Thunder Martial Chapter 348 - Battle

Full moon night, Deathly Land.

The faint moonlight fell down, and the heaven and earth became hazy. The Deathly Land turned into a chilly wind, and occasionally, a few figures flickered, looking very sinister.

Zi Chen.... Diiiiiiieeee

The intermittent sounds would occasionally ring out, causing one's hair to stand on end. It had already been two years, but there was still the sound of a death curse for Zi Chen.

As expected of the Deathly Land, it is actually so evil, and it even has such unreal creatures.

Everyone was shocked. In the Deathly Land, from time to time, there would be afterimages that would appear and disappear. That was not a real person. It was an existence that was like a ghost, making one's heart palpitate with fear.

When the crowd in the distance saw this scene, their expressions all changed greatly.

Two years ago, Zi Chen killed hundreds of people from large powers, and among them, there were about a dozen Imperial Sky Realm experts. The others were all Zhen Yuan Realm experts that had minds of their own, and when they died, they would feel great grievances, which was why this kind of spirit was formed that did not dissipate. In the crowd, an old cultivator revealed the whole story.

Zi Chen... Comeeeee The voice was intermittent, causing people to feel a chill in their hearts as they didn't dare to go forward.

So many people did not even dare to step forward. From this, it could be seen that there was something strange about this Deathly Land.

It's just a little grudge, it doesn't have much strength. Imperial Sky Realm experts can easily dispel these creatures.

Only Imperial Sky Realm experts could resolve the situation. Clearly, the meaning behind those words was that if they were not in the Imperial Sky Realm and if they entered, they would die.


The sky trembled as a powerful aura erupted, and a figure flew over from the distance.

His entire body was like a flame, burning with a terrifying aura.

Everyone's expressions changed. These were actually streaks of fire with unimaginable power. Once it erupted, everything would be incinerated.

It's the monstrous genius of the Li Family. Li Wo, not only did he break through to the Imperial Sky Realm, he also managed to cultivate the real Li Fire, and he's even stronger than the Li Hao from back then.

Everyone exclaimed, all eyes were focused on Li Wo. He was like a human made of fire. The surface of his body was blazing with fire, and his fighting spirit was rising.

After Li Wo, the sky shook as a wave of wind came flying from the horizon. The wind produced wind blades that cut through the air, creating a hissing sound.

The monstrous genius of the Cang Family appeared.

His gaze was ice-cold as it swept across the crowd of shocked spectators, and he let out a cold harrumph.


The sky trembled and cold energy surged. At this moment, the Moonlight in the sky all became cold, as if they had been exposed to a ten thousand year old ice.

The Chu Family's monstrous genius, Chu Xun had come with boundless killing intent, causing people's hearts to turn cold.

After breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm, many Killing Techniques could be used, their might was even stronger, and they displayed the might of a great power. The entire region could no longer contain them, and only the outside world could allow them to grow.

But before that, they had to resolve some grudges.

After that, it was the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius's entrance. Each of them stood in mid air, looking down at their surroundings.

After going through the incident with Zi Chen, the forces that had been humiliated had already become an alliance.

Heaven Killing Pavilion was exterminated, and no other monstrous genius appeared from them.

The four of them stood in the air, and they swept their gaze about them with icy-cold gazes.

They were only around twenty years old, and belonged to the younger generation.


In between heaven and earth, a resplendent beam of cyan light appeared, directly suppressing the Moonlight. The instant it appeared, it was accompanied by a powerful aura that flooded heaven and earth, to the point where the entire Deathly Land was temporarily quiet.

Wang Qiong had arrived. As he was one of the first monstrous genius to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm in this region, his appearance caused a great deal of commotion.

It's Wang Qiong. He's here too.

Even Wang Qiong has come, looks like the rumors are true. They are not only here to fight, they are also here to decide when to leave this region.

After Wang Qiong appeared, Wang Shi also appeared.

Immediately after, a light flashed in the horizon and another person appeared. Wu Mo, dressed in a loose robe, appeared from the horizon and walked over step by step.

Imperial Sky Realm. He is in the Imperial Sky Realm.

Everyone raised their heads and looked up into the sky with envy in their eyes. Without mentioning just how powerful their cultivation realm was, just flying through the air was enough to make people envious.

Imperial Sky Realm!

Zi Chen stood in the middle of the crowd, his eyes revolving with light. His true fighting strength was not weaker than Imperial Sky Realm experts, but he was still unable to fly, and was still lacking a bit.

It was clear that this was a gathering of monstrous geniuses that were in the Imperial Sky Realm. Little fatty Liu Chen had appeared, breaking through the Imperial Sky Realm and coming over here. There was no strong aura around him, and he was still as calm and simple as before.

The Qin Family also came, the two brothers both broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm expert.

The Zhu Family's Zhu Zicong also came, and so did Liu Bo.

All of the monstrous genius who had broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm had appeared today, and those who had not had a breakthrough had not appeared.

Lin Xue did not come. Miao Kong did not come.

Even after obtaining the inheritance, they were still one step slower than the monstrous geniuses. Miao Kong, Lin Xue, Su Mengyao,Lu Peng and the rest had not broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm, and only Zhang Haotian was able to keep up with the steps of the monstrous genius, and break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

Zhang Haotian appeared.

There was only him, Lu Peng did not come. He stood in mid air, his expression was ice cold. Once he appeared, he nodded towards Wu Mo and the rest, then coldly sweeping his gaze over the rest.

Which one of you is going to die first?

Zhang Haotian stood in the air above Deathly Land, looking at the few of them, he asked coldly.

He was the first to speak, and as arrogant as before, he did not place any monstrous genius in his eyes.

You want to die? The monstrous genius of the Li Family's eyes flashed coldly. A flash of light then landed on Zhang Haotian's body. On the surface of his body, flames burned away and everything was incinerated.

The one who is courting death is someone like you who doesn't know the meaning of death. Zhang Haotian replied.

Hmph. You speak so shamelessly. Watch me kill you. The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius took a step forward as his aura flared up, killing intent exploded from his eyes.

In the Wu Zong Sect, there were all sorts of Killing Techniques that could be used, and only Imperial Sky Realm experts could use them. He wasn't afraid of Zhang Haotian at all, even if he knew that the other party had obtained the inheritance of the Human Slaughter.

Let me do it. The Chu Family's monstrous genius said as he took a step forward. The cold energy around him surged, as if there was a ten thousand year old ice mountain floating around him.

Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated. Since Zi Chen did not appear, I shall kill you first. Chu Xun said coldly.

His entire body was filled with killing intent, the fight with Zhang Haotian was initiated by him.


The sky shook as he took a step forward, his ice-cold eyes sweeping towards Zhang Haotian. However, the latters eyes only contained killing intent.

Two years ago, Zi Chen was here, and he caused all of you to lose face. The experts were filled with resentment, and turned into a ghost. Two years later, I, Zhang Haotian, will also be able to kill all of you.

Zhang Haotian was very arrogant, full of tyrannical aura. As he walked over, it caused the entire world to shake, and a powerful spiritual consciousness spread out, enveloping the entire Deathly Land, scaring the spirits to the point that they did not dare appear.


The two didn't say anything unnecessary. Instantly, they transformed into two streaks of the light, fiercely colliding with each other and causing a huge explosion.

A great battle had broken out just like this.


His killing intent filled the air, bringing about a bone-piercing chill, Zhang Haotian unleashed his powerful attack, causing energy to roil around the area, the attacks covered the sky and the earth, causing the heaven and earth to tremble, even the Moonlights were warped.

Frozen World.

Chu Xun also released a strong attack, it was as if ten thousand years of ice was floating, and the cold energy filled the heaven and earth.

Zhang Haotian felt chills throughout his body, even his thinking became slow, the move of Chu Family was very strong.


The heaven and earth shook, a terrifying aura flowed, in Zhang Haotian's hand, a sharp blade appeared, releasing an endless cold aura, rushing towards Chu Xun, at the same time, his entire body flashed with light, his spirit force was like flames, burning everything, expelling the discomfort.

As for Chu Xun, a spirit armament appeared in his hands as well, transforming into a humanoid weapon, rushing forward.

This was the monstrous genius battle, and it was also a battle between two legacies.

Whether the inheritance of the humans were more powerful or the inheritance of the Chu Family was stronger, it would be revealed at this moment.


With a loud explosion, the frightful energy engulfed the area, the two of them flew back at an extremely fast speed, and they were unable to determine victory or defeat.

Hidden Kill! Zhang Haotian bellowed, and his figure suddenly disappeared into the air without a trace, as if he had merged with the void.

Immediately after, a bone-piercing killing intent appeared behind Chu Xun, he appeared behind Chu Xun and with a sharp blade in his hand, he stabbed towards the back of Chu Xun's head.


Chu Xun bellowed, and his entire body became a sea of white, as an endless cold pervaded the air, causing even space itself to freeze. As soon as the sharp blade was about to reach him, it was blocked by the cold energy.


Killing intent swept out, Zhang Haotian wielded the sharp blade, cutting through the cold Qi, rushing out from between Chu Xun's eyebrows. However, like a ray of the light, Chu Xun moved extremely quickly.

A strand of hair fell, allowing Chu Xun to dodge the killing blow, but not the attack.

Everyone around them gasped, they did not expect Zhang Haotian to be so powerful.

Ripples appeared in the eyes of Wang Qiong and the others. This move of Zhang Haotian's was precisely the powerful martial skills used by the Human Slaughterer of the past to destroy everything. This was something that was recorded in the ancient records of the clan.

He really did obtain the inheritance of the Human Slaughter. Everyone exclaimed in admiration, no longer underestimating this rogue cultivator.

First Zi Chen, then Zhang Haotian.

As his hair fell, Chu Xun's face became extremely ugly. His hair danced wildly, and his expression was sinister. This was the first time he had acted on behalf of the Chu Family, and his hair was cut off, causing him to feel humiliated.


Around his body, a berserk aura swept out like raging waves, causing an endless amount of energy to surge, sweeping towards Zhang Haotian.

This was an endless number of cold energy, and the moment it appeared, it filled the entire world. The entire world was covered in white, and even space had been frozen.



The cold energy surged and the space froze. Even a layer of ice crystals appeared around Zhang Haotian, but it was quickly broken by him. However, his face paled slightly.

Everyone exclaimed. As expected of a monstrous genius, he had lost just now but now he had recovered some face.

At this moment, the duo unleashed their true yuan. Energy surged through the heavens as their powerful attacks clashed against one another.

Everyone was shaken.

Amongst the crowd, there were a lot of Imperial Sky Realm experts and all of them were amazed, as expected of a monstrous genius, to have such extraordinary strength after just breaking through.

Even many of the older generation were extremely shocked.

The Southern region had welcomed a flourishing age. If all the monstrous geniuses did not perish, when they went out to wander, they would naturally be able to create their own legacy. They would even be able to bring their respective families and travel even further.