Thunder Martial Chapter 350 - Zi Chen Acts

It had already been two years but the great powers were still as shameless as before. Zi Chen was here from the beginning so he was able to see everything.

Since Zhang Haotian agreed to a life and death battle, he had to stand out. Otherwise, with his irritable temper, he would inevitably suffer.

Zi Chen clapped his hands and appeared from the crowd, releasing the True Yuan around his body. He was just a ninth heaven, which attracted many disdainful gazes.

His opponent was a monstrous genius, and he was also an Imperial Sky Realm expert, so his combat power was very strong. How could a little fellow in the Zhen Yuan Realm dare to speak up.

This is indeed a good suggestion. Zi Chen laughed, In a life and death battle with an injured person, you guys are indeed powerful.

He walked out of the crowd and towards the Imperial Sky Realm monstrous geniuses.

You are called Chu Xun right? The Chu Family's monstrous genius, you are truly a noble and righteous man, to be able to give another person an upper hand in a life and death battle. Zi Chen sneered.

Chu Xun was still stepped on, and after hearing what Zi Chen said, he forced out a smile and said, That is what I should do.

Haha, you really have some face. Zi Chen laughed loudly, and mocked, Chu Family's dignity is not to be violated. First, Chu Chuan, and then, Chu Lie, and now that you have another Chu Xun, all of your Chu Family's face has been thrown away by the four of you.

Even though it's a life and death battle, you still give others a move. Do you not have a brain of your own, or is there something wrong with your brain?

Brat, who are you? Do you have the right to speak here? Several monstrous geniuses had already noticed that the other party did not come with good intentions. They coldly asked with ice-cold gazes, but because of their status, they did not take action.

I came to join in on the fun. Could it be that none of you realized that Chu Xun has been continuously stepped on by someone, and that he has lost a lot of face? You should've helped him up, and then listened to him explain the details. Zi Chen walked over, but after hearing what was said, no one stopped him.

Alright, stop trampling on him. He's already too shameless, stepping on him is useless. Zi Chen said indifferently, smiling at Zhang Haotian. The latter understood, and moved his feet away from Chu Xun.

After that, Zi Chen picked up Chu Xun with one hand.

The latter's expression was extremely ugly, as he was ridiculed by a cultivator in Zhen Yuan Realm. He clenched his teeth, and a trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes as he thought of an excuse to kill the other party.


But right after that, Chu Xun felt a sharp pain on his face.


He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and a big white tooth was spat out. The stinging pain on his cheek caused a clear five-finger mark to appear.

Chu Xun was stunned, this guy actually slapped him.

The other monstrous geniuses were also stunned. No one had expected that this fellow in the Ninth Heaven would actually be so arrogant, to dare to slap another monstrous genius's face in front of so many monstrous geniuses.

The crowd went into an uproar. This scene was truly unexpected.


The crisp sound came out again. Zi Chen slapped Chu Xun again with the back of his hand, causing him to cough out blood again. This time, he spat out two large white teeth.

So shameless. Even if you want face, it's useless. Why don't you just smash it up? Zi Chen's voice was cold, his face was a sheet of frost, and his smile had already disappeared.


Chu Xun finally regained his senses and his expression became even more unsightly. After getting slapped twice by a little fellow in the Zhen Yuan Realm, he no longer needed to find an excuse, he could directly kill him.



Zi Chen's eyes turned cold, his expression gloomy, the shamelessness of this group of people, had completely enraged him, and with two backhand slaps, he moved extremely fast. Chu Xun's mouth was full of blood, he could not even speak, and the True Yuan that was just surging, was immediately dispersed.

Everyone around was stunned, it was a monstrous genius who was being beaten, it was no cat or dog. Furthermore, there were a few other monstrous geniuses beside him, but this guy is actually so fierce, hitting Chu Xun as he pleased.


The other three monstrous geniuses finally reacted, a cold light flickering in their eyes as they charged towards Zi Chen in quick succession.


The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius was the first to make a move as streams of True Yuan surged, grabbing towards Zi Chen. He spread open his fingers, and the True Yuan appeared like a flash of the Light, as long as he could grab hold of Zi Chen, his body would be sliced apart.

Zi Chen turned his head, a look of disdain flashing past his eyes, and he stretched out his right hand towards the front.

You're courting death! The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius sneered. The True Yuan on his five fingers rotated even faster as he tried to cut his opponent's right hand.


However, when the sharp light beam landed, it actually produced a resounding clang. The opponent's arm was extremely tough and terrifying, directly shattering that light beam. After that, it broke apart and flew towards the face of the Martial Ancestor monstrous genius.


Yet another slap on the face. The slap was crisp and loud, causing the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius to turn right three times as he felt dizzy.

This attack was as if an ancient beast had struck him, causing his ears and eyes to resonate and stars to appear before his eyes.


However, everything wasn't over yet. Zi Chen struck again with his backhand, and the Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius turned left three times. His body swayed and he almost fell to the ground.

This scene happened too fast and no one was able to react.

At this moment, all of them were looking at this young man in the Zhen Yuan Realm with amazement. He actually managed to slap another monstrous genius in such a magical manner, and what caused them to be even more shocked was that the other party had shattered the monstrous genius's energy attack with a single blow.

You're courting death! The monstrous genius of the Cang Family turned into a wave of Hurricanes, slicing through the air. At the same time, he reached out towards Zi Chen with his hand, causing the wind blades to flow in the air.


But it was still the same. Sparks flew in all directions, the wind blade was destroyed, Zi Chen's right hand shook slightly, and the monstrous genius of the Cang Family was blasted away.


When Zi Chen's right hand came down, all of the wind blades surrounding him were dispersed. The crisp sound of a slap resounded, this was a true slap to the face, and even the Defensive Light Shield was scattered.



Zi Chen was very fast, and with two consecutive slaps, the monstrous genius of the Cang Family spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

Another monstrous genius was sent flying, easily and naturally, making everyone speechless.


Zi Chen moved to the side when he felt a heat wave coming. The Li Fire was going berserk as the terrifying high temperature spread and ignited everything, Li Wo rushed towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen once again raised his right hand. This time, there was a flash of golden light, and his hand directly entered the flames.

How reckless! The temperature of the fire could burn everything. Forget about just one hand, even gold would melt in an instant.


Zi Chen reached out his hand and extinguished the fire. A golden light flashed, dazzling everyone's eyes as it instantly extinguished the fire. After that, golden light scattered everywhere and Li Wo's face was slapped.

The powerful force caused Li Wo to spin around, and he was beaten until he was dizzy. Then, with a flash of golden light, Zi Chen slapped him twice, sending him flying as well.

In a few moments, the three monstrous geniuses were sent flying.

The crowd was in an uproar, and they were all incomparably shocked.

Who is he?

With the strength of a ninth heaven, he actually sent three monstrous geniuses flying.

Everyone's hearts trembled. Such a method was truly terrifying.

Beside him, even the other monstrous geniuses were stunned.

Although the three monstrous geniuses did not attack with all their might, the difference in their fighting strength was too great and there was no way for them to defend against a mere ninth heaven.

Wang Qiong's eyes flashed, but he did not say a word.

Wang Shi's body surged with fighting intent.

The other monstrous geniuses could not calm down either.

In the midst of this exchange, Zi Chen was still holding Chu Xun whose mouth was drenched in blood, his gaze cold, Aren't you shameless?

Chu Xun's eyes were filled with fear. When he was grabbed by Zi Chen, it was as if he was grabbed by a demonic beast. The energy in his body was actually unable to rush out.



When Zi Chen made his move, it was relaxed and natural, but it actually produced a strange sound rhythm, which sounded extremely pleasant to listen to.

This was an invincible slap, and at this moment, it appeared once again in the world, shocking everyone.

Chu Xun's face instantly turned into the head of a pig, there was no longer any blood in his mouth, but rather, blood bubbles that surged towards the outside world.


The three monstrous geniuses were all beaten black and blue by Zi Chen. Finally awake at this moment, they shouted out loud and charged towards Zi Chen.


The air trembled as a spirit armament appeared, unleashing limitless power. It transformed into a ray of light and charged towards Zi Chen, brimming with killing intent.


Seeing that, Zi Chen turned around and swept his eyes across the three monstrous geniuses with a cold gaze, and said coldly, Since you all dare to be so shameless, then pay the price for being so shameless.

A golden light suddenly flashed around his body as he clenched his fists. The light shone brightly as he punched towards the spirit armament in front of him.

Everyone was shocked. Clearly, this was an extremely shocking scene.


However, what Zi Chen wanted was not tshocked, nor was it simply to grab the spirit armament. Following the fall of his fist, golden light scattered, and the spirit armament emitted a crackling sound as cracks appeared, and then, with a bang, the spirit armament exploded.

With one punch, he shattered the spirit armament.

In the world, there was actually someone who could shatter a spirit armament with a single strike, and it was a person in the ninth heaven.


Li Huo was furious, his voice resonating through the entire sky as he crazily pressed down towards Zi Chen. At the same time, there was also a flaming sword that was filled with killing intent.

Surrounding Zi Chen, golden light danced around as he punched out, bringing about a large amount of golden light.

When the flames that filled the sky met the golden light, they immediately dissipated, gradually disappearing. At the same time, the flaming sword also disintegrated after a single punch.

A terrifying force swept out, causing all the surrounding monstrous genius to retreat. The spectators also retreated quickly from the distance, thinking to themselves, Where did this fierce person come from? He is truly powerful!


The earth split open, and numerous gigantic cracks appeared as they spread out towards the Deathly Land.

The Deathly Land had been filled with Yin Wind earlier, but after Zi Chen appeared, it was dead silent. The ghost did not appear again, even the Yin Wind had disappeared, as though it had already disappeared.



the monstrous genius of the Cang Family rushed towards Zi Chen with a powerful attack. At the same time, a spirit armament unleashed its boundless might and formed many sharpe blades, then it dropped down from above Zi Chen's head.

You're courting death! Zi Chen scoffed, and his body suddenly shot up, bringing along a large amount of golden light. With a single punch, he shattered the spirit armament, and at the same time, a large amount of golden light sprinkled out, landing on the cold wind like sharp blades.

The Clangs continued to sound as the sharp blades made contact with the golden light. Streams of energy wreaked havoc, and in the end, the golden light suppressed the sharp blades, causing a large portion of them to dissipate.


Zi Chen's feet flashed, and like a ray of the light, he instantly appeared in front of the monstrous genius of the Cang Family. After smashing apart the endless sharp blades, he threw a palm towards monstrous genius of the Cang Family.