Thunder Martial Chapter 352 - Sovereign Realm Expert Acts

He had been secretly enduring, but now he had finally made his move and struck out with an attack that could destroy the heavens and the earth.

The crowd burst into an uproar. This was obviously a trap, precisely to lure Zi Chen out. The large forces still did not give up on Zi Chen, determined to kill him.

When the sovereign realm expert attacked, he released an attack that annihilated the heavens and the earth, causing a large area of space to collapse. Just when everyone thought that Zi Chen was definitely going to die, no one expected that a silver light would appear on his body.

The silver light instantly enlarged and turned into a bolt of lightning, bringing along an incomparably strong destructive aura. Like a roaming dragon, it shattered the heaven and earth.

One of the roaming dragon swung its tail, causing the sky to shatter. The lightning roaming dragon rose up against the sky with astonishing power, confronting the terrifying Heaven Shrouding Palm.


As if two stars were colliding, a deafening explosion occurred. Thunder and lightning exploded, destructive energy scattered, and a large area of space collapsed. A huge black hole appeared, spreading in all directions.

In the sky, a rain of blood rained down.


The crowd burst into an uproar. It was unbelievable that Zi Chen actually injured a sovereign realm expert.

What is that lightning? It's so powerful that even a sovereign realm expert was injured?

What terrifying lightning power.

In the sky, a rain of blood fell down. Everyone was dumbstruck and in disbelief.

Zi Chen had actually injured a sovereign realm expert.

Above the sky, the destructive energy had dispersed, no longer showing any abnormalities.

Zi Chen stood there, unmoving, his body imposing. The sovereign realm experts strike did not harm him at all.

Everyone's expression changed.


The sky shook again, and a huge crack appeared as another palm imprint of destruction covered the sky. The moon light was blocked, and the entire world was pitch-black.

The sovereign realm expert made his move again, but this time it was not just one palm print.


The air was shattered once more as another palm print appeared. Surrounded by endless flames and emitting a terrifying aura, it descended towards Zi Chen.


Between Zi Chen's brows, a brilliant light flashed. The purple golden gourd opened and two bolts of lightning surged out, like two roaming dragons grew into hundreds of meters long and flew up.

Above the roaming dragon, the aura was berserk, and it carried with it a destructive aura that was unique to lightning.

A resplendent silver light illuminated the world, followed by a bolt of lightning that struck the palm imprint.


When they collided at almost the same time, it caused a huge tremor in the heaven and earth. The two Heaven Shrouding Palms retreated one after another, and blood rained down from the sky once again.

Everyone became stupefied. They were completely stupefied.

There was actually a method that could injure a sovereign realm expert. Moreover, three of these inexplicable lightning bolts had actually appeared.

Every single bolt of lightning was practically a trump card, yet Zi Chen actually had so many trump cards, it was truly shocking.



The sky shook and shattered again and again. It was obvious that the sovereign realm expert was not willing to give up and attacked again.

Five palm prints had actually appeared in the sky. In other words, the sovereign realm expert was not holding back anymore.


Looking at the five Heaven Shrouding Palms, Zi Chen released a cold snort. On his forehead, a light once again flashed, and this time, there were a total of ten lightning bolts.

They were like ten lightning dragons, enlarged the moment they appeared and filled the entire sky. Lightning flashed as they clashed against the palm print in the sky.


The deafening explosion caused everyone to turn deaf. A powerful wave of energy spread out in all directions and sent many rogue cultivators flying out from the energy aftershock.

They were already far away from this place, yet they were still sent flying. If they were on the spot, they would have been instantly killed by the energy.

This time, Zi Chen was ruthless, he released 10 lightning bolts which erupted with a terrifying aura, causing an even more blood rain to fall from the sky.

After the energy dissipated, the world became deathly silent.

The sovereign realm experts did not attack again and hid themselves completely. It was as if they had never appeared, and the only thing that could be seen was the rain of blood that fell from the sky.

A few miles away, everyone was dumbstruck. Zi Chen was truly powerful, to think that he still had such a trump card up his sleeve. Even someone at the sovereign realm expert did not dare to appear before him.

Zi Chen stood at the bottom, with a majestic body, looking disdainful in every direction. Even the sovereign realm experts were forced to retreat, so no one dared to meet Zi Chen's gaze.

Then, he transformed into a ray of light and rushed towards the monstrous geniuses.


The monstrous genius of the Cang Family, who had just avoided the energy attack, was sent flying by Zi Chen's palm the next moment as he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.


The monstrous genius of the Li Family was slapped on the face by Zi Chen, and he spun three or four rounds on the spot, his head in a daze. But right after, he was slapped on the back of his head, sending him flying, with blood spewing from his mouth.


The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius's butt was kicked by Zi Chen and he was sent flying in a sorry state.

As for the Chu Family's monstrous genius, he had been knocked unconscious by the energy earlier.

The few of them were completely suppressed by Zi Chen. They did not have any tricks up their sleeves anymore.

When the sovereign realm experts did not appear, Zi Chen oppressed the four monstrous geniuses.

Everyone was shaken. They never would have thought that the fierce battle with Imperial Sky Realm monstrous geniuses would have escalated to such a state.




One sound came out one after another, Zi Chen's expression was cold as he released one attack after another.

However, the sovereign realm expert did not appear again. It was as if they had already left and even though the monstrous geniuses of their families were being beaten like this, it seemed as if they would take no further action.

Zi Chen made his move, it was very decisive, and continuously slapped the faces of the few monstrous geniuses.


Finally, he got tired. He knocked the three of them unconscious but did not kill them. Meanwhile, the killing intent enveloping their bodies also slowly disappeared.

The scattered Moonlight had disappeared at an unknown time, and the sky had turned white.

The Deathly Land had truly become deathly silent. That night, no ghosts dared to appear, and no sounds of ghosts cursing for Zi Chen's death could be heard.

The four monstrous geniuses fainted one after another. Zi Chen's appearance, once again created a resplendent brilliance, causing everyone to be shocked.

Two years ago, I was able to kill you. After two years, I will be able to kill you again. No matter how deep your grudges are, they will still be erased after you have turned into vengeful spirits.

Golden light surged around his body and emitted a bright light, like a golden sun, illuminating the land.

His stature was imposing, and a powerful aura burst forth from his body.

Everyone was speechless as they watched this scene in shock.

In the next moment, a hundred thousand meters golden light shot out from between Zi Chen's brows. He was like a Buddha, his forehead was glowing with golden light.

This was to purify the vengeful spirits here.

This is spiritual consciousness?

Heavens, Zi Chen is only in the Zhen Yuan Realm but he actually has spiritual consciousness.

Everyone's faces changed greatly as they let out exclamations of surprise. With Zi Chen appearing, who knew how much shock they received. Now that his spiritual consciousness was revealed, it caused another commotion.


When the golden light descended, it carried with it a vast and mighty aura, erasing all forms of evil. The dark and sinister auras of the entire Deathly Land silently disappeared without a trace.


Occasionally, there would be a miserable wail that would make one's heart turn cold.

These were all vengeful spirits. When one is full of grievances when they die, they would turn into evil spirits. These were evil creatures, and in the future, they would inevitably cause a great deal of trouble.

As the golden light scattered down, the light grew brighter. Wherever the powerful spiritual consciousness passed by, everything would disappear.

When the first ray of sunlight fell on the Deathly Land, all the cold air in the area disappeared and the sun shined down. The place was extremely warm and comfortable, and all the vengeful spirits were also extinguished by the spiritual consciousness.

The battle at the Imperial Sky Realm monstrous geniuses had ended just like that. The Deathly Land had also disappeared, but no one left.

In the air, powerful auras could be sensed.

The people who came were all people in the Imperial Sky Realm.

Obviously, the rumors were true. After The monstrous genius battle, the group of monstrous genius would discuss whether they are staying or leaving the southern land.

I missed a fierce battle.

More and more people flew over, and when some people saw the four monstrous geniuses who had fainted on the ground fly, their expressions changed and they sighed.

When they saw Zi Chen afterwards, their faces changed several times.

If it was said that they looked down on Zi Chen in the past, then two years ago, Zi Chen had tricked and killed several hundred people from the great powers and his reputation had already spread far and wide.

It's him. He really came out. Some of the people who knew about the situation looked around, but did not see any sovereign realm experts.

They were very suspicious, why did the sovereign realm experts not attack Zi Chen?

Just then, a ray of golden light appeared in the sky. It was extremely dazzling, and the golden light around Zi Chen reflected off each other.

Feeling the piercing golden light, Zi Chen raised his head and in the next moment, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

In the distance, the golden light was approaching and after it saw Zi Chen, it also surged with a strong battle intent.

In the golden light, there was a monk with a kind face and a dignified demeanor. However, after seeing Zi Chen, his aura changed drastically.

The Good and Evil Monk reappeared.

It's you! Seeing Zi Chen, his good eye became cold.

It's you! Zi Chen's eyes also flashed with a cold light.

Zi Chen remembered the humiliation back then very clearly. This Evil Monk had shattered his bones, blackmailed him for his Yuan Stones, and stole his Raging Flame Sword. Although he got the Heavenly Book from him, he didn't think that he had taken advantage of this monk.

Around Zi Chen's body, the golden light shone even brighter, and a fighting spirit rose.

The monk was the same as well. He gave a precious treasure to Zi Chen as trash and continuously tried to steal it back from him. However, he did not succeed even once.


The aura around the two of them went completely berserk. After that, they charged towards each other like two golden suns clashing.

Damned monk! Zi Chen bellowed, and waved his fist, bringing about a large amount of golden light.

Give me back what I gave you. The monk bellowed, he no longer had any trace of mercy as he raised his eyebrows and pointed at Zi Chen.


After one attack, the monk was forced to retreat in the air while Zi Chen fell towards the ground.

It was actually a tie.


The air trembled, the monk took out a large bell, a resplendent golden light shone out, and in an instant, it became bigger, bringing with it a supreme pressure as it flew towards Zi Chen.

This was a very unique spirit armament. It was very powerful, and its appearance would cause anyone who saw it to turn pale.

The bell chime resonated and shocked the mind, causing Zi Chen's heart to miss a beat, following that, the large bell fell, with a loud sound, it enveloped Zi Chen.

Everyone was dumbstruck, and just like that, the two of them started to fight. Without saying anything, they started to fight, and with powerful techniques as well. It was only a single exchange, and Zi Chen was already taken in by the large bell.