be more than one of this kind of black disc. Once all of them are gathered, they will form a complete picture Old Mo was stunned.

The raging fire of Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness combusted, finally refining the black disc.


A bright ray of fire shot out, and the black disc became bright and translucent, burning in the fiery light. From black to scarlet, and on the surface of its body, the light flowed as the diagram formed a complete map, charging straight into the depths.

This is?

Furthermore, it contained a terrifyingly high temperature. If not for the fact that Zi Chen had already refined it, his perfect body would not have been able to withstand it.

This black disc was also a rare precious treasure.

Amongst all the lines, one of them was the most obvious. It was the path that led to the depths.

With a flash of light, Zi Chen kept the black disc and fell into deep thought. This black disc was the key to obtaining many precious treasures.

But when Zi Chen walked out of the room and reached the main street, he was completely dumbfounded.

Here, in the square, all the cultivators had gathered. Moreover, their voices were shared, and were like a monstrous wave.

There were tens of thousands of rogue cultivators, and they all spoke out with incredible power.

Zi Chen was helpless. He finally spoke out and shared the tombs key.

[TN: Honestly, this is dumb. Did they already forget how many people Zi Chen has already killed?]