Thunder Martial Chapter 353 - Battling The Good and Evil Monk

Give me back what I gave you or I'll refine you. The monk shouted and activated the large bell. With a flash of golden light, many runes began to circulate. On top of the large bell, a monk appeared.

He was extremely aggrieved. He had been chased by the assassins of the Heaven Killing Pavilion for a long time, and only reappeared when the Heaven Killing Pavilion was destroyed.

But he had also helped Zi Chen that day. Who knew that this fellow didn't have any good intentions, and actually gave him an empty spatial ring.

And that day in Yongji City, he teamed up with others and stole his things.

Thinking of this, the monk felt stifled. At this moment, he didn't hold back his anger at all.


The sound of bells resonated as Zi Chen was trapped inside. On top of the large clock, a golden light flashed and the sound of chanting could be heard.

Everyone was stunned, wasn't this monk too domineering? He was actually able to take away the arrogant Zi Chen so easily.

Give me back my stuff. The monk shouted.

The sound of chanting could be heard unceasingly, the rune was circulating as the monks on top were chanting something.Then, beams of golden light rushed into the large clock.



The sound of the bell being hit was ear piercing as Zi Chen was using his strength to break the bell.

The large bell vibrated. The light of the rune above its body dimmed and even the monks became illusionary.


The large bell trembled again, and the heaven and earth shook, as if it was going to soar into the sky.


The monk sat cross legged in mid air, looking dignified and he chanted a Buddhist prayer. Golden light rippled on his body as he began to control the golden bell to refine Zi Chen.

As the bell tolled, the sound of chanting continuously sounded. The runes and monks became clearer and a mysterious energy surged within them.

All of the monstrous geniuses were dumbstruck. This large bell was only a spirit armament, but Zi Chen did not shatter it.

Should we go up? Liu Bo asked, his eyes filled with worry, he was afraid that the Good and Evil Monk would really refine Zi Chen.

No need! Wang Qiong shook his head, indicating that he should wait and see.


A loud explosion resounded, the large clock trembled again as ripples of destructive golden light surged out in all directions.



In the middle of the large clock, Zi Chen activated his full strength. The golden Qi and blood surged, releasing a strong attack, causing the large bell to tremble, and then the monks and the runes quickly dimmed.


The last sound caused the whole area to shake. The entire large bell shot up into the sky, the old monks and the runes all disappeared, and Zi Chen appeared.

You damned monk! Zi Chen roared, he was furious and rushed forward. Waving his golden fists, he struck towards the monk.

Amitabha! The monk had a solemn expression on his face. He did not dodge or evade, and instead, threw out a palm with an inexhaustible golden light.


Just like the sound of metals clashing, it brought about a huge shock, the two of them retreated one after another.

Then, they quickly rushed up.

The two of them were extremely fast, like two golden beams of light. Other than some of the Imperial Sky Realm monstrous geniuses, no one could clearly see their exchange of blows.

With Zi Chen's fist, everything was broken, and everything was destroyed, even the spirit armament's attack was shattered, but it could not do anything to the monk, nor did it shatter the monk's spirit armament.

From this, one could see how extraordinary this monk was.

Extreme Yin! Zi Chen went all out, his hand forming a seal as he released a terrifying attack. A blinding golden light shot out towards the monk.

Amitabha! The monk said a buddhist chant, his demeanor was solemn. Then, his surroundings formed a golden shield and the runes were flashing. The Buddhism protecting exercise appeared once again.


The monk blocked Zi Chen's extremely strong attack, but his entire body was sent flying. He flew for a few kilometers, but very quickly, he turned into a beam of light and flew back.


The monk shouted loudly, and the six-word mantra appeared, bringing with it a bizarre fluctuation, which entered Zi Chen's mind. At this moment, the cultivators eyes revealed a look of fear, as if they were looking at a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, falling into a state of fear.


Zi Chen was also stunned for a moment, his spirit was struck, the monk seized the chance and sent him flying with a palm.

Return it to me and I'll let you go today. The monk stood in the air with a solemn expression on his face, but the moment he opened his mouth, his expression was that of a philistine man.

Damned monk, let's see who won't let go of who. Zi Chen transformed into a golden light and rushed back, following that, the Nine Thunder Pass appeared again, striking towards the monk.

The sky shook, and a large amount of golden light scattered down. The two of them were in an intense battle.

All around them, the crowd was overwhelmed with shock. The battle prowess of the two were extremely terrifying. The monk was indeed powerful, but the one they really admire is Zi Chen.

One must know, he was only in the Ninth Heaven, but he is actually in a draw with the monk. Once he breaks through to the Imperial Sky Realm, wouldn't he be unrivalled in the world, who would dare to provoke him?


The two continued to fight ferociously and at an increasing speed. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of attacks had been sent out without any intention of stopping.

Let's separate them. Let's get down to business first. Wang Qiong's eyes flashed, and he suddenly said.

Clearly, he had already seen that the two of them would not be able to determine the victor in a short period of time.

Alright! Wu Mo also nodded his head, and he who usually had a lazy expression, seemed to become more serious.


The two of them shouted, and transformed into two beams of light, rushing towards the monk and Zi Chen.

Stop, we have something to talk about.

As the two of them spoke, they stood in front of them. However, it was evident that they were going to receive one of the attacks from the two.


The monk released a powerful palm which shone with an endless light as he rushed towards Wang Qiong. And around Wang Qiong's body, a green light flashed as he stood in mid air and extended his hand out to block the attack.

The surging wave of energy continued to wreak havoc, but Wang Qiong did not retreat a single step. His entire body glowed with a green light, and he managed to forcibly block this attack.

Wang Qiong rarely made a move, and this was the first time he did so in front of everyone, who would have thought that he would have such fighting strength, and that he could actually block the monk's attack.


Just at this moment, Zi Chen's fist also collided with Wu Mo's palm. In the midst of a loud sound, Zi Chen was sent flying backwards and Wu Mo also flew backwards in midair.

Between the two of them, a terrifying wave of energy ripple spread out in all directions.

Both sides retreated back from the attack, there wasn't much of a difference.

Everyone was shaken, they thought that amongst all the monstrous genius, Zi Chen and the monk was the strongest, but they never thought that one Wang Qiong and Wu Mo would actually be able to block their attacks.

As for the other monstrous genius, they were also extremely shocked.

As expected of Zi Chen, he's really powerful. This attack even injured me. Wu Mo laughed, shook his hand, and once again recovered his lazy look.

Alright, stop fighting. Wang Qiong descended from the sky and said.

That's right, everyone should stop.

Liu Bo, Liu Chen and the rest also came up, looking at Zi Chen with smiles on their faces.

When the numerous monstrous geniuses appeared, the monk stopped and returned to normal. The golden light around his body dimmed and he became abnormally compassionate, falling from the sky.

Zi Chen let out a cold snort, but stopped at the same time.

The few monstrous geniuses who had fainted earlier had also awakened, and were standing far away, staring at Zi Chen hatefully.

In addition, there were even more people flying over. This was simply a meeting of Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Zi Chen, congratulations on getting stronger. Liu Bo walked up with a smile.

I should be the one congratulating you on becoming an Imperial Sky Realm expert. Zi Chen laughed.

After that, the others all went up to greet him.

Is Lin Xue alright? Liu Family Liu Chen went forward, and before the other party could speak, Zi Chen asked.

She's doing very well. She's been training hard all this time. Liu Chen said.

Two years ago, Patriarch Liu was also Liu Chen's father. He took Lin Xue as his adopted daughter and protected Lin Xue in the Liu Family.

Zi Chen. Zhang Haotian went forward and was very excited to see Zi Chen. Two years ago, he had left alone and was not with them.

Are you and Lu Peng alright?

En! Zhang Haotian nodded.

After that, the two monstrous geniuses of the Qin also went up to him. The older brother's name was Qin Xing, and the younger brother's name was Qin He.

The fact that so many of you are gathered here isn't just to watch a fight, is it? Zi Chen looked at the monstrous geniuses and asked.

Of course not, we have important matters to attend to.

What important matter? Zi Chen turned his head and asked.

Zhang Haotian shook his head, indicating that he did not know, that he was only here to participate in the battle.

The first is this Deathly Land, we can't allow it to develop any further, this is why we came here. Of course, this is only along the way, the most important thing is still to decide whether we should stay or not. This time, it was Wu Mo who spoke.

Leave or stay? Zi Chen was startled.

That's right! Wu Mo nodded, and said: Between all the great powers, there is an unwritten rule that allows the clan's monstrous geniuses, after breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm, to go out and see the world, and see the true Southern region.

What do you mean, is this not the Southern region? Zi Chen asked.

Of course not. Wu Mo laughed, We are only in a small realm here, how can it compare to the vast Southern region, this is only a region in the Southern region, it is less than one millionth of the Southern region. Unless you are an Imperial Sky Realm expert, exploring would just be a pipe dream

Zi Chen's heart trembled.

To him, the area of influence of the three great sects of the Seven Cities was already huge enough. Until now, he had only gone to a few big cities.

However, Su Long had said something similar back then. Unless it one was an Imperial Sky Realm expert, it was best not to go out.

Then, every generation of your powers have monstrous geniuses that go out to travel. I presume they have a lot of knowledge about the powers of the outside world. How is their strength? Zhang Haotian asked, obviously very curious about the outside world.

If one was not in the sovereign realm, who could do anything to Imperial Sky Realm experts? Ever since Zi Chen disappeared, there has been no more Imperial Sky Realm experts dying.

Zhang Haotian's words caused the monstrous genius's expression to change. Very bitterly, he said, The powers in the outside world are very strong, there are many experts, and even if our monstrous geniuses were to go out, the casualties would be severe. After all these years, there are too few people who would be able to return alive.

When this news came out, everyone was embarrassed.

The monstrous geniuses of the major powers all inherited Killing Techniques and were very strong. However, when they went out, they suffered heavy casualties.

Then, when are you planning to leave? Zi Chen suddenly asked.

There are a lot of monstrous geniuses in this generation, and they all broke through at almost the same time, so of course we have to leave. But before that, we have to first challenge the ruins.