Thunder Martial Chapter 349 - Shameless

The two of them exchanged more than a hundred moves in an instant, and were unable to determine victory or defeat. A terrifying energy swept out, and even the Deathly Land calmed down.

Spirit armaments and martial techniques appeared frequently, shaking the surroundings with their energy.

Liu Chen, Wang Shi and the rest were all watching the battle, not saying a word.

After breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm, everyone's fighting strength had increased by a lot. This was a qualitative change, and the difference between the monstrous geniuses was no longer that obvious.

In a short period of time, they used several hundred more moves. Back when Zhang Haotian killed a monstrous genius, he did not use such a long time either.

Hmph. Since you want to throw your life away, I'll grant you that wish. Chu Xun's hair was disheveled, blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were flickering with a cold light, and his killing intent was limitless and the cold energy around him was surging, causing everyone's hearts to tremble.

I'll give you these words back. Since you want to die, I can grant you that wish. Zhang Haotian's face was deathly pale, but he was still as cold as ever.


The two of them gathered their energy and clashed again, like two gigantic meteorites. At the same time, many different types of martials skills also appeared as support, causing a tremor that shook the heavens, and endless blood sprayed out.

Zhang Haotian's acromion had been penetrated, and fresh blood flowed profusely. One of Chu Xun's arms had almost been cut off, revealing the eerie white bones.

Such a brutal battle was truly astonishing.

The two were going all out, fighting with their lives.

As for the Deathly Land below, the silence was even more frightening. The group of ghosts no longer appeared, and it was extremely quiet.

Fortunately, the battle between the two happened in the air. If it were on the ground, then naturally, this area would have caved in.


Zhang Haotian retreated quickly, coughing up large mouthfuls of blood. There was a shallow line of blood on his neck, and his head was almost chopped off. His expression was cold and extremely vicious as he desperately struck out.


As for Chu Xun, a deep wound had appeared on his chest, and his heart had almost been pierced through by Zhang Haotian. He had almost died on the spot.

The two of them collided repeatedly, and both of their injuries were extremely serious. Everyone watching was incomparably amazed. Such a bloody battle made everyone's blood boil.

Finally, after the two of them fought for a few hundred more rounds, the battle finally ended. Zhang Haotian then kicked Chu Xun in the chest, causing Chu Xun to fall to the ground as he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, his face turning pale white.


After that, a large foot fiercely stepped on Chu Xun's body.

Chu Xun lost, Zhang Haotian won.

The outcome of the battle made everyone go silly. The Chu Family had been around for almost ten thousand years, but they actually lost to a rogue cultivator.

How is this possible, The Chu Family's monstrous genius, being stepped on by a rogue cultivator?

This is unbelievable, could it be that Zhang Haotian is also a Sky Martial Cultivator, and has unparalleled combat power?

Everyone cried out in alarm, their faces filled with disbelief.

However, those who knew of Zhang Haotian's identity were relieved. He had obtained the inheritance of the Human Slaughter, and it was rumored that he had even killed Sky Martial Cultivators before.

Chu Xun's hair was in a mess, and he was being stepped on, but the coldness in his eyes was even more intense, and he was extremely unyielding.

I was too impatient. Before I even comprehended a more powerful martial skill, I appeared. If you have the ability, then kill me. Or else, the next time, you'll definitely be the one to die. His eyes were cold and unyielding, like a ten thousand year old piece of ice.

Since you dare to threaten me again, I'll send you on your way! Zhang Haotian was cold, his eyes cold, and his killing intent increased. Then, the aura around his body surged, about to trample Chu Xun to death.


Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out.

Stop, stop!

Chu Xun was on the verge of death, so the others also shouted loudly, and transformed into a ray of the light as they walked forward.

Three monstrous geniuses appeared, like beams of the light. In the blink of an eye they appeared in front of the two.

They all stared at Zhang Haotian unkindly, and in their eyes, killing intent flashed past.

What do you mean? Zhang Haotian stepped on Chu Xun, coldly sweeping his gaze across the three people.

Humph, Zhang Haotian, you have guts, it was originally just a spar, yet you actually did such a vicious thing, you want to kill him to keep his mouth shut? The monstrous genius of the Li Family stepped forward, his eyes glinting with a cold light.

That's right. It was just a spar. You won by a fluke and you are taking the opportunity to kill him?

The other two people also looked at each other coldly with unfriendly expressions.

The crowd burst into an uproar.

Was this a spar? But why did they say that they would kill him?

Bullsh*t! We agreed to a life-and-death battle! Zhang Haotian was furious, he had long heard of the shamelessness of the great powers from Zi Chen, he never thought that he would experience them today.

You think you're worthy of a life-and-death duel?

What's your status, what's our status? Brother Chu only gave you one move, and did not let you lose in such a miserable manner. It's fine if you don't know how to be grateful, but you actually want to kill him?

You really don't know what's good for you. The Chu Family has thousands of years of history and deep roots, how could a small rogue cultivator like you be able to defeat him so easily. Did you think we couldn't tell?

The way the three monstrous geniuses spoke so righteously and confidently caused Zhang Haotian to be a little dumbstruck.

The crowd watching the battle were all stunned. What was going on?

Deliberately letting me go? Zhang Haotian was about to explode from the anger, he stomped his feet hard, causing Chu Xun to grimace in pain, then he said, Look at this, do you think he's letting me win?

Why does it not look like it? Brother Chu is a noble and righteous man, why not? The three of them were thick-skinned, so it was natural for them to speak boldly and confidently.

However, Chu Xun did not say a word.

Seeing the other party's expression, Zhang Haotian was so angry that he wanted to stomp them to death.

You all... The cold Zhang Haotian, upon meeting this group of shameless people, didn't know what to say.

Other than being shameless, one had to develop this sort of shameless habit since young in order to be able to speak without hesitation.

Not bad, didn't I say it already? A mere rogue cultivator was actually able to defeat a monstrous genius, it turns out that Chu Xun was deliberately giving in.

It's such a pity, for such a noble and good character like Chu Xun to be taken advantage of by someone and almost lose his life, this is too shameless.

We are rogue cultivators, losing is fine. Even Zi Chen was chased back then, and rogue cultivators can lose, but they cannot lose their backbone or dignity.

Voices rang out from the crowd, but they were all illusions. No one was able to confirm who they were.

Zhang Haotian did not know what to say.

That's not right, why can't rogue cultivators defeat large powers? There was Zi Chen in the front, and Zhang Haotian in the back, and one of them is a Sky Martial Cultivator, with unparalleled combat power, and another has the inheritance of the Human Slaughter. Back then, he had even killed Sky Martial Cultivator.

Someone voiced out his dissatisfaction.

So what if he inherited the inheritance of the Human Slaughter? The Chu Family's inheritance has been around for tens of thousands of years.

That's right, Zhang Haotian might be strong, but he doesn't have the slightest bit of backbone. Even a rogue cultivator like me would feel shame for him.

There were more and more voices in the crowd, some purely trying to curry favor with the big power, and some even more so couldn't stand seeing Zhang Haotian's power, feeling jealous.

The voices were ethereal, and then came the voices of the rogue cultivators.

The voices that supported Zhang Haotian also became less and less.

How shameless, you're still stepping on Chu Xun, do you really think you're invincible? Another person spoke up.

After that, there were even more people who joined. At this moment, Zhang Haotian had instead provoked the wrath of the masses.

Looking at Chu Xun again, he looked as if he lamented and was pitied by the heavens, as if he really did have a noble character.

Enough, you can't be this shameless. A cold snort sounded as Wu Mo walked out from the crowd and swept his cold eyes across the crowd.

I don't care if you are doing this on purpose, or if you were bewitched by something, but Zhang Haotian won today, relying on his own strength, don't overturn right and wrong.

The moment Wu Mo opened his mouth, the retorts in the crowd lessened by a lot. After that, he coldly looked at the three monstrous geniuses and said, And you three, don't always throw your family forces's face, whether it's victory or defeat, everyone could see it. Everyone knows in their hearts whether he won up or not.

Wu Mo, what do you mean? We clearly saw Chu Xun give up his attack, and allowed him to win by a fluke, and everyone saw that, the moment you appeared, you used your power to suppress everyone. Could it be that everyone can't even speak the truth? Li Wo stared at Wu Mo.

To be honest, haha. Wu Mo laughed out loud, and said, As long as one isn't a fool, one would be able to tell who won that battle. You actually said that it was the truth, you truly are shameless, and is very similar to the powers behind you.

Wu Mo, don't try to turn black into white. Chu Xun gave Zhang Haotian a move, allowing him to win, but he's not grateful to him for his kindness, and he still wants to kill him. The monstrous genius of the Cang Family also spoke up.

A person can be shameless, but they cannot be shameless to such an extent. This is a life and death battle after all, Chu Xun's strength is weak, so dying here is well-deserved. An ice-cold voice appeared as Liu Bo walked out of the crowd.

Beside him, Wang Shi and Wang Qiong also appeared.

It was clear that they were speaking up for Zhang Haotian, and no one among the rogue cultivators wanted to speak up again.

Liu Bo, your words are wrong. This was originally a spar, and when we saw that Chu Xun had conceded. I know that because of his relationship with Zi Chen, you all want to protect him, but don't make it so obvious. Li Wo said again, his tone was very good.

It's not that they want to protect Zhang Haotian, it's that they are speaking the truth. Zhang Haotian defeating Chu Xun, is his true strength. Liu Chen also appeared, and beside him were the two Qin Family brothers.

Haha, as expected of Zi Chen's friends, you all have come out to say something, since you all said it like that, then what else can I say? Li Wo laughed out loud, If you say it's his strength, then it's his strength. However, it was just sparring, but after winning, it's a life and death battle now?

Then, Li Wo looked at Zhang Haotian and saidm Zhang Haotian, since it's true that you've won against Chu Xun, then you can do whatever, but do you dare to fight with me? In a life and death battle, only one of us will survive.


Everyone's expressions changed, Zhang Haotian was already injured, how could he fight with a monstrous genius. He was obviously trying to beat him to death, this was their real goal, just like that year in battlestage, they wanted to beat Zi Chen to death after he was exhausted.

Zhang Haotian, aren't you very strong? If you can win against Chu Xun, then you can naturally win against him. Beside Li Wo, the monstrous genius of the Cang Family also sneered.

Zhang Haotian's face kept changing, he was not good with words, and was angry from being pushed, he shouted, Good!

Good, good, good! That's a good suggestion. But at this time, a round of applause sounded and Zi Chen walked out from the crowd.