Thunder Martial Chapter 347 - Refining The Purple Golden Gourd

Although it was still half a month away, everyone was excited for the battle on the night of the full moon.

The entire world was shaken as more and more people gathered towards the Deathly Land.

The Deathly Land was a place that had only appeared in the recent two years.

Old Mo, do you think my spiritual consciousness can be used to refine the purple golden gourd?

Zi Chen left Dayang City and headed towards his secluded cultivation spot. His purple golden gourd had been hiding there the entire time.

When you were in the Eighth Heavens, you have already cultivated your spiritual consciousness, now that you are in the Ninth Heaven, your spiritual consciousness is even stronger, enough to allow the purple golden gourd to recognize you as master. Old Mo transmitted. [TN: It gets annoying when the mc is always behind in cultivation level even though we know he is already op. Two years should have been enough for him to be in the Imperial Sky Realm]

In the seclusion grounds, the purple golden gourds was buried deep under the ground and was dug out by Zi Chen.

This is a rare treasure, one that can seal star sands and prevent them from slipping away. It should belong to the spatial category, it's very special. Old Mo said.

Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness has already been solidified, and with a thought, a golden spiritual consciousness appeared, glittering with golden light.

The spiritual consciousness was like a flame, burning fiercely and surrounding the purple golden gourd, beginning to refine it.


The purple golden gourd's body flickered, and many rune's appeared on the surface of its body. They were very mysterious as they revolved around the gourd.


The golden spiritual consciousness was like a flame, glowing with a blazing heat. Upon meeting the rune, it released a Clang, causing it to tremble.

Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness was already very powerful, far more so than an ordinary Imperial Sky Realm expert. When he made the Spatial Ring recognize him as its master when he was in the eighth heaven, it only took an instant.

Right now, he was at the ninth heavens. His spiritual consciousness had been baptized in lightning, becoming stronger and more solid, but he could not suppress the purple golden gourd.

The rune on the surface continued to move, flickering with light and blocking the streams of spiritual consciousness on the outside.



The spiritual consciousness turned into a blade, it was incomparably cold, and quickly slashed at the rune, but it only caused it to tremble, and the rune moved to dissolve the impact of the spiritual consciousness.

Don't be discouraged, the harder it is to refine, the higher its value is. The Human slaughterer put it together with the legacies, so it's obvious that it's not a common product. Old Mo spoke out.

Zi Chen had never intended to give up. He felt that this purple golden gourd might be very useful and he had to tame it. Moreover, he could not fight in the future with a bottle gourd in his hand.



In the seclusion grounds, the clanging sound made a series of sounds, like the sound of weapons clashing.

Time flowed by, one day and one night had passed. The rune was still as bright as before, and there were no signs of it being consumed at all.

Zi Chen was very strong, and with such consumption, he could still withstand it. He could already feel that the rune had dimmed a little, and now, the two sides were just competing for energy consumption.

After two days and two nights had passed, the light atop the rune had clearly dimmed.

Hold on, you're about to succeed!

Old Mo was cheering for Zi Chen. Zi Chen's eyes lit up as he used his spiritual consciousness to continuously attack the gourd.

Three days, four days, a full seven days had passed.

On the surface of the purple golden gourd's body, the flowing rune's light had also completely dimmed. Another day later, there was a cracking sound.

A crack appeared on the rune, following that, its energy was completely depleted and it completely concealed itself, at the same time, Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness invaded and the purple golden gourd recognized him as its master.

At this moment, Zi Chen felt that the purple golden gourd was a part of his body, like an arm or a finger, and it was very nimble.

At the same time, Zi Chen also felt that there was an enormous space within the purple golden gourd. It was bright purple, empty, and on the walls of the bottle gourd, more and more runes flowed.

Done! Zi Chen was overjoyed.

The rune on the wall of the bottle gourd was even more mysterious. Looking at it, Zi Chen felt dizzy and he felt that it was very extraordinary.

Eight days had already passed and there were still a dozen or so days left until the battle.

Following his spiritual consciousness, the purple golden gourd disappeared and entered his Sea of Consciousness. The golden spiritual consciousness landed on the purple golden gourd, and like a flame, it continued to nurture it.

That day, Zi Chen left in a hurry.

He headed south, hurrying on his way.

During this period, even more cultivators arrived at the Deathly Land, wanting to witness this life or death battle.

Some people even heard that not only was it the monstrous genius battle this time, it seemed that after this battle, they would announce the departure or stay of the monstrous genius.

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

But Zi Chen, after passing through the Deathly Land, continued to head south. In this period of time, he had bypassed the Cangli City, and arrived at the border of Cloud City.

In the thunder domain, lightning flashed all year round. Even from far away, one could hear the rumbling of thunder and feel an inexplicable pressure.

This was a stretch of Space-Free Domain; no one could fly here.

It was rumored that the Thunder God Shrinefrom back then had a corner turned into a thunder domain, with a total of nine levels. There was a world exterminating lightning within, and even sovereign realm experts would not be able to penetrate through it.

That year, Zi Chen had hid in the thunder domain and escaped a chase by luck. At that time, although Zi Chen was in the Xiantina Realm, he had entered the fourth floor.

But today, Zi Chen is in the Ninth Heaven and was even stronger. If he were to once again enter the thunder domain, how many levels would he be able to enter?

Even Wang Zhenwei was wary of the fourth level.

However, it was clear that it could not kill this kind of existence.

Zi Chen entered the thunder domain and directly passed through the fourth level to the fifth level. The lightning here was even more violent, possessing the ability to annihilate Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Golden light flashed around his body as bolts of golden lightning surrounded him, forming a barrier of the light that blocked all the lightning in the thunder domain.

Zi Chen looked around the fifth level carefully to see if there were any precious treasure present. Unfortunately, he didn't find anything.

After that was the sixth level of the thunder domain.

The lightning that surged in this place was like a lightning dragon, it was very powerful and possessed an incredible might. Once it touched the air, it would instantly turn into dust, and if a sovereign realm expert were to be bombarded by thousands of the lightning bolts, it would most likely be life-threatening.

Zi Chen entered carefully, his body glowing with a golden light. The energy in his body circulated very quickly, as he was afraid that he would not be able to maintain the light barrier, causing the lightning to destroy his body.


The thunder domain was in a berserk state, and the sounds of thunder caused Zi Chen's scalp to go numb, and his heart trembled. However, he still mustered his courage and walked forward, step by step.

Zi Chen didn't even dare to dream of entering the seventh level, but he was sure that he would be able to reach the marginal zone of the sixth level.

The thunder and lightning on the seventh level seemed to have a consciousness and were even more terrifying. They were like numerous roaming dragons swimming in the sea of the lightning, shaking the boundless divine might within.

It's up to you. Zi Chen stood at the end of the sixth level, and didn't dare to continue forward, for fear of turning into dust from the explosion.


With a light sound, the calabash cap opened up. With a flash of purple light, the purple golden gourd flew out of the light barrier and headed towards the thunder domain on the seventh level.

You must not break! Zi Chen prayed in his heart, he wanted to use the purple golden gourds to collect some lightning as his trump card, but he did not have any confidence at all.

The purple golden gourd emitted a bright light and flew towards the seventh level. In the next moment, the lightning on the seventh level became violent, and the bolts of the lightning seemed to awaken as they continuously attacked the purple golden gourd, causing havoc all around.



The purple golden gourd was struck by the lightning, causing Zi Chen to almost lose control.

This is bad! Zi Chen's expression changed greatly. The purple golden gourd had not been destroyed, but Zi Chen had overestimated himself. Under the bombardment of the lightning, the purple golden gourd gradually entered into the depths and was about to break out of his control.

Come back! Zi Chen roared, he sent out his spiritual consciousness continuously, but with the many lightning blocking him, it was difficult for it to return.


Seeing that the bottle gourd was about to go out of control, Zi Chen was regretful in his heart. However, just at this moment, the purple golden gourd began to tremble, and its body began to glow with purple light. The mysterious rune began to circle the surface of its body, blocking out all of the lightning.

It was as if it had been frozen in space,and although the lightning around it continued to wreak havoc, it did not hit the gourd at all. The gourd's body was shining with a brilliant purple light.

Collect it for me. Zi Chen was overjoyed, and shouted out in a low voice.

The purple golden gourd that was stuck in the thunder domain hung upside down in the air, following Zi Chen's command. After that, it spat out light, just like how it swallowed the stars sands all those years ago. At this moment, a suction force from the mouth of gourd appeared.

The light erupted out, enveloping a radius of over 10 metres, and a suction force appeared, causing the lightning to surge towards the mouth of gourd.

This was a very magical scene. The lightning bolts that were like roaming dragons, after being swept by the illusion light, actually quickly became smaller. Finally, like a silver light, they entered the purple golden gourd's space.

The light scattered as bolts of the lightning were taken away.

After that, as if it had reached a saturation point, the purple golden gourd no longer devoured the lightning.


With a thought, the purple golden gourd flew back, and it instantly covered up.

Within the purple golden gourd, bolts of the lightning filled the air, like many little snakes, they continuously swam within the gourd, looking very docile. And around them, there were purplish-gold rune, constantly flashing and suppressing the lightning.

Done! Zi Chen was overjoyed and very excited.

This was the trump card he could use after the star sands. It could destroy everything, and all the lightning inside would appear at the same time. If sovereign realm experts weren't careful, he would probably be turned into ashes by the lightning.

Hmph. Regardless of whether this is a trap or not, I will make you all pay the price. Zi Chen kept the purple golden gourd, killing intent flickering in his eyes.

After leaving the thunder domain, he went straight to the Deathly Land.

The Deathly Land were already filled with many experts, as they were all here to watch the battle.

Two years ago, this was still the Chenying Valley, a place where big powers had slaughtered the heroes of the loose cultivators. However, in the big battle two years ago, Zi Chen had tricked and killed many experts from the big powers, turning this place into a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

As a result of this, the air was filled with resentment. There were vengeful spirits that did not disperse, and occasionally, ghostly wails could be heard, making people's hearts tremble.

For the past two years, cultivators who did not believe in evil things had all been infected with grievances. Not long after, they mysteriously died.

The cultivators gathered, but they were all watching from afar. No one entered the Deathly Land.


An overflowing aura swept out as an Imperial Sky Realm expert flew over.